Death to the Unvaxed!

The relentless Corona propaganda has had its intended effect on a sensitive citizen of unstable disposition in Upper Austria.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Report24:

Black-green seeds of hatred are sprouting: Citizen wants to shoot all unvaccinated people

Government campaigns fall on fertile ground with vulnerable individuals. Now a vaccination fanatic in Wels has threatened to shoot all unvaccinated people. The background is probably the fear and panic campaign that the government has announced through all channels since the first days of the so-called Corona crisis (“Hundreds of thousands dead”, “Everyone will know a Corona victim”, “It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated”). Even if all of these statements were lies, they are capable of triggering social unrest.

A comment by Willi Huber

As the largely pro-government Kronen Zeitung reported on January 27, a Welser on social media threatened to shoot all unvaccinated people. He also posed with a pistol — allegedly just a blank firing gun. The facts show that hatred and discord, as fueled by numerous government and opposition politicians, can lead to dangerous threats or even acts of violence in the case of unstable people. This is also reflected in the largely peaceful demonstrations by opponents of the measures across Germany.

While middle-of-the-road Austrians exercise their basic rights, they are often threatened and attacked by radical left-wing thugs. This group of people — largely ostracized by normal taxpayers — is on fringe of society, and lives off the money and services of others, and is particularly easy to manipulate due to their intellectual constitution. So far, the left-wing extremists have claimed to be against capital and the state and for “freedom” in the form of anarchy. Now they are fighting for the state, for the interests of multi-billionaires, against physical self-determination and against the constitution and freedom of the people.

The violent criminal in Wels was reported and given a weapons ban. It is not known whether he also hailed from the circle of left-wing extremists. However, Wels is a stronghold of the terror-loving Antifa, and has a long tradition under socialist autocracy. After the total socialist failure and many allegations of corruption, the city is currently governed by a relatively liberal FPÖ mayor. Unfortunately, problems with political extremism are still not under control in the statutory city [Stadtkreis, a city acting as a district administrative authority].

Afterword from the translator:

If you go and check out Antifa’s annual reports of how much money they’re getting and from whom, then you’ll know why they roam the streets with the malign self-importance of those whose bigotry is backed by the State.

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