Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part I

Our English correspondent Seneca III has applied his analytical abilities to photographs of the building at 514 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, before it exploded, burned, and was demolished.

This is the first of three parts.

Caveat: In view of the circumlocutions, contortions, contradictions and sock-puppetry that have taken place in and around the scene of the explosion and subsequent fire in Minneapolis since the arrival of the DHS, and which has now been followed by what would appear to be an almost total destruction of any remaining physical evidence at a site that was already going to be difficult to forensically analyse, I am of a mind that it may be time for you/we the people to at least have a clinical look at the circumstantial evidence and draw a few, hopefully informed conclusions of our own.

Hence I submit the following contribution to this cauldron of chaos from here over the pond in the hope that it will be of some help to you ‘cousins’, perhaps as a spur, perhaps as an awakening, particularly because you must be in possession of local knowledge and have an understanding of local practices and procedures that I do not. Good hunting! — Seneca III

I. The Building And Its Environs — an Overview
by Seneca III

[Attr: The following illustrations have been extracted from a Google Street View sweep dated June 2011 and have been notated, sharpened and exposure-, noise- and shadow-enhanced using ‘Paint.NET’. No additions, removals or digital alterations of any type were effected. — S III.]

Frame 1: Front view of the building with, ringed from left to right, a standard entrance light, a CCTV camera, a removed/disabled(?) entry system(?), CCTV camera/light, general window illumination, a CCTV camera, an un-numbered door with a peculiar logo on it, a street light, another CCTV camera and, finally, below it, a door to No. 10, the Mosque, above which is a sign advertising rooms for rent.

Some of the above items of interest are enlarged in frames 2-4 below.

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4: The unknown logo. The black dot below the logo may simply be a mark or something else but the definition precludes any firm identification. [Does anybody out there have any ID on the logo?]

Frame 5: Side aspect showing a footpath(?) light and either a wall mounted CCTV camera or CCTV camera+light…

Frame 6: …which again is difficult to determine but the installation of which has obviously required penetration of a main structural wall from the inside and yet despite this effort and expense there does not appear to be an entrance on that aspect of the building. (More on this in Parts II & III).

Frame 7: For purposes of comparison, No 607 just down the road — a money transfer express yet — has a but a standard double illuminator over its door and a single CCTV camera as does…

Frame 8: …another money transfer express at No 612 which also appears quite happy to rely on the street light alone, and, though not reproduced here, other, slightly more salubrious establishments in the vicinity have similar, reasonable, commercially sensible set-ups.

Finally, for the record, the following photograph of the aftermath of the fire was taken by local media no later than last Thursday; note that one camera is still visible and that some decoration has taken place in the ground floor window space and the un-numbered entrance alcove since the Street View sweep.

Supposition and question No. 1: There appears to be an awful lot of security and surveillance here for what is essentially nothing more than a corner grocery store and some apartments; would this be the norm in the US, even for this sort of area, and, if not, what might that suggest?

To follow:

II. Explosions — Types and Shockwaves
III. Summary – Something Fishy This Way Comes

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For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

20 thoughts on “Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part I

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  2. S III has the eyes of a former Royal Marine (if I recall what he disclosed in some post). America has many such pairs of eyes, but when on gummint payroll they have been disabled by orders from above. Hence we have all those blinding surprises from “nowhere”, e.g. 9/11, the Muzli shrink in Fort Hood etc. that were crying out loud and flashing red for years in advance, in an environment of the deliberately-deaf-and-dumb.

    This seems to be one more such case, except now the enrichers’ only natural enemy everywhere –their own stupidity and incompetence — got to them before they could wreak mischief. Suggestion: the alarm system has not been disabled but to the contrary, it was in the process of being installed. That Somali spackle job is both recognizably of enriching standards and quite fresh too.

  3. Seneca 111, good detective work! Increasingly, this incident is becoming more a homemade explosive device goes off prematurely type of incident.

  4. Perhaps comparison with the following similar outfit (info provided via will assist with putting ‘halal market’ security issues into perspective:

    “Kamaro Ali, who owns a market across the street from the affected apartment and market building, said she got dozens of calls from worried friends. “I say I am okay, but my neighbor is not okay,” she told KARE 11. Ali’s store,
    Wadajir Grocery and Halal Meats
    , is a popular gathering point and the day after the explosion, regulars from across the street came through Ali’s doors

    Wadajir Grocery & Halal Meats
    Grocers-Ethnic Foods, Grocery Store
    525 Cedar Ave
    Minneapolis MN 55454

  5. It looks like a couple of those fixtures are motion detector activated floodlights. The fixture on the brown brick wall on the second story looks like it could be a light fixture e.g. a small mercury vapor lamp, or a motion detector. The fixture on the post alongside said vapor lamp looks to be a shoebox type light fixture.

