In the Nazi Mould

In the following essay our Israeli correspondent MC examines the common ground between Socialism — National and otherwise — and Islamic fascism.

In the Nazi Mould

by MC

In the 20th century the forces of socialism murdered untold millions of people, but, somehow, we have been brainwashed taught to compartmentalise that history because the new ‘Left’, our own homegrown Left, is different (or so we are told) — a force for change (like the 1933 Nazis), a force for hope (ditto). It is supposedly a genteel force looking out for the underdog (double-ditto).

Last night (I wrote this a few weeks ago) we had a volley of missiles come in at the same time. Once more Hamas chose to commit their war crimes, and once more the Left, by its silence and tacit support, chooses to be complicit. Murdering Jews wherever you find them is an intrinsic part of general leftist (and Hamas) ideology.

Today we read of a Syrian-born Palestinian in Germany plotting to make chemical weapons for use against Jews in Israel. There is a chronic irony embedded in there somewhere!

But killing jooz by war crimes is only useful when harnessed for the cause, because the signature of the Left is that their ends justify any means, no matter how brutal the methods used. If, in order to gain power, one supports Islamofascism (and thus gains the new vote) and their day-to-day murder of Jews by machine-gunning and bombing civilian areas, then that is acceptable and to be encouraged (or at least ignored).

Nobody particularly likes the Jews. Even Jews don’t like Jews, and many left-leaning Jews think of Israel with acute embarrassment. So exterminating Israelis may be a war crime de jure, but the de facto is ‘the sooner the better’.

When the surrounding muslims invade — as they do on a regular basis, sometimes just one or two fedayeen, and sometime with three or four armies — the rest of the world reacts by slapping an arms embargo on Israel; the victim.

President Obama did it last time: he stopped the shipment of replacement Iron Dome missiles because the airport outside Tel Aviv was not ‘safe’.

The Hamas Charter advocates the genocide of all Jews, not just Israelis, all JEWS, in true Hitleresque fashion. Yet this terrorist group is the doyenne of the left, substantially supported by European and US money.

Sweden is complaining about the boarding of ‘flotilla’ boats. Sweden, which is building a modern day castle to try to subdue Rinkeby. Sweden, the land where young virgins are sacrificed in the name of the gods of multiculturalism. Sweden, which criticizes Israel for defending itself. Sweden, the epitome of modern day leftist fascism.

To be criticized by Sweden is to know that one is on the right track.

Soon the European Left will start the cull. Currently, critics of the state are rounded up and summarily imprisoned, but the appeals court systems still works (if one can afford it). However such appeals are out of reach of most of us, and we cannot crowd-fund them all.

Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left (closet fascist communist) leader of the British Labour Party is an excellent candidate for the Hitler Mk2 accolade. Hitler was a communist turned National Socialist, and an extremist revolutionary who supported terrorism. By his relationship with Haj Amin Al Husseini, he also supported Jihad and Islamic terrorism — anything to spread the cause.

By repute, Corbyn also supports terrorism and terrorists through his relationships with certified terror organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and by appearing to lay wreaths at the graves of known PLO (now Palestinian Authority) terrorists to give remembrance to their bold acts of massacring unarmed Jews.

This is all pure fascist poison — gift-wrapped in the gaudy tissue of rhetoric to hide the cost in blood and guts. Thus, when Hamas fire their rockets and their machine guns at my home in Sderot, Israel, Jeremy Corbyn appears to give them tacit support in their Jihad by justifying the murder of Jews as a fight for Islamic Lebensraum.

Corbyn has much better resources than I have to find out the truth, but he prefers to tell us that he believes the propaganda charades of the so-called ‘Poor Palestinians’. And, yes, there are poor, oppressed Palestinians, but they are not oppressed by Israel, as Corbyn would have us believe; they are brainwashed and oppressed by their own leaders, those same people with whom Corbyn is so palsy-walsy. But then, in socialist political religions, either national or international, we know that the ends always, always justify the means — always.

