The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Inspired by Vlad’s essay, our Hungarian correspondent László put together this analysis of the apocalyptic culture war that is now underway throughout the West.

The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Circumstances, Causes, Goals and Consequences

by László

Some additional circumstances (not mentioned in Vlad’s essay) that have been created in the West that support the war on procreation:

#0 Cheap contraception, obviously

—which enabled the first waves of feminism because it allowed women to become disloyal without becoming an outcast due to getting pregnant out of wedlock. It dynamited the entire structure of human societies, starting with families and tribes. How much this process of making cheap contraception available to all has been accelerated by the Powers That Be is another issue — but it is a fact that they own the chemical industry and Big Pharma…

# 1 State welfare systems

— in Third-World countries, especially in Muslim ones, people raise huge families that serve as private “pension funds”. In the First World you do not need to have many children to live a somewhat dignified life when you grow old. (But this will now be changing.)

# 2 Infantilizing young people

The whole culture has been shifted towards the world of children in adult bodies. This seems to be a deliberate effort operating on all fronts, but especially in popular culture as a brainwashing tool — which is the known battlefield for subversive powers with long-term plans used for takeover. Our artificial idols and stories created in Hollywood and elsewhere encourage a lifestyle that does not include children. This started a long time ago — think of “Sex and the City”.

But the more fundamental psychological aspect targeted by the PTB is the notion of an “easy life without responsibilities”. This is the well-known leftist weapon of mass destruction of the equality of outcomes — vs. equality of opportunity.

# 3 The lack of initiation into adult life (which does not exist anyway)

— in tribal societies, or even in ones that were more centered around survival, all sorts of formal or informal initiations were used to separate childhood from adulthood. This caused deep psychological changes in the participants and the attitudes of their surroundings towards them at the same time. An interesting example is one that was (is?) used by some aboriginal tribes (Indians?), which includes hanging young males by their skins from trees. The extremely painful challenge marks their adulthood and new roles and responsibilities.

There are no such rituals today that mark the beginning of adulthood (as there is no actual adulthood).

# 4 Making real estate too expensive to buy or even rent

— young people cannot move away from their parents — which is not only infantilizing, but mitigates against starting their own families.

A mass phenomenon in Italy is the “mama hotel” in which the only thing that makes theoretically grown-up people different from real children is that they have more money than their parents because they stay with their parents, who keep on serving them and paying the bills.

# 5 The school system

— it is obviously not about helping people become useful for society and thus independent, but to brainwash them for as long as possible to turn them into dependent useful idiots for Marxism.

With mass production and multinational corporations that have eliminated traditional trades and local service providers, usefulness is taken out of the hands of the individual — hence the individual becomes obsolete but at least interchangeable. You, as a unique human being, are not needed any more.

All of the above causes and circumstances (weaponized for culturecide) are — partially deliberately — interconnected in many ways which would require too long an essay to elaborate on, but I will still make a brief attempt:

“Multigenerational genocide”, a term I have just coined, in the West seems to be centered around CONTROL, through influencing the factors of (1) responsibility, (2) dependency and (3) individuality.

The goals of central control and the creation of a comprehensive power monopoly in the world correspond with the “production” of masses of “grownup children” without supportive communities. There is a feedback mechanism built into this process, because adult children are less likely to have children, and if they do have children against all odds, they cannot raise them to become mature adults, which makes the next generation so infantile that it is less likely to procreate as well.

(1) Responsibility

The goal of the enemy is to reduce the sense of and ability for responsibility and turn it into responsiveness. People are prevented from responding to the challenges of life and, instead they are induced and even forced to respond to authority, i.e. state power.

You do not have children if you are irresponsible, and hence a childish person. You do not even get the idea of having children.

(2) Dependency

This causes people and groups to become less independent and less self-reliant in every possible way.

This is reflected even in the way the infrastructure is built up in Germany, for example. Increasingly, there are fewer and fewer villages where people — or rather communities — are self-reliant. You get the food, the water, the electricity, the heating, and even your abode from the state (more true in the German cities where most people rent their flats).

In such a structure of society most of your needs are met by state systems.