    I don’t see anything I would think is out of the ordinary with these fixtures.

    • There is a lot of hardware on the walls.

      The security for the building is scrupulous. The gas maintenance supposedly not so?

      One way or another a Somali will blow up something in the upper Midwest. It’s what they do.

    • Point taken, Sgt, but if you are referring to the high fixture on the light brown wall of the side aspect then it would appear that this particular fixture has a very specific purpose. I will clarify in Part III. Rgds, S III.

  6. All you really need to know is that DHS showed up. DHS never shows up for a “normal” event like this – they knew that something involving “enrichers” had gone on there and they wanted to provide cover. Also, having once lived near Detroit I can tell you that cities don’t usually tear down a wrecked building, and certainly not after a “normal” event. This whole thing smells to high heaven.

    • Just look at Detroit or St Louis’s brick shells and you know they don’t tear these things down.

      I’m tempted to think it might even be a botched false flag, even. some subnormal IQ Somali tossing around fuses.

  7. I live in Minneapolis. I never travel to where that building was as it is VERY rough over there. Just across the street are the multi-tower projects that were built in the late 60’s. There are all sorts of generalized criminal activities that happen over there, ranging from car jakking, to assault. And yes, there is/was a mosque over there. Every building in that area has a plethora of private security cameras, lighting, and secured entrances due to the levels of crime.

    But, that’s just my 2 cents.

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  9. Updates from the StarTribune:
    Another victim of Cedar-Riverside fire officially ID’d
    The medical examiner confirmed that Mrimri Farah, 60, died in the New Year’s Day blast and blaze. The cause still is not known.

    “The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office confirmed Monday that Mrimri Farah, 60, died in the New Year’s Day blast and fire that destroyed a building in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

    Farah was one of two people whose bodies were found in the rubble of the building after the blast, and one of three who died. The other victims were Ahmed Farah Ali, 57, and Abdiquni Adan, 29, who died Friday at Hennepin County Medical Center.

    At least 13 other people were injured, including several who jumped from windows in the three-story building at 516 Cedar Av. S. as the fire burned.

    An investigation into the cause continues, the Minneapolis Fire Department said. The blast, around 8 a.m. on Jan. 1, tore apart a building that housed 10 apartments and a grocery on the street level.

    Joe Mattison, secretary for Minneapolis Firefighters Local 82 and a captain based at Station 7 at 2000 Franklin Av., was among the first to arrive at the scene. He said Monday that firefighters couldn’t drive right up to the building because of debris in the street. They were concerned that injured people might be amid the debris, he said. When they arrived they could see people in the windows.

    “When I rolled it in there, I saw a guy hanging from a window and then drop,” said Mattison. A firefighter jumped from the rig and grabbed a ladder before sprinting half a block to the building in an attempt to help others get to the street, Mattison said.

    Soon there were three or four ladders propped up against the building to help people evacuate. Firefighters also searched the second and third floors of the building as it burned.

    A Tuesday counseling session was made available to the firefighters, Mattison said. As of Monday evening, no one had signed up, he said, despite the graphic scene they encountered.

    Mattison praised the Minneapolis Police Department and state troopers who arrived, saying they helped the injured so the firefighters could enter the building and search.

  10. FWIW:
    The Islamic Civic Society & Dar alHijrah are associated with the property. A search of these entities revealed that a preschool is associated with this address as well. . .Al-Hikma School.

    ….Wisdom (Al Hikma) – الهيئة العامة للشؤون …

    From the school’s website :

    Al-Hikma Pre School

    Al-Hikma is a private Islamic school based in south Minneapolis offering high quality academic and Islamic instruction. It is a pre-school for children between 3 to 5 years of age. Monday-Thursday from 08:00 am– 01:00pm ( for details, please call 612.227.8374)


    Welcome, Gateway to Your Islamic & Scientific Education. In today’s world where everything is being flipped from it is original aspect, where the role and responsibilities of an individual, family, community, and nations are intermingled; the right and wrong are blended and tough to classify; the religion and purpose of life are misunderstood; where science became a tool to kill people for all physical and mental, to destroy the environment, where ethics and moral guidance are no longer the norms of the daily lives. (read more)

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