EU People-Trafficking

More than 4,100 illegal migrants landed in Spain in January. Michael Copeland reminds us that the European Union is abetting one of the largest people-trafficking operations in the world.

EU People-Trafficking

By Michael Copeland

With its menacing “Core Values” the EU obliges member states to accept all arrivals howsoever transported, to supply them with benefits, and permit them unrestricted travel.

By doing so the EU is aiding and abetting industrial-scale people-trafficking. It is complicit.

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4 thoughts on “EU People-Trafficking

  1. If we had a real pandemic, the borders would be closed and the traffickers would have had an unfortunate meeting with a torpedo or a Harpoon missile, because in a real pandemic you dont allow possible infected people to enter your country.

  2. When I see ships loaded to the gunwales with these 3rd world sub human vermin, I see nothing but a target rich environment. In the end, it comes down to them, or us. What you all will be forced to do in order to survive, today, you scoff that we don’t do that any longer, for we are civilized and tolerant, tomorrow, you will do the most horrific, brutal, medieval things in order to thrive and survive. You say impossible? History says otherwise.

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