This is a root cause of all the above phenomena, because you simply do not need other people, you only need the state and a workplace. And in the Great Reset fascism these two are becoming one. Or when you do need people they become interchangeable aliens for you, and the encounters become superficial.

Therefore you remain an infantile, promiscuous, essentially lonely, selfish child. And again: children do not have children.

(3) Individuality

As you are effectively prevented from taking part in society in genuinely useful ways and thus from actualizing your creative powers and abilities, instead of becoming a unique individual who does not think much of himself but possesses high levels of awareness and consciousness, you become just the opposite:

You become a dull, interchangeable, yet narcissistic cog in a social machinery, one that thinks he/she is God. (at least it has been like this in the consumer society that the Powers That Be are now exterminating.)

The PTB want people to live constantly hanging, one-by-one, on invisible vertical strings (or ropes), like puppets. The puppets must not have horizontal strings, i.e. good, prosperous and happy human relationships.

Divide and conquer: groups of people that cooperate are dangerous to their overlords.

The PTB also want people to live without the sense of past and future: because the past gives you roots, belonging, habits, knowledge and clarity of reason; the future gives you hope, drive, life-power and talents.

The experiences of time, meaning, common sense and good human relationships are all elements of a high-functioning and healthy individual and society.

When you take away one of the above elements, the system (both the individual and the society) loses its stability.

And exactly this is happening when you wage war on God and biology by taking children and procreation away: people become deprived of the sense of time, meaning, common sense and good human relationships. Because the whole sense of belonging falls apart when you take children out of the equation: then you do not need families, tribes, nations, countries and BINGO:

We have arrived at the “need” for a World Government.

This multigenerational and cross-generational genocide is not only about quantity but also quality. It is cross-generational because genocide takes places in the medium of culture between generations.

So it is not just that people become fewer and therefore more controllable due to having fewer children: it is about making them more vulnerable and controllable — and less human — with the above-described mechanism of destabilizing their systems.

Yes, in the end it is all about dehumanizing humanity, because humanity and humanness exist and thrive in time and space. Humanity is about the responsibility of being able, and willing, to asses the consequences of your deeds and act accordingly.

That is why ‘they’ are fiercely attacking humanity and humanness itself: the human being constitutes the most serious danger to totalitarian dictatorships because of its free will.

And this is why all the listed Lines of Effort that target liberty (and therefore the classical West) have a dehumanizing element in them:

# Pornography need not necessarily be perverse and dehumanizing, but it is being produced that way. So as the whole gay and “trans” issue: when children who are not able to make decisions about many things with consequences (the very definition of children), undergo mutilation against their will (because they do not possess capable adult will yet). Feminism is dehumanizing because it deprives women of their God-given abilities to function well. mRNA injections are obviously and directly dehumanizing.

# Abortion is the pinnacle of literally dehumanizing humanity, as it is direct murder and genocide.

# “Assisted suicide” (what a euphemism, just like euthanasia) is more dehumanizing than murder because it is preceded by persuading and convincing the victims that they are not needed as humans.

# Pets are not humans: dehumanization is obvious when there is a trend to have pets instead of human relationships.

# The next totalitarian craze, “transhumanism”, takes the bull by the horns: it uproots and eliminates humanity as such.

Back to this definition:

“The sense of time, meaning, common sense and good human relationships are all elements of a high-functioning and healthy individual and society.”

It defines also the way totalitarian dictatorships must operate: take away one of the elements of human functionality and you take away everything:

  • Take away time (by erasing history and a meaningful future) and you take away belonging.
  • Take away common sense, and you take away past and future (because you take away the natural human relationship with cause and effect).
  • Take away meaningful human contacts and you take away time from the person: and if you take time away from a person you take also sanity away because they will not have anything meaningful to do and think.
  • Take away the desire to be useful for others (by satisfying all needs easily) and you drive them crazy and tear their communities apart.

