The EU Conspiracy

This little ditty by Michael Copeland is timely, given the current push to shoehorn Ukraine into the European Union.

The EU Conspiracy

by Michael Copeland

The reason for this massive transformation?
We intend to de-homogenise the nation.
Just promote the lying claim
It’s all for “economic” aim,
When we know it’s really planned disintegration.

We’ll blacken and demean the native race,
And drive established peoples out of place.
Turn them into refugees,
Pack new voters in with ease,
And force the change to run at quite a pace.

Plant these new invaders in their town,
And make the native culture swiftly drown,
Let them infiltrate the schools,
And then impose their foreign rules,
To drive the local standards ever down.

We won’t let peoples’ borders be controlled,
We’ll make them do exactly what they’re told,
Use police at our behest,
So no dissent can be expressed.
Then bend the rules to help the plan unfold.

Give them mass invasion by migration,
A demographic gross manipulation.
Keep the project under wraps,
Ensure the old traditions lapse.
And then be rich with self-congratulation.

8 thoughts on “The EU Conspiracy

  1. Today my online friend texted me: “The worst thing is that we are now dehumanized for the whole world. If a massacre starts here, no one will feel sorry for us. You can scream “I was against it” as much as you like.”
    Excuse me, but what is happening leads me to some crazy conclusions. I already wrote: “the Khazars liberate the territory from Ukrainians and Russians.”

    I can’t find any explanation for what’s happening at all. By all indications, Putin (or whoever is behind him) hates us as much as he hates the Ukrainians.

    And yes … about the will of the people. Did your will decide a lot when you went out with anti-COVID protests, or against the importation of refugees or something else? Your will decided a lot when the komprakikos began to turn your children into sexless freaks? So don’t be hard on us.

  2. Oh, like rural America. The Appalachians not killed by pill bombing and vaccines will simply be swept aside by replacements from India.

    • India or Pakistan?
      The largely Hindu or Sikh Indians tend to slot in with the locals, Pakistanis do not.

  3. Whatever happens, the Russians are sure liberating the hell out of Ukraine. Who will be next I wonder?

  4. In your language, “Russian” (russkiy) – belonging to the Russian nation and “Russian” (rossiyanin) – having Russian citizenship are denoted by one word.
    A note from an opposition politician Maltsev

    When the West, together with Puilo (a mix of Putin and an obscene word) plundered resources, all this was called “Russians” (rossiyanin).
    When the resources ran out and the West and Puilo broke pots (quarreled) – all this began to be called “Russians” (russkiy) .
    And they want to show the bill to the “Russians” (russkiy) to pay indemnity to Ukraine.

    And the loot remained with the “Russians” (rossiyanin) like Abramovich.

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