Quiz II: Can You Guess? Not Difficult.

Michael Copeland has another quiz for you. A previous quiz is here.

QUIZ II: Can you guess? Not difficult.

Compiled by Michael Copeland, mainly from comments

The most evil scourge since the Nazis
        — Frederick Forsyth

a vile blight on the earth
        — Liza Jones, comment

accommodating [it] is always a mistake.
        — MC in Sderot

a virulent infection that uses the host’s resources to destroy itself
        — Eeyore, comment

There is no benefit…. It is all detrimental.
        — mortimer, comment

it produces an endless stream of evil monsters
        — tim gallagher Mar 4, 2021 at 3:16 pm

a criminal ideology hell-bent on world domination
        — Aussie Infidel Mar 20, 2021 at 9:28 pm

does not create civilisations, it destroys them.
        — Paul Middleton, comment

nothing about [it] could ever have a positive influence on a criminal. Just the opposite.
        — Bonni, comment, BareNakedIslam November 23, 2014 @ 1:30 AM

a burden to all mankind ….the turd in the punch bowl
        — Wellington, comment

incompatible with democracy and freedom.
        — Geert Wilders

an existential menace to the whole of western society
        — eric lyle, comment

has given the World nothing, beyond perfecting the slave trade.
        — Marty, comment

a mortal threat to Christianity, to Judaism, to Humanity.
        — Geert Wilders

The costs are gigantic, the attacks horrible and the threat of terrorism has never been higher.
        — Geert Wilders in Milan

brutal, hateful, oppressive, murderous, genocidal
        — Serkan Engin, Turkish writer

a cult of murder, robbery, rape, lies, slavery
        — dumbledoresarmy, comment

demands the rape, enslavement, and slaughter of all who refuse the “invitation”
        — Santiago Matamoros, comment

created by a criminal gang of thieves, rapists and murderers, to leech off the hard labor of others.
        — Ragai Mitry, comment

…by its nature aggressive, violent, intolerant and assertive. It preaches killing and war, mutilating and executing.
        — dharma, comment

at war with Humanity. It is that simple. There are two possible outcomes.
        — knowshistory, comment

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8 thoughts on “Quiz II: Can You Guess? Not Difficult.

  1. Does Islam breed psychopaths, murderers, liars, rapists, thieves and destroyers? Or do these evil excuses for humanity gravitate towards this cult?

  2. Quietly pleased, I knew 10 of the 19 commentators. 🙂
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    It is a hard subject, that is a difficult study, as one does not really want to know about it.
    How ever, all around the world governments are going along with it, whilst seemingly not wanting to know anything.

    The same seems to be about the now Climate Change, whilst chanting, “Trust the Science”.

    The world speeds up to push measures about the CCP virus, again chanting “Trust the Science”.

    Now a meme to shut down reason.
    All the time pulling a blanket of “societal problems” to camouflage issues.

    Truth will still be there, a remnant, that in some form, whether through people, books, paper, notes, computers, history, to carry a form of reason, of facts, of knowledge, to draw out wisdom in the future.

    To awaken others, to be true to God, to be true to yourself, never easy, but being aware of other ages, that went through foolishness, and then change did come about.

    Many thanks to Baron, your persistence, and wise words.
    I like how you keep a good balance and perspective. Thank-you

  3. My guess is the Lutherans. Their organization is on the Government dole to resettle millions of stone age tribes in towns large/medium/small across ‘Merica.

    • A clear case of opportunists selling the rope to those that will later use it to hang them. It’s a pity they will not be the first to swing from the lampposts.

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