Farage’s Fatal Flaw

The European parliamentary elections are coming up next weekend, and it looks like Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will all but run the table when Britons choose their new crop of MEPs. But where does Mr. Farage stand on the issue of Islam? Michael Copeland’s new essay takes a look at the topic.

Farage’s Fatal Flaw

by Michael Copeland

Nigel Farage is remarkable. He knows his EU subject matter completely. His assessments are perceptive, his responses quick, forthright, and to the point. He is not afraid to speak his mind. The British like that. He has worked hard and persistently over the years after founding the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP.

It is very largely due to Farage that the British people have been made aware of the undemocratic nature of the EU. He has exposed the fact that its leaders are not elected but appointed by each other, that they cannot be dismissed by the voters, and that the European Parliament has no power to introduce legislation, but is given only the role of endorsing what the unelected leaders supply to it. He has left UKIP. At a time when British voters have hugely lost confidence in the traditional main parties, his newly-formed Brexit party seems likely to sweep the coming elections for the European Parliament. It is a testament to his leadership.

There is one important area, however, where Farage is not an authority, and that is Islam. Robert Spencer, a considerable expert on Islam, writes:

Nigel Farage… reveals his abject ignorance of Islam and the jihad threat…

No politician today can afford to be in that position. The danger is too great.

What “we absolutely must do”, insists Mr. Farage, is to “get the vast majority of muslims on our side against the bad guys.”

No deal, Mr. Farage. Learning curve needed. The “vast majority of muslims” are not available: Islam has walled them off: they are only permitted to be on Islam’s side and to do what Islam instructs. There is no mileage in that stratagem. It is a dead end. Muslims are not allowed any leeway by Islam’s rules. The doctrines set out in the texts are neither negotiable nor optional. Control is total:

It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. (Koran 33:36, part of Islamic law)

Muslims are not permitted to choose: they are instructed, and they have to submit. The word Islam means “submission”. There is no room for conscientious objection. Dr. Salah al-Sawy, the Secretary-General of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, issued a ruling, or fatwa, citing the above verse:

For things which have been stipulated in the texts of Islam, the [Muslim community] possesses no power except to acknowledge and obey.

The famous Pakistani scholar Abul Ala Maududi (d.1979) stressed:

No one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private… the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.

There is no private conscience in Islam. The Egyptian sheikh Yassir al-Burhani makes this clear in an interview:

For example, is it the right of the Muslim to convert to Christianity or another religion?

“Of course this is not a right.”

(JihadWatch.org 1 June 2012)

Anyone who does convert or leave Islam becomes an apostate, whom Islamic law commands muslims to kill. A teenage schoolgirl in Saudi Arabia converted to Christianity. Her father’s response was to cut out her tongue, lecture her on the Koran, then pour petrol over her and burn her alive. There is no penalty in Islam for killing an apostate. In addition, under Islam’s rules a father who kills his own daughter faces no penalty (Manual of Islamic Law, o1.2(4)). The rules are uncompromising. Thus is Islam held in place — by fear.

Mr. Farage subscribes to the view that Islam is Nice and Peaceful, but that a small minority of “bad guys”, the “Islamists”, have got it misunderstood, warped, twisted, perverted, misinterpreted, and so on. This has been a long-running red herring, a deliberately introduced deception, that has duped many a politician.

No, Mr. Farage, “Islamists” are an invention for the West. The Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, has no mention of Islamists. The word is an artificial construct devised to draw attention away from Islam itself. The dishonest message is that Islam is peaceful and spiritual while the “Islamists” are political. This is taqiyya, Islam-approved deception. It features as “Permissible Lying” in the Manual of Islamic Law, r8.

Islam is not restricted to private conscience.

