The Cedar Avenue “Gas Leak”, One Year Later

A year ago today, just after dawn, a powerful explosion shook the second floor at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis.

The incident occurred in “Little Mogadishu” in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood at the western edge of the campus of the University of Minnesota. The stricken building housed a halal market on the first floor and residential apartments upstairs. The force of the blast blew out upstairs windows, threw debris into the street, and started a blaze which eventually reduced the structure to a blackened shell, iced in with frozen waterfalls from the fire hoses. Eventually two bodies were recovered from the rubble, and another person died in the hospital from injuries sustained during the fire.

Fire officials initially said the cause of the explosion was unknown. But as soon as the FBI and DHS arrived on the scene the following morning (January 2), Fire Chief John Fruetel abruptly announced that the fire had been caused by a “gas leak”. He and other officials persisted in this explanation thereafter, despite adamant denials by the gas company that any leak had occurred, and despite the fact that the evidence was not consistent with a gas explosion.

Following standard procedure, the FBI immediately announced that the incident had “no connection with terrorism”. Before the investigation had even begun. Before the building had even stopped burning.

As soon as the fire crews had extinguished the last of the smoldering debris, the city of Minneapolis ordered the demolition of the remaining building, before any forensic examination of the structure could take place. Within three days of the explosion, the building had been leveled and the rubble was being carted away. The demolition was said to be necessary for safety reasons, despite the fact that buildings damaged by suspicious fires are typically shored up and stabilized so that arson investigators will have ample time to examine the ruins.

So why was this procedure not followed with the exploding Somali apartment building in Minneapolis?

In contrast, consider this news report from last month. On December 8, 2014, a small private jet crashed into a residential neighborhood in Montgomery County, Maryland, killing three people in the plane and three on the ground. A frame house caught fire and was badly damaged. Half of it was almost totally gutted.

Here’s what the Fire Chief Steve Lohr told a news reporter that day:

“We are in the process of shoring up the structurally unstable portion of this house so that we can finish the work of trying to account for those family members.”

Once again, why was this procedure not followed with the exploding Somali apartment building in Minneapolis?

What really happened in Cedar-Riverside on New Year’s Day 2014?

Why did honest descriptions of the day’s events cease as soon as the FBI and DHS arrived?

To provide context for the Cedar Avenue explosion, here are a few data points to consider:

  • The neighborhood where the explosion took place is a known hotbed for Al-Shabaab operatives who recruit young men, primarily Somalis, for the jihad in Somalia and Kenya.
  • The tenants of the destroyed building were Somalis.
  • At a press conference two days after the explosion, the fire chief was flanked by Abdi Warsame (representing the Somali community on the Minneapolis City Council) and Keith Ellison (representing Islam in the House of Representatives), who watched Mr. Fruetel closely as he made his statements and answered reporters’ questions.

  • Early reports that were later deleted from news websites described a legless man being blown out of the second floor of the building. Such injuries are not consistent with a gas explosion; however, they are consistent with a powerful explosive device that was being assembled on a tabletop and detonated prematurely.
  • One of the Somali men who died in the fire had joined the U.S. Army when in his fifties, and had been stationed in Iraq.
  • Immediately next door to 514 Cedar Avenue South is the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque, whose website shows it to be an unabashed admirer of Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The business that owned the destroyed building and the mosque next door has documented connections to a hawala transfer service that was identified by the U.S. government as performing money-laundering services for Somali terrorist groups.

There’s more, much more, about the shady goings-on in the immediate vicinity of the former halal grocery and Somali apartment building in Cedar-Riverside. See the Cedar Avenue archives for additional information.

As far as I can determine, there has never been any public announcement of the results of the “investigation” conducted on a pile of bricks and ashes by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Minneapolis Fire Department. Despite fervent promises by city officials last January, there has never been anything forthcoming other than the blanket assertion that the explosion was caused by a “gas leak”.

Nor do I expect anything further from local, state, or federal authorities about what happened that day. Whatever evidence there might have been has been bulldozed in with the rubble and entombed forever in some municipal landfill.

