The Way to a Jew-Free Europe

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this essay from Die Achse des Guten:

The Way to a Jew-Free Europe

by Eran Yardeni

It is a creeping ethnic cleansing. Not coordinated, not centrally directed. It is without cold-blooded generals, unscrupulous local officers and desktop criminals, who could then later be brought to trial in front of a war crimes tribunal. All the while the methods are age-old — and they begin with the ghettoization of Jews.

Said ghettoization follows a new template in Europe: Jews are simply not left with a choice but to ghettoize themselves. In Paris and Belgium, long since the central hubs of the European jihad, the state schools are as good as “judenrein”, Jew free, according to the latest report of the Moshe Cantor Database for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism. In the past few years no fewer than 40,000 Jews have left France — the majority of them having moved to Israel. 7,900 alone in the year 2015.

About 60,000 Jews go into inner exile. They leave their apartments and their neighborhoods, which have become too dangerous for Jews, and they move on like nomads. This is how macabre history can be at times: The mob which refuses to integrate itself forces the very well-integrated Jew into social isolation — and the state looks on apathetically.

The Jew in Europe is constantly hiding. He hides his kippa, he hides his Star of David pendant, he hides his identity at school. On the school playgrounds his cultural world, his religion, has morphed into a swear word. When it comes to Jews, the mob prohibits them from being what they are — human beings of the Jewish faith.

But these are not sporadic attacks that force Jews slowly into the new ghetto or even off the continent. After all, attacks happen in Israel as well. They are also not isolated individual people — lone wolves — who drive Jews into self-isolation and emigration. They are in the meantime entire city districts, boroughs, and neighborhoods.

A provocation against the Arabs living in Malmö

In Malmö, the third-largest city in Sweden, it already wasn’t possible to guarantee the security of the Israeli tennis players against the rioting anti-Semitic mob in 2015.The then-mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, who saw the game as a “provocation against the Arabs living in Malmö”, found a solution: The Davis Cup game between Israel and Sweden took place without an audience. It was a decision that meant nothing but contempt, scorn, and abuse of the state monopoly on the legitimate use of force.

Since then the younger generation of Jews especially has been leaving cities, moving either to Stockholm, or emigrating entirely. In a survey in Great Britain, 31% of the 4,000 Jews who were asked answered that they had been playing around with the idea of leaving the country based on anti-Semitic discrimination. Districts such as Neukölln and Wedding in Berlin have long ago become no-go zones for Jews. There, for mystical reasons, German legislation promptly loses all power and strength.

And while the press celebrated solidarity rallies for the Jewish community in the bourgeois Fasanenstraße in Berlin, the participants in a different solidarity rally in Neukölln were spit on, insulted and berated.

They have found each other: The broader spectrum of the pseudo-intellectual political Left — for example the Labour Party in Great Britain and among the Social Democrats in Sweden — which had smoothed the road for hatred against Jews from the edge of society into the living rooms of the middle class, and the imported anti-Semites.

They operate side by side together, not in the name of the state, but undisturbed and uninterrupted by the state, unofficially but effective. One thing we should not forget, though: What starts with the Jews never ends with just the Jews.

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  1. All of these managed by George Soros and the banker “investors” behind him because George Soros is a sociopath but he is also just a henchman. Good old George has a wrecking company, but he is not pressing cars into boxes or use a giant metal ball to clear out old buildings… no, George has a wrecking company to clear out whole nations, regions or even a full continent. Just like a hacker infects and hijacks hundreds and thousands computers, he hijacked human rights organizations and also created, supported many fake ones. And just like a hacker selling his zombie computer network for the highest bidder to attack web sites or spam millions, George’s zombie-organizations attacking anyone in the way of their plans. Of course Soros himself also enjoys power and fishing in the chaos, but primarily he is just a tool in other’s hands…

    • His days are numbered and he will be held accountable. Pity him. Lost soul. Keep up the good fight against his evil actions in the meantime.

  2. It is now some 10 years since we left the UK for Israel, we asked ourselves “could it happen again?” and the answer cried out to us – YES.

