Attacks on Utilities

The following article by Michael Copeland was originally posted at LibertyGB in 2014.

Attacks on Utilities

by Michael Copeland

Back in April of 2013, in a little-publicised incident that was featured a few months later at Gates of Vienna, an electricity substation serving Silicon Valley in California was put out of action by what was initially and inadequately described as “vandalism”. It was nothing casual.

Deliberately, a critical telephone cable, accessed by a manhole with a cover too heavy for one person to lift, had been severed beforehand. A shooter or two with AK 47 rifles had conducted an attack at one o’clock in the morning, lasting some nineteen minutes. They knocked out 17 transformers and slipped away into the darkness before police arrived. It seems to have been a test run, and a highly successful one, of domestic warfare by persons of hostile intent. No group has claimed responsibility.

The site had evidently been staked out beforehand: investigators found little piles of stones left as if to mark good sniper positions. Spent cartridge cases on the ground had been carefully handled: they bore no fingerprints. In the event the utility company had been able, by contacting other generating stations, to bring replacement power by other routes on the grid to make up for the disabled station, so life continued without very much interruption. Replacing the damaged equipment, though, most of it specialised, takes time: the sub-station was out of action for a month. Questions remain.

“These were not amateurs taking potshots,” said Mark Johnson, a former vice president of the utility company,

“My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal.”

Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission assessed it as “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

Alarmingly, an FBI spokesman, reluctant to call it terrorism, pointed out, “It doesn’t take a very high degree of training or access to technology to carry out this attack.”

That incident is not alone. Other substations in other states have been disabled. Such events are not particularly newsworthy, though: no celebrities are involved. Even if they are reported, the public swiftly forgets. As yet unsolved, they expose just how simply and effectively an essential service for modern life can be put out of action. Think about it. No power: offices and factories closed, no water pumping, no sewage control, no street lights, no traffic lights, no home lights, no television, no internet, no air-conditioning, no refrigeration, no washing machines, a surge in deaths in old people’s homes, and so on. In exchange for a few rifle shots at one o’clock in the morning whole populations can be disabled and thrown into disarray. Worse, several attacks at once “could destabilize the system enough to cause a blackout that could encompass most of the U.S.” Further, the replacement components are not available off the shelf: they are expensive and have to be made. Co-ordinated attacks would instantly exhaust what supply there is, and whole areas of population would have to spend months in a state of camping improvisation before power could be restored. It would be economically devastating.

Power is one area of vulnerability. Water is another. Al Qaeda has threatened to poison Western water supplies. This is to achieve maximum deaths of non-muslims in line with the Koran’s command, part of Islamic law, to “Kill unbelievers wherever you find them” (Koran 9:5, the chapter cited by the killer of soldier Lee Rigby). Several plots for mass poisoning have been exposed, and arrests made in USA, Canada and Spain (cited in Jihad Watch). An unusual incident occurred at Quabbin reservoir that serves Boston: seven foreign muslims, chemical engineering graduates, were discovered after midnight inside the security enclosure. Nothing had been tampered with, but why they had trespassed there at that time of night has not been explained. They were arrested, the action being initially treated as criminal. Some time later no charges were brought, and the matter was dropped.

In another strange incident a muslim man during the night climbed over the barbed-wire-topped six foot fence at a New Jersey water treatment plant. He was only found, early in the cold morning, because he had become stuck, and was calling for help. He had crawled inside a large pipe in the waterworks. Again, there has been no explanation.

A whole area of population can be badly affected by a contaminated water supply. The incident at Camelford in Cornwall back in 1988, when tons of chemical additive were wrongly tipped into the outgoing tank at a waterworks instead of the input tank is an example. There were many health problems, including stomach cramps, skin rashes, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers and aching joints. Some were long-term.

That incident occurred through inadequate supervision, and the pollutant, though not immediately fatal, was associated with many subsequent cases of dementia and a suicide. Years later one consumer died of a rare brain disease, apparently linked to the chemical. A malicious attack, using poison, would have mass fatalities.

These utilities, which we all depend on, were installed in those far-off days when we had consensus in the nation. The national grid of power was a welcomed advance, as was the national water supply. They were valued: no-one dreamt of disabling them. It is right that they be kept fenced off, the substations because of the high voltage, and the reservoirs to avoid pollution, but no-one needed to think of fortifying them. That consensus, however, has been destroyed. Consensus is fragile, and takes years to be established. It has been killed by the sinister policy, driven by the UN and EU, of inflicting on the home population all manner of “Replacement Migration” in their thousands, including criminals, from hugely different cultures with no bond to the West, and some of them openly hostile.

That “sense of our homogeneity and difference from others”, as UN migration promoter the late Peter Sutherland disparaged it, “is what the EU”, in his bossy opinion, “should be doing its best to undermine”.

