Europe Down the Pan

This essay by Michael Copeland was originally published at LibertyGB in September of 2015.

Europe Down the Pan

by Michael Copeland

The EU’s much-vaunted “Core Values” are a scam. Dishonestly promoted as “for economic benefit”, their real purpose is Nation-Breaking, to undermine and destroy the national identities and cultures, so as to create a brave new Afro-Eurabia with the EU’s unelected elites in control.

Free Movement, Asylum Granting and Welfare Provision have together created a dire and dangerous Gold Rush.

Nobody was asked. The tainted BBC, in full propaganda mode, soaks the airwaves with emotive images of dead children to manipulate public opinion: Goebbels would have been delighted. The traitor class politicians continue to push this insanity, inflicting “quotas” of Africans and others on the unwilling populations of member States, but not, of course, on themselves.

The sinister compulsory Free Movement obligation of the Schengen “agreement” means that those millions of miles of EU outer border, Greek islands, Atlantic islands, African enclaves, and French colonies like Mayotte, are ALL targets for invaders seeking to benefit their lives and enhance their own welfare. The fit strong young African man, in “Europe or Die”, a documentary, explains (at 0.58):

“I left my country for a better life, for a new life, for freedom.”


A man with a rather cumbersome name, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, is considered the “grandfather” of the EU. In the 1920s he was dreaming of a Pan-European State long before the EU’s predecessors were founded. In his memory, the EU awards a Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize to politicians who have helped his dream. Merkel and van Rompuy have both received it.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, a man of mixed race — his mother was Japanese — had a vision of the Europe of the future. This is what he wrote:

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear… The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples…”

— Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism)

An Italian article, originally posted on Identità, bears this perceptive heading:

“The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan — The genocide of the Peoples of Europe”

The writer explains, “Kalergi proclaims… the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration.”

Does that sound familiar, something like “Multiculturalism” and “Refugee Resettlement”?

We are forced to be spectators at the EU’s destruction of Europe. This is the elites’ project — a mixed-race Pan-European State with its own currency, pretend-parliament, armed forces and so on.

Not so. This is Europe down the pan.

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23 thoughts on “Europe Down the Pan

  1. The EU will die a slow but painful death. It is dying with Brexit. and other countries will follow. It is the modern day Babylon.

    • The swines used the lockdown when virtually nobody was watching to flood this small Christian city with hundreds and possibly thousands of Christian hating Afro-Arab Islamics. Within a few days the no mask FU radicalised outnumber the locals. What a very uneasy way to have to live. A three foot five young woman out walking hand in hand made free with her six foot four African giant lover. Like in Nazi Germany the population are learning fast to see nothing.

  2. Our Europe disappears of front of our eyes, it’s heartbreaking how our culture and way of life for thousands of years just vanishing from not even 6 years , since the barbaric invasion started in 2015 , created by Merkel &?CO , and continue to this days with no consequences with crimes this parasites committed, they turn Europe to the [sump] in the speedy way , watch your children and grandchildren, heartbreaking to the core ..

    • The death of Europe began with the First World War. The current abominations are just the last convulsions of an almost dead Europe before it flatlines.

      • You are exactly right. Europe died in the trenches and shell holes of the Western Front.

      • yes the British and European nations slow demise started in 1914, but this was in the making decades if not century’s before that.
        but there is Hope.

  3. Coudenhove -Kalergi was Germano-Greco-japanese and probably felling a mongrel he had the desire to make the whole of Europe like himself.It seems he had a complex of inferiority.
    The name Kalergi is very common in my country and i feel ashamed that he had Greek blood.

    If Europe wants to survive must elect patriot leaders and fight to save the three pillars of European civilization,Athens,Rome,and Christianity.
    There is no other solution.

    • Electing patriotic leaders is not enough at this point. The rot that has infected Europe specifically and the West in general has become far too deep to excise by the election of a LePen or a Salvini. The problem is with the citizens themselves that have become apathetic and disinterested in their culture and heritage. Active efforts by the ruling and elite class to encourage this while flooding Europe with orcs and beating down the population through cradle to grave micromanagement of their lives has done its job well.

