Sixteen Arguments in Favour of PEGIDA Taking to the Streets

Rembrandt Clancy has translated a speech by Udo Ulfkotte at a recent PEGIDA rally, in both video and written form. A slightly longer version was published at Kopp Online, and the translator has added the omitted excerpts to his transcript.

Sixteen Arguments in Favour of PEGIDA Taking to the Streets

by Rembrandt Clancy

The following is the speech which Dr. Udo Ulfkotte gave at the demonstration in Bonn on 22 December 2014. It appears to be an adaptation of a longer written version of a 16-point presentation which was published by Kopp Online a day later. Some of the wording in the speech differs from the written version, there is material added, and Dr. Ulfkotte omits some text altogether, but some of this has been reintroduced in the translation below preceded by appropriate notification.

Udo Ulfkotte is well-known in Germany as a writer, an Islam critic, a Euro-sceptic and most particularly, a critic of the mainstream press (Qualitätsmedien). For those who would like a brief biography as background to this speech, one can be found at the American Free Press Newspaper which offers details consistent with those provided by Udo Ulfkotte himself in recent German language interviews. The author provides pertinent background in a recent thirteen-minute interview he gave in English to RT.

by Udo Ulfkotte

Written and Video Sources: Kopp Online
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

23 December 2014

Hello, a very good evening. My name is Udo Ulfkotte. I am a rat; I am a Mischpoke* [member of an evil cabal]. I am what politicians call vermin. For 17 years I was with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. I worked for publishers like Gruner und Jahr; I spread lies; I was controlled and backed by the Federal Intelligence Service [Bundesnachrichtendienst BND] and by foreign secret services. Now, I do not wish to support a particular political group. I do not represent Right or Left or anyone else; but right here and now I would simply like to deliver a few hopefully factual arguments; sixteen good arguments for taking to the streets. Perhaps even some of those who are standing immediately beyond the police cordon will identify with what I am going to say to you now.

*[Mischpoke or Mischpoche, in Yiddish means clan, family or relationships. Here it is used pejoratively to mean evil company, a group of unpleasant people or in this case, a member thereof.]

1. No trust in the Politicians: Those of us who are taking to the streets with PEGIDA no longer have confidence in our politicians. For years the reputation of the politicians of all the established parties has been waning among the population. Only 15% of Germans trust our politicians. But they are not interested in that. They block out the growing dissatisfaction which is being directed at all the political parties.

2. Lies of the Media: Only about every third person in Germany still has confidence in our “quality-media”; and that does not come from me or from the political parties of the Left and Right. Among Germans, 63% no longer have confidence in the news coverage of the Ukraine. More and more journalists are unemployed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can only tell you that the media and the politicians, who are now showing the citizens their full contempt, close down the comment function on the Internet and describe us, the citizens, as basically too stupid; or they call us rats because we, too, wish to draw attention to our problems once in a while. They will simply have to seek other readers and viewers in the future. We do not need the politicians and the media.

3. The Theme of Islamisation: The theme of Islamisation is in fact the most important subject which has brought PEGIDA onto the streets. Politicians and media are ignoring the people’s concerns over the relinquishment of our values, above all when it comes to Islam. They dispute that there is any Islamisation.

In this connection, to see whether or not there is Islamisation we need only look at today. The Green human rights expert, Omid Nouripour; the Baden-Württemberg SPD politician, Thomas Funk; and the Muslim functionary Aiman Mazyek in Baden-Württemberg, demand from us Germans that we, as a sign of OUR readiness to integrate, should sing Muslim songs in our Churches at Christmas time. — At a Christmas service on Christmas Eve, Muslim songs?

What would happen, ladies and gentlemen, if I, as Udo Ulfkotte, at the next Islamic festival of Breaking the Fast, were to go to a mosque here in Germany and belt out Christian Christmas carols? It goes without saying that I would be arrested immediately, charged and convicted of a crime against fasting. And of course our media would call me a right-wing radical. By way of inversion, is that supposed to be a sign of integration? Supposedly there is no Islamisation?

