The Joys of Modern Multicultural Sweden

The following two videos provide a glimpse into the extent to which the urban areas of southern Sweden, especially Malmö, have been culturally enriched.

Notice that the ethnicity of the bombers and criminals is never discussed. Swedes are far too politically correct to bring up that aspect of the crisis. However, you can bet every Swede who watches these news report knows that the perpetrators are all “persons with a migration background”.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video describes the increasing number of bomb attacks in southern Sweden, and the sophistication of the latest generation of bombs:

The second video reports on the threats and intimidation directed at police officers and their families:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Welcome to the program. The police intensify their pursuit
00:04   of criminals who manufacture and sell bombs.
00:06   After the three explosions during the weekend in Malmö,
00:11   the total number of explosions in Sweden in just this year rose to 187.
00:16   The images are very frightening.
00:19   I see their front door is my son’s apartment
00:23   And I also can see [the destruction] on the wall where my grandchildren sit and sleep
00:27   The family, along with Mona’s grandchildren,
00:30   woke up because of the explosion at 3:15am last Saturday.
00:34   I watch the police outside. It is unbelievable and surrealistic.
00:39   I have walked in through this gate many time …
00:43   I would never have thought that I would need to watch these images. I feel sad indeed.
00:49   The police in Region South has appointed an Explosion Committee.
00:53   Its main objective is to find the manufacturers of the bombs,
00:56   because they believe the criminals manufacture and sell bombs to another criminals.
01:01   Another explosion occurred near an apartment in Växjö last Friday early in the morning.
01:06   The police believe it was professionally made.
01:09   We have not had this type of bomb before.
01:12   Most of the bombs damage in Växjö was due to bangers or powerful firecrackers.
01:19   Our bomb technicians who were at the location said that these persons know what they are doing.
01:24   187 explosions have happened so far this year, most often in the large cities.
01:30   More than a third of them happened in Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Gothenburg.
01:37   During the same period last year, the number of bomb attacks was 123.
01:42   Only ten million people live in Sweden but this level of explosions is unprecedented.
01:46   I have never seen a corresponding example in any other industrial countries.
01:51   There is no equivalent.
01:55   Bombs have become a craze.
01:59   It also spreads like a plague on the internet.
02:03   Mona Schultz has written an open letter to the government
02:07   explaining that her grandchildren don’t feel safe in their own house.
02:11   What really hurts me is that
02:14   Every human being deserves to feel secure in their own house
02:20   Especially children. If they don’t feel secure in their bed at night, where would they?

