A Million Parasites for Ireland

A Million Parasites for Ireland

by Michael Copeland

“It’s our big vision”, said Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, “for how we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades.” And what is this “big vision”? A mass migration of a million plus over the next 22 years at a cost of €116 billion.

“We want to reshape Ireland,” says Mr. Varadkar. Who are the WE? And why does Ireland have to be “reshaped”? Did the Irish vote for that? Are they going to be cajoled and browbeaten with upbeat spin to “celebrate” being “reshaped”. Will they be told, Merkel-style, “We can do it!”? Will they be shamed, Cameron-style, for being “too many white Christian faces”? Will they be instructed, Sarkozy-style, that they HAVE TO make mixed-race marriages?

A former Irish Attorney-General, the late tainted Peter Sutherland, set out, in bullying manner, his views:

“The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world. …States have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them;… sovereignty is an illusion… sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.”

Sutherland’s taint came from his creating and running the deceptively named UN “Global Forum for Migration and Development”. The deceptiveness is in the word “Development”. The unwary listener is intended to impute a favourable intent: the word, of course, also covers population replacement: that is, after all, a form of development.

In Sutherland’s view the “EU should be doing its best to undermine ….a sense of homogeneity and difference from others…” This is nation-destruction.

No deal. “We want to reshape Ireland” is an appalling and dishonest metaphor that disguises nation-breaking, and dresses it up as a wonderful shared “big vision”. This is Population Replacement — you know, otherwise called Ethnic Cleansing. The luckless taxpayers of recently bankrupt Eire will have to pay not only to be colonized by their replacements, but to maintain these cleansers for years and years on welfare. At the same time they will be browbeaten to permit polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation, and niqab oppression on the spurious grounds of “religious tolerance”. Sexual violence against women and children will drive them to shrink inside their homes, not use swimming pools, and refrain from attending music festivals, while thuggery will carve out the familiar no-go zones that the mainstream media frantically deny. That is how Sharia is inflicted de facto, by subterfuge and violence, without any debate, and without any Act of Parliament. This has been the pattern in Germany, France and the UK. The precedent is there. See it.

The mass migration will be of a MILLION foreigners, such as from Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They will very likely be illiterate, and not speak English or have employable qualifications. If the UN, who choose who will migrate, has anything to do with it, the new arrivals will be mostly Muslim. They will not swiftly join the productive workforce. Experience from Germany and Sweden shows that they find they are quite comfortable on welfare, which includes payments to polygamous wives and their children. If they are awarded citizenship — the presumed intention — they will be entitled to family reunification, and each can bring in several further relations as a right. One million will turn into three and a half million, and that against the Irish population of 4.7 million. Ireland will be destroyed. Look at Malmö. Look at Rinkeby. Look at Seine-Saint-Denis. Look at Örebro. Look at Marseilles. Look at Molenbeek.

This is an indefensible strategy for Ireland, a self-inflicted man-made catastrophe.

Irish people, galvanise yourselves! Do not let your culture, your music, your genetic inheritance, your pubs and festivals be overrun, destroyed and squandered.

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99 thoughts on “A Million Parasites for Ireland

  1. How cute. First, they were subjected to a policy of genocide for centuries, and when they recovered a little, they were forced out by migrants.

    • Somewhat ironic that British rule was totally unacceptable, but we’re perfectly willing to let our country be overrun by the invading third world.

        • Ben Shapiro described it something like this in a recent video…

          “My great-grandparents emigrated to the United States in [the early 1900s], not speaking English and with no money. They weren’t seeking to escape some lousy environment; they were coming here to MAKE a better life for themselves. There was no welfare program. There were some communities that could help them, but they were basically on their own.”

          Immigrants today are all-too-often coming here for benefits, not freedom; not for assimilation, but to change our culture into theirs.

          THOSE should be the deciding criteria for allowing immigrants in and deciding if “Dreamers” should be allowed to stay.

          • Having lived in N. Ireland some years ago I must admit to being shocked to find out that the Emerald Isle is trading the Papacy for the Mosque. If you think that you were badly handled by the British PM and the Pope, just wait until 1 million Muslims turns into 4 or 5 million and you have to live under sharia law.

