A Lexicon for Politically Correct Multiculturalists

Many thanks to Michael Copeland for these useful PC/MC definitions.


Community cohesion:   Privilege for muslims
Sensitivity:   Self-censorship
Diversity:   Elimination of indigenous culture
Inclusive:   Excluding indigenous residents
Multiculturalism:   Apartheid
Interfaith outreach:   Inflexibility
Vibrant:   Noise pollution, litter
Exciting:   Unsafe
Diverse:   Non-indigenous
Kaleidoscopic:   No English spoken
Enrichment:   Rape gangs, robberies, assaults
Asian:   Muslim 
Respect:   Fear 
Golden Age:   Centuries of slaughter, destruction, and cultural annihilation 
Search and Rescue:   Collusion with people-traffickers

13 thoughts on “A Lexicon for Politically Correct Multiculturalists

  1. New Zealand, Prime Minister Ardern, :- “They are all “us””. = Until we are all “them”

  2. An insightful list. Another item can be: “colourful ” (= Burka Black)

    Missing is the globalist smear” divisive”, meaning any criticism of any ethnic group that is not white and/or the majority population in its country in ca. 1960.
    For example, any reference to FBI black-on-white murder statistics since 1965 or so is “divisive”, that is” evidence-based ethnic descriptive”.

    The dctiuonary needs other entries for other globalist smears: racist, white supremacist, white privilege(d), anti-semitic, etc.

    Now I believe Copeland is English.

    So in the UK, using the word Asian for Muslim is based on the fact that there is a strong Pakistani Muslim population there. But also Indians. I think the great majority of UK Muslims are Pakistani.This migrant constellation is not present in other places where English is spoken.

    So “Asian” in a UK Enrichment report insinuates that little Sikh or other girls from India, which is in South Asia, who are the victims of Muslim Pakistani rape gangs are in the “same” ethnic category as the rapists: all in the family, as it were.

    But the globalist need in the presstitute media to obscure the truth is met in Germany, for example, by leaving out any ethnic tag at all for criminals, they are called merely “ein Mann” (a man).
    Already in 2015 one could compare and contrast the German police report of a crime on the police websites with the sanitised version of it the media then perpetrated.

  3. A few more:

    We will not be divided – We are already divided
    Nothing to do with Islam – Everything to do with Islam
    Islamophobia – The state of knowing more than one ought about Islam
    Kafirphobia – No such thing
    Far right – To the right of the Guardian
    Bigot – Disagrees with me
    Nuance – I am about to muddy the waters and claim greater intellectual sophistication
    Cultural racism – Successor to racial racism
    Secular pluralism – Islam hasn’t arrived yet
    Interfaith dialogue – Decapitation
    Islamic Human Rights – Sharia Rights
    Islamic feminism – Sorry, does not compute
    Jihad – Going to the gymn
    Taqiyya – Never heard of it

  4. Another: Child migrant = 37 year old Muslim thug
    Radicalized youth = same as above

  5. It used to be that one watched one’s language when speaking of or to the sovereign. Lese majeste meant showing disrespect to the king (or, alternatively, telling the truth about the king). Same dynamic as illustrated here.

    Now the landmines for the observant are placed all around people who have been elevated to the status of royalty but are manifestly inferior, repulsive, and contributors of precisely nothing to the peace and security of society. They are determined to destroy whatever is Western with every breath they take and their indigenous critics are treated like a skunk in the bridal chamber. Not one repulsive behavior must be noticed. Or punished.

    The Chinese have a delicious saying: kai men jian shan. Open the door and look at the mountain. Well, muchachos, it be time now to do just that. One account I read of the Winter War in Finland had it that the Soviets just finally reached that point where they were just not going to be stymied by an bunch of snipers. The might of the Red Army was brought to bear and that was that (though still short of total Finnish capitulation). Oriana Fallaci, God bless her, expressed her fury and contempt long ago. Her reactions are the gold standard for any sentient, mentally-healthy man or woman but the sparks of this unfolding clash between civilization and barbarism continue even now to fall on wet tinder.

    A commenter elsewhere recently opined that man is a failed species or words to that effect. It’s an idea that resonates as the last century saw the world give birth to several homicidal, communist tyrannies billed as the dernier cri of human existence. Terrible wars ravaged the planet. And an entire civilization that, prior to 1914, could make some claim to being advanced turned on its ancestors (contemptible) and lost its will to continue. Foreigner, good; citizen, bad.

    Now, billions of dollars, pounds and marks invested in marvels of computer technology to run amazing networks for print and electronic distribution of information have effected nothing more than superhighways and autobahns for pathetic lies and manifest absurdities. These highways are policed and maintained by people with minds tuned and botoxed by what are laughingly referred to as some of the finest institutions of higher learning on the planet. Laputa doesn’t hold a candle to Princeton.

    21st-c. man lives in a soup of nonsense, patent fabrications, and evasions. His most cherished truths would embarrass a cannibal. Accordingly, though it’s comforting to think that some kind of populist epiphany will strike Westerners soon so as to turn forthcoming elections into the political equivalent of jolts coursing through an electric chair, the smart money will bet on one per cent increases for any populist, nationalist or salvationist parties and landslide support for the zombie betrayers.

    Americans have meekly assented to the destruction of the constitutional scheme that bravely attempted to find a way for man to enjoy liberty for all his days. That is emblematic of Western man’s love of servility, surrender, and suicide. I predict a bowling alley in the new Notre Dame with buy-one-kebab-get-one-free nights every Thursday. You read it here first.

    • You might want to look into who it was that started the World Wars, descended Hollywood into mud or destroyed white American (and later on Western European) suburbian middle class through various and generally subtle kinds of propaganda – you will find that it’s an outside influence, white people never chose to turn on their ancestors, they were conditioned to do it – and luckily many are now breaking free from the spell, though it takes long to wake up a giant (it always did, but the outcome was worth it).

  6. Feminism…No comment say on islam
    Chinese spying…”friendly” cultural exchange
    Alt-right…..Former leftist
    Nazi…Anybody to the right of Karl.Marx
    Blasphemy…….A joke
    Offence……….Thoughtful Comment
    Mosque……..Military Outpost
    Phobia……….Concern born of reason and Evidence

  7. culture…..anything but
    conversations…..avoiding the elephant in the room
    climate change.….. world temperatures have stopped rising, stop calling it global warming.…..No one will notice.
    apologies…… for everyone else but me.
    Progressive…..someone more enlightened and virtuous than those ignorant people who built western civilization.
    Truth…… I’m ok, you’re ok
    freedom of speech…… mine not yours
    baby…… blob of tissue
    Shakespeare…… dead white male
    reproductive rights…… no reproduction
    birth control…… no births, no control
    New World Order……. Tower of Babel didn’t work, let’s try again

  8. Progressive: someone who shares my prejudices
    Capitalism: a system very efficient at producing surpluses for socialists to tax (which may be a good thing, if people vote for it: see Sweden before it started to commit suicide).

  9. Having read Confucius, Lao Zi, Tang poetry, and both the Old and New Testaments in their original languages, I would like to think myself “multicultural”. Unfortunately, a bunch of anti-cultural savages who barely know their own language have hijacked the term.

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