Bill Whittle on the Notre Dame Conflagration

Thanks to our commenter, Da Capo, for alerting us to this video.

I subscribe to Mr. Whittle’s channel but in the chaos after the attempted destruction of Notre Dame, I forgot to check what he had to say. YouTube has left this one up; one wonders for how long.

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  1. Christianity’s real enemy is the enemy within.

    External enemies come & go, take the long view.

    • This is very true. We were warned from the beginning too about the many: “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord! will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who do what my Father in heaven wants. On that day many will say to me Lord, Lord! didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we expel demons in your name? Didn’t we perform many miracles in your name? Then I will tell them to their faces I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:21-23) So at least that ‘foundation’ is still there but there are now way too many counterfeits (1 John 2:19) these last days.

    • External enemies come & go, take the long view.

      Unfortunately, that is no longer an option because, as the old saying goes:

      Friends come and go but enemies accumulate.

      The West is learning this the hard way. It has tolerantly let sullen Frankfurters breed up Culturally Marxist sedition for a century, only to discover these Socialist termites rotting out our city gates right as the Saracens show up for a Millennial rematch. Both would like nothing more than hoisting up Lady Liberty’s skirts to titillate the Great Unwashed.

      Like they say down at the truck stop, “There’s twenty-four beers in a case and twenty-four hours in a day. Coincidence? I don’t think so!”

  2. I too am subscribed to his YT channel. You can also watch this on his Bitchute channel here:

    Just remove the spaces and copy to address box. This is one of my favorites now besides the one he did a while back on the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan that saved millions of lives in 1945.

  3. Normally, I enjoy Whittle very much BUT NOT THIS TIME. And, no, this is not projected spillover stress or any subjective taurine fecal matter.

    The lights are winking out all across Europe and all this guy has to offer is The Narrative™.

    Someone of his obvious intelligence is needed to set off klaxons and light balefires, NOT sit around mouthing Communist platitudes while shrugging off a Crime Against Humanity that approaches the 9-11 Atrocity.

    NOTE: — Although entirely different in form factor, ornamentation, and function, both of these structures were architectural masterpieces of the highest water.

    Anyone unfamiliar with Minoru Yamasaki’s crowning achievement is an architecturally illiterate Philistine ermm … owes it to themselves to spend a few minutes reading up on the staggering triumph his Twin Towers represented.

    I could go on for hours about how the buildings intentionally flexed to avoid sail effects and wind-rocking (of more than a meter) that could induce sea-sickness near the top floors.
    An unsung paean in this glittering revue is the design brilliance underlying how such a magnificent feat was achieved without fluid reservoirs or resonance-cancelling vibration dampers in the modern form of several hundred-ton pendulums.

    See: How a 730-Ton Ball Kept the Second Tallest Building From Falling During the Chinese Earthquake

    I watched them build Taipei 101.

    This sort of innovation was on a par with Notre Dame’s flying buttresses and other marvels of that long-ago day.

    In memoriam, by all that is good and fair on this green Earth, like the goodly artisan stonecutters before him, at least Yamasaki did not have to live through seeing his life’s magnum opus crushed beneath the boot heel of drooling, idiot, inbred savages —

    Exactly as per doctrinal spec, Islamic terrorism is denuding the world of its jahiliyyah-era greatness. Only the midget minarets of an atrophied Mohammaden phallus are allowed to cast any shadows over the smoking ruins of its conquered chattel.

    The real “gift” that the French received is a wide open window for serious kinesis. How “wide open”, might you ask?


    Whittle went far too wide the mark and has exposed himself as more of a problem than a solution. I’ll stick with Condell, Chappell, Yemini, Cousens, and Wood (plus friends) for the unwatered spirits needed to soothe my own bruised soul. Speaking of music that soothes the savaged breast…

    NOTE: — What follows is some of progressive rock’s finest lyrical art, bar none. Considering their 1970 vintage, Peter Sinfield’s song writing takes on an eerily prophetic cast vis today’s academia, the panem et media circenses, and much of Postmodernism’s bizarrely reinterpreted psychic iconography. —

    In the Wake of Poseidon

    Plato’s spawn cold ivyed eyes
    Snare truth in bone and globe.
    Harlequins coin pointless games
    Sneer jokes in parrot’s robe.
    Two women weep, dame scarlet screen
    Sheds sudden theatre rain,
    Whilst dark in dream the midnight queen
    Knows every human pain.

