Machete Jihad in Algeciras

Last Wednesday a Moroccan culture-enricher launched a jihad killing spree with a machete (or knife, depending on the report) in the Spanish city of Algeciras, killing one person and gravely wounding another. There’s no doubt whatsoever that his rampage was motivated by zeal for Islam, because he expressed his devotion vociferously. However, I’m sure it will eventually be revealed that he has “a history of psychological problems”, like all the rest.

Below are two videos about the attack, both translated by Gary Fouse. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

The following article from El Pais (also translated by Gary Fouse) accompanied the videos:

A man kills one person and leaves at least four injured in an attack against two churches in Algeciras

The National Police arrested the attacker shortly after the incident. The National Court Prosecutor believes this to be an alleged terrorist attack of an Islamic nature.

January 25, 2023

At least one person died and four others were injured in a machete attack carried out in various churches and parishes in the center of Algeciras (Cadiz) on Wednesday afternoon. According to sources in the Ministry of Interior, one person carried out an attack with a knife, killing one person and wounding others. The man, a 25-year-old Moroccan, according to sources within the investigation and statements of witnesses who were present, entered the church of San Isidro in the center of the city at 7pm and “began to argue with the parishioners there, telling them that they should follow the Islamic religion.”

After that, he left the location but returned around 7:20 “with a machete and attacked the priest, causing serious wounds.” Then he proceeded to the church of La Palma, only 200 meters from the first, where, after causing miscellaneous destruction, he attacked the sacristan [sexton], who managed to get out of the church, but was caught by the attacker outside where he [the attacker] inflicted fatal wounds. Then, after leaving this location, “he tried to hide in a hermitage where he was caught by local police.” The arrestee has no police record and is being held by the National Police in Algeciras.

Agents of the General Intelligence Commissariat, specialized in the anti-terrorist fight, have taken charge of the investigation, without having determined for the time being the nature of the attacks beyond the fact that the attacks have jihadist overtones. The National Court Prosecutor has assumed the case to be a terrorist attack, according to the public ministry. Police sources warn, however, of the existing confusion at this time, and point out that there were attacks “in at least two churches”. Police reports will eventually clear up the nature of the attack. The city council has decreed an official day of mourning for the death of the sexton, David Valencia. The gravely wounded priest, who is in a coma, is Antonio Rodriguez.

An Algeciras priest has described the events as follows: “The attacker first went to the parish of San Isidro, where he attacked a person. Then, after that, he approached the church in La Palma Square, where he encountered a sexton in the street and attacked him, leaving him on the ground. After that, he appeared to go to the Church of the Virgin of Europe, but I don’t know if he got there.” All of the churches are located in the center of the city of 122,000 residents. The Civil Guard is setting up security barriers in the houses of worship in the area, confirms Miguel Alconchel, mayor of Los Barrios [neighboring municipality].

For his part, the parish priest of the Church of La Palma, Juan Jose Marina, who was outside the church at that moment, adds: According to what I was told, a Muslim entered and began throwing things from the altar. Then the sexton tried to stop him, and the first knife attack was inside the church. The poor man went out onto the street asking for help, and there he was again attacked in the square. The attacker came from the Church of San Isidro, and there he attacked a Salesian, also a comrade, who was at that moment saying a mass. The parish priest Marina also told Cadena SER: “Possibly, this death was meant for me, and it found him.”

The emergency service 119 Andalucía received numerous reports with details of the incident, but the rescue personnel could do nothing to save the life of the victim. The mayor of Algeciras, Jose Ignacio Landluce, has sent his condolences, both for his own part and in the name of the municipal government, for the death of Diego Valencia. For his part, the president [of Spain], Pedro Sanchez, has expressed sorrow over the events on Twitter. “I want to send my most sincere condolences to the relatives of the sexton killed in the terrible attack in Algeciras. I wish for a speedy recovery for the wounded. All of our support to the work being done by the forces and entities of security of the State”. The president of the Andalucía Assembly, Juan Manuel Moreno, also expressed himself on social media: “Terrible and heart-breaking. They have murdered a sexton and wounded at least one other priest in an attack carried out in Algeciras. Prudence — the facts are being investigated”. The secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Francisco Cesar Garcia Magan, has also expressed his pain on social media. “With pain, I have received the news of the events in Algeciras. In these sad moments of suffering, we join in the pain of the family of the victims and the Cadiz Diocese and pray to God of life and peace for the speedy recovery of the wounded.” The Muslim Community, for its part, issued a statement of rejection.

Thus far in 2023, security forces have arrested four alleged jihadists. Last year, 53 arrests of persons connected with those terrorist groups were recorded, 46 of whom were made in Spain and seven in other countries, principally Morocco. The most important of the number of arrests was in October, also in an operation in conjunction with the Maghrebian country [Morocco]. In that case there were 13 arrested, 11 of them in Spain, for indoctrinating minors in Melilla. Since 2020, 131 arrests have been recorded for jihadism, according to official statistics from the Ministry of Interior.

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Video transcript #1:

00:07   A man with a machete has killed one person and wounded four others.
00:17   The first attack was in the Church of San Isidro, and then he went to the Church of La Palma.
00:27   The dead man is the sexton of the La Palma Square, who received mortal wounds outside the church.
00:43   Minutes earlier, a neighbor captured the image of the alleged attacker walking with the machete.
00:43   My God, people are crazy — that man you see there…
00:47   He is carrying an axe, and hit someone on the head.
00:51   He is carrying an axe, and hit someone on the head,
00:55   whom he left lying there.
01:01   The attacker was arrested and is National Police custody.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   These images may hurt your sensitivities.
00:12   He’s killed him.
00:28   He’s killed him.
00:39   He’s killed him.

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  1. How is it possible no one will try to mess this guy up
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    Are they all idiots cowards with no hands with no brain
    Are there not objects to fight with against this criminals???

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