Death at 100mph

The latest word on the car crash in which Lars Vilks was killed is that the vehicle carrying him was traveling at 160 kph (99.36 mph) and that’s how it was able to leap the central barrier into oncoming traffic.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Vilks’ bodyguard is being investigated for causing another person’s death after the insane journey

October 4, 2021

The policeman who drove the car carrying Lars Vilks is being investigated for gross negligence in traffic and causing another person’s death after information that the vehicle was driven at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.

The investigation is being led by Chief Prosecutor Kajsa Sundgren at the Special Prosecutor’s Office, since it concerns a police employee.

A witness tells Aftonbladet that he estimates that the bodyguard car was being driven at 160 kilometers per hour when it skidded and forced the center railing on the motorway.

A report of murder has also been made, which is being investigated by the Police Authority, as the suspicions are not directed at a police officer.

However, that investigation was described as a purely formal measure during this morning’s press conference, which will be launched with the aim of gaining access to certain coercive measures.

In the comment sections of the Turkish and Arab media, however, it is believed that Allah was behind Vilks’ death. Not least that a fire arose when the crash is highlighted as proof of it, as the one who depicts the prophet is to be burned to death, according to common interpretations of the Qur’an.

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10 thoughts on “Death at 100mph

  1. Q: Was this a new vehicle, perhaps with park assist, collision avoidance and cruise control GPS, wifi, comms, mapping ect, on a digital bus? If so, the vehicle can be hacked – has this thought occurred? This sort of thing has been demonstrated numerous times, by civilians. Hijacking a cars systems are several orders of magnitude easier with government resources; if I recall correctly, several makers offer anti-theft systems that squeal for the stormtroopers, who have remote access to the vehicles systems.
    Again, this is not tinfoil hat, these are standard features. Current gen aircraft have similar vulnerabilities.
    This was a hit. Dial the vehicle’s fleet following up, tromp the gas, lockout the brakes and steering.
    If you think ‘our’ governments wouldn’t eradicate troublesome individuals, or stage murderous political hate crimes using hapless pigeons, always remember that ‘Queen’ Beatrice has a dog named ‘Volkert’.

    • One of my cars has park assist and cruise control, but it’s from 2011 and for sure isn’t connected to any internet.

      Do you have any links, for how such features can be hacked?

  2. This stinks of assassination, firstly we cannot trust what the media put out about the crash, because it’s same media telling us that there’s a pandemic and must take a death depopulation injection disguised as a vaccine.

    Probably the car was wire up, it looks like same method that they used to murder Diana.

    They fit the car with a device, to control it.

    This ain’t no accident, like 9/11 was inside job.

    This has the mark of the globalists cabal, they kill presidents, and anyone who gets in there way.

  3. He was travelling on a motorway (European equivalent of an Interstate)…

    For such a road 100 mph, while fast, and over the Swedish speed limit, is not ridiculously fast… It’s a speed that’s legal on a lot of motorways in Germany, and here in Poland a lot of drivers also drive at a similar speed…

    (I still remember when I was very young in England, before the speed camera mania started, a friend’s father giving me a lift in his Porsche at 130mph.. And there were still cars overtaking us! )

    But it could be a sufficient speed, to break the crash barriers… The question is, why did the car veer into them?!

  4. I’d want to see the forensic report on the car. I suspect sabotage, particularly of the steering rack, or the hydraulics in the steering system.

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