Many psychological disorders are rooted in the lack of human relationships, which causes an unpleasant state of mind that is described as “being deprived of time”. This is true for schizophrenia, borderline disorder, narcissism and many others. Therefore in less severe cases when psychologically sick people get enough supportive human attention, their sense of time returns from a sick spiralled one (that is out of time and turns into itself) to a healthy linear one (that abides in collective time and leads to the future). No wonder that inducing general madness is part of the takeover strategy.

And eliminating children is part of the SYSTEMIC war on humanity as such.

Annihilate children and you have annihilated not only humanity but also humanness — and you can rule over a mass of miserable creatures, by a World Government who are not humans anymore.

Which ultimately does not make any sense, but psychopaths who want to rule over others cannot fathom this. They will have to rule over a bunch of weak robotic idiots that lack the ability to make life good for others, even for the overclass. And therefore the whole idea of the conquest of humanity will collapse into itself when realized: eventually the rulers will make their own lives miserable as well, because they cannot run a livable civilization without HUMANS.

Yet they intend to annihilate humanity and turn it into a sort of cyborg. These plans are not even secret.

Therefore, when Vlad says that “It is about stopping people from reproducing”, it is the right level of abstraction to grab the essence of this ongoing war. Because it is not only about children, it is about the (elimination of) meaningful PRODUCTIVITY in general that is the core of human existence.

And meaningful human productivity is culture.

Hence the term “culturecide” that names the phenomenon in question here on Gates of Vienna covers all that I wanted to express, and much more.

It is interesting to see how the Great Reset comes into this picture.

Well, I think it is about starting a new era, in which the “vertical” dependence on the global parasitic overclass is going to increase even more, as they pull the rug out from under the populace whose self-sufficiency has been critically weakened.

We the people, the spoiled, little, lonely cubs of the Powers That Be, will soon be shown the door: “my way or the highway.”

After decades or even a century of destruction of the independence and power of people and smaller communities, even whole countries are not able to survive anymore without The Global Life Machine that is run by our overlords.

The West, both the society and the industry, is actually on the life-support mechanisms that are controlled by the “elites”.

The perfect situation for blackmailing. Now They can show us!

They can turn off the taps of life-powers at any moment, and after the present deindustrialization is finished, such turnoffs will be lethal. They will be — and want to be — able to literally turn off the access to the life-sustaining necessities of every single individual, at will.

TOTAL, ABSOLUTE POWER. How wonderful and satisfying!

That’s what they believe they will have over all of us, in their pathological hubris.

Only those dangerously proliferating human offspring, which constantly recreate new worlds on their own, are in the way…

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

28 thoughts on “The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

  1. Two essays about The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide – good term, I believe there really is a dynamic between the generations that drives the children of today to shun all things “family oriented”…

    Two essays about The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide and not a word about “fathers”.

    Islam is ahead of us because once men and women start to procreate not according to a plan, but “naturally”, giving in to natural lusts and affections – there is no other way but to create harems for the wealthy, and keep the poor thieving masses deprived of women, because women will rather share one rich Alpha than to have only one husband for life. That’s the human instinct, which “traditional marriage” used to lift people out of, creating generations of hard working, morally superior, healthy people from complete families with mother and father…

    Two of my childhood friends commited suicide over the course of my life. Common to them both was relatively recent heated divorce of their parents, where it was the Father who basically disowned the guys – after which they lost it.

    Weed smokers, and those guys who don’t care, from my experience, have an “abandonned child syndrome”. They have been raised in such a way: “Here, food, eat! And shut up! Mommy needs silence for work, and your dad doesn’t care about you anymore.” -> this is the position of many children from divorced families, who will never have a family ever, because family sucks.

    If you want to solve “fertility problems”, therefore, I suggest you look into terms like “Parental Alienation”, “Abandonned Child Syndrome”, “Dead Beat Dads”, “Working Single Mothers”, etc. – because that’s where the families are breaking.

    And once all families are broken, all women will belong to the Sultan and his officers. Sorry ladies, but once “Faithful Mother and Father families” are nonexistent, that’s the square 0 human society goes back to.

  2. It’s ever more clear. The destruction and insanity are deliberate. Idiotic charges, ideas, and practices instantly enter the culture. Once trusted professionals overwhelm immature minds with hideous ideas and actually mutilate children with visible glee.

