The Modoggies on the Road in Germany

The Roundabout Dogs inspired by Lars Vilks will be touring Germany this spring. Hans Erling Jensen just sent this announcement and itinerary for the famous Modoggies.

The “Modoggies” come to Germany — Please help us support the TOUR!

The Roundabout Dog Tour is inspired by the artwork of Swedish artist Lars Vilks. It intends to visit 60 European cities to highlight the importance of free speech. As in many campaigns before it, art is used to highlight the issues. Lars Vilks produced his Roundabout Dog series of drawings in response to the atmosphere of censorship that has enveloped Europe in recent years. He has been demonised, threatened and lost his livelihood because of the stand he took.

The drawings themselves are not on tour. Instead, the tour involves a plywood mock-up of the roundabout dog and it is this mock-up that visits the various cities. The plywood roundabout dog was created by a Swedish society called Free Speech Europe. It is non-political and promotes freedom of expression by supporting those who have been “blacklisted” or persecuted because of their political or artistic expressions.

Now, five years later Lars Vilks is still figuring as number 5 on the Al Qaeda death list!

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Sunday the 26th of May the Roundabout Dogs will capture Germany.

The Free Speech Europe Roundabout Dog TOUR will visit 20 cities in Germany and The Czech Republic between the 26th of May and 12th of June.

Unfortunately our mission is so sensitive, that we cannot reveal the exact places or time in the selected cities. We would be happy if anybody could offer a little local help during the journey. I could use help to carry the “dogs”, to borrow a parking spot with car and caravan outside a “friend’s” property. We could use ideas about places for photo sessions or names and contact to people worth interviewing or people in the art business for an exchange of ideas.

For press and other interested parties

Please feel free to mail Hans Erling Jensen at or phone +46 707 875750 if you have questions or know of something that could be of interest for the TOUR.

The TOUR list will be approximately as follows:

28   May   Berlin
29   May   Berlin
30   May   Berlin
31   May   Berlin
1   June   Dresden
2   June   Prague
3   June   Pilsen/Regensburg
4   June   München
5   June   Stuttgart
6   June   Heidelberg
7   June   Frankfurt
8   June   Fulda
9   June   Göttingen
10   June   Hannover
11   June   Hamburg

You can read much more of the TOUR here:

Here you will find pictures from the TOUR in Sweden and Denmark (will be updated daily):

An article describing the tour from Dispatch International/ICLA:

Support The Roundabout Dog TOUR & Lars Vilks

Would you like to support Free Speech, then you can invest in Lars Vilks new Art work “in style of”. Available here:

You can also “member up” with the Free Speech Europe society for only Euro 35 for 2 years:

Yours sincerely,

Hans Erling Jensen
Free Speech Europe — Director
The Free Press Society, Sweden — Board Member

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