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Threats and violence against the police in Sweden are increasing and becoming more extreme.
00:05   Not only against police officers, but also against their families.
00:09   The worst is Region South, according to the police union’s own investigation.
00:14   It seems that the majority of the Swedish police officers agree
00:18   that it has become very difficult to be a police officer.
00:21   Almost two-thirds of them think threats and violence have increased in the past two years
00:28   in Police Region South, which include the provinces of Skåne, Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg.
00:34   Most officers agree on this perception, and it is commonly shared among them.
00:37   A total of 72% of the police officers agree,
00:40   which is higher than all other police regions in the country
00:44   According an investigation conducted by the police,
00:48   12% of the police believe that their family members have been threatened,
00:53   and experienced violence or mobbing because of their own careers.
00:58   Region South stands out, even in this question, as the worst region in the country.
01:02   9% has been determined to be the national percentage.
01:06   It could when they say: “How beautiful your daughter’s new jacket is!”
01:12   Is this a threat or not? Just knowing that you know of my daughter’s new jacket is …
01:18   It’s obvious … They don’t need to use threatening words to threaten a family.
01:22   It could also be when they put a letter in the officers’ mailboxes
01:25   to signify that they know where they live.
01:28   They go above and beyond the barriers that once existed in my experience.
01:32   Those barriers don’t exist anymore. Moreover, when they don’t get seriously pursued,
01:36   especially in cases where the offenders are found,
01:40   the officer obviously feels the offenders have a green light, and they do continue.
01:47   I already experience that it has become very normalized.
01:51   Threatening a police officer is not a big thing for the criminals nowadays.
01:56   This is a tendency that should be reversed.
02:00   Otherwise, it may eventually become normalized for us, too.
02:04   I am very convinced that it will be more difficult for the police to recruit new officers.
02:10   The ultimate way to create more officers is recruit them,
02:13   induce them to stay, and choose to continue being police officers
02:18   When I left the police station alone and walked toward my car,
02:23   I noticed that two persons were chasing me.
02:27   I realized that presumably they were interested in me personally.
02:33   When I got a chance to run without them noticing me, I ran to may car.
02:38   When they stepped into my headlights I recognized that they were two members of an MC gang.
02:45   I called my commander and explained what was happening.
02:52   About ten minutes later, those men were found
02:57   near the police station.
03:00   They had in their possession, among other things, plastic gloves, masks,
03:05   zip ties, handcuffs, knives and handgun ammunition.
03:11   Did this accident lead to anything [any charges]?
03:14   The two persons became suspected of a crime because of the possessions they had with them.
03:21   But nothing about threats or violence, either against me as an officer or against the police.
03:31   I believe all the police officers in Sweden have a very high work ethic,
03:37   and they are affected while at work.
03:41   But such incidents leave a mark. All of this is linked to family life,
03:45   and also when we pick up the children from kindergartens.
03:48   I know my colleagues experience the same thing, and it affects their family situations.
03:55   I went out shopping; a car was parked at the main square which I was able to recognize.
04:00   When I walked by the car three criminals who were well-known to police got out off the car.
04:07   They started to chase me, screaming that I am not so “cocky”
04:10   when I’m wearing civilian clothes and have no colleagues around me.
04:13   I called my colleagues at the station and they came shortly afterwards.
04:19   And eventually they were able to find one of these persons.
04:23   I was aware that those persons were very violent; it was very nasty.
04:29   Especially when I am about to go home, knowing that
04:33   the two other persons who were not found are still after me.
04:38   Would you say that verbal threats and threats of violence
04:42   occur often in a police officer’s daily life?
04:45   Absolutely. And I think it has escalated. It occurs more often.
04:49   It occurs even in routine cases, for example when we apprehend a drunk person they threaten us.
04:57   They threaten us physically and verbally.
05:01   How does that affect police work?
05:04   It definitely effects my colleagues in some ways.
05:11   They say the police are trained, and you would withstand more in such situations.
05:16   But we aren’t more than human beings. We have families and we want to go back to our homes.
05:21   It’s obvious, it affects us.

9 thoughts on “The Joys of Modern Multicultural Sweden

  1. Maybe they should try a more feminized approach to dealing with the New Swedes, since arresting, deporting, roughing up, or just outright shooting the worst offenders doesn’t seem to be producing the desired results. I suggest some “no intimidating” bracelets be made and distributed to the police officers to wear so that the New Swedes know their actions are wrong.

    • Aren’t you jumping to conclusions by pinning blame on ‘New Swedes’? They were not mentioned in either video.

      • That they weren’t mentioned is all the proof one needs regarding the identity. If it was native Swedes doing these criminal things it would be shouted at maximum volume in every forum.

  2. What strikes about the PC News reporting, especially in Sweden, is that any information which could reveal the main cause of the increased crime rate and the epidemic of explosions is never mentioned.
    Police officers know as well that they are in deep trouble if they would mention the “enricher” background of the overall majority of criminals.
    Instead, it’s much safer to focus the conversation on some drunkard in a pub who misbehaves, which is a local problem that has always existed, and isn’t really any threatening situation for professional police officers to deal with.
    However, this way one can avoid mentioning the real problem and risk saying something which is not part of the obligatory PC curriculum, thereby risking one’s job, one’s life and worse of all, the safety of one’s family.

  3. .
    The Malmö Police are inviting the criminals to a meeting – to stop the violence. Unclear if anyone was

    “We give them a message:
    that we don’t want them to die
    and we don’t want them to kill anyone “

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