  • “Islam is not like Christianity. Our Islam is political.” — Mullah Krekar
  • “Islam is politics.” — Ayatollah Khomeini
  • “An ideological political movement.” — Anjem Choudary
  • “Islam is politics or it is nothing.” — Prof. Bernard Lewis
  • “Islam is the perfect system for all mankind” — placard

Maududi again:

Islam is not a ‘religion’ in the sense this term is commonly understood. It is a system encompassing all fields of living. Islam means politics, economics, legislation, science, humanism, health, psychology and sociology.

The “system” of Islam is promoted as not just perfect, but as the ONLY permissible political system. It is total, its laws inflicted on everyone, including non-muslims, by violence if necessary.

“Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit? Yes!” — Osama bin Laden

Some 62% of the Koran concerns non-muslims, and how they must be treated with contempt, “enmity and hatred forever” (60:4), be converted to Islam or else be killed (2:191, 9:5).

No, Mr. Farage, Islam is severe and uncompromising. Your “bad guys” are not “bad” at all. They are obeying Islam’s murderous commands. They are being dutiful and observant, going by the book. The book is, of course, the Koran. Quite unlike the Old Testament, the Koran has a very significant status: its text, all of it, forms part of Islamic law. No-one may alter any part of it: “None may change his words” (18:27). No-one may disregard any part of it. One who denies any verse instantly ceases to be a muslim and has to be killed as an apostate (Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, o8.7(7)). The killing can be performed vigilante-style by anyone, and is penalty-free “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (o8.4). Control is total.

Robert Spencer asks:

Farage insists that we must not think that we are at war with the entire religion. But what, Mr. Farage, are we to think about the Muslims who consider themselves and their religion to be at war with us?

The problem is actually larger than that: it is not that some muslims “consider themselves” to be at war. All muslims are instructed to be at war by Islam’s doctrines. Islam teaches that the world consists of two realms, Dar al Islam, the Realm of Islam, and Dar al Harb, the Realm of War. Al Azhar madrassa in Cairo instructs that Islam imposes “a permanent war institution” against non-muslims, the kafirs.

  • “Britain has always been Dar al Harb” — Anjem Choudary, BBC Newsnight
  • “I’m a soldier and this is war.” — Michael Adebolajo, “Mujahid Abu Hamza”, killer of Lee Rigby
  • “We are at war and I am a soldier.” — Mohamed Sidique Khan, London 7/7 bomber
  • “Killing the infidels is our religion, slaughtering them is our religion, until they convert to Islam or pay us tribute.” — Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, 2005 (Quoted by mortimer)
  • “Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion.” — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

All this is standard Islam, Mr. Farage, as prosecuted in 1400 years of jihad conquest, slaughter, slavery, subjugation and extortion. The “vast majority” of muslims are irrelevant: they do not decide Islam’s rules.


For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

33 thoughts on “Farage’s Fatal Flaw

  1. How does he not see that the unelected, anti-demoratic despots of the EU agree with him whole-heartedly on only one thing–his assessment of Islam?

  2. You are right .Farange is a limited man and he williniignores the Muslim threat.
    If he wins nothing will change in UK

    • The problem is not so much with Farage as from the clique whose support he wants to win, they are the total victims of a class consciousness for which the idea of the reality that Islam is not rational. is unacceptable, they believe passionately that ‘Islamists’ can be won over given the right incentives and encouragement.

      If Farage acknowledges the insoucience of Islam then he treads on the emotes of his supporters and they have to face the fact that THEY TOO might be the racist/fascist that they too are the likes of Tommy Robinson et al.

      To pretend to be ‘working class’ is acceptable, but to acknowledge that one has the same views as the working class ‘populist’ is to be a ‘cad’ (one who plays at being of a class(es) lower than he/she actually is).

      Farage knows the problem but his middle England supporters do not, they still live in the leafy suburbs far away from the madding (Islamic) crowd.

      If he defines Islam as a problem he immediately loses a significant proportion of his support. The English ‘self-sophisticati’, those who consider themselve to be ‘sophisticated’ are out of place outside of their own Gadarene-esq society, and a demonic ‘Legion’, such as ‘Islamophobia’ will send them running…..