But wait a minute ladies and gentlemen! From the perspective of ever more citizens, Islamisation means that in schools and kindergartens, out of consideration for Muslims, we no longer find the preparation of pork there. Islamisation in our swimming pools means special bathing days with consideration only for Muslim clothing customs. Islamisation in cemeteries means that Muslims must not be buried in earth “defiled” by Christians. They may bury their dead without a coffin or an urn, and so on.

Still more distressing is the experience of many citizens with the Islamisation of the justice system. Currently there are special rights for Muslims everywhere in Germany; for example, multiple marriages or polygamy is recognised for Muslims here in Germany. And the courts are continually treating Muslims with deference to their cultural peculiarities. That galls me. Also many take exception to Islamisation of the cities by the ever increasing number of new mosques. And it bothers them that during Koran instruction in German mosques, young Muslims are taught that their model, Mohammed, in the city of Yathrib, in 627 according to our time reckoning, had more than 500 people, who did not wish to follow him, dig graves and then had them beheaded. It disturbs many citizens, that as a matter of course here in the heart of Germany we now have Koran [instruction where a mass murderer is rendered homage as a model for children]*.

* [Here there is a break in the video which cuts the speaker’s sentence at midpoint. The text in square brackets indicates a completion of the sentence from the written version at Kopp Online. See introduction.]

It disturbs me that our media have a de facto ban on criticism of Islam. But in our media, one can depict every Christian or atheist as a fool, but not Muslims. Who urinates on the altar of the Cologne Cathedral*, he is celebrated by the media as a hero; but whoever urinates on the door of a mosque, he has committed a hate crime.

* [Translator’s note: A bare-breasted Femen activist sprang onto the altar at the Cologne Cathedral during the Christmas Novus Ordo Mass in 2013 and was later fined 1,200 euros (Spiegel Online). The translator can find no record of urination on the altar of the Cologne Cathedral. However, on Friday, 20 December 2013 a Femen activist urinated on the altar steps of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene (Église Sainte-Marie-Madeleine) in Paris after feigning an abortion using a calf’s liver to represent an unborn baby (cf. L’Express). RT referring to a pig’s head incident at a mosque, has an article on the double standard used in this case.]

It disturbs me when someone at a demonstration in Germany shouts “Jews to the gas chamber”; for a Muslim, it goes without saying that he is not punished for it. That is the state of the administration of justice in Germany today. And what is more, in our schools and kindergartens, in our courts and other official buildings, out of consideration for Muslims, our symbols, Christian crucifixes for example, are taken down. Christmas markets, St. Martin’s Day processions and the like, are renamed. In supermarkets I obtain ever more frequently only Islamic Halal meat, and so on.

The next point which disturbs me regarding the topic of Islamisation: I simply have to say, — I do not like it, full stop. Instead of more and more integration officers, I would like to see more repatriation officers to deal with those who do not adapt.

4. They boast, — we pay: Not one promise which politicians and media across all parties have made to us citizens over the last few years has been kept. The doomed euro was forced on us against the declared will of the majority of the people. We were told that “the euro will be just as stable as the D-mark”. Nothing of this is true.

5. I wish there were not continually new taxes: Germany is on the way to being the world champion in collecting money from the citizen, for the burden on the citizen continually increases directly with the diets of our politicians.

6. Anxiety about the future: “The pension is secure” — that is what the politicians have promised for decades. Today we know that the opposite is the case. Today we know that “the pension is clearly gone”. Together the politicians and media have deceived us citizens on this subject as well. An average earner who has worked for 45 years and who will be retiring in 13 years will receive barely 44 percent of the average earned income after deduction of social security contributions and input taxes. In 1977 it was still almost 70 percent.

7. Criminality and Internal Security: The state can no longer protect its citizens. It has broken that bond, which belongs to the foundational pillars of a commonwealth. Prior to the eastern expansion of the EU, politicians and media promised an increase in security to us citizens; instead, burglars, pushers and bands of fraudsters have a free rein. Today it is not only the older citizens among whom anxiety is widespread when they leave the house.

