Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami

This article follows “A Million Parasites for Ireland” and “The Crushing of Irish Culture: It Has Been Decided” by the same author. The bold type emphasis is the author’s; items in italics and brackets in the text are his interpolated observations.

Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami

By Michael Copeland
January 18,2019

Ireland’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, said:

“….we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades”.

A spokesman explains [at 0.10]:

“We want to attempt to double the size of all of the cities, in population terms, outside of Dublin.”

Social engineering

“Ireland” in Varadkar’s statement is not the land, or the buildings: it is the people. He and his colleagues want — that is what he said — to “reshape” the population with a million extra people, mostly imported foreigners. This is social engineering from above. The people, of course, were never asked. They are not the ones that want this. The “we”, in Varadkar’s phrase, are the politicians. It is politicians who want to inflict this cultural tsunami on the native Irish, population 4.7m, in the only land they have, which will overpower and destroy Irish culture. Cultures are, after all, fragile.

Varadkar says:

“Why do we need a plan? We need a plan because in 20 years’ time there’ll be an extra million people living in Ireland.”

There will be an extra million people living in Ireland. There we are. Just like that: all perfectly straightforward. Varadkar says so. They will simply arrive. Oh yes?


The video, “Ireland 2040 — Our Plan”, offers no reason for importing half a million non-Irish. Varadkar is not atoning for Ireland’s colonial record, for there is not one. The “project” is not being promoted as humanitarian help for “refugees”, nor as bringing in more workers — to an economy that already has 6.7% unemployment. The voice-over cites “climate change”, and “energy needs”, neither of which is helped by a million extra consumers. Varadkar appears in the video giving cheerful upbeat spin. Only platitudes are offered:

“to build a better society… a plan to make Ireland a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to.”

This “better society” turns out to be a society with fewer Irish in it. Significantly and most revealingly there is not a single mention of encouraging young Irish adults to have more children, or to create tax support for families. No, this project is not about Irish native families. The material is all about new arrivals from other cultures, by no means all compatible, and some openly hostile.

“All over Ireland today … we have diverse communities … that bring colour and vitality….”
— David Stanton, Minister for Equality, Immigration and Integration

The unavoidable suspicion is that this waffle disguises undisclosed compliance with some Merkel-type quota imposed from outside, by the dictatorial EU or the sinister UN, or the background banksters. This would fit with the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to make Europe’s people a mixed-race Afro-Eurasian blend, eliminating national differences, and leading to the brave new Utopian EUSSR. It fits, too, with the manifesto of Communist Altiero Spinelli, whose name is over the doorway to the EU Parliament. Merkel and others laid EU-coloured flowers at his tomb. Spinelli wrote of abolishing private property, and having a European army to help impose the dictates of the central administration. Sounds familiar?

Project Ireland 2040

“Project Ireland 2040 emphasises social outcomes and values (population dilution and replacement) ahead of economic targets. It prioritises the wellbeing of all of our people (a give-away phrase), wherever they live and whatever their background (Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, you name it).”

The project includes awesome bureaucratic prose that lets the cat out of the totalitarian bag.

“National Policy Objective 14

“Ensure that the targeted population growth of Ireland’s small towns and rural areas to 2040 is proportionate, at a targeted average rate of 15% in each Regional Assembly area, to be applied regionally throughout the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy process and locally through County Development Plans.”

Remember that here “growth” is a dishonest substitute for “plantation” of foreign nationals from different cultures. This passage seems to mean that foreigners will be injected to every small town at a “targeted rate”. Nowhere will escape.

There is page after page of this sort of doublespeak. Stefan Molyneux gives other examples in his excellent, though very long, video, “The Terrible Truth About ‘Ireland 2040’”.

The publicity video contains items that are hard to decipher, such as “without opportunity we cannot have equality”. What on earth does that mean?

A better society

“so that together we can create a better society.”

Don’t forget, “we” were never asked.

“…it’s a plan (no, a decision) to make sure that there are nearly an extra 200,000 people living in rural Ireland (drawing welfare?) in 20 years’ time” — Leo Varadkar

“By 2040 we expect (because we have already decided) that an additional one million people (some 430,000 imported) will live in Ireland (ELEVEN new cities the size of Limerick), an additional two-thirds of a million people (plus “family reunification”, average 20 per applicant) will work here (will work here? In rural Ireland? What at? Ireland has 6.7% unemployed already: the rest on welfare?). These are huge increases (yes, a tsunami).”

