Teach Those Anti-Maskers a Lesson!

Last Friday I posted a video about the trial of the German doctor Monika Jiang, who was sentenced to almost three years in prison for violating protocol by granting Corona mask exemptions for patients. (More subtitled videos about the case will be coming up shortly.)

In response, our Hungarian correspondent László sends his take on the larger picture behind the persecution of Dr. Jiang.

Teach Those Anti-Maskers a Lesson!

Monika Jiang’s Show Trial: A Political Imprisonment to Intimidate Das Volk All Over the World

by László

After watching the video posted by Gates of Vienna / RAIR Foundation, I started searching for some more info on Mrs. Jiang. And I found very interesting materials from 2020 where she publicly points out that the mask mandate is “psychological warfare” and in another video she explains why mask wearing is so unhealthy for the little ones whose parents turned to her with their children’s health issues, caused by the masks worn in schools at the time.

It’s clear that her approach is based, logical, compassionate, and DESTROYS the official narrative.

And I think this is the real reason for the lawfare against her: to teach those Germans a lesson and to crush a powerful and truthful counter-narrative. I do not think that the fact that the above videos were able stay up on YouTube is a coincidence…

In other words, this is a show trial, and she has been imprisoned for the purpose of intimidating the Germans. Not that it was ever a question… But the details of her story support this conclusion — and thus the good Germans should also address the public, the media and the legal system with the (counter-)message that “you will not intimidate us.”

(Another observation: the old guy in the RAIR video who tells the middle-aged man who was giving an interview not to tell the media his last name might be an agent. Because it is like saying: “be afraid” — which is the overall message of the kangaroo court case in question.)

My conclusions are, I believe, supported by the fact that the global propaganda machinery is pushing this retaliation story even in the Anglo-Saxon world — as the Baron of GoV points out:

“The English-language stories about the case are all more or less the same. The Daily Mail has a representative example.”

So the InterNazi Politburo has been using this story to intimidate as many people as they can, outside Germany as well. (Or to assure the slaves in the Britannistan District of the NWO that they are being treated oh-so-well, unlike the people in Neo-Nazi Germany.) However, the comments under the Daily Mail article suggest that not everyone is fooled by the propaganda.

So how exactly did The Daily Mail find this GERMAN story? These are clearly international machinations… of a de facto World Government.

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

3 thoughts on “Teach Those Anti-Maskers a Lesson!

  1. These people in the German Government have only one aim, and that is to outdo Merkel in the destruction and annihilation of the German people by any means.
    All Western Governments have become in a few short decades the real Enemies of the State/People when it comes down to it.
    They are the placemats for the NWO crowd, they are an International Neo-Feudalist Organization that is implementing “Socialism” for what they deem to be the useless eaters with all the trimmings, ie Food-shortages, Power-shortages, Fuel-shortages, Housing shortages and restriction of Movement, in short, NO FREEDOM at all
    And for themselves?
    Each and every Luxury imaginable and available exclusively to them.

  2. The Facemask is an “item of faith”, and as such it must have all the attributes of a religious item: It must be performed like a ritual, it must be trusted, and anyone who disagrees must be ostracised and eventually killed, if need be. No one can go against “The Faith”.

    That’s what we are dealing with here.

    If the “real problem” with “Corona infection” was the air people “breathe out of their lungs”, we would already have double valve facemasks that let clean air in and vent the used air out via some sort of filter.

    If facemasks saved lives, by blocking viruses outside, people would not have to be encouraged to wear them by police thughs weighting them down on the pavement and forcing them to wear it.

    When doctors use surgical masks – and such is my understanding – the masks are used for a limited amount of time, exchanged periodically, and it is forbidden to touch them, to keep them sterile, and so on. It’s quite a procedure to keep the surgery table sterile.

    But these facemasks?

    Yea – it’s a religious item, and Powers that Be are treating it as such.

    If you don’t pray to Allah 5 times a day you will go to hell as well. That’s the science behind it.

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