Danish Politicians Move to Outlaw ISIS Videos

The following essay and translation by Liberty DK were originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Denmark — Suggestion tabled for outright censorship in a proposed new anti-terror law

by Liberty DK

Apparently we Danes are to be legally blindfolded in the name of the war on terror.

In an article in today’s Danish daily newspaper MetroExpress, the following article can be found (see translation below). Apparently the Powers That Be cannot tell the difference between people sharing information about what is really happening in the world vs. actually inciting and wanting to engage in terror… which of course, to a rational person, clearly are two different things entirely. To this end they furthermore propose to use the child porn filter.

To sum it up: a person actively engaged in trying to warn the Western world about the numerous atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam would, by law, be put in the very same box as either a terrorist or a person inciting terror.

Oh… and the press would seem to be getting a free pass in this regard. We are apparently only to see those sanitized news blips the media chooses for us to see.

Sadly, what is even more absurd is that, according to an ongoing MetroExpress poll, most people agree.

Guess I’ll be going to the slammer!

The translated article (published on February 24 in MetroExpress):

SF wants to prohibit the sharing of terrorist videos

In a proposal which will be presented this week, the Socialist People’s Party (SF) will be tabling a suggestion which makes it illegal to share videos of terrorist attacks and beheadings. In several terrorism cases in Denmark there have been found, on hard disks and smartphones, videos of Al Qaeda’s terror and IS beheadings.

“It must be explicitly forbidden to share these horrific videos. We will also want ISPs to censor incitement to terror. To this end the idea the suggestion is that the child pornography filter can be put to use so that it blocks access to sites with videos of executions and incitement to terror,” says the Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Karina Lorentzen (SF), who, however, wants to make an exception for the press.

SF further proposes that the National Police Cyber Crime Center monitors the network and go after Danes who praise and incite terrorism.

The Child porn filter is a collaboration between telephone companies and police that stops people who want to go to pages with sexual images of children. The telecommunication industry would like to discuss the possibility of using this tool.

“Execution videos are awful and disgusting, and I understand as such also the thoughts behind the proposal,” writes the director Jacob Willer, stressing that it will require careful consideration, since it pretty much amounts to censorship.

Both the Danish People’s Party (DF) Group Chairman Peter Skaarup and the Conservatives supports SF’s proposal. “It is a proposal that we can fully support,” says the Conservatives’ Mai Mercado.

While the Liberal Karsten Lauritzen believes that the law is already sufficient. “We just need the right to make some cases to see if it should be allowed to share these videos.”

12 thoughts on “Danish Politicians Move to Outlaw ISIS Videos

  1. People in Denmark have their heads planted firmly in the sand, and are just trying to plant them even more deeply in it. I bet this censorship is being treated like an alternative to physical security, because physical security…. That’s just soooooo barbaric!

    Serious question: Is there a greater than normal cultural predisposition to denial of reality in Denmark?

    • I don’t know…..having both feet solidly planted in the blue air above the abyss,while having the heads burried in the sand as well ,could be an indicator……

  2. The ironic thing is that this kind of violence porn is the building block of “gaming” whether Web or end-user hardware based. It’s in major films and TV series (e.g. “The Walking Dead”). Slo-mo decapitation, entrails spilling out and floating off into space, and other fun stuff for 11-year-olds.

    It’s only when real-world evil does it that it’s proscribed. How stupid and pathetic.

    • This is exactly it.

      The liberal moral equivalence crowd will tell you that violent, pornographic media is absolutely no problem at all, but it is clear that this is not the case.

      There have been multiple studies demonstrating that the brain has a high-level of plasticity and that it is greatly affected by the media that it is fed.

      Sadly, 95% of the dumbed-down filth in the Western media is as problematic as the evil programming that is fed to young people unfortunate enough to exist under the thumb of the Islamist set.

      • The real problem with depictions of violence isn’t the violence itself, but the idea that it doesn’t have any consequences. For example, in video games if you get killed you just “respawn”. In the old “gi joe” cartoons and the “a team” show, characters are shooting at each other like crazy yet somehow nobody ever dies or even gets hit.

        The idea that leftists push is that actions don’t have any consequences. This extends to absolutely everything from violence to sex, and the results are more criminal violence, rape, teenage pregnancy, single mothers, STDs, and other exploitation that ruin people’s lives.

        The real problem is not depicting violence but the fact that realistic consequences are not depicted.

        I’m pretty sure if those teenage girls in the UK had seen videos of jihadis being shot dead and girls being enslaved then they would have questioned their “jihadi bride” plans. Yet that isn’t shown because there’s no willingness to show them the consequences of their actions.

        • This is debatable, to say the least. Last time there was a Western on TV, I don’t recall men in chaps imitating John Wayne’s walk and drawl next day.

          • Thank you for your completely immaterial comment. Nimrod stated it wasn’t violence that was the problem but the belief by some that violence (behavior) has no consequences.

    • Thank you.

      The horror/torture porn in gaming and TV is poisonous and only serves to desensitize people. Even before “The Walking Dead”, shows like CSI(compare to Quincy MD during the 80’s) and Criminal Minds had plenty of gore and a parade of evil characters. 20 years earlier such shows would have gotten a R or X rating.

      Now it’s family fare.

      And seems to coincide with the rot that affecting Western society.

      I know the work done by Grossman is now discounted in regards to videogames but bombarding kids from say 8 to 18 with thousands of hours of wargame porn along with TV subjecting them to endless hours of sophisticated advertising to condition to want and need things they have no use for is going to mess up their heads something terrible. Look never in history have kids been the target of such mind rotting garbage for day in, day out for decades.

      I remember reading a comment by horror actor Angus Scrim(Tall Man from the Phantasm series), he said what scared him was going into a theater and watching kids joke and eat while watching gory movies. The kids had lost any ability to be repulsed by scenes intended to do just that.

  3. That’s like outlawing fire alarms or any documentation about the devastating effects of fire. How stupid can people be…

  4. It feels like we are surrounded and there is no place to hide or run. “Democracy” is not working, it’s just a dictatorship of the manipulative “elite”. It is the same kind of “democracy” which was/is in the Soviet Russia, where there is only one party, only one opinion, only one voice. But you still can put a bulletin in a box or head in the sand.

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