    In air, fire, earth and water
    World on the scales.
    Air, fire, earth and water
    Balance of change
    World on the scales
    On the scales.

    Bishop’s kings spin judgment’s blade
    Scratch “faith” on nameless graves.
    Harvest hags hoard ash and sand
    Rack rope and chain for slaves
    Who fireside fear fermented words
    Then rear to spoil the feast;
    Whilst in the aisle the mad man smiles
    To him it matters least.

    Heroes hands drain stones for blood
    To whet the scaling knife.
    Magi blind with visions light
    Net death in dread of life.
    Their children kneel in Jesus till
    They learn the price of nails
    Whilst all around our mother earth
    Waits balanced on the scales.

    • Criticise Islam widely on your own channel. Criticising a critic? Come on, you CAN do better and more for Western civilisation.

      • Criticise Islam widely on your own channel. Criticising a critic? Come on, you CAN do better and more for Western civilisation.

        If you ever managed to read a tiny fraction of my work on the counterjihad, you might begin to have an inkling of just how riotous your statement is.

        Due respect or not, Whittle’s palliative attitude over this Atrocity is doing nobody any favors.

    • I had to read your post twice to have even a faint idea of what you were talking about. I’m totally at sea concerning the reason you posted the lyrics to “In the Wake of Poseidon”.

      You made the same mistake as Whittle: you used the Notre Dame burning as an example of civilization warfare, while being unable to assert that the fire started in the name of such warfare. His video, and your critique, were not made any more relevant by the mentioning of the burning of Notre Dame because right now, there is no evidence that there was any connection.

      Suspicions and evidence are two different things. Sometimes something happen and you just know exactly what caused it, but it has not been investigated yet. Hard as it is, you just have to keep quiet until you can make your case solidly.

      • I’m totally at sea concerning the reason you posted the lyrics to “In the Wake of Poseidon”.

        With all sincerity, you are one of the last people I would imagine not apprehending all of the classical and allegorical references in King Crimson’s piece.

        NOTE: — The following analysis is all from my own impressions. Plus, this song’s closing verse about “the price of nails” hints at an already emerging assault on Christianity. Today, it would be the price of camels or RPGs or some such. —

        The wake of Poseidon = In the aftermath of Greco-Roman civilization

        Plato’s spawn = That’s us! Academia, ecktually.

        Cold ivyed eyes = Ivory tower, Ivy League, clinical PhDs.

        Snare truth in bone and globe = Depend entirely for perception based upon an exhumed, skeletal, idealized (i.e., Euclidian or Mercator) reality.

        Harlequins coin pointless games = Regis Philbin? Bob Sagat? Gordon Ramsay? BHO? Shatner judging Iron Chef?

        Sneer jokes in parrot’s robe = Kathy Griffin? Lady Gaga?

        Two women weep = Imperiled Mother Nature and the Virgin Mary (i.e., embattled, or soon-to-be-embattled Christianity)

        Dame scarlet screen = Gets a leetul dicey here but we’ve an easy fallback with the Queen of Hearts (love’s anguish at the world’s increasingly evil turn) or The Lady in Red (i.e, betrayed by those who would mislead + bonus round subliminal psychosexual “World’s Oldest Scarlet Letter Profession” connotations), whilst “screen” potentially means a theatric scrim, divider panel or momentary obscuration (e.g., smokescreen). The stage references because of what’s next.

        Sheds sudden theatre rain = Reinforces the prior dramatic point of establishing a play-within-a-play (the song taking on an “in camera” mental context of autoscopic morals and ethics) perhaps merely pointing up the drama, or even abrupt melodrama (i.e., glycerine tears or the more modern crocodilian fad) commonly associated with womenfolk like Ma Nature, the Holy Mother, remote hints of Alice’s Red Queen, escort services, and the Salem Witch trials .

        Whilst dark in dream = Too easy. Off into the spirit world we go and (with Odd Couple gobs of Sleeping Beauty meets Rip Van Winkle thrown in).

