Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War

Since the start of the war in Ukraine almost a year ago, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been somewhat of a contrarian, opposing NATO’s designs to use Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a proxy to wage war against Russia. But is Mr. Orbán really a maverick? Or is he simply acting out a role, with very limited autonomy, as scripted for him by the architects of the New World Order?

Our Hungarian correspondent László examines the possibilities.

Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War

“Getting Closer to Actual Troop Intervention” — a Tinfoil-Hat Analysis of Rod Dreher’s Report on a Journalists’ Meeting with PM Viktor Orbán.

by László

First, a lengthy excerpt from Dreher’s article:

“The West doesn’t understand that time is on Russia’s side in Ukraine. Russia is a huge country, and can mobilize a vast army. Ukraine is already running out of troops. When that happens, then what?” [Orbán said]

“We are in big, big trouble,” he said, of the West. If Russia’s coming spring offensive proves successful, then the NATO countries are going to be faced with the question of do we send in soldiers to fight for Ukraine? This is not something Orbán thinks the American people are considering, but it is front to mind among a growing number of Europeans, whose countries stand to be devastated if war spreads.

Really? NATO troops fighting Russians in Ukraine?

Yes, said Orbán. It sounds crazy today, “but if you look at the tendency of how we got to this point today, it can’t be ruled out.”

The West is “in a war with Russia. That’s the reality,” he said. “Every day we are moving further in.”

To add clarity that was plain from the context of his discussion, Viktor Orbán doesn’t want the West to be in a war with Russia. He is pushing for peace, and has been from the beginning, saying nobody wins from this war. But he says that far too many Westerners are deluding themselves about what’s really happening — and what could happen. The West might think it’s not in war with Russia, but by sending more and more weapons, and getting closer to actual troop intervention, “Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves, with Russia, and with Western publics,” concludes Orbán. A journalist asked the prime minister if he thought the war could go nuclear. “I can’t exclude that they would use it,” he said, of the atomic bomb. He clarified that he was talking about tactical battlefield nukes, not mushroom clouds over Warsaw and Berlin — “but I can’t exclude that either.” If Ukraine somehow, using Western weapons, gets to the point of crossing the border into Russian territory, then the future of the world will be so bright the West will have to wear shades.”

Now, put your tinfoil hats on, before you proceed:

The ongoing world war is obviously a very complex game, and there would be a lot to unpack here from Rod Dreher’s “conservative” PR piece, in order to arrive to a model of reality that is somewhat close to actual truth. While there are a lot of partial truths in this article, on many levels, it is obvious that Viktor Orbán’s take should not be taken completely at face value (as no politician’s opinion should).

That said, the bottom line is that PM Orbán has apparently been initiated — in one way or another — in some parts of the globalist game plan, while at the same time he is playing the game of politics (which he actually enjoys a lot) as a chess piece with limited, but not zero, autonomy. Hence, he knows his place, and knows Hungary’s place (in the New World Order).

Now let’s get to the point: when Orbán (implicitly) talks about a possible future escalation, he may mean it. Yes, “escalation” is a narrative. PM Orbán has just now reassured the increasingly worried Hungarian people that the country will not be dragged into the Ukrainian war:

“Orbán stressed in his post that Hungary will continue to stay out of the war, and will resist international pressure to force Hungary into disaster,” Pesti Srácok writes.

Fears among the people are palpable in Hungary, a country that is adjacent to the Ukrainian meat grinder. I personally know people who were getting ready to flee Hungary, with suitcases packed, when the “special operation” broke out in Ukraine. And now there is (unofficial) public talk of future mass-enlistings in the Hungarian army, as the terror of war is lurching nearer to us by the day. People living in the eastern part of Hungary have fears of being hit by some of the missiles, and they also suffer from the presence of masses of filthy-rich Ukrainians (some of them driving Bentleys, others brand new Mercedes) who occupy public spaces and really do not behave.

The forced conscription of the Hungarian minority (and others) in Ukraine — which Gates of Vienna recently posted about (here and here), may also be an attempt to drag Hungary into the war as the Ukrainian army is losing resources and impetus.