    Political, social, economic, and military decision invariably are the wrong ones and are to the interests of the people what you see with two magnets that repel each other. Seal the border? Preposterous! Subsidize invasion of people who steal jobs? Of course! Destroy bedrock rights of free speech, assembly, privacy, public safety, and equal justice? Routine. Steal elections then trumpet “baseless complaints”? The mantra of the political class. Drive debt to gastronomical levels? Tally ho!

    Support terrorists in Syria? Wage aggressive war on a sane, secular Arab country? Right oh!

    Spend billions on a corrupt, grotesque government on the borders of Russia? Highest priority! Demonize Russia and attack Russia for no known reason and reject reasonable Russian proposals? A must.

    Play king of the hill around the world at ruinous expense? Our exceptionalist obligation to humanity.

    Ludicrous energy policies and fatuous campaigns to battle chimeras of climate change” and “carbon”? Poisonous “vaccines” to combat dangers of something dishonestly twisted out of all proportion? Coordinated, deadly interference worldwide with economic life and millions of small businesses? Nonenforcement of antitrust laws and encouragement of massive income disparity and plutocratic distortion? De-industrialization? Celebration of lunatic feminism and infinite psychological fragility?

    You know the answer.

  3. It has been described as “Peter Pan” syndrome too I think. Never wanting to grow up and grow old. The worship of youth means maintaining a youthful appearance and avoiding anything that ages. Children age one. They ruin figures, can’t spend all your money on maintaining beauty and pay for plastic surgery etc. Children are a big financial commitment. Dogs are cheaper. I think the media sell these images and ideas to people as well which means they don’t have children. I have spoken to them and can’t believe they expect that someone else’s children will be available to care for them when they are old. So;
    worship of youth
    greed and selfishness
    expectation that someone else will organise their care. Who? if there are no children. Then they say that old people aren’t important anyway so doesn’t matter.
    I wish I could see their faces when they are abused physically and sexually by third world migrant carers in nursing homes! Priceless.

  4. # 4 Making real estate too expensive to buy or even rent

    The ideal of owning your own land is explained in the novel “Of Mice and Men” where George tells Lenny of their shared dream. It’s not just owning land, (neo-socialists will say it’s being enslaved to the land) living on and working the land for your own benefit instills individuality, self-reliance, a sense of belonging, a sense of place and heritage.
    When I was young, the idea of “wherever I hang my hat is home” sounded cool, but as I grew older, I found that such people have no sense of place or loyalty. Also, when some of these people come into your home, they have no real respect for it. To them, it’s just another stop on the journey in THEIR lives.

    • In my experience, this is very true. Having a big house, I found out the hard way that some people are better not welcome to live in my house, precisely for they have no real respect for it.

      Funily enough they are the “most active” in the sense they keep on pushing me to do this and that on the house, spew out million dollar plans how to fix the house, but at the end of the day they just leave and go somewhere else. While those who don’t engage themselves in “fixing my house”, because they are happy that they are happy, these people then end up helping me with some big stuff like new gate or the roof.

      It’s almost like a form of hypocricy, perpetuated by the “travellers”.

    • Word. It is best at the present time, to keep your own counsel. Since 99.9% of the MSM is against anyone who is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-2A, it is best to observe and watch. If my gut is any guideline, the “elections” of 11/08/2022 will not change a damn thing and the slide into perdition will just pick up more velocity. The time for talking is long gone. Plan accordingly.

  5. and the Millennium with Jesus Christ seated on His throne in Jerusalem after having vanquished all the PTB, trampling them down as one treads out grapes to make wine, is just around the corner. The caves that some hid in will collapse and become the cemetery where their bodies are buried. As for their souls, an eternity with Satan awaits them.
    I am well aware of what the PTB are endeavoring to accomplish, but I have my hands full keeping them at bay so that my family doesn’t fall victim to their depredations while praying the call to come on home sounds sooner rather than later. There are indications that the Left is preparing to join Islam in an unholy war in which the slaughter of every Christian is the battlefield objective.
    Interesting times we live in, no?