Drive social progress

“This ambitious (code for destructive) plan will drive Ireland’s long term economic, environmental and social progress (population dilution and replacement), an important (a disguise word for anti-Irish) shift (inflicting foreign cultures and races on the native people) from previous approaches.” This confirms that “The Project” is social engineering imposed from above without consent.

projects that will … drive population growth

“75% of future population growth (“growth”, a dishonest disguise for importation) will be outside Dublin”. Note the give-away word “drive”.

It is the figures that “grow”, not the Irish families. This is Population Supplementing.

In its “Q&A: What is ‘Project Ireland 2040’ and what will it do?” The Irish Times perceptively observes that the project concerns how the State wants to manage future population growth (plantation) out to 2040. This is almost Soviet.

500,000 foreigners “a really good thing” — Coveney

“We estimate (because we have already privately decided) over the next 20 years that the population of Ireland will certainly grow by an extra million people. Linked to that estimate is that half of that number won’t have been born in Ireland. I think that will be a really good thing for Irish society (how on earth?) but we do need to manage it carefully so we don’t allow the politics of migration to play a big part in Irish politics because I think it pulls us down a dangerous direction.”

Simon Coveney, Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, 27 Nov 2018

Mr. Coveney is delivering his upbeat spin in order to facilitate this dire tsunami. Does he not think that incompatible foreign cultures imposed right next to the native people, now living in “constant fear”, pulls Ireland “down a dangerous direction”? Perhaps he does not care. The native Irish, population 4.7m, are the indigenous inhabitants, living in the state their forefathers built, fought for, and left to them. Ireland is their country, the only one they have. Will the Irish politicians not defend it? Evidently not.

“Our country has changed and changed so much for the better” — David Stanton.

Blanchardstown — Residents living in fear as new gang culture takes shape

Residents in Balbriggan held a demonstration (pictured) outside Balbriggan Garda station against what they describe as “the constant fear and issues with youth gangs in our community” (the “youth” are almost certainly black Africans).

The glorious vision of our leaders

The website reddit reports that long term, prolific, respected poster /u/Tidhe has found direct from the Central Statistics Office projections “that Ireland will need net immigration of 430k to achieve the glorious vision of our leaders.”

Ireland needs 430,000 migrants for Ireland 2040 plan

(NEEDS them? WHY? What for? Dilution and replacement)

Central Statistics Office projections:

Two comments to the article express the native Irish response:

  • I dont think Ireland needs half a million migrants as all they would do is take our jobs, create more crime and just change our whole economy
  • can we have a referedum [sic] on this to ask irish people (in small towns and inner city areas where immigrants will be dumped) if they want this change to our culture and ways.

The commenters are quite right. The social effects of this culture-crushing tsunami will be dire, and No, you will not be granted a referendum. The elites already know best.

We are in Brazil

A video on YouTube shows some colourful and skilled Brazilian dancing open air in the town of Gort. A Brazilian resident enthuses:

“We are so far away from home but we feel at home because of the environment we created in this town… Gort. Here is a little Brazil. We are in Brazil. Welcome to Brazil.”

Three generations of illegal aliens in Gort, Galway want to stay in Ireland | Newstalk

Yes, it is colourful, but these are, after all, illegal migrants. Brazil is not involved in a war, so they do not qualify as refugees. Brazilian dancing is impressive and enjoyable, but it is not Irish culture. Where the Irish have to make room for Brazilians, it means fewer Irish.

The direct impact on the UK

UK nationals must not think they are unaffected by Varadkar’s “Big Vision”. All those 500,000 new arrivals in Eire, “whatever their background”, and their 20-strong (average) “family reunifications” will have, as Irish citizens, full access to the UK through the special relationship, the “Eire/UK Common Travel Agreement”. This grants citizens of both states the reciprocal rights, protected after Brexit, to:

enter, reside, work, access education, healthcare, welfare and social housing, and vote.

Why, sure, just as Varadkar says for Ireland, this will make the UK “a better society”.

