The Great Reset Announced in Hungary

The Great Reset is being implemented stealthily in a series of incremental steps. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on one of the initial steps being introduced in Hungary.

The Great Reset Announced in Hungary

by László

The Great Fascist Reset is not something that will hit us all at once, out of the clear blue sky, in the distant future. It is being introduced gradually, in a clandestine way, broken down into the local policies of countries (districts) of the New World Order.

On his recent official trip to China, the Hungarian Minister of Economic Development announced a “transformation” of the economy, which is, in my opinion, actually the “Great Reset” in Hungary.

However, don’t count on an open official admission:

The “Great Reset” language, which is coded in the first place, is even more coded when it comes to its introduction in the policies of individual countries. So my “dictionary” below uses the known WEF/New World Order code language, to clarify the words of the minister. Mr. Nagy seems to be engaging in doublespeak on behalf of the Powers That Be, who apparently do not want the ignorant populace to become cognizant of what on Earth is happening to them.

My “translation” of the Great Reset code words in the piece of news below (also marked in bold, by me, in the article):

“the digital transformation of the industry” = (WEF’s) Industry 4.0 / Fourth Industrial Revolution

“a double transformation is needed: businesses need to become ‘green’ and ‘digitalised’” = Sustainable Development / The Great Reset

“making Hungary one of the top 10 EU countries in terms of digital economic and social development by 2030” = Agenda 2030 / Great Reset

But of course, I’m not aiming for precise definitions here — because the “Great Reset”, “sustainability” and the rest are just propaganda slogans like “the Great October Socialist Revolution” of 1917 in Russia.

Translation of the article from [highlights are mine]:

Márton Nagy at Huawei: Hungary Must be Made a Development Hub

The Minister of Economic Development continued his talks with China.

Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy and a delegation from the Ministry of Economic Development continued their trip to China, with their next stop being a visit to Huawei’s Beijing Demonstration Centre, where they held talks with Zhang Hengan, President of Huawei’s Sales Finance Department. Weihie Gao, General Manager of Hungary and Western Balkans Region, Jason Xie, Director of Huawei Hungary and Fanyu Shi, Head of Customer Reception of Huawei Beijing also attended the meeting.

The visit focused on the digital transformation of the industry as a breakout point around the world. The Minister explained that the digital economy already accounts for at least 25 percent of total GDP in our country, but to maintain a competitive economy, a double transformation is needed: businesses need to become “green” and “digitalised”, and Hungary needs to become a development hub.

This requires boosting industrial innovation and R&D activity, and making Hungary one of the top 10 EU countries in terms of digital economic and social development by 2030.

Reliable, high-tech allies such as the Government’s strategic partner Huawei, which provides a livelihood for 2,000 families in our country, play an important role in this. The minister added that the company’s performance is exemplary: it is present in more than 170 countries, serves 3 billion people and more than half of its employees work in research and development.

Note that this all-encompassing transformation of the Hungarian economy and society that has been announced is obviously a top-down one. Meaning that it is fascistic in its effort to merge the (puppet) government’s projects with private ones.

The coming NWO seems to be fascistic for the top dogs and communistic for the hoi-polloi.

I call your attention to the wording of the Hungarian minister that justifies the need for this heralded transformation: “need to / needed”. It is a kind of circular reasoning: the transformation is needed because it is… needed. Because we said so. Circular reasoning is cultish. And even though the minister declared that it is also a social transformation (“social development”, in his words), I do not remember him ever asking his voters about it. It means that the society is being transformed without the permission of the people — and that is called autocracy. Moreover, it will be a totalitarian autocracy — but you don’t have know about that until you are digitally enslaved. Otherwise you wouldn’t sign that satanic contract, would you?

Now, one might argue that a clear and logical reason for the great transformation has been given by the minister: “to maintain a competitive economy”. When you hear “competitive”, it sounds like market economy? doesn’t it. It’s all just the natural law of economic and technical development, a kind of Force Majeure that no country could resist — the word suggests.

Far from it. In reality it is the monopoly of governmental-private ownership — of the entire society. The stealthy rollout of which is extremely alarming.

But this centralized transformation is not about individual governments, since it is taking place all around the world, planned and managed by supranational organizations. So it is obviously part of the World Government’s takeover, in which the official governments of the countries are merely acting as agents.

Therefore the ultimate question that naturally arises is: “Who is actually ruling over us?”

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2 thoughts on “The Great Reset Announced in Hungary

  1. “Huawei is a company that steals intellectual property, uses slave labour, and in the west Huawei is known to make subcontracting companies go bankrupt – by promising to pay and then not paying them”

    …I am paraphrasing the report why Huawei was not let to do business in the USA…

    …and in my experience – it is all true.

    If they get hold of the rollout of a big telecom project, they will push the prices below any reasonable levels. There used to be a big problem with huawei in Norway one time, when they paid less and less and less so that in the end the Bulgarian workers who worked on the telecom infrastructure were paid as little as 10 Krona per hour – in Norway.

    …It happened so because all the normal telecom companies either backed out of that multi billion project, or went bankrupt by not being paid for their extra-works.

    So – that’s Huawei in a Nutshell. Though I admit “their” technology is the absolute top when it comes to the price-performance equations, I would reccomend not to do business with Huawei at all. They are poisonous dragons.

    When we used to do Huawei technology in Sweden – the Chinese tried to undercut our prices by bringing in Portugese telecom workers, and demanded them work in 2 meters of snow in -20C or so – but the problem with the Portugese was they had only shorts and t-shirts – and were absolutely unprepared to work at the polar circle in the winter.

    Knowing Huawei as I do – the portugese guys must have gotten to Sweden and back at their own expense – spending a lot of money but not making any money at all – for they were very unprepared, and underpaid so that they could not even buy the equipment they would need to work in arctic conditions.

    That’s also Huawei in a nutshell… Bad news if you ask me 🙂

  2. Perhaps Western countries need to elect people who promise to do just one thing while I’m office – NOTHING.

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