Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

One of the curious facts of our time is that both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky are alumni of the Young Global Leaders sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Moreover, just about all prominent Western politicians (and many who are not at all prominent) are also alumni.

So what’s really going on with the war in Ukraine? With that question in mind, our Hungarian correspondent László fisks a recent speech by Mr. Putin.

Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

by László

Below are excerpts from the transcript of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent speech that was supposedly on the war with Ukraine and the West.

“And I emphasize: even in the current difficult situation at the end of the year, we need to achieve a reduction in the level of poverty and inequality. This is a quite feasible task even today. I ask the Government and the regions to focus on achieving this task. And I would like to add that it is not only of an economic nature, as we all understand, but is also a matter of social justice.”

“reduction in the level of poverty and inequality”

— Communism. (He is talking about it in connection with the situation inside Russia.)

“social justice”

— Socialism.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian business community, the labor collectives of companies, banks and organizations that not only provide an effective response to the sanctions challenges, but also lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy.”

— “Sustainable development” is a known buzzword for the transformations planned for ushering in the New World Order (NWO). Most governments in the West have it in their written strategies. And the president of a country “expressing his gratitude” to private entities speaks volumes. Moreover, the fact that Putin says that these companies “lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy” is a clear indication of public-private partnerships… Actually, there is a more accurate term for public-private partnerships: it’s called fascism.

“a decree giving additional powers to regional heads”

— Arbitrary state tyranny.

“this is how we have built our counter-coronavirus measures”

— In the name of freedom, of course. Is Russia different? No, it isn’t. And remember, it is supposed to be a speech on the Ukraine war, right after the Corona-hoax.

“I am instructing all branches of the federal government in the regions to coordinate their work with the regional authorities in the next six months, and for governors to create operational headquarters to ensure economic development, and to personally lead this work.”

— Building back the economy from above; like the good old “five-year plans” in the Soviet era. “Rhymes” with Build Back Better in the West. Controlled demolition provided by the “war with the West”, so that you can “build back better”.

“The State Council and its specialist commissions have already proven their effectiveness. I ask the State Governance Committee headed by Sergei Sobyanin to work together with our government colleagues to identify problematic issues on the regional agenda, develop the best solutions and apply them to all of Russia’s regions. We have had good experience in dealing with the epidemic.”

— He seems to entrust the same people with the transformation, justified by the war, who were also responsible for the Plandemic measures. An NWO crisis-team that need not be ‘specialists’ in anything (like healthcare or the economy) but the transformation of society.

“All the strategic, national goals we have set for the period until 2030 must be achieved. The current challenges and the opportunities they present should only mobilize us, and that is what we should set ourselves up for, aiming to achieve tangible results in the interests of our citizens.”

— Agenda 2030. And “mobilizing” for it now. Because Ukraine. In the interests of the citizens, of course… NOT. “Set ourselves up for” — oh, yes, it is all a setup.

“I ask the regions to get actively involved in organizing the Agency for Strategic Initiatives’ Strong Ideas for New Times forum, where every citizen of Russia will be able to present their proposals and concrete projects aimed at developing their city, region, and country as a whole.”

— “Citizen participation” (in the Great Reset), as Mr. Schwab said something similar. I am not really sure what it is, but I expect some trick in it. Like: everyone can participate, as long as they think the same as Klaus Schwab’s and Putin’s masters. (Putin said it in connection with [Agenda] 2030.)

“the current situation is certainly a test for all of us.”

— A “test”. The same word Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán used recently when he talked about [Agenda] 2030. But I am sure it is just a coincidence.

My take: Starting from the Ukraine war, through the Russian Plandemic response team reignited, the Russian president finally reaches [Agenda] 2030 in his speech. So Putin is using the present “war crisis” to further the ‘Agenda 2030’ a.k.a. the New World Order in Russia; the same way the Plandemic has been used as a tactic of demolition and transformation for achieving the same goal.

