The Well-Organised Invasion

Compiled by Michael Copeland

“But the truth is: this is a WELL-ORGANIZED INVASION.”
— Viktor Orbán, February 2020

“Brussels will not protect Europe. They do not want to stop the migration, but rather to support it and organize it.”
— Viktor Orbán, March 2018

Hear what was said of THE GREAT ISLAMIC INVASION OF 2015:

“Islam will invade Europe and America, smashing Western civilisation and replacing it with Islam.”
—Mohammed Mahdi Akef, Egypt

“We shall conquer their countries whether they like it or not.”
— Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, Al Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem

“We are coming to your country, whether you want us there or not.”
— Illegal migrants, Calais

“This exodus itself is a terrorist attack on a grand scale.”
— Aldo Sterone, commentator

“The Syrian refugees are neither Syrian nor refugees.”
— Daniel Greenfield

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion. They want to take over.”
— Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Hungary

“We only have one country, and it is the duty of us all to protect it.”
— Viktor Orbán, PM Hungary

“The country we were born in, lived in and worked in no longer exists.”
— Julia Caesar, Swedish journalist

“Europe is being ruined in front of our eyes.”
— Margita, comment

“No one asked us. Our ‘leaders’ just invited the enemy into our countries…”
— Peter35, comment

“They are over-running us.”
— Viktor Orbán, PM of Hungary

“Europe will soon go under.”
— Imre Kertesz, Hungarian writer

“Wake up, Europe. The current invasion is a death sentence for free Europe.”
— Pamela Geller

“We must immediately stop this madness…”
— Marine le Pen

“The most reliable way to stop Muslim terrorism is to stop Muslim immigration.”
— Daniel Greenfield

“Immigration is not a human right.”
— Václav Klaus, former president, Czech Republic

“Europe Owes The Migrants Nothing.”
— Stefan Molyneux, commentator

“…we’re all in a living horror movie we can’t get out of.”
— Jimbo, comment

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10 thoughts on “The Well-Organised Invasion

  1. These lists, for those of us who study the side of Islam they do not mean when they say you should learn more about that religion, are absolutely invaluable. Do you have a book out, Mr. Copeland?

    • Thank you very much.
      No book as yet, though it has been suggested.
      Many thanks to GoV for hosting this material.

  2. The Islamic Hijrah is the use of the mass migrations of Muslims in order to conquer and subjugate a territory. The European leaders of today are the disciples of those who three times tried to destroy the people of Europe through two world wars and now through economic and political control to replace their populations with those having the totalitarian, theo-political beliefs which are antithetical to Western Culture.

    The first Jihad was from 622 to 750 AD. The 2nd Jihad from 1453 (Constantinople) to 1683 (Vienna) and the 3rd Jihad began in Iran in 1979 and continues to this day. The one thing different with the 3rd Jihad is that European leadership are acting as its Fifth Column, encouraging Hijrah as a guise for invasion and subjugation of Europe. Moving it towards an authoritarian, totalitarian system where there will arise from it a single leader who will try to unify two completely different people. Like combining clay with iron. It can mingle together but the two will never adhere one to another.

    “The interests of Muslims coincide with the interests of the Socialists in the war against the Crusaders.” -audiotape message of Osama bin Laden from Al Jazeera TV as translated by Reuters on 14 February 2003.

  3. and then there is this insane regulation in our military:

    Notice the picture of a Muslima JAG officer. So, you shoot and kill a Muslim some place in the world and she will put you in military prison.

    No way I would enlist again today.

    • These muslim types have been know to fall out of choppers all the time, they should have belted themselves in. Semper Fi.

  4. Watch and understand. They are preparing a trap for Greece, for Europe.
    And they got the best opportunity to be in picture with same people who show today the courage to oppose invasion.
    But, this is a trap. They are now building a fast solution to increase the number of invaders, not to reduce it or stop it. There will be, as Erdogan said, millions of invaders at the border. They want a more efficient way to receive them, not to stop them. They are also building the solution to transfer invaders much faster from Greece to the rest of Europe. Greece is already affected by migrants. This is why the danger is that Greeks will stop the flow of invaders. If the invaders are fast processed and transferred from Greece inside Europe, then the Greeks will no longer feel the need to stop invasion, the gates will remain open.
    Listen carefully what is said in this video.

    • At 1.09
      This is no longer a refugee problem. This is a blatant attack by Turkey to use desperate people to promote its geo-political agenda…..

      Kiriakos Mistutakis, PM of Greece

      • Kiriakos is the PM of Greece…in Greece is the circus.
        He is not talking about invaders either.
        So, it is not a problem with the refugees, but with Turkey.
        when all EU bosses are talking about the fact that Europe is prepared, not like in 2015….they are not talking about fighting the invaders…by the contrary… they are ready to take much more refugees in a very fast and organized way.
        The italian guy is saying the most important part, in italian…and I believe here you have a problem…you dont understand italian.
        That guy is saying plain and simple: EU need a unique law and system in order to accept all invaders and distribute them to all EU countries in the most efficient way, with no option for denying them. So, they want a system to push invaders in all EU countries and there must be no way for any EU country to reject them.
        Everybody is talking about the way greeks are defending the border… yet, nobody is talking how these poor people in need for help, are asking for the help they want…by throwing stones and molotovs.
        So…nobody is talking about invaders…nobody is talking about the way these poor people are asking for help begging greeks with stones and molotovs… nobody is talking about stopping the invasion or building more fences.
        Everybody is talking about poor refugees…everybody is talking about how to receive all these poor people in a “human” way…how to distribute these poor Syrian refugees from Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan to all EU countries…

  5. These hordes that are coming to Europe are called refugees only in the first country they arrive, that is Turkey , for the other countries they arrive in ,they are illegal immigrants,and from these illegal immigrants only 2% are really from Syria.

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