The international definition of anti-Semitism that is so hated by the British Labour party includes a statement that holding Jews and Israel to unique ‘special’ (Sonderbehandlung?) standards is anti-Semitic. Now there are other areas of the world subjected to similar circumstances as the so-called ‘West Bank’: there is Konigsberg, held by the Russians and renamed Kaliningrad; there is Kashmir, partially occupied by Pakistan, Tibet by China, and then there are Syria and Yemen, which appear to be being occupied by Iran. But Corbyn only condemns the Jewish State of Israel. Had this been 1930, Corbyn would have been a Nazi, but times change and so do the names and the political emphasis. If the hat of historical fact fits, then he should be honest and wear it, but when did honesty ever matter to a left-of-centre politician?

But Corbyn either believes the Palestinian Takkiyah because he is stupid, or because he knows it is all a pack of lies but finds it politically convenient, and justifies the murder thereby.

For the highly religious socialist there are ‘absolutely no absolutes’, so there can be no lies because there is no truth. And the reality of ‘truth’ is only in the de facto — which is basically anything that you can get away with. This is one of the reasons why socialism as a political philosophy always fails.

A mercantile system depends upon honesty. Socialism abhors honesty, preferring expediency, and thus honesty-based systems break down under socialism. Crooked Politically-religious biased courts of justice mean that contracts cannot be enforced; nobody makes a contract under Saudi law, for example.

The loony element of the socialist religion means that money has to be redistributed, but money is a commodity which has a value. In my case, I earn that commodity by selling my labour, knowledge and experience. But when my ‘money’ is forcibly taken from me and given to those who prefer to do nothing, then my labour is demeaned and devalued. This is not a zero-sum game — the exchange commodity that is ‘money’ also becomes devalued, because the value to me is also devalued, and I need to earn more of it just to maintain the status quo. With socialism there is never enough, and a socialist has a choice: steal more money from the workforce — the earners — or invade other countries and take their assets from their earners. Israel was a desolate land in 1918, bur Jews moved in and the land prospered. So Hamas has an easy answer to its own plight: steal the assets of its neighbour in true socialist style, following the example of Stalin, who annexed half of Europe.

This was Hitler’s dilemma too, and it is now also the EU’s dilemma. Hitler’s solution was to invade neighbouring countries, kill their Jews (for all socialists know that all wealth is controlled by jooz), then asset-strip the subdued countries to pay for German (Nazi) socialism, and in the process enslave entire populations. The Russian Communist economy was also a slave economy, ‘socialism’ being merely a polite word for feudalism.

The modern German answer is to import millions of young men and to hope and pray that some of them will become taxpayers (as the socialist religion ideology tells them, this MUST be so because we are all fundamentally ‘equal’). God help you if you actually notice that the current Chancellor is in the altogether (ugh — what a horrible picture that conjures up).

Socialism wants to be a religion of hope, but when that hope proves to be elusive and slippery, the panic sets in because one is now committed, and the change comes whether we want it or not. But change driven by the combination of religious hope and panic from fear of failure tends to make things worse, not better. As a consequence, Socialism is not a ‘religion’ of peace and equality, as its zealots would have us believe; it is a religion of war, a religion of death, a religion of murderous thugs going out of control and exterminating millions. That is the truth behind the façade of gloss, glamour and do-good. That is the truth behind Auschwitz and death camps and gulags, and it is also the truth behind Gaza and Hamas.

People are catching on fast. The ‘far right’ is the sane right, and it is the loonies on the left that are the driving force of our destruction. So stop listening to the narrative and start checking the facts. The malady is socialism. the malady is a blind belief that white culture is bad culture. The malady is that all cultures must be considered equally valuable.

For hidden behind the beautiful ornate curtain, the Wizard of Socialism has horns, a tail and an irrepressible desire to murder and exterminate.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

51 thoughts on “In the Nazi Mould

  1. “Pay no attention to that ^&$#* behind the curtain!” “The great and powerful Al-Oz has spoken!”