8. External Security: Through our tax revenues we have financed a Bundeswehr which is supposed to offer us emergency aid in the event of catastrophes at home and also is intended to protect us with the best of materials from an eventuating threat coming from abroad, which hopefully never occurs. But today we have an army for which family-friendly daycare seats, Muslim spiritual directors and consideration for the sensitivities of homosexuals take first priority over everything else.

Concerning the Bundeswehr I would still like to say that currently the entire world is laughing about that junk which the Bundeswehr has sitting on air bases, tank barracks and naval bases. Financed by taxpayers, the best materials have been shipped off for foreign deployment and are now scrap. Inner security — gone; external security — gone.

[Translator’s note” Dr. Ulfkotte’s choice of the word “junk” or “scrap” (Schrott) to describe the state of the Bundeswehr is not his personal exaggeration or loose coinage, but it is in common use to describe what amounts to a scandal in Germany. For example, on October 2014 Weltwoche writes: “The Bundeswehr appears suddenly to possess only a pile of scrap.” Handelsblatt, in an article entitled “Army of Scrap”, offers a litany of problems such as the following: out of 22 deck helicopters of the navy’s Sea Lynx type, “not one is operational”.]

9. Energy supply: the same problem.

[Dr. Ulfkotte skipped over this point in his Bonn speech. What follows is taken from the written version on Kopp Online.]

At no point were the citizens permitted to vote on how our energy supply would look in the future. After the manner of a dictatorship, politicians and media have forced an energy transition on the citizens which manifests itself today in the giving away of expensive, subsidised alternative energy to neighbouring countries, free of charge and at peak times; and at other times, in feeding ever more nuclear power plants in other countries into our power grid.

For a project with costs and risks which are scarcely believable, we receive above all one thing: the prospect of power outages in high-density urban areas. Expensive energy threatens not only Germany as an industrial area, but also energy sources such as electricity, which were still taken for granted only a few years ago, will soon become a luxury item for the average citizen. And at the same time we are destroying our landscape with giant solar fields and an ever increasing number of wind parks.

10. Decay of Infrastructure: A few years ago our streets were still envied internationally on their own account. But now our politicians have everywhere allowed streets, bridges and railway lines to fall into neglect every bit as much as they have with schools, kindergartens, universities, swimming pools and libraries. In the schools, the plaster is falling off the walls; in kindergartens, one is greeted with mildew; in the hospitals, the chance is high of contracting a deadly hospital pathogen; and the obsolete ambulances drive over pot holes. That is the reality today for the coming year of 2015.

What do the citizens do?

11. They vote with the moving van: Year after year more than 160,000 well educated Germans, who speak our language, people who are qualified and integrated, draw the necessary conclusions from this madness and vote with the moving van. They emigrate. In their place a hundred thousand poorly qualified immigrants arrive, for whom we have no opportunity here, but they are greeted with a “welcoming culture”. We must always bear in mind that we and our children are going to have to pay for it all on a permanent basis.

12. The loss of national identity: Not only here in Germany, but everywhere in Europe, whether in Scotland or Catalonia. Everywhere in Germany a respect for national identity is again to be expected.

[Dr. Ulfkotte adds the following in the version he wrote for Kopp Online.]

Everywhere in Europe people are waking up and demanding respect for their roots and insisting on more autonomy. The British on this account, based on their current stance, will even leave the EU at the end of 2017. This much is clear: The EU has attempted to take away the identity of the European people. The grand project of a mixed multi-ethnic state, in which national parliaments relinquish their power and the tax money of their citizens, will not in its present form be sustainable, for it is being rejected by ever more people out there on whom it has been imposed by politicians and media.

Another thing that disturbs me:

13. EU bureaucracy: Little by little many things are taken from the citizens which are part of their lives, because a remote bureaucratic power in Brussels, behind closed doors, has decided what is best. From light bulbs to shower heads, from vacuum cleaners to coffee machines or hair driers, a Big Brother now makes decisions about what is good for us.

