The Cedar Avenue “Gas Explosion” Revisited

Long-time readers will remember the Cedar Avenue explosion and fire that took place in Minneapolis on New Year’s Day of 2014.

The incident occurred in a mostly Somali neighborhood known as “Little Mogadishu”, which is centered around Cedar Avenue near the University of Minnesota Law School. Early that morning a massive explosion blew out the windows on the second floor at 514 S. Cedar Avenue, above the Otanga Grocery. An intense fire that followed the explosion eventually consumed the interior of the three-story structure.

The building had been inhabited by Somali Muslims, the businesses there had been patronized by Somali Muslims, and it was next door to a mosque. After having seen photos and videos of numerous gas explosions, it was obvious to me that this was no gas explosion. For the first 24 hours the Minneapolis fire chief said the cause of the explosion was unknown. However, the next morning, as soon as the FBI arrived at the scene, the story changed: the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak. Despite the fact that there had been no investigation of the site, despite the insistence by the gas company that there had been no leaks whatsoever in the area, a “gas leak” was the fire chief’s story, and he stuck to it doggedly. And as soon as the fire was fully extinguished and the last body had been removed from the scene, the city ordered the remains of the building to be demolished, before any forensic investigation of the site could be undertaken.

The whole thing smelled fishy back then, and it still smells fishy. We still don’t have any official report on what really happened. However, thanks to the patient efforts of Judicial Watch, we know a lot more than we did in January 2014.

Bill Marshall is a senior investigator at Judicial Watch. For several years after the Cedar Avenue fire he investigated the incident, relentlessly using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain official records that the federal government was loath to release.

The video below is an excerpt from a longer report that came out last year. In it you’ll hear Mr. Marshall discuss the results of his investigations. I’m pleased to report that everything he learned accords with what we reported here more than four years ago. In particular, the fact that one of the victims was cut in half — which was only a leaked rumor in early 2014 — was confirmed by forensic photographs obtained by Judicial Watch. That sort of fatal injury is atypical in a natural gas explosion, but might be expected if an especially volatile chemical — for example TATP, a.k.a. “Mother of Satan” — were being used to construct a bomb on a tabletop and accidentally detonated.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

For more information on the explosion and fire in Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis, on New Year’s Day 2014, see the Cedar-Riverside Explosion Archives. The investigative reports compiled by Seneca III were especially helpful in debunking the official line.

Also: See the full Judicial Watch video for reports on other investigations. The beginning of the video, which discusses Huma Abedin and the Clinton Foundation, is very interesting.

6 thoughts on “The Cedar Avenue “Gas Explosion” Revisited

  1. A Darwin Award is in order; shame that perps did not pack the building to full occupancy with their kinsman before conducting their amateur chemistry experiments.

  2. So the city of Minneapolis called in in excavator to demolish the building within hours after the last body was pulled out. What a fine example of bureaucratic efficiency.

  3. In answer to a repeat request for communications between FBI locally …

    “They produced 54 pages ……. They blacked them out entirely” (at 6.43)

    Yes, sure. Natural Gas leak. Obviously.

  4. It’s interesting to speculate. It seems to be rather certain the explosion was not a gas explosion and most likely was associated with bomb-making materials.

    The first impulse is to think they were making bombs, and the explosion occurred accidentally.

    But, you also know that building was a center of Hawala or Islamic money transfer without paperwork, and generally without those pesky, kafir, money-laundering restrictions. Hawala and Islamic terror financing are pretty much one-and-the-same. The Hawala company in the building was doing business with terror groups. Suppose a terror group got the idea that the Hawala company was taking out too high a commission or was not transferring all the funds they actually were given. What do you think might have been the result? Perhaps similar to the fate of a mafia bookkeeper pocketing some of the proceeds for himself, when he gets found out.

    Anyway, why the cover-up and was it locally or federally initiated? Consider that Comey was FBI director at the time, and Obama the President…the Muslim Brotherhood was not exactly shut out of all contact. So, the terror organization, whatever it was, somehow gets word to the FBI, saying “This was not a terror operation. We are not targeting anyone in the US (for now) and would be certain to continue that policy if we keep everything the way it was”.

    So, for the federal government, there is no embarrassing campaign of terror. For the local government, the Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups, which means pretty much all of the Muslim groups in Minneapolis, continue to support the local politicians. For the Hawala bankers of the future, it signals the importance of good customer relations. No need to embarrass anyone or rock the boat.

  5. This destruction of evidence by the government is a very disturbing trend. The same thing happened with the terrorist training camp in New Mexico recently, and of course Waco and the Murrah building in Oklahoma city.

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