      They just don’t know any better, they have soft Batchelor’s degees and thus their world is a closed society where all is comfy and a prophet of doom is highly unwelcome. There should be a ‘little man’ (tradesman) like Farage available to fix the plumbing!

      Sorry about the neo-logisms but I do like them.

      • MC

        Unlike other commentators you have nailed it on the head appropos Nigel Farage and Islam:

        “Farage knows the problem but his middle England supporters do not, they still live in the leafy suburbs far away from the madding (Islamic) crowd.

        If he defines Islam as a problem he immediately loses a significant proportion of his support.”

        To which I would add he would render himself dead in the water politically.

      • You are correct: Nigel Farage knows that if he speaks harshly of Islam he’ll lose the election. He knows that he is hated enough, as it is, without fanning the calls of “racism” flames that could be his party’s death knell.

        I believe that once Farage’s party gets power he’ll come around to implementing policies that England needs such as stopping mass Third World immigration, especially Muslim immigration, into England. He’ll stop the return of “British” ISIS rapist/murderers; he’ll crack down on Muslim rape-gangs, Muslim benefits deadbeats, and British Muslims marrying their Pakistani first cousins.

        Farage is a smart man, he knows that he can’t change anything without first winning the election. Hopefully his party will win and, with Farage’s leadership, England can start the long process of undoing decades worth of self-inflicted damage.

  3. I find it both shocking and troublesome that Farage has such a huge blind spot when it comes to Islam. Clearly no good will come of it, even if his Brexit party manages to take the election by storm.

    Every single day on all of these blogs including GoV, Vlad, et al we read of the latest atrocity committed in the name of Allah by the cultural enrichers aka “invaders.”

    Every day we read another account of how the UK is more and more under the control of Shariah law to the point where state police are being used to physically attack Tommy Robinson and his supporters because they are trying to fight the rapists and criminals who follow the Religion of Peace. By the way, does anyone out there doubt that as soon as they can arrange it, the Powers that Be in the UK will try to take out Tommy “with extreme prejudice?”

    From what I’ve read it seems that Farage wants nothing to do with Tommy or his ilk which to me is unforgivable.

    What good is Brexit if the UK is subject to sharia?

    • Indeed.Or to phrase it differently – “How does it benefit man to gain the world but lose his soul?”

    • You’re right – Farage made real sure he was no political ally of Tommy Robinson. And I agree – his pusillanimous behavior is unforgivable. Batten is courageous.

    • They are trying already: his starvation imprisonment a year ago and planned retrial in a country that no longer has the protection against double jeopardy. What a rotten place

  4. Even as they fight they lose, for the created order does not bend and will not change. All those of Dar al Salaam will stand in judgment before the very person they gave their lives in fighting against to be condemned to a horrific eternity. It almost makes you want to cry and try to reach out to them somehow with the Truth. Yes, I will defend my household against any attack that they may carry out, but at the same time knowing that they of all are greatly to be pitied for the blindness that has been forced upon them.

    • “All those of Dar al Salaam will stand in judgment before the very person they gave their lives in fighting against to be condemned to a horrific eternity”

      Perhaps. We irreligious doubt it – but that’s not the point here.

      The point here is: before that purported “judgement day” comes our civilization will be completely destroyed by barbarians.

      “… knowing that they of all are greatly to be pitied for the blindness that has been forced upon them” ain’t gonna help either. The culture and society as we know it won’t exist any longer.


  5. Farage is chasing the muslim vote, a trap into which many mainstream politicians have fallen. At least Gerard Batten sees the reality but he has been sneered at, smeared and slandered by the muslim-supporting mainstream so that he has no chance of electoral success.

  6. Farage is essentially controlled opposition. He is an upper middle class snob who can talk ‘tough’ on a safe subject like the EU, but reveals his true – and cowardly – colours when it comes to difficult subjects like Islam. Farage is not part of the solution but part of the problem. On the plus side, he has at least helped begin the process of the breakup of the EU.

