Copts Beheaded in Libya, Copt Burned Alive in Egypt

Below is the press release from Voice of the Copts about recent brutality inflicted on Coptic Christians in Egypt and Libya.

Copts beheaded in Libya, Copt burned alive in Egypt

by Ashraf Ramelah

Once again, tragedy strikes the Coptic community with the brutal murders of twenty-one Christian Copts in Libya. Living under constant threat of a hate-driven and blood-thirsty Islam, Copts of Egypt have learned to expect anything at any time, and mourners go about the streets. A few days ago a young Coptic man was burned alive in the province of Al-Minya. Muslims harassed and targeted this youth in the heart of a peaceful village hoping to spark the retaliation of Copts in order to trigger destabilization of the region. But Copts have not reacted, waiting instead for law enforcement to take its course.

For more than 1,430 years Copts have suffered the brutality and aggression of Islamic doctrine along with Jews and other non-Muslims. History shows how Islamic doctrine played an important role during WWI and in WWII with the massacre of more than six million Jews in Europe. As well, Muslims become victims of their own system. A video showing a Jordanian pilot hostage set ablaze recently caused Jordan’s leader to respond with military action.

Egypt leads the world against terror

However, one leader who has truly taken the lead against terrorism in the moment is Egyptian president Al-Sisi as the Egyptian military strikes at ISIS in Libya. Al-Sisi’s war against Islamic terrorism began during his presidential election campaign when he asked for the renewal of Islamic discourse and implied that the status of religious minorities should be one of equality as he declared that “there are no religious minorities in Egypt.”

Voice of the Copts supports Egypt’s President Al-Sisi in his war against Islamic terrorism and hopes that other leaders will follow in his footsteps in order to protect the world from further atrocities. The question that arises now concerns world leaders who listen and take their lead from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian terror organization banned in Egypt, to actually aid its branches of terror in the Middle East rather than oppose them. Will Egypt’s current strike against Libya be countered by unlikely sources behind ISIS on the ground?

Voice of the Copts offers condolences

We offer our condolences to the grieving families of those who suffered barbaric acts most recently in Libya and Syria. Also, our sympathy goes out to the family and community members of the young Copt burned alive in Egypt’s Al-Minya Province.

We must continue to remember all the lost souls sacrificed to racial and religious genocide and from this gain the strength to fight for freedom and liberty around the world.

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Ashraf Ramelah was interviewed by Al-Arabiya newspaper on February 17, 2015 in response to Egypt’s airstrikes against Libya:

Al-Arabiya: Egypt is bombing ISIS targets in Libya and so far has launched eight strikes immediately following the release of the purported execution video of Egyptian hostages. How far will Egypt go?

AR: Chances are good that Egypt will stop at nothing now. The leaders of ISIS miscalculated Al Sisi. With these killings, ISIS was testing Al Sisi’s sincerity on his commitment to fight Islamic terrorism, which Al Sisi has so far defined as Islamic hate doctrine and its violent perpetrators. ISIS wanted to call Al Sisi’s bluff on this issue, demonstrating that Al Sisi would not attack Muslim Islamic fighters on behalf of Egyptian Copts and avenge the killings of Christians. Had ISIS been correct in its calculation, ISIS would have succeeded in achieving an internal problem for Al Sisi. Al Sisi would have lost his support from the Christian population and others inside Egypt to destabilize his position. ISIS has now discovered that Al Sisi is far from its hero Morsi.

Al-Arabiya: Do you think this aerial campaign will last?

AR: Yes. Al Sisi put Islamic terrorists on notice a while back. I believe Al Sisi’s campaign now will last until Egypt achieves its calculated goals set by the Egyptian military.

Al-Arabiya: Do you see Egypt joining the anti-ISIS coalition officially?

AR: Anti-ISIS coalition? — There is none. Egypt and Jordan stand and act alone. They are the only Islamic countries ready to fight against Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.

Al-Arabiya: Will Egypt now divert focus away from Sinai insurgency and focus more on threats from Libya?

AR: No. I believe that Egypt will remain in Sinai to combat Hamas because this is a priority of Egypt’s new president. Egypt is strong enough militarily to be on both fronts at this time. If the slaughter of 21 Egyptians by ISIS is to instigate a diversion tactic to summon Al Sisi to a second front and ease up on Hamas, ISIS is sorely mistaken. ISIS will now face a fierce enemy and will most likely be completely annihilated in Libya. In doing so, will Egypt do a favor for the American president or create a problem for his administration? It is hard to tell.

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah is founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a human rights organization, and a board member of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION). For his previous articles, see the Ashraf Ramelah Archives.

7 thoughts on “Copts Beheaded in Libya, Copt Burned Alive in Egypt

  1. I was very much heartened by the responses of al-Sisi (Egypt) and King Abdullah (Jordan). Sadly, the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981 ( weighs on my mind, even though al-Sisi is *defending* Egypt and Egyptians.

    There was a Muslim Brotherhood attempt on Nasser’s life in 1952 (Nasser bio at The Islamists have been pushing and pushing *and* PUSHING in Egypt for a v-e-r-y long time.

    All wishes for strength, success, and integrity to al-Sisi and King Abdullah. Would that our “allies” showed a fraction of the spine these two countries have….

  2. The Coptic Orthodox Church may be the oldest continuous Christian community in the world. Their tradition states that, in the year now calculated as 42 C.E. (A.D.), the Apostle and Evangelist St. Mark traveled to Egypt and converted many people to the Christian faith.

    As of 2012, approx. 10% of all Egyptians were Coptic Christians, according to (as always, Wikipedia itself isn’t necessarily authoritative, but the Sources at the end of each article are usually quite informative).

    al-Sisi has stated that there “are no religious minorities” in Egypt, thus elevating all religions to the same level–no preference for Islam–which may be another reason for him to have extra security about him at all times. The Copts will no doubt pray for his continued health, as they pray for the salvation and eternal repose of their friends who have been so vilely slaughtered, but al-Sisi is a military man and may put more faith in physical weapons and bodyguards.

    • I believe it was in 2010 that the last remaining church in Afghanistan was torn down. I was grousing about this at work – “Is this why we sent troops in there – to allow this sort of crap?” – and a co-worker asked, “Why are there even Christian churches over there? Those are Muslim countries.”

      It’s ignorance like that that is costing lives around the globe.

      People have no idea that the only real “occupying force” in the Middle East is Islam.

  3. Amen, Cynthia! It is great to hear that there is still some decency in Egypt, but I don’t know how long General al-Sisi can survive in the Muslim world by openly supporting equality of religious affiliation. I’m afraid that sooner or later he will go the way of Anwar Sadat. Egypt is desperately poor, and the last I heard it was on the verge of starvation. We should ship them as much wheat as WE can afford to, and America’s Christians should foot the bill. It may be along time before the West can renew our fascination with humanity’s oldest civilization, and Egypt’s biggest source of cash.

  4. I’m sure the muslim brotherhood is gunning for Al-Sisi. The only question is whether their efforts have the tacit or working support of the obama regime.

    • With 4 Muslim brotherhood members working at the DHS, you can bet any assassins will have working support from within the Obama administration.

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