    We know that he was a thief, murderer, and liar from the beginning, ever since iniquity was found in him. What is troubling is how sincerely his human minions serve his interests.

    The Capitol Hill circus that played for the past month was a pleasant diversion compared to what has been served up previously, (a Russian order of Iranian Turkey). The ^&$#* must be on a very tight schedule and deadline given how hard his minions have been working and how badly Antifa, Islam et al, want us Christians out of their misery.

  2. I loved reading this. The world is tired of the moral filth and lies of the Left. Look and just see how loony, violent, corrupt, & hypocritical the US Democrats are, or how disingenuous, vacillating, Islam-[…], & treacherous the Canadian Liberals are, or how viciously anti-Semitic, pro-fascist EU, freedom-hating, & supremely PC the Libraries are, or how fatuously betraying of everything in the culture and economy that people value in whatever European nation you see, and through the same old pathetic slippery vile hatred of the Jooz, always dressed up to prance around as legitimate, justified, reasonable. I’d love to live in Israel, not permanently but for 6 months or so. I despise the for many things, but most viscerally for its anti-Semitism.

  3. Dear MC: the difference is, in Sderot, y’all know whom the enemy is.

    In Paris and London, they hide it from themselves.

    This is why the West was better off back in the days of the USSR. Back then, people know whom the enemy was, just like you do in Sderot.

    Side note: Communism and Islamism are actually quite similar. They both seem to have a fundamental belief that they’ll only work if *everyone* gets with “the program” and depend on constant expansion (i.e., grabbing productive resources) to function.

    • In some ways they are similar. But in many ways communism differs from islam; at least in the Soviet experience of communism. The communists believed in equality of the sexes and universal education. Literacy was extremely high in the Soviet Union; even in the muslim Central Asian SSR. And there was culture (at least for the connected) in the form of ballet and classical music concerts for which the Soviets had some of the best performers and dancers in the world. Muslim or african chess champions? There is one behind every pile of unicorn dung. The Soviets were also militarily competent and built their own weapons. When was the last time you ever heard of a muslim-built aircraft or even an original firearm design?

      • Islamic Iran has managed nicely. Yes, they do copy/steal ideas, but who cares about the origin if you can still get results?

        Israel certainly takes Iran’s nuclear capability seriously.

      • Agreed in many ways with your assessment. Literacy may have something to do with Christianity and Western culture the European (Soviet) communism was forced upon …

        But for all intents and purposes – we all knew it (experiment with communism) will end, this inane farce of “class war”, “proletariat”, “final stage of societal development”, name it. Votaries of Islam strongly believe in superiority of their cult; we strongly believed in inferiority of communism and patiently expected its inevitable doom.

        • The problem with communism is they educated their subjugated peoples, and they couldn’t hide from them that they were being lied to. Islam is superior in that regard, with its followers far more illiterate and uneducated; akin to the Epsilon Minus Semi-Morons from Huxley’s “Brave New World”. They don’t know what they are missing, and can be easily controlled by their baser instincts and emotions.

    • Actually, you have to compare Islam with cultural Marxism, not with classic Marxism. Cultural Marxism is a product of degenerate academics, who injected their philosophy into the general population via their control over education, academia, and the media. Adorno and other original adherents to the Frankfurt School made a grand living through researching and consulting on media messaging and advertising.

      The base principle of cultural Marxism is that Western society and culture are evil and should be destroyed. This is the first thought of the cultural Marxist, which is why they have no problem dealing with the fabulously wealthy George Soros. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, this drive to destroy Western culture and society is a base of Islam. It’s laid out in Malik’s book “The Quoranic Concept of War”.

      Islam and cultural Marxism are not in the least similar, other than their determination to destroy Western culture and security. The Islamists will kill their cultural-Marxist allies as soon as Western culture is destroyed completely enough to install an Islamic regime. And they all know it. It happened in Iran. But, as I said, the most basic principle of cultural Marxism is to destroy Western culture, so they’ll take their chances.