          • Ban Shapiro is right. Actually, Irish culture would not be threatened if at least 90 percent or more of the people coming in were Christians from the Philippines, Latin America, Africa or elsewhere.

    • Hi Elena ( Helen),

      Isn’t that amazing! The British rule was bad but muslim eh ah uh eh should I say the truth . . . let us say just jihadis, we know what jihadis do.

      But Jihadis rule is better. Humans are so weird.

      Oh my Pirate how did you come up with a “religion”, philosophy so admired by the whole World . . . All Continents.

      • I did not quite understand what you meant.
        I think that in such conditions it is very important how the society is ready to react in response. What can it oppose to jihadists? Is it ready to act the same measure?
        When I read the records of Russian nationalists, I get scared. When I read happy records about the deaths of migrants and Muslims, I’m scared. Phenomenal, but these wild thugs are our last hope. Everything is so neglected that this world can not be brought to order by civilized measures. Who brought the world to this line is the main question.

    • March on Parliament now get this PM out now.
      He is a Hindu. Does not understa d Christians. Following the late Sutherland on migration.
      Get out of the EU now.
      Get these priests bishops archbishops Cardinal out of there palaces. A joint united voice is needed?

        • The productive strategy is to expose the dishonest propaganda, expose the sinister UN/EU Nation-breaking agenda, show the people what a huge COST this will be to them, their families, their culture, their tourism. Give the elites no mercy.

          However, so many of the people are drugged by telly, or permanently listening to headphones, or stuck into computer games and social media. They have been accustomed to the Nanny State delivering things out of the sky. Zombie-like, they are removed from reality.

          It will be a hard sell. By all means let there be marches. People need to hold their representatives’ feet to the fire.

  2. I am glad I have good memories of Ireland and the rest of Europe – before the fall.

    • I lived on England in the late 60s and have fond memories of that time. I also have relatives there. I always thought I would return some day but now think I never will, if only to save myself from becoming even more depressed about the civilizational loss we are witnessong.

      • I used to live in some nice parts of England with my English husband ten years ago. I hope there are still some nice parts left when I return.
        I think most Whites in England is still quite civilized. But, the problem is there are too many uncivilized, greedy nonwhites there who (think they “own”the place) tend to be unhelpful, selfish, rude and intolerant. It is mostly nonwhites that are causing multiculturalism to be unbearably oppressive. It seems one can’t even state the too many harmful effect of nonwhite migrants spread of unsavory culture without being called a racist. By the way, I am a nonwhite but I identify mostly with White values, White culture and also with Whites frustration, disillusionment and general day to day struggle for survival in an increasingly hostile nonwhite environment in our Western civilization. It is depressing indeed to witness the takeover from various racist nonwhite groups who used various religious and political platform to spread their mostly offensive nonwhite agenda while at the same time causing the loss of what was used to be our decent Western cvilization. I hope there is still time to reverse the situation to our favor.

        • I was born and raised in Canada but I don’t feel very Canadian, I miss my country I’ve never been to. I met and befriended, and dated more europeans when I was in thailand for 6 weeks, than I feel in 28 years in western canada which has been overun by the chinese and east indians as long as I can remember.

          I appreciate your response. Just curious what is your nationality?


        Ireland waving the Rainbow flag
        is provoking the Almighty’s Ire
        jubilating, while dressed in drag
        is sailing towards the eternal fire

        Ireland is blowing the retreat
        back to her pre-christian days
        following the devil’s deceit
        marching the wrongful ways

        The Shamrock is withering
        it’s a long way to Tipperary
        it’s slipping and slithering
        on a dangerous itinerary

        St Patrick got rid of the snakes
        they now came back disguised
        as colorful ducks and drakes
        readying Ireland to be chastised

        That’s the world we’re living in
        God’s Laws are pushed aside
        living in the most deadly sin
        but by worldly laws we abide

        Rita Biesemans, written May 24 2015

  3. They are also rewriting European history big time. A former colleague of mine- a PhD in Classical history and languages, with expertise in Egyptology was unceremoniously sacked from a well known college in University of London because he refused to teach the “History of Black Egypt”. This fine scholar is a polymath with interests in medicine and physiology too. He was scathing about the recent “discovery” of a “black” Cheddar Man. He was very depressed by the recent attempts to present “black Roman legions” but especially a negroid Tutankhamen. He knows the truth and is a chum of Dr Hawas the famous Egyptologist in Cairo.