        The midnight queen = The snoring Queen of Darkness (Hell! There’s more queens here than a drag bar chess tournament!) herself endures agonies as she “knits up the ravelled sleave” of humanity’s cares and woes. If not with how, in darkness, the primordial Mother Earth heals herelf deep within the unlit, tectonic ventricles of its heartsore Terran core.

        Knows every human pain = A heckuva neat 1970 reference to the Ultimate Bleeding Heart but, politics aside, more likely some sort of nod towards a compassionate or emotional monad (the point simultaneously in contact with all other points in the universe). Then again, maybe Sinfield was just into S&M. Who knows?

        You made the same mistake as Whittle: you used the Notre Dame burning as an example of civilization warfare, while being unable to assert that the fire started in the name of such warfare. His video, and your critique, were not made any more relevant by the mentioning of the burning of Notre Dame because right now, there is no evidence that there was any connection.

        You wish for “evidence that there was any connection?” Hire several million dollars’ worth of investigative and legal resources to take their evidence before the bar.

        We are not in a courtroom, neither are we lawyers but, instead that legal bedrock, “reasonable men”.

        As these judgements do not carry any weight of law, neither are they required to meet its letter. Ergo, there is ZERO obligation to maintain any presumption of innocence or much of Robert’s Rules of Order.

        Polite discourse? An emphatic “Yes!”

        Introduction of circumstantial evidence? Given the several boatloads of it moldering out on the dock, I’d move that it’s more than a little admissible.

        So … nearly a THOUSAND reported church attacks in 2018.

        Now, please realize how that statistic was manipulated by including synagogue vandalism in order that the category of religious offenses could be labeled, “RIGHT WING and migrant Church Attacks”. Were non-Christian cases excluded, the attacks against Christian places of worship would have likely rocket to almost 100% migrant with a correspondingly disproportionate Mohammad Factor (hat tip: GoV).

        The St. Sulpice and St. Denis attacks immediately prior to the Notre Dame Atrocity tend to jolt awake the reptilian-level pattern recognition faculties of human consciousness. Especially when the dots that need connecting are of Himalayan proportions.

        Furthermore, after seeing countless ancillary proofs of ZERO site security and ludicrous project hiring mandates that flooded the workplace with violently anti-European “guest workers” (i.e., saboteurs), it’s more than a little difficult to regard Micron’s suicidal open door immigration policies and podophile Antichrist pope Francis (the talking drug mule) as anything but basically green-lighting (gaslighting?) the cathedral attack.

        Just the fires’ (plural possessive) origins, fuel sources, and timing are incredibly suspicious, not to mention the near-instantaneous presumption (and widely trumpeted attribution) of accidental cause.

        This isn’t jingoistic crap. It’s the sort of natural law and cognitive processes of deduction that kept humanity’s floor swept of filth underfoot for dozens of millennia before the first courtroom was ever built.

        If only to protect his carefully constructed online milch cow, Whittle may not be at liberty to fully discuss his own personal views on this Atrocity.

        But neither should he be so opaque as to meddle or interfere with justified and righteous social momentum particularly when an entire culture’s life depends upon it. Whittle knows Islam’s agenda of universal sharia better than his … elbow. His is disingenuous frippery.

        Notre Dame’s ashes will be cold enough to chill Martinis before whatever narrative-based “findings” get released to a public even further cowed by subsequent jailings and media lynchings. A second round (the Cathedral was first) of crucifixions will be for the Politically Incorrect thought that Whittle is helping to facilitate with his palliative drivel.

        NO SALE.

        • Hello NorseRadish

          I’ll begin by confessing I’m a linear thinker, while art, and poems in particular, are more like holograms. So, to wrap my head around a poem takes work for me which I prefer to avoid if possible.

          My reply to you is in two parts:
          1) concerning the poem/lyric “In the wake of Poseidon;
          2) concerning your assertion that anyone not using the burning of Notre Dame as a rallying point against Muslim infiltration is part of the problem.

          I should note that my discussion of 1) is not necessary for 2), and can be skipped.

          I read “In the wake of Poseidon” many times, and tried to find a more knowledgeable interpretation:

          My own broad conclusion is that the lyric was a protest against establishment academia and organized religion cutting off the appreciation of the natural world and its truths through their overly-formalized rituals, dogma and conventions.