  4. Your essay contains the truth, and nothing but the truth. It should be passed on to anyone we know who values truth and has an interest in learning. As to “nobody particularly likes the Jews” that may be because they have never spent time with any. Unfortunately. Leftists and hard core socialists and anti-Semites of any kind and any ethnicity to me represent the dark side of existence, representing ignorance and/or hate and/or stupidity. Israel’s existence is a miracle. Created from practically nothing. By the Jews. Defending themselves against wars and winning against all odds. It is an amazing country with an amazing history and amazing people.

  5. An excellent piece! I have always argued that the real enemy is Socialism not Islam itself but its facilitation by Socialists. Many have argued against me but I still hold fast to the fact that it is the Left we have to defeat, as it always has been since I started my crusade against them in 1968 at the age of 15 years, after seeing their behaviour in Grosvenor Square outside the US Embassy. The violence and madness still haunts me today. I recall that these thugs wanted to reduce Europe to a vassal of the USSR as Czechoslovakia tried to free itself in the so called “Prague Spring”. We now see around today, the final push to complete the destruction of the West by those same evil forces I saw in 1968. From South Africa to the US via UK, the Great White Purge is under way. Long live Israel and our brothers in Jewry! We are all Israel now! Shalom!

  6. The international definition of anti-Semitism…

    It’s an international definition of anti-Semitism. And I don’t think it’s a good one or intended to do anything but harm free speech. And I can produce a good argument in my favour. For example, some people would laugh at this “definition” of Islamophobia (and rightly so):

    “Islamophobia is a certain perception of Muslims, which may be expressed as hatred toward Muslims. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of Islamophobia are directed toward Muslim or non-Muslim individuals and/or their property, toward Muslim community institutions and religious facilities.”

    It’s obviously a very vague definition that Muslims would love to have adopted internationally so that they can attck free speech about Islam and Muslim behaviour. But it’s merely a re-working of the IHRA definition:

    “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

    The same people who would laugh at the “definition” of Islamophobia would not laugh at the “definition” of anti-Semitism.

    • I loathe both words. As you say, both of them are used by the Powers That Be to suppress speech they find inconvenient. You don’t see many Leftists or Muslims get in official trouble for anti-Semitism.

      I never use “anti-Semitism” in my writing anymore. I prefer “Jew-hatred”. It has a clear meaning, does not obfuscate the point, and designates a peculiar condition that is now extremely widespread.

      A Jew-hater will employ what you might call an Anti-Occam’s Razor — in his arguments he must multiply entities endlessly to support his conclusion that Jews are the root of all evil.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Jew-haters consider Occam’s razor to be an invention of a Jewish cabal during the Middle Ages, who pawned it off on foolish, gullible Europeans in order to further their aim of world domination.

      • Baron,
        World domination will be the lot of the Jews during the Millennium when Jesus Christ is seated on the Throne of David in Jerusalem, according to the Bible in the Books of Ezekiel, Revelation, Isaiah, and Zechariah. The World thought that it had put the Jews out of its misery in 130AD in the wake of the Bar Kokba revolt. Fast forward to 1948 and you have an Israel that is richer, stronger and more populous than ever, and who could take over an immoral, corrupt, and debt-ridden world.
        Is it any wonder that the world wants them gone, permanently? Here’s the final kick, Jesus Christ told them while being questioned by the Pharisees after riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, “You shall not see Me until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.'” So…. if there is no Jew to say that Jesus can’t return as promised, and Satan wins a zero-sum game with God. Expect the heat to be turned up on a daily basis. MC knows whereof I speak.
        BTW, I wouldn’t mind joining him in Israel as that country is probably more sane that where I live, if I could afford the cost of the move.

      • There’s an excellent reason to eschew the use of the term “Anti-Semitism”: it was invented by a 19th century German Jew-hater called Wilhelm Marr as a polite, euphemistic, cover for the anti-Jewish political party and movement he founded. Who’d vote for the Jew-Haters Party when one had the Anti-Semitic Party instead?

