From Berlin With Hate

State-sponsored propaganda in Hungary seems to have been cross-pollinated from Germany. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on official media coverage of a demonstration in Berlin against mandatory “vaccination”.

From Berlin with Hate

by László

Dear Fellow Anti-Vaxxers,

I am sending you a postcard from 1984 Berlin. Not from the one you saw, but from the one that George Orwell saw.

You will read below a truly dystopian article, written by the Hungarian state news agency (MTI) about the even more dystopian German reality, with the apparent aim of brainwashing Hungarians into accepting the German-style authoritarian Corona measures, perhaps because these measures are going to be introduced in Hungary as well, or because they want us Huns to appreciate our more cheerful situation within the Eurabian Corona gulag.

The “hate” in the title is not my hate or the people’s hate: it is the hate with which the Powers That Be treat humanity.

Our state news agency sent the report below to all mainstream media in the country, just to let us all know, for example, that:

“Germany is planning to introduce compulsory vaccination, not coerced vaccination.”

“Not coerced, compulsory”. OK, then. It is the latest product of German totalitarian euphemisms… I am sure you can list other ones.

Have you noticed that we are now living in a parallel reality, in the 3D-live version of the Sliders TV series? But it is also possible that we are in the movie Minority Report, in a future where a special police unit is able to arrest criminals before they commit their crimes — since, as you will read, German authorities banned a demonstration because of the, I quote:

“expected breaches of infection control rules.”

So the German authorities are now claiming to prevent future crimes by banning present non-crimes, i.e. by banning life. Human life, as such, is now criminal, dear Fellow Anti-Vaxxers — so it is not surprising that they want to ban it by various means.

Time was turned back and the world froze down in Orwell’s 1984, believe me. But we are at least in a simulated reality of the Corona psy-op, for certain.

On another note, “Anti-vaxxers becoming violent” is a script. False-flag or provoked attacks, allegedly committed by “anti-vaxxers”, are part of a script, written a long time ago, that aims to brand dissenters as “terrorists” in order to do away with them and the whole of society after that.

If you click over to the article I translated, you will see its lead picture that most probably depicts a violent German anti-vaxxer being shown his place by two meek policemen, for the sake of his health. After all, he is said to have committed the crime of, I quote:

“resisting police.”

That wording in the article says it all about tyranny, dear Fellow Dissidents, doesn’t it?

So, as promised, I am sending you the postcard from Berlin — the Orwellian propaganda, written by MTI (Hungarian state news agency):

Anti-vaxxers attacked journalists in Berlin

In Berlin on Saturday an illegal demonstration was held and journalists were attacked by a group of several hundred people who oppose vaccination against the disease caused by the new type of coronavirus, writes MTI.

About 500 people gathered in Friedrichshain, a central district of the German capital, for the unauthorised demonstration, according to police. Several people were detained for violating health regulations and resisting police.

Several journalists were also attacked by protesters. One of them, who had been filming the illegal demonstration with his mobile phone, had his device taken away but managed to get it back after a scuffle. The alleged perpetrator faces charges of attempted robbery.

According to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), the regional public media company, a demonstration was originally planned for Saturday afternoon under the title “We say no to compulsory vaccination”, but was not permitted due to expected breaches of infection control rules, but the organisers tried to mobilise their supporters online anyway.

Germany is planning to introduce compulsory vaccination, not coerced vaccination. The new government, which is expected to take office on 8 December, plans to ask the German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat), an independent body of experts that examines and makes recommendations on ethical issues affecting the German community as a whole, to draw up a position paper by the end of the year, on the basis of which the issue could be debated and decided in the Bundestag.

The mandate could be introduced from February. Failure to comply would not lead to coercive measures but to fines.

According to the latest figures from the federal government on Saturday, 126.6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the 345 days of the vaccination campaign so far. A total of 57.3 million people — 68.9 percent of the population — have been fully vaccinated. A booster dose, to be administered after full vaccination, has been given to 13 million people — 15.7 percent of the population.

The campaign has accelerated in recent days. In the week ending on Friday, an average of 743,000 doses — roughly nine vaccines per second — were administered daily. In early November, the daily average was around 300,000.

Greetings from the sunken old world, from Russia, with love.

— László

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11 thoughts on “From Berlin With Hate

  1. “False-flag or provoked attacks, allegedly committed by “anti-vaxxers””

    – just last week, near Prague, “someone” damaged cars of the hospital “heroes” who fight covid so hard, “Damn you Antivaxxers!” (no evidence found that it was done by antivaxxers, but that’s not a problem for the mainstream media spin doctors.

    “Not coerced, compulsory” – Speaking of George Orwell – the “double think” method is very real, and it is being used since the beginning of the planemic. I bet you all remember the conflicting information coming out of the media about the plandemic, from the very start. It is a brainwashing method, aimed at “dividing your mind” to “rule over it”.

    Therefore I am not shocked by this anymore, and I don’t consider that to be an “euphemism”. It is a direct attack on your mind!

  2. Last 8 years i/m trying with friend of mine to warn you as a Poles , about IVReich in the process of making..
    You ignored warning and banned good friend of mine from here..
    There we are..Orwell and IV Reich..They can not exist without each other..
    Merry Christmas..

    • only 8 years? I have known about the fourth reich since the 90’s, when VW bought Skoda for pennies on the Dollar and became the biggest auto-maker in the World 😉
      (Czech comedy show from the 90’s – in the video they say “And now, all of you who have money in our bank, rise your hand!)

      • I hate to say it but, the Germans taking over the Skoda works was the best thing to happen to Skoda.

        • indeed Skoda sells well here in Germany, which can not be said about the pre-takeover cars. I can not speak about their quality, but they were ugly as were all cars manufactured behind the iron curtain.
          But this goes for british cars as well. They were nicer looking( I wish I had a Jaguar MarkII) but you needed two: one for the repair shop and one to drive around with.
          One mecanic said when my Austin leaked oil: but it has already 25.000 miles done!

  3. Der Impfpass – A Kafkian short story

    Josef K still did not understand why they were trying to arrest him, nor why a “vaccine passport” could be needed by anyone, healthy or sick, but rules were rules.

    Besides, the two gentlemen informed him that he could avoid the fines and the long prison sentence if he would just follow them to the closest vaccination centre that same day.

    So he did as ordered and took a double-vaccine, plus a couple of “boosters” at the same time, just in case.

    The next morning he awoke from uneasy dreams and found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. But that’s another story…

  4. Despite the repetitive nature of my posts recently, I will say it again [intemperate recommendation redacted].





    If necessary involve others

    Pick your targets well

    Cover your [fundament]

    Exercise the plan

    This is how this will end. Not through words. Not through protests. Not through keyboards.

    Mercs are not as expensive as you may think.

    Lets get some games in play and see how they deal with earthly removals of leadership.

    All else is dribble.

    We know what they want to do. We know how to end this tomorrow.

    It goes without saying that there is not currently a leader or leaders in any country, State or county that shouldn’t be sent to Satan’s BBQ.

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