  6. All of the above and the initiation into adulthood are learned from family and elders so hopefully it is not a bad example.
    The dumbing down is sad especially with math and dependence on electro gadgets where you can see that some would totally go spastic without the tech toys.
    It might have been done for a reason!? (sarc)

  7. Kudos to you, László, for an exceptionally well-reasoned essay… thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. And I repeat my criticism from the earlier piece, which received no response from the people pushing this line of argument:

    The problem is the claim that any of this was in any way planned.

    The conspirators engaging in such a conspiracy would have had to 1) know about the technological consequences, 2) know about the social-science consequences, 3) know about the biochemical consequences, all DECADES before there was any real-world concrete evidence on any of the topics. BEFORE any of the research was actually done. BEFORE any of the policies were implemented and BEFORE any data on the outcome of those policies was available. They would have had to know not only of the possibility of obtaining such a result – which is easy to do; science fiction authors do it all the time – but of specifically how to do it, in order to implement the specific policies required.

    When and how did anybody know PRIOR to the technology being implemented what effect texting on cell phones would have on young women?

    Anyway, it’s absolutely false that this is a genocide. Just a couple days ago I encountered a Mennonite family – half a dozen kids, the mother and girls all in long dresses, polite and smiling and friendly. “A” family, I say, but there’s towns full of them not too far from here, and others of us that live in a similar style without the religious trappings. In a hundred years, all the people prone to the madness will be gone, leaving no descendants, and all the houses will be inhabited by the children of those who had better sense.

    It all depends on the parents.

    If the parents fail to raise their kids properly, to give them a solid grounding in reality, then yes, they’re vulnerable to bad things. This isn’t a deliberate plot because its effects inversely correlate with the mental health of the targets – the more sane you are, the more sanely you raise your kids, the less likely any of this is to affect you. That’s a symptom of a natural phenomenon or disease, not a plot.

    Once upon a time, Gates of Vienna was the place where I KNEW that if someone pointed to a series of harmful actions being taken by a group of people, and someone noted “hey, those individuals are all Jewish”, the Baron would speak up with a number of arguments to the effect that the Jewishness was a symptom and not a cause. Now I find the exact same line of argument being pushed, minus the specific identification with that specific group, and it is all getting republished freely and with full approval.

    Editorial policy means something.

    • It’s called “adaptation”. Don’t you think that the enemies of civilization can learn new things, or that they can apply old ideas and techniques to new situations? What about the “social scientists” who seem to delight in studying ways to screw people over? The propagandists? The smooth-talkers asking their enemies to “be reasonable” and to “compromise”?
      It seems that you have little imagination, and that can be dangerous in certain situations.

    • You are missing a big piece of the puzzle. They- the human actors in this equation- were not the genesis of this. The proverbial “they” are just willing vessels for the real “they” and they are the most deceived of all.

      The apostle Paul told you that the war was not really against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

      His statement is simply more true than most can grasp.

      Might I recommend a relatively new book from Johnathan Cahn called “Return of the Gods.”

      It’s best you understand how things are going to work from is point on. Once you do, you head-scratching days will be over. It was ALL planned.

    • Regarding the Jewish angle. Anti-semetism is a real danger- the genesis of which is Satan.

      The problem is that there is an evil element hiding behind the LABEL of Judaism. If one worships Satan in private and identifies as a Jew in public, is he a Jew? If one tries to promote Baal and Molech in public yet identify as a Jew, is he a Jew?

      Why does Jesus tell us that there are “those who say they are Jews and are not” but who are instead of the “Synagogue of Satan.”

      The anti- Semite here is Satan- who is using Jews to hide evil. He ultimately wants to destroy Jews prior to the completion of God’s redemptive plan (much like he tried to kill all the newborns of Jesus’s age). So, he’s going to ultimately blame a lot of the evil he caused on the Jews. This will eventually lead to Ezekiel 38 and ultimately to Armageddon. Satan wants the Jews because they were Gods’s chosen initially so that’s how he can most hurt the Father.

      He will not succeed.