The next point:

14. The mad cult of homosexuals, gender and transvestites: Completely remote politicians and media have created a world which no longer has anything to do with the normal citizen.

[Dr. Ulfkotte adds the following in the version to be found on Kopp Online.]

In their twisted, perverse Conchita-Wurst-world [Austrian transvestite], they load child pornography onto Bundestag servers and shoot up with drugs because apparently they can no longer bear us normal citizens. In their lunatic world, they debate about the prohibition of child sex in distant Thailand, only to travel immediately after the debate, with a taxi voucher at the cost of the tax payer, from the Bundestag to the child district on Berlin’s Kurfürstenallee, which is only 1,500 metres away. This double life calls up just plain repugnance and revulsion in the mass of the population. We are telling you that your gender-homosexual-transsexual cult has nothing to do with people’s real problems.

The next point, which we are experiencing here tonight:

15. Speech bans and political correctness: Politicians and media impose an idiot-speak upon us. Our school books and children’s books are rewritten. Professional minority conservationists, to whom our elites pay homage, rack their brains all day over which new regulations they can make regarding speech. There is much about which we can no longer speak in this allegedly free country, in which democracy and a free press are only simulated.

[Dr. Ulfkotte adds the following in the version he wrote from Kopp Online.]

Those policemen, who are supposed to look after our security and put themselves on the line out there are no longer allowed, any more than our allegedly free press, to be objective in the release of perpetrators’ descriptions during investigations. On instructions from the politicians, they must withhold from the public information on skin colour, country of origin and other typical means of identification.

Moreover, a considerable proportion of the people sense the social pressure to which they can be exposed when they deviate with their viewpoint from the social consensus. Ever more people have the feeling of no longer being allowed to express certain things. They wish not “to say too much”, for divergent opinions will be punished. The functionaries of political correctness — mind-moulding journalists — decide what is still valid for discussion. It no longer has anything to do with common sense. Political correctness will judge divergent opinions as fundamentally immoral. And therefore, deviant opinions are no longer criticised, rather they are simply hated. Who objects is not contradicted, but silenced.

The new Jacobins of the one true opinion in the editorial offices claim that many deviant expressions of opinion offend against honour, shame and decency. One is very quickly off the mark in Germany with the charge of hate crime. People are afraid of it. And so, freedom of thought in Germany exists now only on paper.

16. War mongering: But what disturbs me most, and I hope that the counter-demonstrators will agree with us at least to this extent, is the unbelievable war-mongering.

At the centre of this explosive situation, given the points I have raised, politicians and media deliberately deflect the growing pent-up rage in the population onto other countries, above all currently onto Russia. As I have already said, two-thirds of the population no longer trusts our media when it comes to the Ukraine and Russia. For months now, in connection with the Ukraine crises, deliberately fomented by the USA, Moscow has been built up to be the new enemy imago of that same NATO which the alpha journalists serve in their capacity as an extension of the NATO press office.

This war-mongering in the media, such as in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, for which I worked for a long time, and also the in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in die Zeit and in the state media, has made the rounds extensively in the population. I must say to you, that we were told that we are defending peace and freedom far off in the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan. But who is defending our freedom here in Bonn, in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, in Köln and in Dresden? Should we give up without a fight? Day after day we relinquish, in overhasty obedience, a piece of our homeland, what belongs to us domestically, because we are taking ever more refugees into the country from crisis areas and war zones, and we let them into the country, while the American war-policy has everywhere caused this flood of refugees to arise in the first place.

Therefore I say that all this has to stop. That is what the demonstrators of PEGIDA and BOGIDA and the many developing sister-organisations once again wish to show them out there. It is clear that our politicians and the parties have an expiration date. We citizens can simply ignore them from now on. What is also clear is that our anger at the politicians and lying media has no expiration date. We are going to continue, and perhaps we will also become increasingly stronger, just like in Dresden. I have also promised PEGIDA in Dresden that I would appear there as well, and in other cities too. I am not doing this for a particular party or for money, but I am doing it only for you out there. I hereby take the rap for it and willingly suffer myself to be reviled as a rat. Thank you dear friends! Keep doing as you are.

