Too Many Culture-Enrichers

Germany’s social welfare bureaucracy is currently overwhelmed due the huge numbers of migrants — from Ukraine and elsewhere — burdening the system. Who could have foreseen that a situation such as this might ever arise?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Too many asylum seekers: Social Welfare Office Neukölln is closing


The social welfare office in Berlin-Neukölln has closed for two weeks due to being overwhelmed by refugees. “The need is quite great,” confirmed Neukölln city councillor, Falko Liecke (CDU) to RBB. “Due to Ukrainian refugees, we have large mountains of backlogs, unprocessed mail and documents that cannot be processed at the moment because the staff is not there,” Liecke describes the situation.

“We have people here who are in need, who need immediate support and care. Either they need living space or they need money.” It is not only the number of Ukrainians with benefit claims that has risen sharply. More and more people are also applying for asylum from other countries. Added to this is the number of locals who can no longer shoulder their energy costs.

Become a welfare case with the gas rate

“We are now also getting these applications from people who have managed very well with their money so far, but can no longer cope with the new gas rates,” said a group leader from the office. “Well, we’re approached by a completely different clientele.” In order to maintain regular operations, at least forty more positions would be needed.

Neukölln’s social welfare office is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. In addition to this, other offices in the capital are also complaining that they have reached the limits of their resilience. There is currently hardly any capacity left to accommodate and care for Ukrainians and asylum seekers.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, well, well, that sounds like a refusal to work! At least that’s what they most likely write into their ledgers when it is a native German. Let’s face it, the natives are forced to work two or three extra jobs a week to make ends meet short of starvation. But maybe it’s just a lack of tax money with which to support their clientele? Let’s raise taxes, shall we?

There’s this old German proverb that goes something like this: “The pitcher goes to the well until it breaks.” And it will soon shatter into thousands of pieces at the rate it’s being dipped into the well.

The interesting thing is that the pressure in the “Federal Republic of Germoney” agencies is probably increasing the stress level. Could it be that this is due to the Twitter takeover by Elon Musk?

What happens when Trump is unblocked? That should probably trigger an earthquake on the continent of Europe that will be felt all the way over in Asia.

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  1. A recent Pew poll in Germany revealed a full 1/3 wish to aligned with Russia against the US. The Germans have even slashed the military budget. Not having much sympathy for that nation.

  2. Discussion on social media networks.

    Ukrainians who are now abroad should not return home until spring. This was stated by the Minister of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk on the air of the telethon.
    “I will ask you not to return, we need to survive the winter. Unfortunately, the nets will not last, you see what Russia is doing. If there is an opportunity to stay, it’s better to spend the winter abroad,” Vereshchuk said.

    Women and children were leaving, that is, ballast for the war. They now need to be fed, treated, heated. And this is in an economy that is already accustomed to working without this load.

  3. Yes, but Trump is very pro Turkish because of his daughter and her husband.
    Turkey is the country that sends all these enriches into Europe.

  4. One should feel pity with those poor ukrainian refugees. I saw some of them in my close inner city neighbourhood. Well, if they sold their drives, they could live years on the return. I describe what I witnessed in a half mile circumfrence of my home recently: one SUV of asian make, one SUV BMW X 5, one Range Rover Evoque, one Mercedes Sedan of new make, handled by two typically very dark pigmentated ” Ukrainians” who rather looked like nigerian pimps.

  5. “Man hurls three petrol bombs at Dover immigration centre before driving to nearby petrol station to ‘kill himself’ – 24 hours after huge lines of migrants queued outside compound following arrival of 990 people on Kent coast”. What will happen next? Where is the government going to put all these undesirables? Not forgetting the Ukraine Nazis and the like. It’s almost as if the key players have no experience.

    • Naxi’s? Really? You Brits sit on your backsides watching fooooooseball doing nothing about the problem expecting someone else to do it, you have turned into sheep and deserve what is coming good and bloody hard.

      • G: Falling on sheep’s deaf ears: “If you’re not ready you will not survive what’s coming’ Chilling post by petrol bomber, 66, who ranted against migrants and Muslims on social media before immigration centre attack.”

        • You will see a lot more frustrated people doing more than this soon, this is just the beginning, I am surprised that it took this long. I will repeat for your benefit, If you ain’t armed up and ready, you WILL be sheep for the slaughter.

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