    He contacted me a month before he was constructively dismissed and “sent to Coventry” for refusing to teach what he called “genocidal propaganda” (lies). I am concerned about his safety as I know he cared deeply about his work. A wonderful man and a top scholar dedicated to the truth rather than Marxist cultural racial revisionism. Apparently they are teaching this stuff to undergraduates as truth, despite hard scientific evidence to the contrary.


    • Egypt as well as the rest of Africa, was exclusively Black.
      It was the Semitic invasion in the 700’s that wiped the Blacks from there through murder and slavery.
      Arabs and other Semites are Invaders.

      • I wish to remain polite but you are writing [material which seems utterly incorrect and without scholarly foundatiobn]. I worked-excavated in Egypt at Giza and Valley of Kings. Are you saying 40 years of study by myself and people like Dr Hawass are liars? Arabs and Semites are not invaders, nor are the Europeans invaders into Europe. We did extensive DNA research and the story is lot more complicated than “Egypt as well as the rest of Africa was, exclusively black”. Akkadians from Sumer invaded around 3,000 BC. Look up Dr Rohl and his studies. Please do not lecture people like myself and Dr Hawass about a supposed Afrocentric fantasy. You are entitled to your dreams but science says otherwise. Concpets of race have no place in Ancient history.

        • I’m puzzled by your reply, Bishop. Are you saying Egypt was not invaded by Muslim arab (ie semitic) people in the 7th or 8th century?

          If you have the time, a breakdown of your and your colleagues’ research into the DNA of all current Egyptians would be fascinating. The evidence of the ancient Egyptians’ wall paintings suggests that most were “brown”, but a minority (slaves? sex slaves?) black, from further south.

  4. If nothing else this policy is the definitive reason why we must have a ‘hard border’ with Eire after Brexit.

    • ???????London is deep in third world now with a Pakistani Muslim Mayor calling the shots. In the six north eastern counties of Ireland (UK claim) incomes are already a fraction of the average in the twenty six counties. Dublin (aand Ireland) is wealthy and growing city. The pro The demographic in the north east is now less than fifty per cent Ukish. On average there are more Englishmen in Ireland than Irishmen in England. I don’t doubt much higher social welfare and incomes has something to do with that. Irish “Unionists” are finding it almost impossible now to lie cheat and steal with impunity and immunity these days. Guess why?

      • Don’t worry it will all change soon.
        Look up Agenda21/30.
        Common Purpose Maps
        Its a 23 year walk in the park so far as the Octopus weaves it’s communistic web of deception to bring down the middle classes
        Result: poverty ie very rich and very poor. End game
        Eugenics: Abortion. Sterilisation tainted through enoculations?
        Much more.

  5. Ahem. Might I point out that no one ever voted for this clown. Yes, he is an elected TD (member of parliament) but he only leads the government as the previous dunderhead stepped down.
    There are less than 5 million of us pixieheads in Leprechaun Central. Adding a full million of whatever would just be catastrophic. As it is we have a massive housing crisis and our A&E are overflowing. If Varadkar and his Bilderberg pupil Coveney think this is going to fly, I’ll find him a pot of gold ag the end of a rainbow.

    • “Might I point out that no one ever voted for this clown. ”

      For God’s sake. When I read this I wondered how the Irish could ever vote for this quintessential darling of progressive loons (of immigrant origin and gay) to be theor taoiseach.

      Now you tell me he was never elected at all.

      Either of the two scenarios means something is terribly wrong with Eire.

      • The Irish need to get rid of this moron and take back their country.
        As an Irish woman from the North I find it upsetting that thousands of Irish died fighting to get freedom from England.
        The Irish did not die for their country to be given away to the dictatorship of the currupt EU.
        The Irish need to rise up again and take back what is theirs before their whole culture is destroyed.