          The two women he refers to: dame scarlet screen and the midnight queen, refer to, respectively, the feminine manipulation of society and communication through calculated appeals to emotion and feelings; and the feminine trait of making judgments based on feelings and imagery, rather than logic. Needless to say, the feminization of society and culture downgrade the importance of logic and actual facts.

          In the 1970s, the Vietnam protests, as well as the “mother earth” trope were extremely prominent. The heroes hands draining stones for blood seems to refer to the establishment’s use of the military to suppress a popular liberation movement. Establishment religion supported the war and the suppression of the counter-culture, until the children of the religious leaders learned how stifling establishment religion was:
          “Their children kneel in Jesus till
          They learn the price of nails”

          Anyway, I, with my linear thinking, still don’t see how the poem adds to the arguments involved.

          The real discussion is whether it’s a wimp-out to insist that Muslim involvement in the Notre Dame burning be proven rather than suspected, before using it as a rallying cry for cutting off Muslim immigration and influence.

          Let’s take 3 cases: a), b) and c.

          a) Muslim involvement in the burning is proven by evidence, which leaks out sooner or later.

          The effect on public opinion will be minimal. The reason is that there is already extremely abundant evidence of the crime and social dislocation caused by Muslim and other third-world immigration. The yellow vest movement is already protesting the allocation of money for rebuilding the Notre Dame, in light of the social dislocations protested by the yellow vests. The people most affected by burning are upper-crust and are not likely to be on the streets in any case; the people in the streets are concerned with bread-and-butter issues, and will not likely be more motivated by Notre Dame exclusively.

          b) No scenario concerning the fire is ever proven. In this case, the people affected by the event will likely already be in the anti-Muslim camp. For those people still on the sidelines, you’re going to be engaged in endless debates over your own suspicions, however well founded, of Muslim involvement. In short, you’re wasting time on circumstantial evidence, which there is a super-abundance of evidence from proven church burnings and street assaults, of the danger of immigration and Muslim penetration.

          c) The burning proves to have been due to incompetence and neglect of basic safety precautions. In this case, premature claims of Muslim involvement will do catastrophic damage to the warning about Muslim immigration. The error will be widely publicized as an example of the fanaticism of the right.

          By the way, the possibility of simple incompetence is not as far-fetched as it may seem. Michael Woodley of Menie and Edward Dutton have claimed that the steadily lowering levels of intelligence in our countries have made the maintenance of complex objects, like the Concorde aircraft, too risky to keep in service:

          See also

          To sum it up, there is much to lose and minimal gain by claiming without evidence that Muslims were responsible for the Notre Dame fire. It’s an unnecessary gamble whose payoff is not that much greater than simply waiting and seeing what findings come out.

  4. .

    Iconoclast : Our Civilisation Burns | Notre Dame Fire


    Stefan Molyneux

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    Black Pigeon Speaks

    Notre Dame: Postmodern Synchronicity & Fragility

    Notre Dame: Priceless artefacts saved from blaze – BBC News

    Notre-Dame fire: What’s been lost, what’s been saved and what happens next?
    CBC News

  5. .
    PBS – Cathedral – David Macaulay

    Author David Macaulay hosts CATHEDRAL, based on his award-winning book. Using a combination of spectacular location sequences and cinema-quality animation, the program surveys France’s most famous churches. Travel back to 1214 to explore the design of Notre Dame de Beaulieu, a representative Gothic cathedral. The program tells period tales revealing fascinating stories of life and death, faith and despair, prosperity, and intrigue.

  6. I stopped listening to Bill Whittle quite a while ago. I listened to this video because I respect Dymphna’s recommendations. And I will continue to respect her recommendations, although I will not listen to more Bill Whittle.

    In the first place, Whittle’s description of Notre Dame’s value was totally disconnected from his warning about admitting Muslims, who hate Western civilization. It was like two different programs grafted onto each other. He could have not done anything differently, because there is no evidence. I would have respected a program that covered the Muslim threat straight and direct. He attempted to graft the emotion involved with the burning of Notre Dame to the urgency of stopping the Muslim influx. It may be a good public relations device, and indeed one might argue that at this late stage, such an emotional, though logically unsupported, device is necessary.