    There is blatant unchecked anti-semitism in UK (and Europe) by the ‘new British’ (or new Europeans) but there is also a huge amount of ‘secondary’ Joo hatred as well. This is indirect anti-Semitism and consists of snide comments and tacit support for organisations, NGOs and terrorist groups advocating extermination of Jews and of Israel.

    Israel was set up by UN resolution 181 and endorsed by the signatories of the UN charter. This included most of the nations of Europe and others who now fund terrorism against those same Joos, but have also enabled terrorism against Christian Serbs, all in the name of ‘peacekeeping’. This is rather like funding ‘Hell’s Angels’ as security guards and wondering why they are so violent.

    Norway, for example, is quite happy to fund Gaza terror tunnels, the object of which is to infiltrate terrorists into Israel to kill Jewish families. ‘Occupied Gaza?’ NO only in the minds of the malicious media and their ignorant readers/viewers. Israel withdrew from Gaza over a decade ago amid ‘Guarantees’ from Bill Clinton and European leaders that there would be ‘Land for Peace’ – not so, the guarantees were worthless, and the photo shoots, a charade.

    The Holocaust killed some 6 million Jews, but alongside of them were another 5 million mainly Christian Slavs. The Holodomor and the Armenian massacres were mainly against Christians, another 6 million, get the picture?

    “What starts with the Jews never ends with just the Jews.”

    It could be YOU!

    • Absolutely right ! “Superior race” and German Ubermansch mentality surface again..
      Just mater of time and we will see “konzentrationslager” again….make me sick..

      • this comment is way below reason and totally off track. What are you talking about,Max?

    • Could? Is. A lot of the commentary in the article might as easily apply to Europeans/ European Christians as stands. Two differences though. Firstly Jews now are specifically targeted over the question of Israel and its perceived integration with US middle eastern policy, that from Arabs but as well from the European left.

      Secondly, “native Europeans” are not as easily swayed. That is not to say that they do not ( often unwillingly) cede ground to whatever you want to label as invasive ideology, but instead that they do not consider leaving their nation as an option… the move into formation of ghetto regions has been a much longer process by non replacement rather than say traditional British choosing to create their own ghetto – unless you label what is left a British ghetto, which it may well be.

      So the Jewish perspective will seem exaggerated (but not untrue) – Jews are a minority that in times of stress will gravitate towards forming their own enclave of like minded as protection.

      Sure civil strife and atrocity might occur again, at the cost of all. Because Jews are more sensitive to the background realities, that due to centuries of persecution and adaptation to understanding the reality of the mood of the nations where they are often considered as only guests, their observations should not be simply ignored as of self interest, or worse even, as their due.

  3. @CrossWare: if Soros is a tool in others’ hands as you write, whose please? Because usually, mention of Soros goes hand in hand either with adversion to his Jewishness or to some variant of the notorious Protocols. Which is your preference?

    It is ironic that author Eran Yardeni, echoed by MC:; write:

    “What starts with the Jews never ends just with the Jews”.
    I take this to be an appeal to the self interest of the [non-Jews] or maybe Whites overall to resist anti semitism in the face of pending Sharia on the one hand or “the black man having the whip hand over the white”, to quote Enoch Powell’s constituent in “Rivers of Blood” , or both, depending.

    The reason for the irony is that for some decades now starting in the USA in the mid-60s (in Australia ,1974), it has been precisely Jewish functionaries in the Anglo countries, often out of the news, who have been pushing anti-discrimination laws and changes to immigration law to enable multiculturalism.

    They then later pushed the necessary hate speech/Islamophobia legislation upon the white locals, whether 10,000 year-old indigenous in Europe or white ethnic cleansing victors in the Anglo New World.

    This was paired with Jewish activism on behalf of local non-white indigenous in e.g. Canada or Australia (the role of Prof. Robert Manne against Keith Windschuttle in the so-called History Wars in Australia )

    There is ample evidence that development since the mid-60s has been done in line with Prof. Kevin McDonald’s’ dictum: Multiculturalism is a Jewish survival strategy.

    Evidence: the names and careers of such functionaries are not secret, nor are various articles in the local Jewish press these last 50 years about how “diversity” prevents a Second Holocaust by Christian [non-Jews], etc.

