Lock the Barn Door!

Residents of the town of Loitz, in western Pomerania, are alarmed by the behavior of culture-enrichers who have arrived en masse and are being housed in a local asylum facility. Among other demands, the townspeople are insisting that the old city gate be closed to keep the unruly youths out of the town center.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Close the City Gate” [Personally I’d make use of those head-spikes that are part of a city gate]

City in fear: Loitz seeks protection from “those seeking protection”

Fear is spreading: In Loitz, in western Pomerania, residents are demanding massive protective measures after the arrival of asylum seekers. They want to close the old city gate. A 12-year-old is attacked.


The residents of Loitz are demanding radical measures. They are demanding that their Vorpommern-Greifswald district and Mayor Christin Witt (CDU) close the old town gate so that asylum seekers can no longer enter the town centre. Recently, 36 “refugees” were housed in a former primary school.

400 out of 4,200 residents petitioned for harsh countermeasures after a 12-year-old girl was attacked and sexually molested immediately after the “people seeking protection” arrived. According to the police, however, it is virtually impossible that the perpetrators came from the home for asylum seekers. [“Virtually” it might be impossible, but in reality? Anyhow they would claim that, now, wouldn’t they?]

Police are increasing their presence in Loitz

The people of Loitz now demand that the street lamps be left on all night. They also want more security personnel for the school and demand that the stone arched passageway of the old city wall be closed. This is to prevent migrants from accessing the center. Directly behind it is the old Diesterweg school, where the immigrants live.

The mood is heated, as the politicians had to experience, according to Bild, at a citizens’ meeting on Wednesday. First concession: The street-lights will only remain switched off for a maximum of four hours. That doesn’t go far enough for people. They want the streets to stay lit all night. The police also reacted. A chief inspector said: “We show a presence and are accessible to people in order to strengthen the subjective sense of security.” [Much good that will do, after all, since when do these people take the German police seriously? They laugh at them.]

Afterword from the translator:

Again, this shows clearly that those in Power couldn’t care less about the real-life concerns of the people they’re squeezing dry with taxation to finance their lavish lifestyles and ideological pet projects. Nothing ever changes, it seems, especially for those who bear the brunt of political idiocies. And as for these politicians, the truth is a burden to them, a truth that is impossible for them to bear, which is why they devise lesser “truths”, lighter “truths” and make out of those their GODS and those who cling to the Truth… BEWARE.

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  1. “Again, this shows clearly that those in Power couldn’t care less about the real-life concerns of the people…”

    On the contrary! Those in Power care a lot about the real-life concerns of the people: They want the people concerned with so many stupid problems that they will not have enough time to cause trouble to those in Power.

    Poor, indebted, wage slaves who have to fight off gipsy gangs every day, + a skilled low wage laborers from Eastern Europe, + a mysterious medical issue or two from aspartam and other sugar coated poisons…

    What a joy to rule such nation! 🙂

  2. How much are motion sensors? They could at least put the lights on motion sensors.

  3. Europeans don’t understand the glories of the followers of Islam and the tree dwellers. May there endure all the cultural richness and enhancement such individuals bring.

    You asked for it, you got it. LOL.

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