28 thoughts on “Sixteen Arguments in Favour of PEGIDA Taking to the Streets

  1. Is it really any wonder why the likes of Merkel are now openly vilifying this movement. The Traitor Class are being put on notice and they had better listen up to what the real folks -those who have been deliberately forgotten by the ruling elite in favor of minority groups and unwanted ‘immigrants’ for which every privilege is bestowed – are now telling them.

    If the Traitor Class continue to ignore the message that this movement represents, this movement will continue to grow to the extent that the anger within may no longer be able to be contained.

    So listen up – or suffer the consequences!

    • There are several problems, which are undermining PEDGIDA. Firstly: A demand, that immigrants should be DISTRIBUTED into all EU countries against their will is simply disgusting and helps to spread islamism.

      Secondly: I cannot describe how I loath the apparent russification which is evident in some of the speeches I have seen. Russia is like islam and it should be treated as such. We are fighting for the survival of the western civilization. Not for Russian immigrants and Russian invaders.

      Finally: Economics should be in the forefront just as culture. All migrants from developing countries are eroding Europe, because they tend to live on our expense and contribute almost nothing. We are not under a threat just from islam, but also from all uncivilized immigration.

      • Well you can have no long lasting economy without a viable and productive manufacturing base that first, benefits the nation and secondly, promotes international trade that is to the manufacturers economic advantage.

        Please take note also that the practice of corporations needs to be outlawed.

        Russia has no ambitions outside its own sphere of influence. It is the West that has been poking, prodding and goading the Russian Bear, not the other way round.

        Deporting unwanted Muslims to other EU countries still not fully awake to what Islam is after is hardly going to be to PEDGIDA’s disadvantage.

      • Russia is not at all like Islam. How did you arrive at that conclusion? What Russian immigrants/invaders are you talking about?

  2. “Mischpoche” is not just Yiddish, it is Hebrew for ‘family’, and by in putting it into the same sentence as the word “rat” Herr Dr. is alluding to a notorious propaganda film made by Goebbels in the thirties where an obviously Chasidic (devout Jewish) family is faded into a colony of rats.

    This is an incredibly strong statement for a German national to make, and is essentially saying that Nazism has once more returned to the German government, and Ms. Merkel’s recent speech about PEGIDA, with its insidious lies, does nothing to dispel that accusation.

    This time however, the Nazi racism is directed against the non-leftist indigenous German population (hence the ‘I am a rat’). I am sure that this will not be lost on those Germans of sufficient education and who understand what went on in the run up to WWII.

    We must always remember that ‘racism’ is a two way street, and singling out a particular section of the indigenous population because one does not like their Judeo-Christian based politics (as a political ‘religion’) is every bit as ‘racist’ and discriminatory as any Nazi hatred of Jews.

    • I would also note to Dr. Ulfkotte, that since he mentions Christmas celebrations and Christianity, that in Abraham’s seed all the “mishpocha” of the earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:3). That most German Christian of Heroes, Martin Luther, was very much moved by a 1st century Rabbi’s use of that text in the New Testament book of Galatians.

  3. The “Elite” like all Communists- and they are Communists- the dregs of 1968 et al, will have planned for such an uprising. Look at the vanished EDL. They will pick off the leaders on false charges and incarcerate them. This is the Red Line. People must keep their heads at this point. The leadership of the EDL caved in. “Tommy” is brave though and did more than most but his life and family were truly in danger and he had no physical support from the dopey “I’m Alright Jack” (1958 film) British drinking themselves to national oblivion with garbage TV and “Celebs” like the disgusting vile self-exhibitionists like Justin Bieber and his fellow morons.

    If the arrests of the PEGIDA leadership that are about to come (reliable sources) fail to quell the citizenry, the round up and put down of the threat will be brutal, so at last revealing the true nature of the felons that steal and destroy. They are worse than Himmler whom they daily lambast.