      The only solutions I see are either a complete submission followed by a century of servitude, misery, and eventual decay and collapse ala the USSR at which point enough of the remaining population will have been inoculated against such stupidity, or violent revolt and complete excision and extermination of the ruling and elite class to break their power, wealth, influence, and the destructive tentacles they currently have extended deeply into every area of Western society.

      • The problem with the citizens is that the typical normie is left leaning to begin with. Even conservatives are willing to concede to leftist principles, only objecting to the extremism in their behavour, while progressives completely reject all things conservative.

        As for the solutions. The first one will not happen. The countries will fall to Islam long before a USSR style collapse happens. As for the second … you can’t win a war if you can’t be bothered to show up.

        • As for submission to Islam it will be difficult here because we know them very well,since we lived under the Ottoman rule for 368 years,up in the mountains not mixing with them and with 100+ very violent revolts.
          So either we do the same if we loose or live the country.
          We are ready to face this.

        • Jason, I beg to differ, it only takes the 2 per centers to get the ball rolling, and we are now there, another 10 per cent will quickly follow, and that is all it takes to win and rule over a country. Democracy as we know it is dead, what is coming will be a Franco or Tito and they rule with an iron fist, the sheep will do as they are told and the 3rd worlders will be purged from our midst. That is coming, because despite the dumbing down and the leftist useful idiots, they will either get on board, or they will perish as well, as for the feminists, they really have no idea that the Patriarchy is about to put them in their place. So all is not lost, it is just the beginning.

          • Thank goodness! I am really tired of all this “Gloom, gloom, woe is me, we are finished, there is no hope etc etc” Get off your knees and set an example. The left is a paper tiger, its popularity exaggerated by the MSM.

      • Well put, Prof. I have a feeling that scenario the first is playing out.
        The rot in every single institution is total; civil service, education, local, state and federal governments are functionally under marxist control.
        That our entire civilization is under attack by a well funded and centrally directed Marxist insurgency is obvious.
        That our states are supporting openly fascist racial-supremacist organization, are plain.
        That are governments are committed to a program of ethnic cleansing is clear in the selective application and enforcement of all manner of law, regulation, ordinance and finance; the emerging ‘dumping’ immigration policies where an indigenous population of a few thousand is carpet-bombed with 10,000 hostile aliens indoctrinated with Get Whitey amounts to a pogrom.
        Academics are openly advocating and normalizing a racial cleansing program. ‘Abolish whiteness, Kill the White’s are acceptable statements. Observing that those statements are text-book hate speech under extant law is dismissed as ‘white fragility’; you will be ostracised, dismissed from your job and probably investigated as a white supremacist, if not charged outright.
        And, sauce. Word is percolating out of Marxist wonderland Minneapolis-St.Paul as the Central Committee moves ahead with ridding it self of the chains of democracy, and consolidating power.
        Policing will be conducted by politically-reliable antifa and muslim Red Guards.
        We are out of time. Those of us who believe in Western Civilization must all stand to and push back hard, at every level, by Any Means. Vote, Speak, Protest, god help us Get Involved With Local Politics and Get Rude. Above all, Fight. For real, fight.
        If it stinks of Marxism, if it’s anti-democratic, Get Kinetic. Be Creative.
        We are well up into the place where law means nothing, and you have nothing to lose except your entire civilization.

        • Look how they panicked here in England at three simple words, “White lives matter.” This is an example of how fragile they are. Have courage.

  4. I see hope in the pessimism of some of these comments. It is as if the veil is rent and and the vision is so shocking that the response is fear and despair. I am am sure that I do not need to tell Europeans that their lands are made of the bones of their ancestors who faced and prevailed against their enemies. What was in their blood is their in yours. Nothing is lost. Brother from Australia.

    • Sonny. Underneath the thin veneer of western civilization lies the man with conquer and kill all in his way in his DNA. All it takes is a set of circumstances to unleash it all. That day is going to happen and very shortly. These 3rd worlders and leftist Quislings really have no idea of the wrath and retribution that will be heaped upon them and their wretched families. Let it rain!

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