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

63 thoughts on “Ireland’s Ruination by Cultural Tsunami

  1. A pure tragedy, Western Europe is done with no doubts, Where are the Irish people to defend own culture for children and grandchildren, ? Very very frightening, this parasites are criminals, rapist , terrorists , You named, everything is going to hell , slowly but surely, with out fighting or guns , just quite replacement of European people ..

    • The Irish with any brains left decades/centuries ago which is why there are 34.500.000 people of Irish descent in the US and only 4,800,000 left in Ireland. Of those apparently 90% are from the Congo and Bangladesh except the gay Irish/Bombay idiot who runs the place and a few of his friends. They won’t be having too many Irish babies, so they have no skin in the game.

  2. I find this very concerning but not the least surprising.

    Socialism has been very strong in Ireland for quite a long time.

    To think that the Irish spent so many years and gave so many lives to their desire to have a country free from foreign domination.

    • I have noted for some time, what was once thought of as european socialism has devolved into a suicide cult.

      It’s leadership is actively importing those who will gladly deliver the coup de grace.

      If the people of ireland refuse to resist, they deserve their extinction.

      Any other questions ?

    • Glass float. Well you do have all those IRA arms dumps all over Ireland proper, time to put the IRA to work, they will get the job done. Anything else now is an exercise in futility. Fight or die.

    • The beating of drums have a different meaning for many from west africa. They will either begin dancing or run home to get their weapons.

  3. Apparently there are not enough sub-saharan pimps & drug dealers in rural Ireland. It is the broken window fallacy; the scum of the third world will stimulate all kinds of good paying jobs in security and surveillance, rape counseling, welfare administration, and of course NGOs by the private jet-load to ensure maximum dysfunction and skim off a healthy profit for their services of course.

    When civil war starts at least it will be easy to tell the invaders apart from the locals from several hundred meters distance through standard optics.

  4. “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
    Sun Tzu “The Art of War”

  5. When I heard that the Irish had voted to legalize homosexual “marriages” my first thought was: “Ireland is going to the dogs”. When I heard that the Irish had voted to legalize abortion my first thought was: “Ireland is going to the dogs much quicker than I thought. In 15 to 20 years it will be a rubbish heap”.

    It seems it is happening even quicker. No wonder. The Irish nation, the Irish culture and the Irish identity was based on Christian faith. Remove the faith, and Ireland will go down like a house of cards.

    The faith has been removed and the country of St Patrick is turning into a post-Christian multicultural fetid mess. The Irish voted for it, they are getting it.

    • Leaving aside homosexual marriage (I have old friends, a now-married, long term gay couple in Pennsylvania, who are no threat to American or any culture), why should Irish women who believe they need an abortion be denied it, or have to travel to the mainland UK, as those in Northern Ireland still must?

      Yes, there are Christians and others who believe it is wrong; there are also peope who believe we shouldn’t eat meat, and in extreme cases resort to terrorism to enforce their beliefs. If abortion is a “sin”, those who seek or perform it will answer to God in due course.

      • I have old friends, a now-married, long term gay couple in Pennsylvania, who are no threat to American or any culture.

        That’s a nice fantasy. As a child, I had wonderful neighbors who had the same relationship. They used to take me to the beach for evening picnics. But a great proportion of homosexual men lead isolated lives within their ghettoized “community”. Their desperate need to make their disorder seem “natural” is exceedingly sad. Also, the bathhouse culture in our large cities led to a huge increase in HIV/AIDS. Hardly something to be celebrated. I wish they’d just stop pushing it on kids.
        why should Irish women who believe they need an abortion be denied it, or have to travel to the mainland UK, as those in Northern Ireland still must?

        Read your history, Mark. Any culture that celebrates or is indifferent to high levels of abortion is a culture in decline. I wanted to believe your neat theory until I was forced to do a Philosophy term paper on the subject. I had to choose one side or the other. After months of research, I was forced to conclude that since we could not with certainty decide *when* a fetus was human, for our own sake, we would be better served erring on the side of caution. How a culture treats its unborn and its elderly is a sure sign of that culture’s health or decline. The current immigration mess in Europe can be traced back to…easy abortion. With all those missing children, who would now be adults, Europe shrank to a level where the populace could be easily manipulated.