  9. You forgot to include Zuckerberg in the photos at the top. HE is neck deep along with the rest of the cabal.

      • He will have no need for armoured divisions and fighter groups. Read Genesis amongst other places in which God said, and it was so. His word created, and His word will destroy.

  10. It is fruitless to attempt to dissuade the gaslit. It is far too frustrating to battle both their willful ignorance and their ego.

    As for the gaslighters, they deserve no response as they are lower than trolls.

  11. Much I disagree with, but I’ll confine myself to #1: “Cheap contraception, obviously”.

    If single women chose to “enjoy” the same freedoms which many men assumed, we can hardly complain. Concerning becoming an outcast due to having children out of wedlock, my mother, who was “illegitimate” through no fault of her own, was treated cruelly by my father’s “Christian” family. Many women of her mother’s and her generation had children taken away, and were even confined to lunatic asylums; if not here in the UK, certainly in Ireland.

    Women should be entitled to control their fertility in a relationship, whether married or not; they are not our playthings or baby factories, and should have the opportunity to pursue other career choices, contributing to general prosperity, if they wish.

    • Contraception is easy to demonize, but it’s actually the result of two major factors; namely, the marked reduction of infant mortality (so that families no longer need ten conceptions to have two adult children to carry on the family line), and industrialization (which means that children’s ability to become economic actors is reduced and delayed, often until full adulthood). As a result, parents tend to want to optimize their family size such that they can give their children the best possible start in life.

      Not to mention that fear of pregnancy is not necessarily a deterrent to “fooling around,” for the simple reason that the consequence is too distant in time from the act, and too uncertain. People who “fool around” are generally 1. impulsive and 2. risk-takers, and thus less likely to either think about the consequences or think it will happen to them.

      • Indeed. In Elizabethan England, according to parish records, many women married when already pregnant.

    • It’s a clash of two ideologies, one says “sex is for fun”, the other says “sex is for procreation”…

      My grandma was a bastard too, shunned by the whole willage, so I know what you talk about.

      Christians should realise that technically speaking, down here on Earth, Jesus was a bastard too, and his mission was to save the illegitimate children of the Earth.

      • I was told by a woman that many teen girls have unprotected sex to prove their “love” for their boyfriends. After a few seconds thought, I told her that the girls should practice saying “no”, to which I was told that the boys will pressure and shame the girls into sex. My answer to that was that they should get boyfriends who were more reasonable and less manipulative. She had a half-baked objection to that, but I ended the conversation with “Women should learn self-respect and stand up for themselves”.
        I don’t know if I helped, but I tried.

      • Thanks, BS. My paternal grandmother, who believed only Methodists went to heaven, was especially unkind to my mother. My Jewish friend, who died three years ago, and my Wikkan (= Pagan) friend, who is very much alive, were/are more decent, kind and generous people. If I get to heaven (which I don’t believe in), and she’s there and they aren’t, God has his priorities wrong.

  12. I sure hope Jesus returns soon but He is coming for a Holy and Chaste bride and from my view the church is still a worldly slut . Which makes perfect ? Good times and prosperity or suffering and tribulation .

  13. Boss, by some of the comments, I see the useful idiots and securely brainwashed are still around. But hell, if you can’t rely on people to clamor for their own destruction/slavery, what the hell is the great reset for, anyway? I know, and I really know, of plenty of people who are standing in the furnace, but can’t smell smoke. At all events, there is a lot of really bad stuff coming for humanity, whether they see it or not. Funny thing is, it’s roaring towards us at 100 miles per hour, while the sheep argue about the finer points of conspiracies. At some stage, usually when ordered into a ditch, or onto a boxcar, that old cognitive dissonance will evaporate, and the first glimmer in years will edge to the fore. One thing that gives me a smile is that the globalists are playing that old conquer the world game, yet forget how many are working against it, and how many are wanting to play the game as they do. The globalists are going to get a part of the population reduction they want, only it’s going to include them too. Socko blog by the way.

  14. Re Initiation into Adulthood:
    In my day it was the driving test. Taken in conditions of fear (failure had real world implications), could only be taken after 17th birthday, success meant you could show that you were a real adult (at least until you learned a few more things about real life!)

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