    But, I’m not that thrilled with Bill Whittle anyway. He touted the value of the US 1st amendment, stating it was enforced by the second amendment, which is false. It is valuable, but it is the legal structure and culture that enforces it, not the second amendment, which is entirely different.

    The reason I stopped listening to him was he had an entire program justifying the de-contracting by a state agency of a speech therapist contractor who refused to sign a pledge not to boycott Israeli products. I emphasize: this was one individual, not a company or government entity. In other words, the state law forced the individual contractor to say something she didn’t agree with, on a subject matter that had absolutely nothing to do with the work she was doing. So much for Whittle’s commitment to the first amendment and the freedom of speech.

    I should emphasize, I do not agree with BDS, would go out of my way to buy Israeli products, and would fully support a law preventing government agencies from participating in BDS directly or indirectly. But, I do not favor making state laws forbidding the employment by a government agency, of any contractor who declines to make a general commitment to buy her personal products from Israel.

    I, of course, defend the right of a private company to require their employees to purchase from Israel, or at least say they will. No private company would do so, of course, because they are concerned with putting out a product, not with political activism. The large tech duopolies are exceptions, but we need not get into that now.

  7. RonaldB…regarding Bill Whittle’s fire discussion video…shouldn’t you at least acknowledge ole’ Bill stuck his neck out in sounding a 5-bell, alien culture (Islam) alarm…warning indigenous French & European citizens of pending doom if they fail to learn from the current desecration & burning of churches including the beloved crown jewel – Notre Dame cathedral? Increased arson attacks after numerous car fires (set by “Muslim Youth” on New Year’s Eve) couldn’t wake up the sleeping masses prior to the cathedral(s) burning!

    American commentator Lou Dobbs brought attention to the 12 previous church fires in France before the famous Notre Dame was mysteriously torched by a phantom “electrical shortage”. A senior stone mason raised the *BS flag* after the French government immediately dismissed arson before a formal investigation could be conducted! Indigenous French artisans & craftsmen spent centuries ensuring the highest care & maintenance possible. After Macron was elected, he mandated a multicultural, restoration team comprised of Muslims & Europeans. The above mentioned stone mason himself, experienced animosity from Muslim cathedral workers. The “Yellow Vest” protests (portrayed by MSM as gas tax riots only) would have escalated into civil war if indigenous French citizens were to learn the truth of suspected, Muslim orchestrated arson on their beloved, cultural jewel! Please don’t shoot the messenger(s)!

    And why aren’t celebrities like Catherine Deneuve, Emma Watson, Tony Parker, Jean Reno, Omar Cy and other famous French citizens speaking up in protest? Crickets! We should applaud any celebrity, politician, or commentator brave enough to tell the truth and not spew political correctness & multi-cultural, diversity BS to the gullible masses.

    • CL North
      For sure, it stuck out like a sore thumb the authorities announced while the fire was still smoldering that arson had been discounted in the investigation. You’d think not even Macron would be that stupid.

      But, a biased investigation is not proof.

      The yellow vests, by the accounts I read, are more upset by the diversion of government funds to the restoration than by the burning itself. The yellow vests as a movement seems undisciplined and open to any group or special interest, including infiltration by Muslims.

      My point is that the safest route, by far, for the anti-jihadists is to await evidence before making claims of Muslim involvement. I’m not discounting the circumstantial occurrences of other burnings and vandalism. And if the many, many other cases of arson, destruction, criminal assaults, and attacks on French citizens were not enough to create an organized movement against immigration, what makes you think the Notre Dame burning would set it off?

      I personally don’t listen to Bill Whittle anymore, for reasons I outlined above. Do I give him credit for calling out the existence and danger of jiihad? For sure. As I noted, he very correctly did not directly link the Notre Dame burning with the Muslim violence and arson.

      I would say a very good place to begin any investigation is the composition and management of the restoration teams. Notre Dame was supposed to have a watcher to make sure no smoldering fires started during construction work. What happened to the watcher? Who managed the teams and what procedures did they follow? Were basic safety measures ignored, either through purpose, or simply because of laziness and stupidity? There is much to find out.

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