Welcome to Minnedishu!

Mainstream media news about last week’s explosion and fire on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis has all but died out. The only significant report since last Friday is that the second body found in the rubble has been identified as that of 60-year-old Mrimri Farah, the roommate of Ahmed Farah Ali and the only resident still listed as missing.

Our Minnesota correspondent Henrietta sends this background on the cultural enrichment of the Twin Cities by Somalis:

If I recall correctly, Glenn Beck and Patrick Poole, in their recent documentary about al-Shabaab in Minneapolis, guesstimated there were up to 100,000 Somalis in MN. And that number does not include all the other Muslims that are immigrating — or the illegals.

World Relief MN opined that 85,000 would need assistance in MN with the necessary citizenship documents, should Comprehensive Immigration Reform be passed. They have been recruiting church volunteers for such a task.

In addition to the numbers that may have reached critical mass, (that may be an exaggeration, but it feels like it in Minneapolis), Somalis and Muslims are gaining political power: Besides Keith Ellison, Abdi Warsame just won a seat on the Minneapolis City Council and the new Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges, is very sympathetic to the Somalis. She heavily courted the ‘powerful’ Somali population while wearing a head scarf.

One voting district in south Minneapolis is estimated to be 40% Somali!

The outgoing Minneapolis Mayor authorized a walkway that connects “the heavily East African West Bank” (the very same Cedar/Riverside district where the explosion/fire occurred) to downtown Minneapolis, and it will be named after Hussein Samatar, a former school board member who was the first Somali-American to win election in Minneapolis in 2010. He died of complications from leukemia over the summer.

Just like in Europe, the floodgates of immigration have been pushed wide open — by design. What is a better way to create a One World Order, to redistribute wealth globally and to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, the last superpower that could protect individual rights and freedoms?

Warm regards on this very COLD night in MN. They are predicting a low of -26°F (-32°C) with wind chill temps of -49°F (-45°C)!

NB: Henrietta sent the above message on Sunday evening. I don’t know if it’s any warmer now in Minnesota.

The incident at 514 Cedar Avenue on January 1 will drop into permanent obscurity unless concerned citizens keep it alive. With that end in mind, readers may bring it to the attention of the majority members of the House Homeland Security Committee:

Once again: When contacting a congressman, remember to be polite, calm, and temperate in your approach. Enraged diatribes and scatological outbursts will be deleted before the aide tasked with reading them has gotten through the first paragraph.

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  2. “Minnedishu”. . .very clever, Baron & Henrietta.

    Well, there is a local effort to raise funds for the displaced victims of the Cedar Riverside explosion/fire . ..& the Strib has coined it’s own characterization for it:

    Benefit concert for New Year’s Day fire scheduled Jan. 24 at the Cedar

    “With the New Year’s Day fire/explosion on the West Bank in Minneapolis happening right outside their door steps, KFAI Radio, Augsburg College and the Cedar Cultural Center quickly went into action to organize a benefit concert for victims and families. The event is scheduled Friday, Jan. 24, at the Cedar and will featur, Spider John Koerner, one of the local music legends who helped make the West Bank a live music haven. . . “


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