  7. Maybe it’s a case of choosing your battles carefully, one by one? I.e. take on the biggest evil first, then the next. The priority must first be getting our of the EU asap.

  8. In the current ‘public’ UK socio-politically correct climate it is not a matter of what is said but of what cannot be said or even alluded to. ‘Currently’ is the key word here and the future must wait a little while longer.

    One suspects that those who support TBP, and there are many both registered and otherwise, have their own perspective on this matter and that perspective frequently manifests both openly and obliquely in many online comment sections.

    Patience and one step at a time should be everyone’s watchwords because this is going to be a long campaign and each battle therein must be fought and won in the specific isolation of its time and place.

  9. Gerard Batten the Leader of UKIP has the right idea –that the next battle –after Brexit is to stop the left importing voters and outbreeding the natives.

    Unfortunately he started on the next battle before the present one–the battle for Brexit was over. Don’t blame him for that because none of us saw the true depth of evil and betrayal in Treason May and scum MPs.

    But now UKIP has trouble because the migrant issue allows the scum of the left to peddle the “waycism” card. Lots of folk see through it. But lots–who are otherwise sound –do not. The left has been flinging such crap against the wall for 50 years and some of it has stuck–even where folk should have more sense. This is why UKIP is stalled.The battle against the left and its imported voters MUST be fought –but not at the same time as we are having to fight again for Brexit.

    IMO that is why Farage won’t touch migration. Because that would bring us to fight on ground the scummy left have spent 50 years preparing.

    If we lose Brexit–we lose it all. It must be accomplished. And that will be far more difficult if the scum of the Left can level their racist BS against us. Which is why I am voting for the Brexit Party on Thursday—and all Brits reading this would be wise to do so at this time. The fight against the left’s mind conditioning will be an uphill one. We can’t fight that and for Brexit at the same time. Brexit first.

  10. Fortunately, Gerard Batten, the new leader of UKIP is well aware of the dangers of Islam; he refers to it as a ‘death cult’

  11. One thing at a time. Let’s leave the EU then deal with the next issue. I really don’t see the point in criticising Farage for what he’s not doing, surely it’s better to congratulate him on what he is doing. Farage is more on our side that he is on the other – He’s not going as far as we do, but then in this matter ‘we’ are the precursors.

  12. After reading some of the other comments this morning, by Steve Cass, Mr. Ecks and others, I would like to clarify my own remarks.

    I am an American and commenting from afar on the Brexit and other UK issues, so my take is very much different I suppose, than the people who actually live there. Maybe I am being impractical when it comes to Brexit and demanding so much “intellectual purity” from Farage and his supporters.

    If you who live there feel that it’s better to take it one step at a time and succeed at Brexit first before you take on the other problems, you’re probably right. I can see your point. Good luck in any case- this is a long and grueling battle.

  13. The more things change, the more things stay as they are. Just look who’s bankrolling him and his party. Just look who are the prominent people in his party – the usual suspects ! No matter who wins THEY win – they have all bets covered. The great replacement is THEIR policy and it will continue unabated no matter who holds the balance of power.

    • Phil, I am sorry that I disagree with you but, human nature one way or another is going to come to bare, despite these politicians best intentions. History, as it is demonstrated time and time again immortal, always ends in bloodshed where islam is concerned. So my best advice is to be forearmed is to be forewarned.

  14. I realised Farage wasn’t up to the job of leading anything but a fringe party of “Hoorah Henrys ” when he glibly dismissed the murder of Lee Rigby as an isolated incident.

    Since then over 30 people have been murdered in “isolated incidents”.

    I abstained from voting to leave the E.U. because of the likes of Farage and their obsession with the minutiae of E.U. LAW while ignoring the murder and mayhem caused by largely third world immigration.

    The E.U. aggravates these problems but the blame lies firmly halls of Westminister.

    • “I realised Farage wasn’t up to the job of leading anything but a fringe party of “Hoorah Henrys ” when he glibly dismissed the murder of Lee Rigby as an isolated incident.