    • That is very interesting. Is there an explanation for why the previous person stepped down? I am getting the sense that there is a concerted effort to replace any politician who does not favor the globalist agenda. Tony Abbot and Stephen Harper were also “replaced” with people willing to bow to the globalist agenda. Canada is seeing its sovereignty deliberately undermined by the current Liberal government. Many of the governments policies are being dictated by the UN and conform to the Sustainable Development goals, which are thinly disguised stepping stones to global communism. It is frightening.

      • The only explanation I can think of is tha Simon Coveney attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2014, when he was Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture in ‘a private capacity’. He is now deputy prime minister (Tanaiste) and Foreign Minister. You get the picture. He is the one who reckons we need a million immigrants…oh and Leo Varadkar, the colourful Taoiseach (PM) gets on swimmingly with Justin Trudeau….right down to the socks thing. You burst out laughing if it weren’t so tragic.

        • Well as soon as the music to Muslim ears abortion bill is passed it should be easier for the sharia population to breed in and seriously outrage the non-islamite Irish. The newly imported other allies may help hold the line.

  6. Who is this Leo Varadkar? Don’t sound like any gaelic name I ever heard. Perhaps that’s the problem.

    • His father was a Hindu, his mother a Catholic. Varadkar was brought up as Catholic.
      Basically neither Catholics nor Hindus have reason to be fond of Muslims or Islam.
      His ethnic background is not the problem, there are many people from outside of Europe or who belong to other faiths then to a Christian convent who oppose Islam and are constantly warning Europeans.
      But he clearly suffers from toxic liberalism and totalitarian multiculturalism.
      An evil pseudoreligious cult of its own.

  7. Ireland has a population of about four million. Taking on a million Muslim refugees will make the population 20 percent Muslim. If each of those migrants brings in only two family members, the population will increase to seven million, with Muslims making up 42.8 percent of the population. This is a recipe for disaster.

    If they’re hellbent on doing this, they should invite the Middle Eastern and African Christians who must live as second class citizens into Ireland.

  8. The IRA and Ulster paramilitaries NEED to team up and re-arm, go to war against the EU and “globalists”!@@

    • Harden your defenses ..they will crush any resistance with an unlawful assault of law suites and jail time or fines for all who oppose the Globalist agenda .. they are currently staging the hords in Canada and South America to invade USA…. but came TRUMP…..and they want him dead…

    • The IRA are Marxists and would no doubt support ethnic diversity to insure a people’s government. No doubt they’d last slightly longer than the whites in South Africa will.

    • The UK paramilitaries holed up in the western counties of the ancient Irish province of Ulster might be up to scarpering to some Orange ghetto in Scotland or England if the islamite spots break out on too much of the body politic. Anyway right now we are watching a well armed England make a right bollox of exiting the EU’s caliphate dream. Interesting times.

      • Error: should read ‘north eastern counties counties of ….’ and not western counties. Blood rising again?

  9. And more breaking news:
    3 Muslim girl gangsters are awared 180 million dollars by New York City because a precinct could not accommodate the religious preferences of the hijabbed girls and forced the girls to disrobe their face for mugshots when arrested for assault.


    No word on the assault victims, who are probably non-Muslim and therefore don’t rate any special treatment.

    It’s understandable in NYC, where Muslims are a significant part of the population, politicians want their vote, and judges come from the most communist schools (other people’s) money can buy.

    Ireland is a bit more difficult to understand. They have a tradition of fighting the British, each other, anyone, and most recently blowing up London buildings in a bid for independence. It’s hard to see this transition to slobbering lapdog lackeys of sociopath UN bureaucratic tyrants.

    Perhaps the democratic form of government is outliving itself. Perhaps given the power of bureaucracies to worm their ways into the cracks and crevices of any government, and the dumbing-down of electorates (in my opinion, genetically-based), it is time for governments who feel a tangible stake in the prosperity of their country: corrupt dictatorships, anyone? I don’t really think a kleptocracy is the ideal form of government, but representative government in the form of West European megaliths is clearly leading to the permanent destruction of national identity in Europe.

    • Oops. 180 thousand dollars, not million dollars.

      But, not to worry. The Central Park Rapists, on the grounds they were discriminated against, just got a $40 settlement for having the bad luck to serve jail terms for almost killing and severely maiming, a white jogger.