      • I never use “anti-Semitism” in my writing anymore. I prefer “Jew-hatred”. It has a clear meaning, does not obfuscate the point, and designates a peculiar condition that is now extremely widespread.

        Good point and I like that distinction between “antisemitism” (tendentious, subjective, weaselly) and “Jew-hatred” (objective, factual, provable). When one criticizes a group, that doesn’t mean one automatically hates it. Melanie Phillips is Jewish and criticizes British Jews for being too supportive of Muslims. She does that because she cares about British Jews and wants them to act in their own best interests. Of course, some people who make the same criticism of Jews as Melanie are indeed Jew-haters. But Melanie’s criticism remains valid and, in her case at least, is inspired by concern for the welfare of Jews.

  7. “But Corbyn either believes the Palestinian Takkiyah because he is stupid, or because he knows it is all a pack of lies but finds it politically convenient, and justifies the murder thereby.”

    Why not both?

    • It’s just political arithmetic. Which group has most votes that will reliably be cast in Labour’s direction? Well, there are many more muslims in Britain than there are Jews. The muslims are indoctrinated from birth to do as they are told without argument, including who to vote for.

      I think Corbyn might initially have been hoping to garner both muslim and Jewish votes (because both groups are actually victims of the white Christian right (not)) but he let the Jewish vote slip because the muslims have more votes, more reliable votes, and needed a bit more smooching.

  8. Concerning the arms embargo put on Israel, I note it is quite usual for the US to employ arms embargos. We put an arms embargo on all sides during the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, although if you go by the Wall Street Journal at the time, the Bosnian Serbs had plenty of arms from the Serbs but the Bosnian Muslims were left defenseless. Subsequently to embargoing arms for Bosnia, we bombed the stuffing out of the Serbs to support the Bosnians. All in the life of the US as world’s intervener.

    I think the US should impose embargos only where there is a direct threat to US security. Let the two sides fight it out until one or the other is a clear winner, and they can decide on the terms themselves, which might not be just, but it will be stable. Right now, you have UN agencies and the US butting in, arranging armistices before anything is settled and letting the conflict simmer on for decades or more. I also do not support foreign aid to Israel (or any other country, unless they are contracting to defend our borders). When we give (literally) arms to Israel, we become involved in all the Israeli strategy and tactics. Let Israel do its own horse-trading.

    One of the big tragedies was the capitulation of South Africa to international pressures for one-man, one-vote. It was no more feasible for the Union of South Africa than it will be when third-world immigration comprises a majority in the US. Israel and South Africa had a close working relationship, and in my opinion, could have existed very well as a confederation of the “pariah” states.

    I personally think Israel ought to present itself as a bastion of Western civilization, more than as a repository of persecuted Jews. Israel declared itself to have the objective to strengthen its existence as a Jewish state, which I wholeheartedly support because that is Israel’s identity and also because Israel is a sovereign state. Incidentally, the largest Jewish organizations in the US oppose that declaration of the Jewish identity of Israel. Which is another reason why Israel should operate on the principle of national sovereignty, rather than that it is a victim of anti-Semitism.

    • As stated by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: “I cannot recall a time during my public life when our two countries have had a closer defense relationship. The U.S. and Israel are cooperating closely in areas such as missile defense technology, the Joint Strike Fighter, and in training exercises such as Juniper Stallion…our bilateral relationship and this dialogue is so critical because Israel lives at the focal point of some of the biggest security challenges facing the free world: violent extremism, the proliferation of nuclear technologies, and the dilemmas posed by adversarial and failed states. And I think it important, especially at a time of such dramatic change in the region, to reaffirm once more America’s unshakable commitment to Israel’s security.”

      The US and Israel have a mutually beneficial relationship. Israel does not operate on the principle that it is a victim of anti-Semitism (which in fact it is), it operates on the principle of strength. Which it has in abundance, or it could never have survived the past 70 years.