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

27 thoughts on “Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

  1. It gets interesting…

    And looking back at the previous question – “who wins?”… It’s definitely not Ukraine, and probably not Russia, who suffered greatly when performing one invasion (Afghanistan), leading to the fall of the USSR – and now looks like suffering again.

    And it’s not the EU, which is having to deal with a huge influx of refugees – on top of everyone struggling after the “Plandemic”.

    But from a “Great Reset” perspective, maybe this is all great. The movement and mixing of peoples, fall of great economies, fall of more traditionalist powers like Russia, and millions more, at least in Ukraine “owning nothing”… (Though whether they’ll “be happy” is another matter).

    So Putin – first an agent of the KGB, now of the New World Order? What a conspiracy that would be…

    • @ Green Infidel

      Re: “And it’s not the EU, which is having to deal with a huge influx of refugees – on top of everyone struggling after the ‘Plandemic.'”

      From a certain perspective, that is true – but not when viewed through the lens of European-style globalism, of the kind that originally spawned the European Union and before it, the “United Europe” movement of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the acknowledged father of globalism on that continent.

      Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894 – 1972) was the child of aristocrats, an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother. His biracial heritage may have had something to do with his eventual ideological leanings, vis-a-vis eugenics.

      Kalergi propounded that the “ideal European” of the future would be of mixed racial heritage, and the product of breeding between darker-skinned peoples of the Third World and native European stock.

      For much of his life, Kalergi claimed to be against National Socialism (Nazism) and the things for which it stood, but upon closer examination, his views on race and ethnicity are remarkably similar to those of the German fascists, albeit of a slightly different variety. Old wine in shiny new bottles….

      The engineered social and demographic chaos now enfolding Old Europe and its people, is supposed to look spontaneous and more-or-less natural, but this is a polite fiction: This state of affairs is the result of decades of deliberate and careful planning. Planning to put Kalergi’s ideas into action.

      This is not mere speculation, either. The globalists are quite open about it in their own way. Every year for some time now, an annual winner of the Charlemagne Prize has been announced. Past recipients include Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, and Emmanuel Macron, among others prominent in the globalist movement. The other name for this award is the Kalergi Prize. See what I mean?

      Those soc-called refugees flooding into Europe are “not a bug,” as the IT people would say, “they’re a feature.” You might respond that Ukrainians are not Third Worlders, but the ingress of large numbers of newcomers, regardless of their ethical/racial heritage, is inherently disruptive to the host society, and it is designed to be, at least in this instance.

      • I meant EU countries which, as I see and trust, learned some lessons from the 2015 influx and, as it seems, are looking to avoid a repeat (hence quietly supported Poland, as it resisted the middle-eastern influx from Belarus)…

        Ukrainians here are maybe seen as not as big an issue, because of the bigger cultural similarities.

        But of course the Calergi & WEF freaks will probably delighted with what’s going on, and maybe even with the “enrichment” that’s happening in Western European refugee reception centres, where Ukrainian women and children are housed in the same buildings, as the middle-eastern military-age males…


    There was one point in Putin’s speech that I wasn’t able to decode when I wrote the above essay: >> every citizen of Russia will be able to present their proposals <> To achieve the objectives set for the counter-state, Mao developed the concept of mass line along with five components: united fronts, violence, political warfare, international action and non-violence. […]

    „ MASS LINE: Organizing an alternative society through the construction of clandestine infrastructure, that is, a counter-state. In dialectical terms, if the state is thesis, then the counter-state is its anti-state.
    Local socio-economic grievances and aspirations are addressed by
    cadres, who then connect solutions to the party’s political mechanism. As with all political action, appeal to perceived needs (not only
    grievances but also hopes and aspirations) are sought in order to win
    allegiance for the purpose of MOBILIZATION. The approach seeks a
    mass base.