    Blood is about to flow in Europe. I too have experienced the heavy hand of the state. It is quite unnerving. However the secret is to shout louder and in plain view using your real name. I studied the Moslems’ tactics. The “Elite” are scared of them and they are physical cowards. I was told they have given up on myself as “incorrigible” , so am ignored…. for now. I have lost work and much more and now clean houses to keep my family and Church afloat. It’s hard but I am winning as is my self respect.

    Several people now have a Catholic Bishop and Doctor of Divinity cleanig ver effectively for them. I am told I am a good cleaner and as you know “Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I have not disappointed it seems.

    I hate Socialists-thieves, murderers but especially child abusers, (“Whom soever harms these hates Me”) who very shortly, if we steel our nerves and remain steady in the face of the coming Terror of 2015, we can then hunt down like the real Nazis they affect to despise. I want them hanged, even if people say that as an Old Catholic Bishop I should be forgiving. …..

    Sorry I don’t “do” forgiveness to these traitorous swine who have the blood of millions on their hands across the world in their childish and dangerous pursuit of a mythical ridiculous “Socialist Paradise”. They have all but destroyed Europe through war, human trafficking, sexual license and God knows what. Sickening.

    By executing them after a trial their souls are then released for judgement by the Almighty. That is the whole point of Execution actually reflected in the expression “May God have mercy on your soul”. Their crimes are too great for humans to do anything but enter primary judgements. They are trying and succeeding in eradicating a whole civilisation. They appointed themselves God and imported the very worst of barbarous cults into a Europe, still licking its wounds after two nasty wars caused by their vile beliefs.

    No there can be no quarter given to these b*******s and no forgiveness for “Judgement in Mine” Sayeth the Lord.

    • Bishop, Justin Bieber is Canadian, though I don’t know how proud the average Canuck is of that fact.

      He’s now coming up on twenty-one; Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all died at twenty-seven, so we must just grit our teeth for six more years…

      • And don’t forget Pigpen — he died at 27, too. It must have been the in thing back then, to die at 27. What was wrong with Garcia, hanging on till he was 53??

        Pigpen was Janis’ lover at one point too, just to round everything out.

        • Before the late great expired he did mention that “It’s been a long strange trip”. Many from that generation I imagine did not want to be in the “never trust anyone over 30” demo. RIP Jerry.

    • Wasn’t Dante’s worst part of hell reserved for traitors? I’ve no doubt if the civil war goes against us, that the Muslims won’t mind us hanging our fellow infidels.

    • “I too have experienced the heavy hand of the state.” I recall years ago observing a demonstration by a mob of Muslims (in England) demonstrating against an event planned by the BNP. What irked me most was the Muslim’ feigned hurt and self-righteousness vis a vis the BNP’s ‘violence and threats’. I was so annoyed that in an attempt to highlight their hypocrisy and brass neck I shouted, at the top of my voice, “Rushdie” in reference to the recent demonstration by the same mob csalling for Rushdie’s death. Within a second I was slammed up against a wall by a police sergeant who threatened me with immediate arrest unless I left the scene immediately.

      • Well, can’t have you disturbing those ‘peaceful’ muzzies maninthepub! You can now make that two pints of best English Ale If we happen to meet in a pub somewhere, sometime, that I owe you!

  4. Correction

    “Several people now have a Catholic Bishop and Doctor of Divinity cleanig ver”