      Since then over 30 people have been murdered in “isolated incidents”.”

      I’m no lover of Islam, but thirty people get murdered over a long weekend in Chicago and no one bats an eye. The Manchester Bombing is a different matter.

      It’s the rape-gangs, benefits abuse, and parallel societies along with the population explosion of Muslims in England that is the HUGE problem.

      • I’m no lover of Islam, but thirty people get murdered over a long weekend in Chicago and no one bats an eye.

        That’s because it’s the denizens of Southside, killing one another. Mostly over drug disputes, territory, etc. The occasional innocent child can get killed in the crossfire. The Chicago Police do very little as it’s a lose-lose proposition and they’ll be accused of RAAYCISM! no matter what. This has become a problem only the people involved can solve. But give the insanely high rates of illegitimacy, with many children in a woman’s life being the result of serial baby-daddies, that’s not likely to happen.

        In one of his books about his community activism in Chicago, Obama sounded fatalistic. He said even mothers were beginning to abandon their babies and that he thought the return of orphanages would be a good idea. Of course, once he began to run for high office, that idea was thrown under the bus.

  15. Maverick–“I abstained from voting to leave the E.U. because of the likes of Farage and their obsession with the minutiae of E.U. LAW while ignoring the murder and mayhem caused by largely third world immigration”

    Well then your complaining has been of no help to anyone then– HAS IT? Would you rather stay an outraged loser or become a winner –free from the troubles you bemoan?

    First Brexit–which breaks up the monolith as needed.

    Then round two–which we can then fight with only one foe –the British State.. Yes the globo-elite trash will do all they can to help the corrupt British state–but that state CAN be defeated. All 28 of the b**tards+ overweening EU bureaucracy all together as one vile bloc CAN’T.

    So have some sense and vote for the Brexit Party on Thursday. That will put the fear up Tory/Labour trash.

    The next fight–against the left/RoP takeover of our nation is on its way–but all battles can’t be fought at once. Should the WW2 Allies have attacked in North Africa, invaded Italy and held D Day all at once? No–one at a time.

    I and many others will join you in that battle–already have in small ways–but BREXIT FIRST. Then re-concentrate our forces. Brexit is the Globo-elite getting what Hitler got at El Almein –notice that the tide has turned.

  16. Fjorman: “The European Union is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe. It is formally surrendering an entire continent to Islam while destroying established national cultures, and is prepared to harass those who disagree with this policy.
    “This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

    Before anything changes in the UK, whether that be erosion of free speech or honest debate about Islam, mass immigration and all the rest of it, Brexit HAS to happen! We have to leave the EU, it is of paramount importance, anything else is a distraction.

    It is the first major step to regaining some semblance of control over our nation.
    The ‘progressive’ LibLabCon&SNP majority in Westminster and Whitehall are trying to thwart Brexit.
    Any talk of counter-jihad has been made toxic by the Islamophiliac British establishment and their neo-blasphemy of ‘hate-speech’, that will not change until the majority of ‘progressives’ in Westminster have been replaced or at the very least face a significant opposition and ‘progressive’ control of Westminster is broken.
    Until then they will use that toxicity fueled by a thousand hit pieces and smears, to divide Brexit forces which is why the counter-jihad must be on the back-burner…for the moment.
    There’s a long game here and Brexit is all that matters in the short-term.

    Farage may have cynically thrown Ukip under a bus for political reasons but going by the Brexit party’s popularity and polling figures (as untrustworthy as they may be) it was the correct thing to do, from his perspective that is, and arguably for Brexit itself.

    • The quote above that starts my comment is of course from Fjordman, although Fjorman, whomever he may be, might well have said it too.

    • Reluctantly I agree with you. Farage is sharp and cynical – always with his finger to the wind. But that cynicism is crucial for Brexit’s finalization. It may be the only real chance for the British to take back their sovereignty, which explains his “from-zero-to-sixty” campaign metabolism.

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