Muslims vs. a Thieving Gypsy in Mataró

The following article describes an incident of enricher-vs.-enricher violence in a Barcelona neighborhood. It’s the kind of story that causes ideological indigestion among the Gutmenschen, because only “brown” people are involved — there’s no WAYCISM peg to hang it on.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated the piece from La Vanguardia, notes:

There is no sign of pearl-clutching from this paper, as the putative lynchers were “diverse”. Imagine instead what it would have been like if he mob was of white ethnicity.

By the way — I notice that the original article uses the word gitano (“gypsy”) and not the politically correct “Roma” preferred in more northerly parts of Europe.

The translated article:

Police news — Mataró (Barcelona)

Inhabitants of the Palau neighborhood try to lynch a criminal disguised in a djellaba

At the source of the conflict is a series of robberies carried by a thief of Gypsy ethnicity who pretends to be a Muslim when he attacks

Photo caption: The shop where the Palau petty-thief scrapes by and stores the stolen objects

Tension is at an all-time high in the Palau neighborhood of Mataró (Maresme County). Massive fights, assaults, insults and threats have been a constant for the last two weeks. The Maghrebi community has taken justice into its own hands and has mobilized against a member of the Gypsy community, known as Miguel “El Borriquito” [“The Wee Donkey”], a prolific criminal who, in order to commit his petty thefts, disguises himself as a Muslim, donning a djellaba and a skullcap to mislead detectives. “The neighborhood is about to burst,” the neighbors warn.

Coexistence on the Palau has been shattered. The different communities, divided by nationalities, are in confrontation with each other, and the slightest friction causes fights and brawls. A situation that has reached a peak with the presence of Gypsy Miguel, whose criminal activity has even managed to mobilize his own community and the patriarchs of the capital of Maresme County. “By mid-October they’re going to look for a public-housing flat for him so he can leave the neighborhood,” they breathe with relief, though those that are more supportive regret that “the problem is simply moved to another neighborhood,” because he won’t stop committing crimes.

Photo caption: América Avenue, Mataró.

Scraping by with his family in a shop [translator’s note: a commercial type of property is being used as housing] located on the street level of a lock of flats on América Avenue — owned by the charity branch of a financial business — Miguel survives by carrying out robberies several times a day. A surprising and prolific criminal activity. “As surprising as the fact that he’s still out in the streets,” the neighbors complain. He breaks into cars in broad daylight, even in front of the elderly who socialize in the neighborhood’s public parks, reprimands drivers who try to park in “self-reserved” spots in front of his squat-house, and threatens those who try to tell him off. He robs shops with astonishing ease, gets into parking lots to burglarize cars, and carries out muggings of all types in broad daylight. During one of these robberies, security cameras recorded him, and when he was arrested what stood out was that he was dressed in Muslim garb to mislead detectives, but also to exasperate, a strategy that unleashed the fury of the Maghrebi community.

On two different occasions dozens of Maghrebis, many of them petty drug-dealers who have not escaped the crimes of “The Wee Donkey”, participated in successive attempts at lynching [him], the last one this past Thursday at 9:30pm. Maghrebis were shouting at him, “You don’t respect the law of the neighborhood; in your own neighborhood you don’t steal,” they reminded him while kicking the petty thief that they had immobilized on the floor among several individuals, letting others beat him with sticks, crowbars and even with a bike seat. “You don’t steal, but you deal [drugs],” a few neighbors denounce, while the majority chooses to resign themselves to impotence when faced with the actions of the local government. “We prefer petty drug dealers who don’t mess with you to the Gypsy who keeps us on tenterhooks and steals anything that comes in front of him.”

But “The Wee Donkey” doesn’t hide, and remains defiant, sitting placidly in front of the shop where he squats. For every threat or warning he receives, he reacts violently against whoever utters it, paying no heed to the demands of the Gypsy patriarch of Mataró, who urged him to cease in his attitude, mentioning the Gypsy law that rules on the streets. “It’s terrible that he’s expelled because of Gypsy law and not because of the crimes he commits,” the residents reflect, very critical of the over-tolerance of the local town council: “We’re exhausted from calling the police; they can’t wait to react until we appear in newspapers because of a death during a brawl” they warn.

The trigger for the last incident was when the criminal cut the pipes for the whole building where he lives, angry that the neighbors refused to keep on providing water for his house. A situation that caused another massive fight, during which one of the sons of the clan ended up with a knife wound in an arm. During the last brawl Miguel uttered a final threat that stunned the neighbors: “I swear on my father [his memory] that I’ll set the building on fire.”

Caption: Central sidewalk for pedestrians on América Avenue, Mataró.

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  1. Erata:
    correct, Rroma
    Incorrect, Roma
    in reality, doesn’t matter…they are gypsies in the end.
    They call themselves gypsies…not rroma

  2. “The different communities, divided by nationalities, are in confrontation with each other, and the slightest friction causes fights and brawls.”

    – Diversity is strength!

  3. The gypsies of Europe were a gift from Islam a thousand years ago. When islam invaded India they ran across the gypsies in northern India. The gypsies were quick to adopt islam and were very devout. After some time the Muslims realized that the gypsies were playing them. Rather than exterminate them Islam drove them west to Egypt and put them on ships to cross the Mediterranean and land in the Balkans. The natives asked them where they had come from and they said Egypt and they got the name (e)gypsies from that. Islam knew they would be a constant bother as was their experience with them in India and delighted in their plan.

  4. This is like watching a match between two teams you dislike and trying to figure out which one you prefer to see losing.

    • Well, I am rooting for the gypsy. At least he isn’t going to try and cut my head off because I am not interested in becoming a gypsy. And how can one not at least smile at the thought of a petty thief with the handle of “The Wee Donkey” who steals from muslims!

  5. Gypsy gangsters buy and sell Gypsy children for the sex trade and outside of cities throughout much of Europe they are crowded like cattle in secret hovels and then turned loose every day in Rome and elsewhere to beg, steal and steal and beg for their owners. Muslims look down on them for not even respecting their own clans and people. I guess you can’t get any lower than being looked down upon by Muslims.

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