So while “escalation” really is a current political narrative to exploit fears, at this point it might not be ONLY a narrative. I have tinfoil-hat reasons to believe that there may indeed be plans for something I call Controlled Escalation. And because it is controlled, also meaning it is planned, PM Orbán may even know about it.

“Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves”, concludes Orbán.

In fact, it is a half-truth: actually we are talking about puppets of the Powers That Be, not leaders. These are not autonomous actors; most of them are just despicable beings tasked with holding the camouflage of the Potemkin Village of ‘democracy’ in place so that their masters can engage in their nefarious machinations hidden from public view and against their voters’ will.

Therefore “the dangerous game” is far from being the result of haphazardly-made individual decisions by “leaders” — as PM Orbán would suggest. No, the “dangerous game” is part of the globalist game plan. Thus the degree of danger the game holds, and for whom and how exactly it is dangerous, depends on the grand strategy of the planners. And unfortunately, that strategy includes the destruction of the West, and Europe with it.

A Europe that is still slumbering in the dream of Fukuyama’s delusional “end-of-history” propaganda. My own uncle (79) said just four years ago: “The time when tanks roam the streets of Europe is over”. I doubted his words. And here we are.

The good people of Central and Western Europe may be in for a shocking surprise. Again.

On the other hand, the threat of “escalation” is a perfect tool in the hands of the globalist tyrants to keep the populace in check. Hungary is now in a state of “war emergency”, right after the “pandemic emergency” — which entails the suspension of the constitutional state and the potential curbing of constitutional rights. The administration can now govern with decrees, once again. Which means that the government may, theoretically, take orders from their higher-ups sitting in some NWO organizations far away, and enforce almost any agenda on the dirty peasants.

So the threat of “escalation” is as sweet and precious as that of the “the pandemic” for our globalist overlords. And if/when such a (controlled?) escalation eventually happens, that particular leverage for blackmail is gone — and a dramatically different phase of the game begins in Europe.

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17 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War

  1. “The good people of Central and Western Europe may be in for a shocking surprise. ”

    I am surprised to learn that there are still good people in Western Europe.

  2. Yes, the leaders of NATO are dragging us into war, and I guess Orban is at least honest enough to speak about it.

    Here in the Czech Republic it’s the same except that we just got a new Generalissimo, a NATO army general for a president, and the president of the Czech Republic is also the head of the Czech Army.

    Those who voted for the Generalissimo, over 3 million people, don’t think that the war in Ukraine can escalate all the way to Prague.

    I on the other hand believe that the Generalissimo has been put in place – not by voter fraud – but by relentless marketing campaign – I believe that the Generalissimo has been put in place, as a NATO favourite, in order to bring the Czech Republic to War with Russia.

    So, Orban is at least honest enough to speak about what’s going on. Unlike the leaders of the Czech Republic who still play a game with the public – a game of “no war will ever happen, are you crazy?”


    On the blidingly bright note, the end times prophecy for this Earth speaks about the Nuclear War at Armageddon Valley in Israel. It begins by Gog and Magog, a.k.a Turkey and Russia, mobilising all Islamic Nations, and them all going down at Israel.

    All I see is that this prophecy might come true after all!

    I hope you’ve got good sunglasses 🙂

  3. Ha. The fact that Putin will recruit a huge army is considered in the article as a kind of given.
    Do not read Russian media. Most Russians don’t really want to fight. Putin is running out of those whom he could drive with a LITTLE effort to the slaughter. Further it will be much more interesting. He can get a guerrilla war inside the country.

    Now Putin has made a pact with the Devil. He flirts with Muslims and makes them huge indulgences. Unless…Putin himself is not the devil. Maybe he is deceiving them to send them to the slaughterhouse.

    • I am curious; I have read your comments for years and I still don’t know what your angle is with regards to Putin. Do you wish to see him replaced? Or believe that his years in power have been worse for Russia than if someone else had been president?

      I don’t pretend to be an expert on Russia or Russians but I am a self-taught russian speaker and am married to a Kyrgyz woman. I have been to Russia and have spent a lot of time in Kyrgyzstan, and regularly listen to news from Moscow. As best as I can determine from my circle of acquaintances and family members, no one particularly likes the war but they understand why it must be fought. And several of my wife’s male relatives think the war isn’t being fought hard enough.