        Same goes for Russia and China. Both would like to get their populace back to replacement levels but aren’t having any luck doing so.

        I understand why individual women ‘need’ abortion, but they are insane if they think their individual choices have no effect on the larger society. They do indeed, and when the aggregate is large enough, the harm is all too apparent.

        • Dymphna, you are perfectly right on both points. I would just add that I have seen many women who had abortions. None of them had a happy marriage. Very many, if not most, were divorced and could not achieve a satisfying a relationship with any man. All felt unhappy. All had very problematic children. In a country where abortion is widespread all this translates into a nation-wide neurotisation, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual promiscuity and worse.

      • Really, I cannot understand how any sane person can consider it a crime to kill a baby that has been born and at the same time believe that murdering a baby before birth is a normal thing. It is schitzophrenic. And to say that a mother has the right to kill her children brings us back to the pre-Christian ethics. If you allow abortion today, you will have to allow cannibalism tomorrow.

        Apart from this, any honest psychologist would tell you that abortion is a great trauma for the woman who undergoes it. A woman after abortion will never be happy again. And her surviving children will suffer too. If you give yourself the trouble to look into the lives of people whose mothers had abortions, you will see that they all have serious psychological problems, especially in their intimate relations. They are often incapable of having a peaceful and satisfactory family life, many are simply incapable of playing the role of husband, wife or parent.

        As for the relationship you call “gay marriage”, one has to be totally blinded by the politically correct ideology not to see the radical difference between a homosexual relationship and a normal marriage between a man and a woman. Homosexual relationships are soul-destroying, people who engage in them are never happy and have enormous psychological problems. The rate of suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction and high-risk sexual behaviour is much higher than among heterosexuals. Of course, the dominant ideology of the day denies it, but it is true.

        And what makes abortion and sexual deviations especially dangerous for Christian civilisation, is that they are absolutely incompatible with Christian faith and ethics which are the very basis of this civilisation. When the basis is destroyed, the edifice falls apart. You will see this great fall in Ireland. In about 15 to 20 years the country will turn into a rotting garbage heap. Mark my words!

  6. Increasingly, I get the feeling ‘they’ are depopulating the African continent so the Chinese can move in.

    • Exactly. The Chinese are thrilled with the possibility of 1 billion+ sub-Saharan Africans invading Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia but few, if any, will be admitted to China.

  7. Please be sure to read the article at this link, just under the photo of the group of citizens at night:

    Blanchardstown — Residents living in fear as new gang culture takes shape

    It reminded me right away of the situation in parts of Australia.

    This is beyond horrendous.

    • 3rd world immigrants are a proxy militia, imported by the elites to terrorise, impoverish and replace their own citizens. The more brutal they are, the better they serve their purpose.

      • This is exactly correct.

        3rd world vibrants, no matter what their origin or precise skin color, are being imported by the Western elite to use as muscle against citizens of the Western world that the elite despise so much.

  8. It won’t be a better society. These immigrants will not be Europeans either. I suppose they will be allowed to just walk over the non-border into the North too. About time the Irish god rid of Varadkar and his anti Irish ilk.

  9. The Irish voted to put Varadkar in power so they must agree with his policies. Why should people outside of Ireland care?

    • Varadkar was not endorsed by the electorate. He was a shoe-in when Enda Kenny, the previous Taisoich resigned/retired after six years, in 2017 -when the general election returned a minority govt and no confidence in him. Kenny was suitably rewarded in 2018 with the accolade: “Irish European of the Year” for his efforts.
      Varadkar as favoured successor, in June 2017, was voted by the party and parliament.
      For those who don’t know, he qualified as a medical doctor, and practised for a short time before moving into politics in his early 20s. Previously vocally opposed to any change in the abortion law, he revised his conviction almost immediately on achieving the PM role, and in January 2018 announced a referendum for May 2018 that would amend the Constitution and remove the rights of the unborn – which triumphed.
      He is also looking to update Ireland’s laws, and is looking to remove from the Constitution that component which has long protected the rights of mothers to prioritise staying at home to raise children, calling it “sexist and outdated”. But omitting to mention that there is actually no legal or social requirement for women to stay home, and also omitting to mention that women are perfectly at liberty to also work outside if they choose, (and which they already do, if paid work can be found of course). This change would presumably formally expect mothers to find paid work, (usually part time/low paid that fits around childcare). And thereby creating a burden of domestic childcare costs/putting children into State pre-school care earlier/reducing the nurturing mother & child relationship. He says he “trusts” women to know best. But persists energetically to fix what was not broken in the first place.
      He is a progressive popular with younger voters, and those who would eagerly describe themselves as ‘forward-thinking’, and is on good terms with Trudeau, with whom he publicly jokes about their shared penchant for colourful socks. (Doubtless in light relief to their corporate suits.)
      He is expected to remain in post until the next general election.
      Ireland is forecast a grievous future, very cruel indeed