      • Well, let me ask you a flat-out question.

        This does not include Israel contracting to develop defense technology, which is obviously a something-for-something transaction and perfectly valid. I’m very much in favor of the US paying for Israeli technology used by the US.

        My question: do you support US foreign aid to Israel, aid apart from any payment for work actually done? It’s a yes or no question. Of course, any explanation is appreciated.

        • You sound like Senator Ed Markey who specializes in demanding “yes or no” answers. Read my comments and figure it out for yourself.

          • My guess is that you, as I do, approve of aid to Israel in keeping with its role as the only democracy in the ME, not to mention its tenuous hold on life as other govts salivate over the idea of ending its existence.

            If some tyrannical govt in MENA suddenly saw the light re genuine representative government for their citizens, I’d be in favor of aid to them also…after a generation of republican rule.

            However, we already supply aid to countries who don’t like us and hope we fail. I’d like to see that money come home.

          • To Dymphna: there is no reply button under your response comment, so I’ll respond under my own handle.

            “Aid to Israel” consists of many different things, for many different reasons, at different times, for joint US-Israeli programs, based on mutually beneficial agreements, etc. etc. etc. For instance, under Foreign Military Financing (FMF) the agreement was that 3/4 of the money was used for defense purchases, thus generating jobs and profits in and for the US. Aid also consists of loans that Israel is required to pay back. After the War of Independence in 1948 Harry Truman approved economic aid to Israel to help absorb immigrants. In the 1970s Congress authorized funds for a number of US-Israeli binational scientific research and development programs. In June 2018 the US and Israel signed an Implementation Agreement to establish a “US-Israeli Center of Excellence in Energy, Engineering and Water Technology.

            To simply say yes or no to aid to Israel is meaningless. It sounds like aid to any little old country out there, for nothing in return, except hope that at least some of it benefits the populace. That type of aid is like flushing money down the toilet. Aid to Israel is more like a successful marriage – each benefits and flourishes.

          • I’ll also reply to Isa.

            Your position is that aid to Israel is really funding for mutually-beneficial research. If we pay Israel for technology received, it’s not aid. It’s payment. It’s like you have a job and the wages your boss gives you he describes as charity. Why not refer to it as a “purchase”, which is what it is?

            The US gives aid to Israel, to the Palestinian Authority, it’s enemy, the Egyptians, the Jordanians, and the Hamas government of Gaza. It’s like nobody in the Middle East can exist without handouts from the US.

            Israel is a modern country with an intelligent population and a good economy. Let them fund their own defense and their own social aid programs. Ditto for the Egyptians and the Jordanians. Of course, it’s not their fault the US dumped trillions of dollars into the sinkholes of Iraq and Afghanistan in pursuit of democratizing the Middle East. And our shame is what we did to Syria, funding the rebel movements and ISIS to topple a Syrian government that was actually better than most.

            Why should the US taxpayers shovel billions of dollars to some country just because they’re good people? If Israel is good, and I have no doubt it is, their valid approach to economy and government rewards itself. They don’t need us to reward them for good deeds.

            It’s pretty amazing to me that you have people who oppose the welfare state, oppose socialism, favor dumping our money on another country just because they deserve it.

            I reiterate. I favor dramatic shrinking of the US military industrial complex and its projection of “force” into a third of the countries in the world. If Israel can sell services and technology to private companies, or to a leaner military, I’m all in favor of it. I’d love to take the money we’re sinking in the Islamic cesspool of Afghanistan, and pay Israel to build a wall for us.

          • Update:

            Corbyn, head of the British Labor party, calls for an arms embargo on Israel and Israel alone.

            This, to me, is illustrative of the dangers of foreign aid. Israel is not dependent on British arms or, presumably, British aid. But, massive aid to Israel by the US absolutely creates a dependency on Israel’s part, leading them to look to the US for approval on every major move.