  10. It was 180,000 ,but truth be told 1 dollar would be too much! NYC gives these what it calls “small” payouts to avoid going to trail. It encourages people to file all kinds of stupid lawsuits with the city ,because the city is willing to settle out of court to make them go away. The is no cost on filing a lawsuit against the city so there are thousands of outstanding suits with the city having to have an army of lawyers on payroll to defend it. The city usually does not admit fault and settles out of court because of the expense of fighting the case. This encourages more lawsuits ,it is also the political fall out they want to avoid offending groups of voting blocks{Moslems}.

  11. I went on vacation to Dublin last Summer.
    It was my first visit to Ireland and I really enjoyed it.
    But at the same time I was startled because of the many Muslim-migrants we encountered.
    Most of them obviously Somalis, Eritreans, Pakistanis ea., not the kind of migrants you want to have in your country in big numbers.

    It seems Ireland suffers from the same insanity like the rest of Western Europe.
    I also witnessed many poor or homeless people on the streets in the evening (compared fe. to Vienna), but almost all of them were Irish.

  12. An Irish export success – Peter Sutherland, Irish businessman, barrister and politician (fe. Goldman Sachs International, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, European Round Table, Vatican, UNO)…

    “The EU should ‘do its best to undermine’ the ‘homogeneity’ of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.
    Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.”

    • Sutherland’s technique was to be disparaging of other views while delivering in a bossy authoritative manner various falsehoods about how beneficial, economically and socially, a flood of the usual unassimilable hostile invaders will be.

  13. Why don’t they take 1 million White South Africans facing genocide? Or genocide is what awaits us anyway?

    • Because they’d all vote right-wing, finishing off the left once and for all.

      BRINGING IN WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS is what any conservative government should do in the West. It’s exactly the REVERSE of what the left is engineering, and would be just as effective (in reverse).

      And not just white South Africans. There are lots of other ethnic groups (not all white) who are fairly reliable right-wing voters, I’m sure. Coptic Christians could be start…

      • White South Africans gave up their country. Everything that happened was predictable. In fairness, the English interlopers living as South Africans were mostly to blame.

  14. So insane..please fight back with all you have Ireland… I am in USA of Irish ancestry…we are known for our toughness. Please do all you can to stop this horrible invasion. It defies any and all common sense. What a nightmare!

  15. The Attorney General of Ireland plainly states that ‘Irish sovereignty’ is an illusion. He is actively conspiring against the Irish republic. Last time I was in Dublin they still had some charming lamp posts.

  16. My country is gone our Irish government sold us out to the Eu they make the [vulgar intensifier] rules not the Irish government.. lreland leave the Eu.
    Look at the state of England,, France,, Germany,, Sweedn,,we’re next.. we fought the English for hundreds of years and now were going to let the Eu to destroy our culture wake the [vulgarity] up

    • The EU is nothing more than the 4th Reich, doing the anti-semitic bidding of the Germans by bringing in millions of Muslims.

  17. My country is gone. our Irish government sold us out to the EU they make the […] rules, not the Irish government.

    Ireland, leave the EU.

    Look at the state of England, France, Germany, Sweden: we’re next. We fought the English for hundreds of years and now we’re going to let the EU destroy our culture? Wake […] up

    • Ireland’s between a rock and a hard place. It’s part of the PIIGS – countries in debt to Brussels or their minions.


      It’s not like the average Irish voter didn’t try – they kept saying “NO” until they were worn down. England and the rest of the UK didn’t even get a referendum on which to vote, despite being solemnly promised one was in the offing.

      And let’s see now how their Brexit vote turns out.

  18. NO worries, I’m sure the United States will recognize the Irish as refugees and allow them asylum…….oh yeah…..they’re white…..nevermind.

  19. What happens when all the non-Christian immigrants start complaining about all the Christian crosses and monuments that litter the Irish country side…will your government pull them down?

  20. Anne Marie Waters is quite scathing on the subject.You can find her on twitter and on you tube.

  21. An old friend from schooldays has been living and working in Ireland for decades now and he has only recently cut contact with most of our gang for our “xenophobic” views. He simply did not know what we were talking about but fortunately, he will soon learn. So to make the lesson in cultural enrichement most efficient for him, I advise the invasion of Afghans and Somalis. There is a slight hope in me that there is still some residue of tough rebellious spirit( and ammo) there left from the times past. Remember how they faught the Brits.