  10. Are there enough lamp posts and sufficient rope to hang all of these globalist Kalergi Quislings?
    This is the planned genocide of the Irish people in their homeland.

    • I think the French got it right with the guillotine. No need to desecrate the countryside with elites hanging like decorations from every available overhang.

      • Moon, Sorry, but examples need to be made and displayed for everyone to see. The days of niceties and pleasantries are rapidly coming to an end. Besides, cut the IRA lose and they will have the non natives in a panic in short order running for the nearest port to get out.

  11. Europe should be spelled “you’re up” (to your necks in your own perfidy). Meantime the native citizens will be so upset the Emerald Isle will be known as Ire-rate-land. ‘Tis truly a shame, but don’t be surprised if we have another wave of immigration from the Isle of EU.

  12. I beg to differ that the people are not responsible, only the politicians. That’s the politicians the people voted for. Most Irish are lefty loons and dhimmis. They get what they voted for. Same as blaming Merkel and Scandinavian govts for their current multiculti nightmare. These govts were voted into power by dhimmi idiot Leftists in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. And that’s where the buck stops. With the voting public.

    • People are guilty only of believing the politicians’ lies. Most people don’t want to get involved in politics and in running the state – that’s what politicians are there for. It’s the politician’s job to act in the best interest of the people – and when they don’t they must be punished. The leaders set the tone of the country, not the people. Our leaders have wilfully led us down the wrong path – they asked us to trust them, we did, and where we are now is their responsibility. They must be brought to book.

      • The people are not to blame. The Catholic Hierarchy is, the political parties are, name them, if you know them as you spout off and blame the people, the Media above all is, the sporting bodies such as the GAA are, soccer and rugby bodies, the middle class golfing clubs, and so on. There is a crisis of leadership. There IS no socialist, true communist or Marxist party or even tiny group. Do not therefore blame what does not exist. No socialist leadership does exist. It is nonsense to blame what does not exist in Ireland. IT IS NOT THERE.

        • I disagree. The Irish people welcomed this invasion even thought they did not vote for it they still embraced multiculturalism with hardly a whisper of protest. This from a people who until recently lived and breathed hatred of the British. Now they’ve surrendered without a struggle to the 3rd world and their descendants will have to deal with the results of their folly forever.

    • Well said. As you can see my surname is Irish. The Irish brought this upon themselves. It breaks my heart to see the land of my ancestors become West Africa and the Middle East in just one generation. To be fair and honest today’s Irish are impossible to reason with, they think they know everything and most welcome their demise as a people and nation. They deliberately and with glee destroyed a bastion of Celtic culture that will never be resurrected again. I have no pity for the Irish people and what is in store for them in the near future. Dublin will look like Detroit within a few years. Mosques are popping up everywhere. The country is gripped in multicultural and self destructive madness that is shocking to witness. When the fools gave Obama a fake genealogical chart at few years go at Trinity College, Dublin I knew they were doomed. They embraced a man as “Irish” who might have 1/32nd Celtic DNA.

      • The EU parliamentary elections are set for May 2019. Italy, Poland, Austria, Sweden (yes, there are sane voices), Germany’s AfD, and the Visegrad countries are expecting large votes on the populist surge, with Hungary’s Orban in particular saying they are intent on occupying majority seats and stopping the (mad) migration program.
        UKIP are fielding candidates for the same election (with an increasing likelihood that Brexit will be postponed), and so make UK parties eligible in the election. The ballot box would turn this sinking ship around, if people turn out to vote sensibly

  13. Why a gay Irish PM (or Taoiseach) supports mass immigration from some of the most violently homophobic places on earth is beyond me… Unless he cares less about his fellow gays, than the downfall of the hated West?