      A lot of young men from Russia have fled to Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries but many have already returned since their funds have ran out and jobs are not easily available. And the impression I get is that they aren’t exactly looked upon as heroes or sympathetically, at least in Bishkek.

      Regarding Putin and muslims, at least with the Chechen fighters, I don’t believe that Putin is an islamist or wants to forcibly mix the races like the WEF creatures wish to do. Putin has done much to restore the status of the Orthodox Church and visibly displays his faith. Whether he actually believes it is impossible to know. I think Putin sees elevating the Chechen fighters as a pragmatic decision; they are good fighters and it’s better to give them respect which costs little and allow them to do what they do best as long as they are doing it against enemies of Russia. It demonstrates an alternative path for the practice of Islam within the Russian Federation where ethnic groups are free to practice it and even be fighters as long as it is in service of the state. Similar to the Tsar’s use of the Cossacks to defend the borders and internal security in exchange for increased autonomy within their regions. I personally know of Kyrgyz who are guest workers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Siberia. My view is that allowing guest workers from the Central Asian CIS is also pragmatic. Russia gets cheap workers in construction and retail, workers get much higher wages than they get in their home countries and remittances boost the economies in their home countries as well, and these economic codependencies and cultural exchanges help to bind Russia and its former Soviet republics closer together.

      Anyway this is a long post but I have laid out what my opinion is upon my observations and would like to know how you have arrived at your opinions regarding Putin.

      • I believe that Putin is a criminal and a quasi-usurper. Quasi-because he is not an independent figure, but a simulacrum.
        He is the henchman of those who plundered the country before him and during his reign.

        I think it’s a pointless war. Meaningless for us, but not for the Rulers. Putin is part of the globalist system. And for some reason, it was the EASTERN SLAVES that prevented this globalist system.
        Some own fertile soils, others – fertile resources. We must be destroyed in order for the “right people” to take possession of this wealth. And then, as the final slaves … to settle here slaves from Central Asia. They won’t claim anything. Yes, Kirghiz. Oh, how wonderful they slaughtered the Russians in 1916. Remember history?
        After all this is over and all the men are killed, we will be finished off by the Kirghiz, Tajiks, Uzbeks and numerous Caucasian tribes. As in 1916, when Russian men went to the front.

        This is already visible in what is happening inside the country. Putin gave carblanche to our extermination. He brought millions of Muslims to Russia.

        And the war … So, I consider its main goal – the extermination of the Russian and Ukrainian people. Do I then have to join one of the belligerents? No. I can only give these parties the middle finger.

      • Let the Kyrgyz, Tajiks and Chechens fight for Putin. And let the Ukrainians send them to the houris, inshallah!

      • “…And several of my wife’s male relatives think the war isn’t being fought hard enough.”

        Oh yeah! I read migrant and Central Asian groups. Churks very closely follow the conflicts and joyfully rub their hands, watching the Slavs kill each other. They say so: your men will be killed in the war, and we will rape Russian women.

        Russia is an outcast and the world community does not know and is not interested in what is happening here. But believe me: if you take all the horrors of multiculturalism from the Swedish, French and German and other press and put it all together, this will be modern Russia.

        And yes. Kirghiz. Putin allowed them to drive with a national driver’s license and now they work as taxi drivers. Guess whose flat Mongoloid faces are so common in rape reports?

      • Interesting that you married a woman from one of the stans, that must be a very fascinating story? Especially the part of her muslim family letting her marry you in the first place?

        • The Kyrgyz Turks are quite a secular people. They still have not banned the Russian language. This is a nomadic people and their Muslim traditions are not too strong. They have intensified only recently. They have a very developed paganism “Tengrianism” – which is now under pressure from Islam.

  4. Americans sending tanks there and especially Germans sending theirs it will create a strong impression
    So Europe will be in open war( it’s not me that said so it is a very astute analyst with great European and American expertise

    • After I looked up that video on you tube this showed up in my feed – Yeah there is nobody watching what you watch – but they do have a sense of humor I guess. Maybe. No reason for this to be there.

      “101-5 KGB” KGB-FM San Diego, California – January 7, 2023

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