    The statements made by e.g,. official Jewry in Germany since Merkel destroyed the borders on 4.9.2015 are hence amazing and bizarre only if one does not understand the overall aim.

    The tragedy is that ordinary Jews who do not live in leafy villas, have to use public transport, hospitals and schools and do not live off their trust funds but need to go to work are tactically exposed to the Vibrant Diversity fallout of elite Jewish strategy.

    • [I deleted it earlier, and redacted it this time, because I’m adamant that there will be no more Jew fights here. Maybe you haven’t been here when I’ve said it before, over and over again.

      I’ll say it again: I’m not having any more Jew fights. I’m sick of them. The arguments are always the same — I could write them out myself in advance, I know them so well.

      One more time:


      (For some unknown reason this comment was censored when posted earlier.)

      • Jew fights? What a remarkable response!

        Wouldn’t a Muslim say something in the same vein with regard to the content published on this blog? For even I, a kafir, must acknowledge that most articles and comments on Gates of Vienna tend to be unoriginal and repetitive — with Muslims, justifiably, always at the short end of the stick. Of course, this repetitiveness is derived from the nature of the subject, which is itself but a continual rerun of the same scenario. However, the same is true with regard to the shenanigans of those about-which-only-good-shall-be-spoken.

        Clearly, the Jewish Question is still a sensitive topic here. (Has it perhaps to do with funding?) I will not confront you with unpleasant facts again. There’s no need for it. For, between the two of us, in all frankness, you’re not really ignorant as to the relevance of the JQ, right? You couldn’t be. But you’re clearly afraid of it. I can understand that.

        I suppose that the difference between you and I is that where I acknowledge the Jewish role in the destruction of Edom and acquiesce in it, you deny the existence of it (although being aware of it) and keep fighting rabbi David Touitou’s prophecy.

        I believe in his prophecy, I believe it will happen. It will happen because his people, with God on their side, will make it happen. There’s no use in resisting it. I say, let the good rabbi have his Messiah and let the Lord’s Anointed One rule from Zion over all the earth. Amen!

        • Oh, yes, it’s because of our funding sources, definitely! All those millions of dollars from the Mossad. But if you happen to run into Binyamin Netanyahu, please tell him that the check for us must have got lost in the mail.

          I’m not afraid of the JQ — I’m SICK of it. There’s a big difference.

          I’ve heard it all before, over and over again. The arguments are always the same. And, if I allow one those Jew fights to get started here, it will run into hundreds of comments, suck up all the oxygen in the room, and drive away anyone who is interested in reasoned discussion. It will just be Jew-haters vs. Jew-lovers saying the same thing, over and over again.

          I have seen it happen so many times before. And when it does, the horrible tedium of it drives me into the Sickness Unto Death. I don’t like that condition, so I cauterize any Jew fights before they get started.

          This post isn’t about Barbara Lerner Spectre or Rabbi so-and-so. It’s about the fact that Jews are being persecuted and driven out of Europe by Muslim harassment and violence, with the complicity (or at least the indifference) of the EU leadership. And, yes, progressive Jewish leaders and groups are among those in the forefront of promoting mass Third-World immigration to Europe.

          • I don’t know how much Jewish conspiracy theory is true, though I am certain there is a lot of influence being peddled.

            What bothers me though is that westerners hang on it, as if they have found their target. This is not true, the people who they must target are their own nationals, their own leaders, own policy decisions, the choices own population make at vote. The rest is no more than the discourse of apologists – it was their fault.

            They are actually just excusing the failings of their own nation without daring to point at those actually responsible.

            Modern oversized bureaucratic government is like that – no one takes ultimate responsibility, it is a sump that is made to be not worth negotiating, only blind adherence spares you the trouble, if not actually rewarding you.

            Chop chop.

          • Sick of it as well, since I was a kid.
            Divide et impera, a strategy that always works.

    • Yes, but there you have it – elite Jewish strategy. That is simply to play all sides, the trader always takes his share, his method becomes his place, which is why the contradictions in appearances. This will insult some no doubt, but Jews have gone from a people without a homeland ( and its associated responsibility as understood by an until recently traditional European territorial honour/loyalty system , including in conflict) through to creating a country without borders.

      Western nations will seem the hypocrits in this though, for their insistence on the drawing of borders as an extension to their own form of organisation.

