We’ll See You in Court

The following report from German TV discusses the first lawsuit against the manufacturers of the Corona “vaccines”, demanding compensation for patients who experienced severe adverse effects from the vax.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We are at Cologne Regional Court where the first trial against a vaccine manufacturer
00:06   has begun. It is about compensation for damages due to severe side effects from vaccination.
00:14   The plaintiff is 37-year-old Sebastian Schönert.
00:18   The young man narrowly escaped death. He was one of hundreds in Germany
00:24   to suffer from a “sinus vein thrombosis” after being vaccinated.
00:29   He is now suing the manufacturer, AstraZeneca, because the pharmaceutical company
00:33   refuses to accept any liability. —Now I wouldn’t want to compare it with David against Goliath,
00:40   because I’m a very small David. Without legal protection insurance, using my own funds,
00:44   using my own savings to enter a legal battle and take the risk.
00:52   In May 2021, the young man had himself vaccinated with AstraZeneca.
00:56   His family doctor had offered him his last remaining vaccine dose and he gladly accepted.
01:01   A few days after the vaccination, headaches plagued him.
01:05   Despite painkillers, the headaches didn’t stop. His family doctor wasn’t available,
01:09   and he was about to go on vacation, so he went to the emergency room of the Marien Hospital.
01:18   I was lucky that a competent person took the time, and also had the capability of testing quickly.
01:27   It was more or less by chance that I was asked whether I had been vaccinated or not.
01:33   Because for me it was clear: the vaccination had nothing to do with my headaches.
01:37   Then a test was done, a blood analysis. —The result was alarming.
01:43   The young man was rushed to the nearest university hospital with blue lights and sirens.
01:47   Instead of flying off on vacation, he ended up in intensive care.
01:52   Only weeks later did he realize that he had only narrowly escaped death.
01:57   Before receiving the vaccination I was perfectly healthy.
02:01   And then suddenly I find myself in a bed of the intensive care unit,
02:05   being informed that within a few more hours, at the most one or two days, I would have been dead.
02:11   The doctors’ diagnosis is clear: Sinus vein thrombosis. A vessel occlusion in the brain
02:18   was “vaccine-induced”, i.e. triggered by the vaccination.
02:23   The Greifswald University Hospital also confirms the severe side effect of the vaccination.
02:27   The blood analysis which indicated this remained critically positive for months
02:31   after the vaccination. As a result, Sebastian Schönert
02:34   must take blood-thinning medication for nearly a year.
02:38   Hoping for an out-of-court settlement, he submitted all his medical documents
02:43   to AstraZeneca. At the very least, he wanted the cancellation costs for his vacation reimbursed.
02:48   However, the manufacturer rejected any liability. In a letter, the company emphasizes
02:54   the “positive risk-benefit ratio” of its vaccine. Furthermore,
02:58   “a very low risk of sinus vein thrombosis was mentioned in the product information.”
03:06   However, the claim that he was informed about the life-threatening side effect
03:10   is false, says Sebastian Schönert. He also doubts the “positive risk-benefit ratio.”
03:16   As a reminder: AstraZeneca-caused serious side effect occurred in several hundred,
03:22   mainly younger people. As a result, the vaccine was discontinued from December 2021.
03:27   So, six months after his vaccination, the vaccine was no longer used in Germany.
03:31   If there had been a risk that this vaccine might be withdrawn from the market,
03:38   I would not have been vaccinated with it. —His lawyer Joachim Caesar-Prellern
03:42   has filed suit not only for Sebastian Schönert, but also in ten other cases.
03:46   These involve not only thromboses, but also heart damage and autoimmune diseases
03:52   and not only those caused by AstraZeneca. The claim of the manufacturers that the vaccinated
03:56   were aware of the risks is questionable, in his opinion.
04:00   It was propagandized: “It’s just a little prick;
04:03   it has no side effects. One does not have to worry.
04:06   There might be some minor discomfort in the upper arm at the injection site.”
04:12   People were led to believe that there was no health risk to them.
04:19   This is also what 22-year-old Oliver Janke believed when he had himself vaccinated
04:23   with BioNTech in the summer of 2021. He never imagined that his life would change
04:29   so dramatically. Shortly after his second vaccination he was diagnosed with
04:33   Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This is an autoimmune disease that can lead to paralysis.
04:41   Previously in good health, he spent almost nine months in hospitals and rehab facilities.
04:49   My physical condition, for example, was total paralysis. I couldn’t do anything anymore.
04:55   I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t eat. I could only blink my eyes and even that was sporadic.
05:03   The doctors report his case to the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
05:07   They consider it probable that the BioNTech vaccination triggered the autoimmune disease.
05:14   For nearly a year, Oliver Janke has battled to get out of his wheelchair and learn to walk again.
05:19   Nevertheless, he’ll probably never be able to work again in his profession
05:23   as a construction machine operator. The Medical Service of the statutory health funds
05:27   has categorized his condition as second-degree disability, for which he currently receives
05:31   a temporary disability pension.
05:36   That’s really just a drop in the bucket. It’s not a lot of money.
05:41   If compensation for pain and suffering and damages isn’t successful,
05:45   then it’s financially a super disaster as well. Total economic damage beyond repair.
05:54   He has also filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer BioNTech
05:58   at the Potsdam Regional Court for damages and compensation for pain and suffering
06:01   in the amount of €150,000. Proceedings have not yet been opened in his case.
06:10   His lawyer is also currently representing ten injured parties in court.
06:14   He’s angry that the federal government has restricted patient safety, and in his opinion
06:20   worsened the legal situation of vaccinated people with this regulation.
06:25   Jens Spahn, then Minister of Health, issued the regulation back in May 2020.
06:30   This was long before the first vaccines came on the market.
06:34   The so-called “Spahn Ordinance” looks to us like a wish list from the pharmaceutical industry.
06:39   It’s extremely scandalous, because it suspends all safety mechanisms, which, mind you,
06:46   apply to approved drugs. —What the lawyer means is that according to this regulation,
06:53   the manufacturers can distribute vaccines without package inserts and allow vaccines
06:58   whose expiration dates have expired to be administered. In addition,
07:04   the strict liability regulated in the Medicines Act has been suspended.
07:09   According to the Spahn ordinance, manufacturers are only liable in cases
07:13   “of gross negligence or intent.” —This regulation has subsequently turned strict liability
07:19   into fault-based liability. Suddenly, injured parties are required to prove intent or negligence
07:28   on the part of the manufacturer, which is not required with strict liability.
07:33   We asked the Federal Ministry of Health why manufacturers were apparently favored
07:39   in this manner? A more pressing question is: why was this regulation extended
07:43   until the end of 2023?
07:47   “This is necessary,” according to the statement, “in order to provide availability
07:51   of the Covid-19 vaccines in a supply adequate for the population.”
07:56   There are further privileges for manufacturers. With these sort of contracts,
08:01   the German federal government and the other EU member states committed to
08:05   paying all legal fees and court costs in the event of liability for the manufacturers,
08:11   as well as any claims for damages that arose.
08:16   In other words, the federal government assumes all the risks for the manufacturers,
08:20   who make billions in profits from the vaccines. Injured parties such as Oliver Janke feel
08:24   completely left in the lurch. In addition to his suit against BioNTech,
08:29   the young man would theoretically also be entitled to federal compensation
08:33   according to the Infection Protection Act. As early as February [ of 2022],
08:38   he submitted a corresponding application to the pension office of his federal state.
08:42   So far without result. The lawyer Joachim Caesar-Preller has yet to witness
08:47   any of his 500 clients’ cases receiving a positive decision.
08:52   I would have expected following the vaccination campaign in which the Politicians
08:57   were so vigorously invested that they would then also make sure, that if someone
09:01   actually suffers from vaccine damage, there will be a quick, unbureaucratic compensation.
09:06   Unfortunately, this is not the case. —His impression is also consistent with our research.
09:12   In Saxony, 310 applications for compensation from vaccination damage were submitted.
09:17   Most of them are still being processed, 13 cases were recognized,
09:21   but not all of them receive monthly compensation.
09:25   In Saxony-Anhalt, there are 160 applications;
09:28   91 are still being processed, and four were recognized.
09:32   In Thuringia,198 applications have been filed,166 are open, and 11 were recognized.
09:41   These results are in line with the national average. In Germany, 4,835 applications
09:47   were submitted. Most are still being processed. 134 vaccination claims have been recognized.
09:53   For Oliver Janke the problem is, even if he were to receive federal compensation,
09:57   he wouldn’t be able to support a family with it. The amounts range from
10:01   €164 to €854 per month. —Of course, it’s regrettable that the government
10:09   has completely withdrawn from the entire situation, which means no compensation
10:16   from the government. —Sebastian Schönert also thinks it’s unfair that he, as the injured party,
10:24   unlike the pharmaceutical companies, has to bear the full risk in the legal proceedings.

