The Italian Revival

Below is a press release from Voice of the Copts announcing that Ashraf Ramelah, its founder and president, has created a new political party in Italy which will support Judeo-Christian values in Europe.

A new political party in Italy

Today, August 6, 2014, a new political idea is born in Italy — a new political party created not by professional politicians but by people of different backgrounds pledging to one moral, ideological goal: the revival of Italy. Today is the birth of La Rinascita Italiana (The Italian Revival). The party will stand out in seeking to reclaim citizen rights in a program designed to benefit the Italian people.

The founder of La Rinascita Italiana (LRI) is Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, president of Voice of the Copts, a non-profit human rights organization. Its cofounder is Francesco Puocci, a civil engineer. Italy’s political scene is fraught with self-interest at the expense of the nation and its citizens. Identifying this was the founders’ first step in understanding that Italy must have a political movement unlike any other. Ambitious for ideals that will lift Italy from the mire of non-governance and political gamesmanship, Ramelah and Puocci have now created La Rinascita Italiana.

The current political establishment shames the great country of Italy — a nation known for its wealth of history, culture, and art. Italian citizens are losing pride in a nation that has less employment opportunities, rising taxation and dwindling services. What’s more, towns and cities across Italy must now cope with invading populations of immigrants that strain the welfare system. Italy’s power as a nation is in its ability to secure its borders. At the heart of Italy is hard work, compassion and charity — the embodiment of Judeo-Christianity and Italy’s strength!

Italians are fatigued by politics — jaded by good speeches and great promises leading to nothing. Meanwhile, the frenetic pace of leadership going in circles erodes a nation’s foundation and weakens the resolve of its people. LRI will restore Italy’s hope as it listens to the needs of the voters, understands the dreams of its youth and conducts its duty in the service of Italian citizens. LRI is certain to meet the vast challenge before it and confident of winning!

The dates and details of the following three LRI events will soon be announced and will take place in the upcoming months in the order listed below:

1.   As a sign of solidarity with the State of Israel, LRI will join Voice of the Copts on a goodwill ship to Israel.
2.   The LRI party inauguration ceremony in Rome.
3.   A LRI rally in Lampedusa (Italy) to call attention to illegal boats disembarking illegal passengers.

August 6, 1945

Sixty-nine years ago an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima where hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in unimaginable suffering. Now we cry NO to nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran.

For Italy and its citizens, La Rinascita Italiana will be the solid and concrete point of reference for the revival of Italy and its future! We are not the Left; we are not the Right… We are for Italy and for its citizens!

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah is founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a human rights organization, and a board member of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION). For his previous articles, see the Ashraf Ramelah Archives.

4 thoughts on “The Italian Revival

  1. What is their position on economics? No ‘revival’ will be possible without scaling back the suffocating and insolvent welfare state.

    The other problem Italy faces is what the Roman Empire faced starting in the 1st century: The upper class natives are breeding below replacement rate whilst the immigrants continue to have loads of children. Emperor Vespasian tried (and failed) to turn things around by offering tax incentives for Roman citizens to have children.

    A country of old men and women cannot prosper. Italy needs a baby boom.

  2. It’s ironic that the movement to kickstart the revival of Italy is headed by someone who is not Italian. Of course not being Italian doesn’t necessarily exclude Ashraf Ramelahs from holding such a position, but it certainly makes it harder than it would otherwise have been.

    The movement says it intends to “reclaim citizen rights in a program designed to benefit the Italian people” and immediately comes up against the seemingly insurmountable problem that all such organisations face – who are the Italian people? The same question can be asked of all Western peoples, in these days of the multiracial society and its offspring multiculturalism, who are the English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, et al? Who are the Europeans? Do we still exist?

    To do that which is in the best interest of the Italian people, Mr Ramelahs needs an Italian soul. Otherwise, how would he know – instinctively – what is best?

    That said, I wish him and his movement well. Maybe Italian men like so many of their European fellows have been cowed into submission by the massed ranks of PC’s oppressive victims.

    • It is not only Ashraf Ramelah, but has Francesco Puocci as a co-founder. Perhaps, the latter is a master of the Tuscan dialect of Oriana Fallaci and Dante Alighieri!!

  3. How sad, another distraction, another party…….
    Good luck in making people believe that they are for the people.
    I was just telling my friends how we needed another party.
    When the truth is spoken we will know, until then the clowns
    Can keep playing…….

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