    „ POLITICAL WARFARE: Using nonviolent methods as an adjunct to
    violence; for example, PARTICIPATING in processes calculated to undermine the morale of enemy forces or offering to engage in negotiations.
    These methods can be implemented at the strategic, operational, or
    tactical levels of warfare. Unlike the united front, Mao conceived of
    political warfare as a force-multiplier. The united front is a line of operation unto itself. << (Unconstrained Analytics)

    I highlighted two keywords in the above definitions, that Putin also utters in his speech: 'participation' and 'mobilization'.

    I guess Mao's method is applied in the case of Russia in an inverted way that enables the state to seize more power by waging preemptive warfare against all counter-state movements, crushing all dissent and opposition (to the NWO) by instantly incorporating them into the state efforts the moment they arise.

  3. I would caution you not to read too much into the speech by Putin.

    If you need to choose between Zelenskyy the globalist tool and Putin, it’s a no-brainer. Choose Putin, who is not a “conventional” globalist. He’s anti-NATO and anti-woke. It should be very suspicious that Hillary and the global media are all lined up behind Ukraine. Ditto all of Hollywood. World Jewry loves Ukraine, “for some odd reason.” Even the Republicans love Ukraine. They “know where it’s buttered.” The full-court-press was the tip-off. Canceling Russian dogs??? A big tip-off! Big. Big. Smells.


    • Yes, precisely.

      I despise the enemies of Putin far more than I dislike what he’s doing with Ukraine. The globalists are all lined up against him so he must be doing something right thats upsetting their apple cart.

      • You must be mad. You have not seen what he has done in Chechnya’99 (and the conditions the war restarted – it’s another story). You don’t really see what is happening now in Ukraine. And not from bird’s view, but if you saw russian soldiers from close. How they treat they fallen is one tell already – their dead soldiers just lying around on the streets, when other ‘brothers’ in arms just marching back and forth. Mind you, Charkiv is around 90% russian. It is heavily shelled. Mariupol, being levelled to the ground, is mostly a russian city, as all cities in the east of Ukraine. We have Ukrainian refugees in our neighborhood. In times of Telegram and TikTok and understanding both russian and ukrainian I thought I knew it all… The problem here is that rationally this cannot be explained (nor persuaded). Just as nazism has to be seen, the Stalin legacy has to be felt. Through stories, by touching the history. The sheer brutality of stalinism and russians in WWII – it is missed by all except those living where it happened. Why Stalin you ask, what year do we live. Well, this again is not rationally explained, but russia (and putin) is not much different now than it was then. We see and feel from many subtle and not so subtle cues. Or put another way, how would Stalin look like, if he lived today. Yes, there is WEF and Soros, for sure. But there are much more powerful forces at play. From your thinking I can already tell you are lucky, for not having this experience I just described.

    • It is possible that Putin attended the WEF Young Leaders indoctrination, but then changed his mind about the movement later on, to become a traditional nationalist as he now seems to be. It is also possible that there has been a split inside the globalist movement, and Putin and his allies are on one side and the western globalists are on the other.

      When one examines the actions of powerful and ambitious people in history, on many occasions, they start off as friends and later become adversaries, or the reverse. They originally decided to split the pie into equal portions, but someone decides that he wants it all. And so on.

      Putin is no way easy to read, that is for sure. I bet he’s a good chess player and a good poker player, too. Ultimately, his actions will paint the picture for us. You shall know a tree by its fruit, yes?

    • So, who do you think benefits from Putin’s invasion, in the long run?

      Russia? Or possibly other actors… Including maybe globalists? 🤔

      • @ Green Infidel

        Re: “So, who do you think benefits from Putin’s invasion, in the long run? Russia? Or possibly other actors… Including maybe globalists?”

        Too soon to tell, IMHO. There’s so much disinformatzia & propaganda (from all sides and directions) in the air that discerning the truth is getting harder by the day.

        Wish my darned crystal ball wasn’t broken, but there you go!