      The result is chaotic, the lines of future conflict existing not only as traces on the ground but in the confused flow of populations that do not respect them, drawn and pushed around by the ideological battles of people and the physical battles of their own elites.

      Average people, of whatever race or religion, are caught in and subject to this great new flux, the elites as always are out to control it, profit from it, and sometimes to tame it.

    • The late Lawrence Auster, in his Blog View from the Right, still online with its search engine, wrote about the push by certain establishment American Jews, and others, to eliminate pro-Europe quotas and promote third world immigration. He believed they were motivated by an irrational fear of WASP prejudice and a possible pogrom, and that they would find safety in diversity, a diversity that undermined the WASP establishment. The result eventually was the disastrous 1966 Immigration bill, also known as Hart-Celler (latter the Jewish chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) and promoted by Ted Kennedy. That law seems to be spelling the doom of our country.

    • Your thesis is that Jewish organizations support indiscriminate immigration on the grounds that they see the dilution of white countries and communities as a way to ensure that white nationalists will not again commit genocide on Jews.

      I don’t deny that Jewish organizations have been in the lead (along with Catholic, Methodist, Mennonite etc) organizations of promoting open immigration.

      To evaluate your argument, I did a brief search of the websites of Reform Jewish organizations and a couple of holocaust museums. While I found plenty of mention of immigration and diversity, I did not see any reference to a connection between diversity and the prevention of another Jewish holocaust. I know writers such as John Derbyshire and Keven McDonald promote the idea that the Jewish hierarchy always has its eye on the possibility of another pogrom and its prevention through diversity immigration.

      However, I didn’t see this connection in my admittedly very brief search.

      So, I’m inclining to the idea that it is altruism, rather than a naked self-interest, that drives the heavy Jewish involvement in immigration advocacy. Now, if you read Ayn Rand, you’ll at least be aware of the idea that altruism, as the denial of one’s own real interests, is not an admirable concept. Quite the contrary, it can be extremely destructive. The difference in dealing with a selfish person, as opposed to an altruist, is that you can actually influence the choices of the selfish person by appealing logically to his interest, or, more banally, making it worth his while. But, since an altruist is not, by definition, interested in his own well-being, how do you appeal to him with logic?

      I follow a Jewish nationalist on twitter who made aliyah to Israel and joined the Israeli army. He is fine with US nationalism, America first and white nationalism, as long as they leave Israel alone to do what it needs to do to survive. He gives as one of his reasons for leaving, he couldn’t stand the leftist Jews who were destroying the identity of the US, and endangering US Jews in the process.

    • >>@CrossWare: if Soros is a tool in others’ hands as you write, whose please?
      My observations in my comment was the following:
      – Soros using NGO’s like hacker the hijacked computers. As the hackers are earning money with the zombie computer networks, Soros most likely earning money by renting out NGO’s.
      – It could be Soros personal mission to ruining Europe, but I doubt it, because his career clearly showed a sociopath, someone who does not care about any emotional issue, only gaining wealth.
      – The capital he mobilized is way to much, compared to his personal wealth. He is a sharp “businessman”, he would not invest that much for a personal vendetta or even an endeavor of this size. He must have an investor group behind him. Who are those people, could be anyone guess… My bet would be banker groups associated with the FIAT money system, which is in the brink of collapse since 2008. A nice big civil war in Europe would be very comfortable for the ruling banker elite in the USA. It would take the attention away from the financial system, boost military developments and sales and would took out one of the major technology competitor in the world.

  4. Oh. The “mob” is it? You can’t even identify that which is about to assimilate you. Coordinated. Orchestrated and intentional. First the Jews then the rest of you and your governing officials won’t do anything to stop it since they are the ones who are facilitating it. Because they have allied themselves to the “mob” against Western Judeo-Christianity which is the natural enemy of that “mob” you cannot name. Hey. I wonder who they have waiting in the wings who will be Europe’s “savior” this time? Any guesses?

    • “You can’t even identify that which is about to assimilate you. ”

      Not true. “The Mob” is the word that is being used when talking about a specific group of people in the context of islamization of Germany. “The Mob” is the bullies, the lefties, the anti-semitists, the socialists, the marxists.

