Islam’s Violent Assault on Democracy

Islam’s Violent Assault on Democracy

by Michael Copeland

Islam uses violence. That is a given. It is its modus operandi. Part of this violence is directed against democracy, the “man-made law” that Islam instructs Muslims to despise — “Man-Made Law Go To Hell,” says the placard.

Take, for instance, the recent demonstration in defence of free speech in Sweden. In an action that is perfectly legal, a Koran was set on fire. Within a short time, thanks to Western-invented mobile telephones, a crowd of Muslims, many unemployed and therefore available, was summoned to respond. They did so by burning tyres and cars, smashing windows, and hurling projectiles at not only police, but also fire service and ambulance personnel.

“We have an ongoing violent riot. We do not have the situation under control and it is worrying in the whole area,” Rickard Lundqvist, press spokesperson for the police in Malmö, told SVT.

Swedish police were outnumbered. They were obliged to admit defeat.

…after a risk assessment, the authority has concluded that the threat posed by violent Muslim groups is so extensive that the security of the demonstrators cannot be guaranteed or that third parties and property are not subjected to Muslim hate attacks.

Reprehensibly, and in a failure to uphold the law, they decided to move the goalposts: they announced that they were banning Islam-critical demonstrations in ALL places.

What is going on here? This is step-by-step capitulation. In effect, Swedish police are now administering Sharia law (where Koran-burning is prohibited). This calls to mind the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Explanatory Memorandum”, which set out their plan:

“a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

Note “by their hands”. Swedish police have sabotaged democracy “by their hands”. Islamic mission accomplished.

Many Western governments are following the same pattern. Criminal riots in Paris cleared the way for Islamic No-Go Zones. The Manningham riots in Bradford UK were organised to establish that No-Go Zone. The carefully planned New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne were an attack on Western mores, Western dress, and the Christian calendar.

What reporters fail to draw attention to is that these “riots” are organised. They glibly say that they have been “triggered” by some Western action. No. They are INSTRUCTED in the mosques. The “Day of Rage” is a standard Islamic response, a show of force designed to intimidate the governing authorities into compliance with Islamic demands. A classic case was the Day of Rage outside the Danish Embassy in London. This was not “triggered” by cartoons of Mohammed in Danish newspapers. As this writer explained in “And Take Their Wives as War Booty”:

It was a demonstration dishonestly orchestrated by imams: they are, after all, authorised to lie. Forged cartoons were added that had never appeared in the Western press, and one imam toured the Muslim world to drum up support for a show of force. Whipped up by their imams in the mosques, the Soldiers of Allah dutifully carried out their orders. All this was some four months after the publication, not spontaneous in the slightest.

The simpleton media, especially the Islam-compromised BBC, obligingly rushed to portray the event as a righteous protest against a blasphemous insult, instead of what it was — a malignant assault on free speech and democracy. Apparently they cannot see through a staged “Day of Rage” to perceive the motive behind it. The criminal violence achieved its end, a drying up of cartoons through self-censorship. The message? Thuggery pays.

The introduction by so many European states of laws against so-called “hate speech” — an everlastingly extendable category — has eroded democracy while conveniently coinciding with Sharia, and is further Step-by-Step Capitulation.

If this were a military theatre instead of an abstract area of concepts the erosion would be easier to see. Say a regiment is charged with keeping an area guarded. Squatters from outside, some of them armed, arrive and begin to set up camp in that area. There are large numbers of them. The honourable response is to defend the area. If the numbers are against the defenders the desirable initiative would be to call for reinforcements. For the regiment to decide “We will not disturb the new arrivals because there are too many of them” is not honourable. This calls to mind Churchill’s prophetic rebuke:

You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.

Churchill warned us.

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16 thoughts on “Islam’s Violent Assault on Democracy

  1. Give me 500 security contractors at 1,300 a day and I will have Malmo pacified in a matter of a few short weeks. Just do not complain, whine and cry in the manner of which I carry out this task.

    • I could fix the whole thing with one full load Trident D5.
      Gimme the keys, I will twist.

      • I really hate to break this to you my friend but, we need our cities of western civilization radiation free. No doubt about it, it’s going to get very nasty.

    • Wtf is going on that any government local or otherwise could tolerate such rubbish and trash on its streets. Where are are the men and women who claim to be the protectors of their children. What was ww2? The advanced training and weaponry. On and on. At any other time in history this trash would have been summary executed for the dangerous wild mentally diseased creatures that they are. Why is this mess bring left to generations to come. This is not democracy. This is sick.

      • This is part of a plan to end the peoples and nations of Europe by Islamification; the politicians of the West have, with a few honourable exceptions, have signed up for this willingly for they are of the cultural Marxist worldview that holds the West and her people in contempt

  2. Beggs the question, how many of those placard bearers were coerced under pain of apostasy to carry those placards and chant their hate speech?

  3. UK Daily: “Balding asylum seeker “pupil” who parents complained ‘looks 40 years old’ after he joined school in Coventry as teenage student”. Cutting edge and neck in neck immigration. Those equal human rights Muslims off the strand and straight into the nearest boys and girls school. Searching for a sharia wife don’t ya know. When is a national emergency going to be called? No security? Nothing. I dread to thing what’s coming at Western European society. Only fighting fire with a hundred times more fire – will survive.

    • If I recall, it was illegal in the case of the 40-year old teenagers, to use physical methods, such as dental state, to actually determine their age. So, our worst enemy is often ourselves and the nexus of laws we build up as a result of civilization inertia.

      There’s a further problem with masses of immigrants. These immigrants form identity blocs and make it uncomfortable for any elected official to implement definite and effective measures.

      • This is why democracy as we know it is dead, we can no longer vote our way out of this mess, the pols stick their fingers in the air to see where the winds are blowing and act accordingly, often in very suicidal ways and means to the detriment of the rest of us. No this will be solved by force of arms, as it always has been when push comes to shove. Especially when we are being invaded by the dregs of the 3rd world who are turning our lives upside down and breaking the bank.

  4. I do not think that Islam has a problem exactly with “democracy” (rule of the people by the people for the people) but specifically with non-Islamic democracy. In Western civilisation we may currently tend to associate the word with unspoken qualifiers such as “secular”, “liberal”, etc. To the extent that we do not mention these qualifiers when saying the word “democracy”, we give opportunity for linguistic ‘sleight-of hand’ to those who would tell us that “Islam is compatible with with democracy” as they anticipate a majority demographic of sharia-enthusiasts eventually ruling previously non-Islamic civilisations. Rule under simply “secular democracy” could still look very much like rule under sharia if ‘the people’ want it to, for they would just bring their values into their law-making: e.g if their values include wife-beating, that will be OK in law. “Liberal” is, alas, a rather vague word and could cover a range of ‘virtues’ and/or ‘sins’ from individual perspectives; but some word of this nature is, I think, necessary to add (e.g as in “liberal secular democracy”) when describing the kind of democracy one stands for, and the kind one stands to lose if conservative Muslim demographic overwhelms the voting-power of non-Muslims.

    • Democracy as we know it today is dead, the 3rd world demographic is swinging the vote to the traitors of the left and one worlder types. As things stand now, it is just a short period of time before the whole rotten heap is pushed over and western man does what he does best when invaded with the plague and pestilence of islam and traitors and corrupt within, go total war.

  5. The best sign ever held up by these odious people was ” Behead those that dare to spread the lie -” Islam is violent” !! You couldn’t make it up! I kid you not!

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