4 thoughts on “We’ll See You in Court

  1. In America ther MSM has resorted to normalizing myocarditis in children. Still, it’s “Move along, nothing to see here.” This scum has to pay, and not in dollars.

  2. I survived 3 compulsory AZ vaccinations and yes the thrombosis was bad if it happened BUT themRNA are far worse, diverse and long term. The thrombosis was short term and could be diagnosed as I went and got checked when I had a slight pain in my leg. There were more AZ shots in UK and Australia and it is similar to Sputnik.
    Also, any long term immune system issue should people should take vitamin d, black seed oil and artemisia annua as they all help regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is mostly what is killing people.
    I had to have the shots or I couldn’t go to work. I am sole support for my family.

  3. Early on, I was fortunate enough to come across a video titled “Why I’m Bullet-Proof to Covid” by Dr. Roby Mitchell. He made it very early on, in a hospital breakroom (low production values), but one thing stood out to me–the guy sounded VERY intelligent and was laser-focused on building people’s immunity. I highly recommend it, even at this late stage of this planned catastrophe.

  4. The whole legal system and the society with it has been hijacked.

    The lawyer (in the video) went to sleep in one system and woke up the next morning in another one, in a parallel reality where everything looks the same but even the norms are different (and inhuman) — and I am not sure he is aware of that. The Sliders sci-fi TV series comes to my mind.

    So the appropriate level of lawsuits that address the root causes would be for treason, subversion, war crimes, genocide, manslaughter — just to mention a few. And 5-30% of the society, if not more, should be indicted … at least for collaboration with an enemy scheme and a crime syndicate.

    Actually everyone who had the slightest idea that things were going the wrong way and did not do anything against it is guilty in the great fascist reset.

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