And I’ll go out on a limb: I think the federal authorities know exactly what happened that fiery New Year’s dawn in Minneapolis. They know who the players were and what they were trying to do. And, for their own inscrutable federal reasons, the authorities have decided that no information about these matters will ever be released to the public.

Obfuscation and prevarication have been and will remain the order of the day.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for constructing the composite video used above.

For more information on the explosion and fire in Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis, on New Year’s Day 2014, see the Cedar-Riverside Explosion Archives.

11 thoughts on “The Cedar Avenue “Gas Leak”, One Year Later

  1. Those of us who still have a working brain are used to governmental lying at all levels.

    I used to hope that municipal employees who live in the towns they’ve sworn to protect would be different than the federales. Sadly they’re not. On the other hand, who knows what “pressures” are brought to bear in these cases…e.g., “nice little family you have there. Hate to see anything happen to them”.

    When I think of that Cedar Ave fire, one of the strong memories I have is the photo of Keith Ellison boring holes into the chief as the latter answered questions. His glare appeared to be almost flammable.

    All that aside, even without the pressure never underestimate the factors of greed, power and ambition.

  2. Many thanks for posting this reminder. I once lived in the Cedar-Riverside area when I was a young, naive hippie. The past is another country; we did things differently there. The future is yet another country; one dreads to imagine the things we’ll have to do there.

  3. It could be that the feds are trying to protect a functioning informant by this approach. It could just as easily simply be a part of Barack Hussein’s strategy of fighting terrorism by denying it out of existence.

    • I’m inclined to favor the latter.

      If it were simply a matter of protecting sources, a response like this one would be appropriate: “As a matter of national security, I am unable to say anything else about the matter at this time.”

      No one believes the “nothing to do with terrorism” mantra anymore, so it would serve the interests the of domestic security agencies to acknowledge to the public that something dangerous really is going on. The ham-handed responses we consistently hear are so obviously not in the interests of the domestic security agencies, that we must wonder in whose interests they really are.

      • What the feds are really trying to protect is the ongoing cluelessness of white liberal Twin Citians, who have been brainwashed into accepting the transfer of much of Somalia into their midst. The revelation of the existence of a jihadist bomb factory right close to downtown Minneapolis might’ve woken a few of them up. Couldn’t have that now, could we, Keith X/Hakim/Ellison?

        • Yes, I think that’s true, but there’s even more to it.

          The U.S. “war on terror” is almost totally under the control of agents of influence from the Muslim Brotherhood. The overriding goal is as you say, but for the entire country. For the Ikhwan’s plan to succeed, ordinary Americans must remain asleep for as long as possible, until it is too late to prevent the inevitable Islamization of their country. It’s basically the same as in Europe, only most European countries are a decade or so further along in the frog-boiling process.

          Therefore no single incident may ever be called “terrorism”, because despite the best efforts of the government and the media, “terror” means “Islam” in the minds of many citizens. The tactic used in Minneapolis doesn’t always work very well — for example, Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon — but it works well enough so that most Islamic terror plots fly by under the radar of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public.

          Only “mentally disturbed” “marginal” “lone wolves” are permitted to pass through this filter.

  4. As a retired professional fire officer, To me it does not look like youngsters playing with matches or the alleged ‘gas leak’. BTW in many incidents when the feds come in they bully,threaten,infer that things could go bad for the locals if they do not ‘cooperate’, and otherwise ‘take over’, irregardless if they have legal jurisdiction.

  5. With the bringing into the USA so many ‘refugees’ from Muslim lands the Quislings in our government are assisting the building of a formidable ‘fifth column’.

  6. These people won’t be satisfied until we have Muslim rape gangs roaming the streets and the Islamic ghettos become “no go” zones for any none Muslims and the police. Ain’t diversity and tolerance great? With reports of Ebola in ISIS controlled Mosel Iraq I can’t wait for them to start weaponizing it into the Muslim ghettos of Europe and beyond. Underestimating the evil of Islam will be as fatal as the disease itself

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