  22. Had it not been for Sweden, a glaring example of what mass immigration of Third World Muslims brings to any country, I would just think that the people that are making this disastrous decision were naive. But they are not, they know full well what the results are by doing this. Sweden has gone from a very homogeneous, highly functioning country to a basket case. Who in God’s name would willingly copy them? The Swedes didn’t realize what was coming down the pike until it was way too late-The Irish are well aware of what their future holds if they do not fight tooth and nail against this criminal act against its people.

    • Once the Irish got rid of the Church’s yoke, they upped their slavery status via the political correctness of socialism with all its attendant strictures.

      The Irish at least had humor on their side, but not any more. The divil hates those who laugh.

  23. So, why Ireland? I speculate:

    Apparant strategy here, to bring Ireland and all other EU associated nations to something less than the breaking point at about the same time. If in-migration is then cut off it will not matter, natural increase will be adequate to topple all of those nations at once. None of those countries will have a near neighbor strong enough to be a useful ally.

    The role of the left or far left is to be the useful idiots, in the service of their own egos.

    Meanwhile, EU leadership may have an entirely different motive. Most EU banking may need government debt to create wealth from. I am not very confident of our financial institutions in most of those countries.

    Those leaders who have brought this about would probably rather not be found out during their comfortable lifetimes.

    That is how I see it as I speculate today.

    • And the effective role of the left, which I neglected in the previous entry, is to create noise and distraction while stifling free speech. Honest lefties will be rendered irrelevant.

      • I am not convinced that anyone in the halls of the EU cares about the unique histories of Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary ant all the others. It may be exactly all those varieties of uniqueness that the EU would like to see done away with.

        It may be that excessive concern with ancient grievances, or grievances from past generations, can make useful idiots out of a lot of people. Lefties are not the ONLY people who have their human foibles.

    • Maybe because Ireland does not feel sorry for her low status in the Anglo-Saxon world?

      • And how is the Anglo Saxon world doing in all the other worlds? The English were forced out of a lot of places. The unhappy memories linger on to this day? “Be a man and not a fool – pull the chain and not..,,.,,.” Or as an old Irish saying goes, “Beware the smile of a Saxon and the hoof of a horse.”

  24. So the EU leaders want to destroy my culture and country.. I wonder what it’s like inside BRUSSELS H.Q I wonder are the walls RED don’t push us

  25. I was trying to learn the Irish language until I saw that the Irish people choose this guy. And well now the language is soon going to be gone forever and Arabic will be the country’s national language.

  26. Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

  27. Maybe Leo thinks all immigrants are like him, willing to integrate and be part of Irish society. He needs to wake up and stop being so naive. I would welcome Hindu immigrants and also Coptic Christians and Christians from war torn countries such as Syria. African Christians have revived some dying churches and they are happy to work and contribute to the country. Unforunately some religions are not compatible with integration. Recently there was a debate in the press because an academic’s comments were taken up as seeming to condone FGM but later the press stated that was not what he meant at all.

    • Not quite as much as the class of English who have apparently totally sold their countrymen out for a few pieces of Saudi silver.

  28. this is bad news for Irish people of whom I am one; we will lose our national identity and much more; the social unbalance will create huge social problems; it is impossible to live with Islam as their Quran commands them to murder non Muslims etc 4/3/18

  29. Ireland, like the Catholic church, has been taken over by sodomites whose chief goal is to destroy Christianity. From gay marriage to abortion the global LBGT community poured millions into both campaigns.it’s my belief they rigged the abortion referendum.

    They constantly bash the Catholic church for mpleating young boys when everybody knows the Christian Brothers were a homosexual fraternity in Ireland.

    The LGBT community is the one that needs to apologise. They will keep going now that they claim victory in 2 referendums where the left wing, mostly LGBT, producers in Irish media were totally biased.

    Their next move is to ban Catholic teaching in high schools. There are thousands of migrants freely pouring in every day. Varadker is Ireland’s Obama. He became leader through, I believe, a coup in his own party and has not been elected leader in an election. He has no mandate to do anything yet left-wing media lips are sealed.

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