      It is a well known umbrella term for the mentally ill social justice warrior virtue signaling home country hating globalist left that uses islam as a means to an end of old Germany.

      Maybe you just didn’t know that, so I thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  5. “In the past few years no fewer than 40,000 Jews have left France”. I checked this astonishing claim in the Kantor Center report you cite, and it makes no mention of it. Instead, it says that tens of thousands of Jews have moved internally in France in recent years. Can you substantiate that 40,000 exiles claim?

  6. I traveled frequently to Britain in the seventies and eighties. I found widespread anti-Semitism across classes, at least by comparison with the US. I suspect the difference between Conservatives and Labour is the former are not vocal about it.

  7. “Can you substantiate that 40,000 exiles claim?”

    Turns out this was rather easy to find – in Hebrew only, alas.

    Turns out the Israeli ministry of Aliya and Immigration has much of this data online.

    Immigrants from France per year:
    2013 3263
    2014 6658
    2015 7469
    2016 4676
    2017 2422 (Extrapolated from 1211 immigrants in the period JAN-JUN)

    Total comes out to 24488.
    This is considerably less than 40,000, but is not a clear refutation of it. Immigrants sometimes stay in Israel for years before presenting themselves at the ministry of immigration. France would count them as emigrants, but MOAI doesn’t know they exist yet. And they did say ‘most’ went to Israel.

    The more salient fact in these tables (links below) is that the immigration from France is consistently 8 or 9 times more than the immigration from Britain, even though the number of Jews in France is less than 2 times more than in Britain. This is evidence of a considerable difference in migratory pressure.

    Link for 2017:

    The document you want is the second one from the top in the list (עולים לפי ארצות מוצא וחודש עלייה). There are links to other years in the tab on the right. France tends to appear around lines 40-41 (צרפת), Britain is 5 rows above it (בריטניה). Note that the sum column switches from the right side to the left starting in 2016.

    • I have read elsewhere the Jews leaving France are going to predominantly Israel and USA. That combine could well be your 40,000.

  8. My mother and my aunt in childhood had many Jewish friends.They came from a Catholic family and somehow manged despite this , pleasant relationships with Jewish ,Protestant and Catholic schoolmates .

    When my auntie Nor grew up she and her Protestant husband had a palm tree installed in their front garden as a sort of centrepiece .

    And the Catholic church asked if they could have fronds from the tree to make crosses for the Palm Sunday service.

    And the shul down the street asked if they could have fronds to use for their Passover ceremonies.

    And my dearest Auntie Nor agreed to both polite requests .

    And the family were treated to the spectacle of the local rabbi and the local priest brawling over who had the sole right to the precious fronds on the front lawn.

    It became an annual event until the house was sold to a Pakistani ,who declared the palm tree off bounds to both the priest and the rabbi..

    I think there might be a moral in the story somewhere.

  9. What starts with the Jews never ends with just the Jews.

    1. It didn’t start with the Jews. Think of Rotherham. That kind of thing has been going on for thirty or forty years. And it has involved murder, not just “grooming” (as the BBC et al like to euphemize).
    2. In general, Jews are very enthusiastic about Muslim immigration and regard Muslims as natural allies:

    Jewish and Muslim women pledge to work together to combat hate

    […] Opening the event, Nisa-Nashim co-founder Laura Marks said: “Antisemitic hate incidents have reached a record level in the UK. Anti-Muslim hate crime has increased, both here and abroad. But what we are focussing on is the need to stick together — and genuinely support each other — no ifs, no buts, no what abouts, just friendship and support.

    If you told Ms Marks that Muslim immigration explains why “Antisemitic hate incidents have reached a record level in the UK”, she would report you to the police.

    Melanie Phillips is a rare voice of sanity in the Jewish community:

    Not all refugees are pure victims

    […] Jews have a duty of conscience, but to real victims. Jihadi Islam aims to crush and conquer Christianity. It has all but wiped it out in Iraq; it burns African Christians alive in their churches. Instead of undermining the struggle to keep Britain safe, the Jewish community should surely be pressing for the admission of Christian refugees and supporting the Christian resistance against Islam — without which the west will assuredly be lost.

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