Surveys and Percentages

Surveys and Percentages

By Michael Copeland

Fairly frequently the results of interview surveys of Muslims appear in the media. They are, after all, what poll companies do. In tones of concern or excitement the percentages showing how many say they support this or oppose that are revealed. These surveys can be quite informative and can give rise to much interest and discussion, but unfortunately they miss the point. Islam is not a Trade Union. Its teachings are not determined, or even influenced, by percentage support.

There could, for instance, be surveys made of how many people support or do not support, say, the off-side rule in football, or the no-ball rule in cricket. The result can be discussed at length, but IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO THE RULE.

Islam has rigid rules against any reformation whatsoever, enforced by its authorised vigilante-style killing. Its teachings are quite clear against democracy, against equality before the law, against free speech, and entirely endorsing stoning, slavery, daughter-killing, amputations, wife-beating, forced marriage, genital mutilation, and mandatory second-class status for non-Muslims. Those are what are INSTRUCTED: they come from Islam’s rule-book, Sharia.

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