            In the US, the Democratic party is heavily in favor of aid to Israel right now, but the Demos are increasingly a coalition of the fringes, and many of these fringe elements are reflexively hostile to Israel, not just as a recipient of US aid, but as a political entity identifying with the West. It is absolutely in Israel’s interests to wean itself from aid and assistance from any other country.

          • To RonaldB

            No, that is not my position. As I stated, there are many different facets to “aid” as it pertains to Israel. I would suggest that you – for your own peace of mind – research in depth the history of US aid to Israel. I, too, am against handouts from the US. But handouts to the Arabs, especially Hamas (!) is one thing, “aid” to Israel is of an entirely different nature, for different purposes and intentions. And no, it’s not a “reward” for “good deeds”. It’s not like rewarding your Chihuahua with a treat for bringing Grandpa his slippers.

            I agree with you “that the US taxpayer should never shovel billions of dollars to some country just because they’re good people”. Instead, I might offer help in the form of manpower to help those who want to help themselves, teach them how to do it themselves. If that is what they ask for, of course. I also feel that dumping money on another country “just because they deserve it” makes no sense. I am opposed to welfare states everywhere because it robs people of the drive to accomplish things for themselves. I am, however, all for helping my fellow man if there is a genuine need.

            Finally, I support US military might. As long as it is intended to project strength rather than to impose it’s will on others. As in the martial arts – the idea is that you use your ability not to elicit fights but to prevent them.

            I share many of your views. I think some of your past comments were brilliant. We can’t be brilliant in everything, especially not when perhaps emotions are involved.

            Response to your Update:

            Corbyn is an idiot. The US and Israel are ALLIES! This involves combined decision making. You make it sound as if Israel needs approval from the US as facebook addicts need approval via “Likes” and “Ha-Has”. The Democrats have evolved into a pathetic and harmful entity. But even a self-worshipper like Obama had room in his brain to comprehend the importance of the US-Israeli alliance.

    • As to the largest Jewish organizations in the US opposing “that declaration of the Jewish identity of Israel” it should be noted that this includes quite a few Progressives groups, such as the National Council of Jewish Women, The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Ameinu, and of course our Anti-Defamation League.

      Israel’s strength lies in doing exactly what it needs to do for its survival, regardless of the UN, the BDS movement and anything else.

      • The statement was opposed by the Union for Reform Judaism, which is the largest Jewish organization in the US, perhaps in the world.

        I should make clear I consider the URJ to be hard-left. But, it is what it is, and it is the primary organization for Reform Judaism, the largest bloc of US Jews. Of course, that may change with the high rate of intermarriage of Reform Jews and the very high birth rates of Chasidic and other Orthodox Jews.

        For what it’s worth, I like Israel’s stance as a nation ready and willing to defend itself very much. I think the nation primarily responsible for Israel should be Israel. My position is that the US should veto, block, or quash any international attempt to punish or blockade Israel, but other than that, let Israel tend to its own affairs. If Israel chooses to intervene in Syria or ally itself with the Saudis in massacring the Houthis in Yemen, the US should not pull Israel’s chestnuts out of the fire.

        Of course, the US is up to its eyeballs in both situations, neither of which have a scintilla of effect on real US security.

          • Hmmmm..World wide known as Zionism ?
            Pity to discover that GOV is clearly apologate outlet for Zionizm
            What we suspect from beginning …

          • Oh, dear. You discovered our secret, Goral. We are in the pay of Mossad. No actual shekels change hands, of course, but we are paid annually with our weight in gefilte fish. [/irony]

          • That shows you the superior bargaining power of the Zionists. Everyone knows gefilte fish is useless without lots of horseradish.

  9. @goral, your reply makes no sense, what is Zionism? why do you consider it to be bad?
    Zion is just God’s name for Jerusalem, and has many thousands of years of context, you appear to think it has some post-modern malicious meaning or implication so please explain it to us in the context of the article (where it is not mentioned at all).

    Or is it some kind of meaningless leftist joo-hatred catchall?

    • This is a repeat. So I repeat to you, Goral: please answer MC’s question.