    • I would choose Putin as well over Zelensky , but I would also keep in mind in the end run he is still controlled opposition. With a mentor like Kissinger I would gather it is hard to break ranks.
      As far as the US government goes it is just a race to the bottom that seems to be out of reach. Its like that old gameshow “Supermarket Sweep” where you try to get as much [ordure] in your cart before the buzzer goes off.

  4. “aiming to achieve tangible results in the interests of our citizens.”

    At least he is interested in his citizens. The US gov’t not so much.

  5. Below is the link to Putin’s speech of March 16, 2022.


    Here is a commenter’s take on the speech: “A historical speech that will be recognized for many years to come as the moment symbolizing the complete split between the west and the new block consisting of Russia, China, Iran, ASEAN countries and to a lesser extent countries in the Middle East Africa, and in South America (especially Brazil and possibly Argentina). This is the most important speech given by Putin, or anyone for that matter, in the last 20 years, and the repercussions will be felt for many decades. The end of globalization in a nutshell.”

    And then there is László’s take…

  6. This was something I said from the Word – Invasion – that this is just another weapon in the Arsenal of the NWO-monsters to further their Agenda and at the same time reduce the “useless eaters”.

    Anyone that is connected to Klaus Schwab, how ever remotely, is an Enemy of Humanity.
    Maybe it’s about time that these monsters have a taste of their own medicine they want to force down our throats until we suffocate.

    We might not get to the rotting root that easily, but we could at least start trimming of the branches.

  7. Both Zelensky/Putin are working on the same plan, they just have opposite parts.

    Restricting/Removing Fuel & Food from the global market to increase costs to all consumers…

    People will scream for Welfare – Justifying continued State Control globally.

    “every citizen will be able to present their proposals”
    yeah with a Khmer Rouge ending no doubt.

  8. Is Putin really an alumni of Schwab’s Young Global Leader’s group?

    Yes there was the 2017 video of Schwab claiming Putin was but how do we know he was telling the truth?

    Putin is only ten years younger than Schwab and has not been young since 1990.

    Sure Putin did attend WEF conventions but that was when he was going to George W’s ranch (and looking very uncomfortable) and otherwise doing his best to be allowed to come in from the fold, until he realised he was not welcome.

  9. If the choice is between Mother Russia and the NWO, Russians are going with Mother Russia, every time. Putin is no exception.

  10. This is not the Putin. This Putin, who is shown in your picture, was last seen in 2007. Then it was changed to Rosemary’s Baby.

    Since drunk Yeltsin put him on the edge of his New Year’s chair and presented him as his “successor”, I have never voted for him. And since 2004, I stopped taking part in this senseless farce called “elections” at all.

  11. Another thing, about Ukraine & Russia. At the house I’m renting out in Poland to Ukrainians, when I went there to visit, often there’d be Russian TV on, eg the main channel Rossiya 1.

    Ukrainians were also telling me about Belarus TV personalities they know, etc. The countries were quite intertwined, in terms of culture – maybe because of the Cyrillic alphabet, or because of their shared history in the Soviet Union.

    So, what effect might such a situation have, as exists now? Ukrainians avoid speaking Russian, even Russian-speakers, stop watching Russian TV and instead feel more in common with their Western friends, and feel more of an urge to adopt their culture.

    Hence Putin is now demonstrating, how to pull a Slavic country away from its roots, and deliver it into the clutches of Western culture… Another win for the globalists and WEF.

  12. We are blind men discussing the elephant. Are there “independent” states outside the international system? The WEF represents the international corporate order just as much as the Council on Foreign Relations or the U.S. Congress. Facing facts we have the “Establishment” deciding to remake the world by 2030 fist by viral fear, now by war and viral fear as well as destroying global commoditity trades and fertilizer for food. Mass vaccination is associated with significant health damage and death and many employed are vaccinated. The Ukraine war is a trigger to move to the new economic order that also gels by 2030. Depopulation and hyper authoritarian medical tyranny go hand in hand. The Pentagon did not waste money on the Zombie Apocalyspe, we simply did not pay attention.

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