    Please read “cleaning very” effectively

  5. That speech should be used as a blueprint for any organisation or protest to use.Spot on.

  6. The leaders in Europe found true biblical Christianity to be too difficult to partake of unless a full commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior was made, and too unsatisfying in the short term as none of their immediate wants or desires were gratified. Thus, as stated in the First Chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (which was written in Corinth) they have rejected the truth and have allowed themselves to be handed over to The Lie, which is “you can have your life your way.”
    The prevarication which began about thirty years ago is building to a crescendo as lies are added to cover the lies that were previously told. The introduction of Islam by way of allowing Islamic missionaries as immigrants entry into Europe, (or even sponsoring their entry and residence) was apparently intended to cow into submission those who objected to this program of prevarication. The intent of the Islamic importation was to have a Rottweiler as a guard over the chicken coop so they leaders could continue on with their program of feudal socialism. In their folly however, the leaders forgot that Rottweilers become hungry and chickens make a nice lunch. The leaders also ignored the fact that chickens will defend themselves and chicken pecks can be very painful.
    Thus, the leaders have set the stage for a continent-wide conflagration which in their hubris they intend to survive and rule from the top of the heap. What they don’t know or refuse to admit is that the heap they will rule from will be a dung hill by the time the carnage has decided the issue. Then the people will clamor for a new leader that will be more competent that the previous ilk. Then Europe will get the tyrant it has always wanted and deserves.
    Yes, history does rhyme, but the lyrics are becoming hackneyed and tired.
    A Holy New Year to one and all!

    • Does all this look normal to consumer identities? After all everything and everyone is for sales all the time and everywhere. Islamizing for cash.

  7. One can only hope the European people are going to stand up to the politicians destroying their countries.
    America is in the same boat. I ‘am baffled and perplexed about this insanity.
    We need a “PEDIGA” here in the U.S.A.
    War has been declared against “normal” people. What used to be dysfunctional is now preferred behavior.

    • it was called the tea party, and it was crashed by the establishment Dems and GOP. All we have left are the Christian churches that fellowship and pray for this country. My church does, and on a regular basis. How about yours?

    • “PEDIGA” like all the other squeaky clean embryos is going nowhere. Without mass stoppages, protests, firings, zero tolerance confrontation with Muslims everywhere on every level – just for starters, we will just have to wait as the Muslim enemy in our midst wear us down to the marrow – and even then who knows. France and the rest if Europe is moving towards the India Pakistan Bangladesh model? “United” is looking sicker every day.

      • I agree 100%, quite correct. I especially like that phrase – “zero tolerance confrontation. As Percy Sillitoe wrote:
        “I believe there is only one way to deal with the gangster mentality. You must show them you are not afraid. If you stand up to them and they realise that you mean business, they will soon knuckle under. The element of beast in a man…will respond exactly as a wild beast of the jungle responds – to nothing but greater force and greater firmness of purpose.”
        This would seems to be appropriate, since Islam is a built upon a gangster’s beliefs and values.

  8. That is one of the best speeches on the state of Western European society I have read, it describes in a nutshell the enormous problems we face.
    I would disagree with the view that Britain will leave the E.U. before 2018: our elite are too committed to it. Though I would remove us from it this afternoon if I could!
    The only way in which countries can reassert the sovereignty of their nation states, is for the E.U. to cease to exist. Without that, it is impossible to deal effectively with the Muslims in our midst; or the cancer that is progressive ideology, which is hollowing out our societal structures.

  9. I will never again entertain the though that if only the Jewish people of WW2 had resisted as in Warsaw. Look around? If there is a mentally ill universal mind surely this is it. Very soon muslims won’t even bother with restrictions they will just invade in mass. A bit like the fall of the Berlin Wall. He who dares wins. Even a lousy savage in the land of the nEU Euro wandering stateless tribes. Hopefully Bruxelles will shut down overnight and all the users, losers and takers will be sent back to where they came from.

  10. It is interesting that all over Europe, either a majority or very large minority of the ethnic population are protesting against the elite political class who run their respective countries primarily for their own benefit and tat of big business. The latter have corrupted the democratic process and hence the rise of UKIP in Britain,PEGIDA in Germany and the National Front in France. These politicians see their role as telling us what is best for ”us” not as representing us. Millions are revolting against this and the insane policy of allowing any ”European” to live and work anywhere in Europe. This of course is compounded by agreeing to International Treaties that allow millions of economic migrants to masquerade as asylum seekers. Ordinary citizens have had enough and want to reclaim their country,culture and language and the democratic system that has been subverted by the ”political class, big business and the EU bureaucracy”

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