      The B hates Jew fights. They have a long and unpleasant history here and he won’t tolerate them for long. So respond while you can…

      Again, I remind you we know Spectre well. She’s no surprise. Nor is the opinion given by the old man with the majestic eyebrows. His eyebrows far outshine his knowledge of history. The latter is just the same old, same old paranoid Jew-hatred.

    • Goral, answer MC’s question: what do you mean by “Zionism?”

      As for Barbara Lerner Spectre, we’ve written about her before, several times. Here’s one essay from a few years ago:

      Our “side”, as you put it, stands firmly with Israel, the only democracy in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). That will never change, and we’ve never made a secret of it. Look at our sidebar if you haven’t done so. We urge our readers to support Sderot, a town near the border that is frequently shelled by the trigger-happy PoorPalis.

      I recommend to our readers the website No Camels, just to read about good news for a change. For example,

      Their information on the ways to limit pesticides by the use of integrated pest management in their greenhouses is cutting-edge technology is a world full of Monsanto products. Here’s a good example:

      So…how’s about answering MC’s question.

      And direct your other questions to the Baron. He’s the full-time admin for this site, not I.

      BTW, Soros was born and nurtured in Hungary where he learned to outsource his self-hatred into the persecution of fellow Jews. I like Hungary’s new pride and nationalism but I remain aware of its past, just as I remain aware of the past in my own state, where slavery flourished. Both are shameful historical events, but we have to move past them to better ways of doing things. Those better ways include refraining from projection.

  10. You wont force me into dialectic debate on Zionism.. Pointless effort..But I remind you what you conveniently “forgot”
    Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination,” reads UN General Assembly Resolution 3379. The measure was adopted 40 years ago, on Nov. 10, 1975, and the majority of the international community backed it. 72 countries voted for the resolution, with just 35 opposed (and 32 abstentions).

    …”Our “side”, as you put it, stands firmly with Israel”
    Thank you for clarification and admission to be Zionism propaganda tube..
    Perhaps that’s the reason why your side wasn’t taken down..
    Your manipulative attempt to narrow list of prominent Jews responsible for current “migrate” mayhem in Europe to 2 names is notice.
    If you wish I can post over 100 Jews names ,organisations and associations World wide participating and directly involved in “white genocide” of Europe..
    You can play here your little hypocritical game of “being concern for the White man world and culture” as much as you want..
    But your hypocrisy is exposed Your side lose credibility…
    Have your “Ubermensch-Zionism” view be notice and challenge..
    You never will have our V 4 sympathy and respect..
    Just fill sorry for our Hungarian and Romanian friends present here to be used as a patsi to legitimised credibility of your side..

    • You still haven’t defined Zionism, merely restated the ludicrous resolution by the UN (which then, as now, was controlled by the votes of the 56 member states of the OIC).

      So what, precisely, do YOU mean when you use the word “Zionism”?

      As Dymphna mentioned earlier: I’m not having any more Jew fights here. I’m totally sick of them. If you insist on having a Jew fight, there are thousands of sites that allow them, and even make them mandatory. They’d LOVE to have you — go there and make your comments.

      The arguments are always the same — I could write them out myself in advance, I know them so well.

      I’ve allowed this comment, but unless you return with a clear, concise definition of “Zionism”, then you’re done here, me laddie. I intend to curtail this bafflegab before I come down with a case of Sickness Unto Death.

  11. You and your side is not worth my and my friends presence..Discredited and exposed..
    you and your [Jew-related epithets] present here , have no right to use the synonym the “Gates of Vienna”
    I suggest to start using new name..”The Gates of The Sabra and Shatila “…

    • Oh, no! We’ve been exposed! What will our masters in the Mossad say?

      I’m trembling, trembling, trembling…

    • This is the real problem in dealing with anti-Semites: not that they criticize Jews or Judaism or Israel, but they get off on a personal rant and you can’t get a word of logic in edgewise. It just doesn’t register with them.

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