  14. This is one of the [excremental] countries that my MAGA president is talking about. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the entire CONTINENT is now a[n excremental place], with minor brighter spots. A friend of mine from Switzerland just told me this morning that she was watching a group of Nigerians defecating in the street downtown Zurich, and everybody just looked the other way and walked past as quickly as possible.

    I don’t know what I would’ve done in that situation, there. Here, in Montana, I’d probably run them over with my Diesel.

    Hungary should move to Montana.

    • Nash, Do not fret my friend, troublesome perils are ahead shortly, for soon there will be open warfare in the streets all over western Europe. The natives of Europe who haven’t been bitten by the leftist bug, once they go full on nationalist, will be in no mood for quarter nor favor once the SHTF. Those days are rapidly approaching.

  15. It is also a gender tsunami, these hordes of men are upsetting the gender balance, thereby heightening yet more the risk of rape and assault. Certainly no country for young women anymore!

  16. That’s a shame. Ireland is a beautiful country, but now it’s going to be flooded with idiots and parasites, just like the rest of western Europe.

    Eastern Europeans! Hold fast, and do not let the invaders in!

  17. I hear only indignation and I do not see the desire to take matters into my own hands.
    Do you walk dogs near halal shops? Do you lose pork legs for jelly near the mosque? Do you hang provocative flyers? This is especially convenient for women – you can wear a niqab for this purpose.

    I would really like to arrange something, but my male chauvinist husband, after work, puts me in a car and takes me to our suburb. He says he does not want to send me packages to prison.

    It must be in his genetics – the Communists shot his grandfather. What are you afraid of?

  18. This breaks my heart to see the final destruction of a nation that struggled for independence from Britain for centuries. The Irish struggled a number of times to free themselves of the yoke but they were not organized enough, did not have enough trained and disciplined fighters, and did not have the resources to wage a successful campaign.

    That was until Michael Collins came upon the stage. And he made it happen. Then he was assasanated and Ireland suffered for decades in a socialist paradise.

    I think that joining the E.U. lost Ireland’s hard fought independence.

    And now it has come to this. Demonstrations will not change anything. It is up th the native Irish if they value their country enough to fight for her survival.

    Well it is what it is.

  19. Yes, it will take an uprising from the IRA to throw out the invaders, and, it will be fairly easy to tell who they are on sight, drive them out of the country to the coast, and maybe have the UN send some ships to take them back to [sump] countries…….

  20. I’m actually not clear if we are discussing Northern or Southern Ireland. However, to be incredibly boring, the advice remains the same… ORGANIZE.
    Stop sitting on your pity pot and organize. Start with your relatives and neighbors and have them reach out to their relatives and neighbors.
    Get someone that can speak reasonably and organize behind them.
    If you want to keep your country you have to organize an opposition.
    You have to stand up to the Catholic church and tell them NO, this is not how we want to live.
    Here in the US the Catholic church makes big money off the resettlement of “refugees/” They are complicit in destroying entire neighborhoods. Tell them NO.
    I understand that this is easier said than done, but it must be done or you will lose your country. You might dismiss what I have to say as I am an American but I can tell you that the destruction is real and you will find out shortly if you do not correct course.

    • The Catholic Church isn’t in control in the Republic of Ireland anymore, Babs. There’s nothing to stand up *to*…it’s out-lefting the Left. Churches are empty.

      Do you follow the extent to which the nine Volags (Volunteer Agencies operating in *this* country under the aegis of ORR) are operating in your own state? It’s huge in blue states, but they’re everywhere. Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Jews all have their hands in this p.c. pot.

      The Office of Refugee Resettlement is handing out A LOT of money, which is one reason I’m glad to see this govt shutdown lasting so long, btw. The State Dept is even worse. They fly immigrants in and don’t even have to register them or pretend to take care of them for six months – something the Volags are required to do.

      If anyone knows how to figure out the stats for ORR/State Dept immigration “clients” during this shutdown, I’d love to see the numbers. I’ll bet they’re down.

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