The Assisted Suicide of the West

Our Hungarian correspondent László reports on the euthanasia of Shanti De Corte in Belgium.

Eurabia: If You Survive Jihad, We’ll Help You Die

Cancel Culture is Now Murder Culture

by László

I have translated a Hungarian source on the euthanizing of a survivor of the jihad attack in Belgium that occurred in 2016. The article was based on a French-language source.

The translated article from

Euthanasia performed on a 23-year-old woman suffering from mental pain in Belgium

October 7, 2022

Six years ago, Shanti De Corte survived a terrorist attack in Brussels.

On 22 March 2016, Shanti De Corte was in the departure hall of Brussels-National airport when the terrorists blew themselves up, and Shanti De Corte was just a few metres away, reports.

The young Flemish girl emerged from the attack traumatised, as confirmed by the school psychologist who looked after the students:

“It is clear to me that she had had serious psychological problems before the attack. I therefore referred her to psychiatric care.”

The commission said the law had been respected.

However, the young woman’s condition was not eased with the time she spent in the institution, and she began to submit requests for euthanasia, claiming to be suffering from unrelievable mental pain.

These were consistently rejected, but in April of this year, two psychiatrists finally agreed to the euthanasia, which was carried out on 7 May.

The committee claimed that the law had been respected and that the young woman was indeed in such unbearable mental pain that the request had to be granted.

According to several sources, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the case, but this has not been confirmed by the latter.

The epitome of the assisted suicide of the West.

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10 thoughts on “The Assisted Suicide of the West

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    Dr Georgia Eade has great videos explaining how people need to eat to maintain their mental health. Doctors just want to do CBT and drugs which have their own issues. These don’t fix the problem just the symptoms.
    Also, a plant based diet is making the population MAD, not everyone but those who are genetically vulnerable. Plant based diet will destroy humanity as we know it and the EATLANCET report which is used to back it up is complete crap funded by the seed oil and fast food industry. It’s like the tobacco industry funding research which proved smoking was good for you. IT IS ALL LIES.
    The food propaganda is just as bad as the war propaganda. Those foods are not good for your mind.
    Eat food which downregulates Cytokines like Interleukin 6 which destroys your mind.

    The food industry is destroying mental health. Do your own research.

  2. The people became very weak. Personally, I know for myself that pain and anger would make me irreconcilable. Like Ulrika in Ivanhoe. Or take any classic or mythical piece of literature. Something is broken in the general code of mankind.

  3. I seem to remember a case of a young girl in the Netherlands that had been raped by cultural enrichers twice.
    First when she was 11 and the second time a few years later and at 16 she was euthanized because of the unbearable mental pain.
    Looks like a delayed Jihad success.

    • It shows us that people are not only weak physically, they are mentally weak as well. They are in for when heck of a rude awaking when the fun and games really begin.

  4. It is sad but it also is the ultimate act of individual sovereignty. Whether someone else likes it or not is utterly irrelevant, because they’re not experiencing it. We should rather ask ourselves what drives people into such a mental state. A physical condition which is terminal and causes great suffering is the primary motivation why this choice has been legalized in some jurisdictions. If the cause is purely mental, questions need to be asked in a wider context. Those who believe in a higher power always come up with the same simple answer, that the individual just isn’t in charge of his or her own life span and has no right to interfere with that. And they see the world end when someone crosses the line because it might encourage others. I’ll stop here, my opinion is already known.

    • Indeed. Those who oppose voluntary euthanasia should also consider the consequential effects of botched attempts at suicide on the people who’ve had enough and just want to go, and their loved ones, particularly if they discover the results.

    • This female is mentally weak, so therefore life is hard and she must end it. This is our society today.

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