We never asked, nor voted, for our culture to be undermined, but our view is irrelevant to globalists. These new arrivals are here, in their thousands and thousands and thousands, and it is virtually a crime to complain. The egregious Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, signed in 2018 by Britain but, wisely, not by the USA, makes the matter greatly worse: under its provisions complaining will be a crime.

Suddenly it is obvious that our vital facilities are exposed and vulnerable. The huge influx of outsiders has brought about a new danger: persons with hostile intent are living here and round us. “You people will never be safe,” announced the Woolwich soldier-killer, an immigrant from Nigeria.

Islam classifies the West as Dar-al Harb, “The Realm of War”: Islam is in “a permanent war institution”, as Al Azhar teaches, against all non-muslims in order to bring about, by force, the “Global Caliphate” in which Islamic law is imposed as the only law.

The disbelievers are ever unto you open enemies, says Koran 4.101,

Kill them until Islam is the only governance, says Koran 8:39.

The Koran is part of Islamic law, and there is the death penalty, which anyone is free to carry out, for denying any verse in it (Manual of Islamic Law o8.4, o8.7(7)).

We all need to be vigilant. What target will be next?

The local water treatment plant?

The local substation?


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6 thoughts on “Attacks on Utilities

  1. I’m always raising the same question, so readers of GoV who have seen my replies can skip this one.
    Usually my question regards the quality of the culture that globalists would have inadvertently created by their population replacement, which would of necessity be a pretty crappy one. And I’m usually questioning the logic of their willfully creating a debased world that would be such a displeasure to inhabit especially if one ventured outside of one’s gated community.
    But this essay raises a different angle, that these idiotic world-planners will not only lose many cultural elements which they undoubtedly enjoy, but perhaps even their own lives and those of their loved ones in an attack of this sort.
    Why haven’t they thought THAT one out?

    • I’ll answer that, because the so called elitist truly think that they will rule over these 3rd world invaders. The thought that the invaders would turn and kill them all does not compute in their minds. They truly think and truly believe that they are immune from these lowly people problems. Human nature in all it’s gory glory is about to be unleashed and none of these so called elites will see it coming nor believe it even when the stool is being kicked out from underneath them.

  2. I remember an article at westernrifleshooters I think where such attacks and their outcomes were mentioned. The article was scary to say the least.
    Long ago I made a practical time at the local water and energy supplier and those guys told me some things that made me realize how fragile this all is. Yes, there are safeties build into the system, but one push at the right place at the right time and – BINGO.
    When I think back I always ask myself why such attacks do not happen (in a certain manner of speaking).
    Yes, when the West bombed Serbia, their power and waterstations were taken out, but Serbia did not retaliate in kind.
    The IRA / ETA / Brigato Rosso/ Read Army Fraction did this not in their fight against GB / Spain / Italy / Germany even those groups claimed to be mortal enemies of the respective state.
    Is there some sort of informal agreement in the West or not?
    Of course for our “visitors” everything that damages or kills the enemy (kuffar) is allowed.
    So we should prepare. And now I understand why the German government which till today called all preppers at least rightwing if not Nazi now wants to publish a cooking book where you dont need running water or functioning cooking equipment (no power or fire!) and demands that every german has enough food and water for at least 10 days.
    Do they know what is coming????

  3. Hmm. Welp. If this had occurred in canadastan, I’d say it was a RCMP provocation.
    The RCMP, of course, has the ‘training’, motive and opportunity; and has a long history of staged terror incidents and attacks on infrastructure targets when political purposes are served.
    A partial list of RCMP staged incidents: 1972 FLQ crisis, where mounties staged B&E to steal explosives, mounties blowing off hands making bombs, arson in lieu of search-warrants, burning down the wrong ‘targets’, murder; and the famously bogus evidence presented to the PMO to support demands for imposition of the war measures act.
    There is the Oct 1999 ENCANA gas site bombings, conducted by the RCMP at the behest of the gov’t of Alberta. The unsolved BC gas bombings have similar ‘file marks’. Sometimes, it gets away from them, as with the Air India Bombing. Have you ever wonders why the longest (35 years) most expensive police investigation into the worst mass-murder in canadian history has failed to lay any charges? Or that the Crowns star witness and bomb maker were police informers?
    So, when a ‘precision’ attack on infrastructure that goes to great lengths to avoid collateral (dead civilians) occurs, I am suspicious. Marxist terrorists like dead capitalists, and don’t go out of their way to avoid casualties.
    Just an observation.

  4. During October 2019 I stayed with my gracious and wonderful cousin while I received medical treatment.

    We spoke of this very thing…. how vulnerable the electric grid is….water also.
    My cousin’s husband, who is very intelligent, went step by step about disabling the electric grid. What he said was exactly what happened in Silicon Valley by the culprits. He also blasted the corrupt federal government for not doing a f***** thing to protect the country and citizens from these types of attacks.

    I’m sending this article to my cousin and her husband.

  5. Sorry for another comment.
    About two years ago an illegal Middle Eastern female was stopped in New Mexico near my hometown, scouting natural gas lines.

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