Islam: No Peace Can Be Made

Islam: No Peace Can Be Made

What Islamic Leaders Say

Compiled, with minimal editing, by Michael Copeland

No peace can be made between us and the non-believers,
This what Allah… this what our holy book says.
Grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun and the sword,
Terror struck into their hearts is an end in itself.

Jihad means killing all kafirs around the world.
Push your sword in their bodies and cut them in pieces.
Jihad! Jihad! Jihad is incumbent upon you.
Yes, we will kill them. Of that we’ll not be ashamed.

Kill them wherever they are unless they convert.
Muslims conquered, invaded, and took over countries.
The goal is to rule the world and all mankind.
Any power that gets in the way we fight and destroy.

Power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed,
Killing, fighting, blood and striking of necks.
These are great, noble, and blessed steps towards order.
Until the last day of our lives we’ll fight and kill.


No peace can be made. —Yusuf al Qaradawi
Grab onto the shovel. —Abdullah Faaruuq, Boston Imam
Terror struck into their hearts. —Malik, Brigadier S.K., The Quranic Concept of War
Jihad means killing all kafirs. —Ayatollah Khomeini
Push your sword. — Ayatollah Khomeini. Islam Watch, 4 April 2010
Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! —Child preacher, Abu Ja’far, FrontPage Mag
Yes, we will kill them. — Sheikh Ahmed, member of IS
Kill them wherever. —Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt
Muslims conquered, invaded. —Sheikh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, Jihad Watch
The goal is to rule the world. —Maududi, Jihad in Islam
Any power that gets in the way —Maududi, Jihad in Islam
Power, fighting, jihad. —Imam Hussein Bin Mahmoud, prominent writer
Killing, fighting, blood. — Sheikh Hussein bin Mahmoud, Islamic State
These are great, noble. —Al-Jazoul, Sudanese Cleric, Jihad Watch
Until the last day of our lives. — Sheikh Ahmed, member of IS

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18 thoughts on “Islam: No Peace Can Be Made

  1. I do not care if I am being politically incorrect. Jesus said to love one another. These monsters think it is their sacred duty to kill everyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

    I haven’t studied their “religion” so all I know is what I see in the news and from various novels I have read that have Muslims as characters in the book.

    This is why I will never see Egypt or any of the middle-east, other than in books and travelogues.

  2. Oops, I hit the wrong key but I wanted to add that I did have one college class in which there was a young man who was a Muslim. He was brown-skinned so I don’t know if he was Egyptian or what — but he was a student from the MIddle East and he was very nice and friendly, so I do not hate the people, I just hate that religion because it is so cruel and blood-thirsty.

    • just travel there on your own, not with an agency, and you will learn. The saying goes: what is the difference between a tourist and a racist? Answer: 3 months.
      I have been to those countries a lot, first liked it due to the exotism, was even invited into homes, but out in the streets, you were just prey.

    • Some Moslems are not very good Moslems, which allows them to be decent people.
      Others are good at hiding their nature, as many Western woman, to their harm, have found out.

      • Rather funny to note those so called good muslims when push comes to shove always side with their own, curious isn’t?

  3. And when they have conquered the world, they’ll fight among themselves over which is the true Islam. And when all are dead but the “true” Islam, they’ll be left in an empty world with no one left to steal from, unable to grow the food needed to survive. Islam is a death cult, not only to infidels, but to themselves. Truly the kind of “religion” that only Satan (Allah) could have instigated.

    • thanks for reminding that aspect: refer to blogger ” Zenster” s essays published some time ago right here.
      It is all in there.

  4. Insanity. Someone hates the religion NOT those that follow it despite the religion calling for its followers to consume those outside the religion.

    And what was the next piece of nonsense? Oh he was “nice and friendly”. He was nice and friendly as he raped me, murdered me, etc etc. The refrain of the weak.

    God did not say love murderers, rapists, pedos, and liars! Don’t corrupt the word of the Lord.

    The scum need to be purged as has been done for millenia. That time is again fast approaching. Watch out for the weak among us who will be their protectors.

    • The so called protectors of the muslims will be nothing more than statistics when the fun and reindeer games begin.

  5. Comments said by Mariadee, and John Galt, with sheer perfection and splendid brevity, and I had studied Islam, deeply, as well as my Christianity, which I continue with study and thankfulness!

    In 1400 years, after the rebranded Islam was invented in AD 632, abrogating all disagreeing verses of the first, 10 year earlier version, no changes were nor can be made, whatsoever, in Islam, only deception to any length, kind, is authorized, (not actual change) to advance the cult-gang!

    Thus, in 1400 years, no change will occur in such time in the future either, but the gullibles have no idea that is how it is written. Only by eliminating it in whole, can this evil on humanity, this wellspring of fundamentalist devils, be erased.

  6. But would we know, whether the pretended prophet had really attained a just sentiment of morals?
    Let us attend to his narration; and we shall soon find, that he – Mohammed – bestows praise on such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilized society.
    No steady rule of right seems there to be attended to; and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or hurtful to the true believers.

    David Hume (18th. Century scottish Philospher)

  7. @ Mariadee

    Re: “This is why I will never see Egypt or any of the middle-east, other than in books and travelogues.”

    You are wise to be circumspect, if you don’t mind my saying so. Hypnotized by political-correctness and brainwashed by feminism and multiculturalism, parents of young women – some still in their late teens – are permitting, even encouraging, their daughters to travel unaccompanied in the Islamic world.

    I am thinking of that pair of Scandinavian young women – one Danish, one Norwegian, if memory serves – who went on a trip to go hiking in the mountains of Morocco, and were never seen alive again: 24-year old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen of Denmark, and 28-year old Maren Ueland or Norway, were later found decapitated in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, this was in December 2018.

    The victims were stabbed multiple times, and one of them was decapitated on video. The jihadists who committed the murders can be seen pledging allegiance to The culprits can then be seen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

    Islamic women are not permitted to go about unaccompanied by their husband, or another male relative, often several of them. And when they go out in public, they must be dressed according to Islamic custom, per sharia law, or they risk incurring the wrath of passers-by.

    And if the immodestly-dressed women wandering about on their own without males around of any kind are also infidels, non-Muslims, all bets as the civilized behavior are off. These women are, according to sharia, behaving as whores and may disciplined as nearby Muslim men wish. Up to and including raping and killing them.

    Under Islamic law, a women – even a Muslima (female Muslim) who is assaulted sexually -must produce four witnesses to corroborate her story, or else she risks being blamed for the rape. Yes, that’s right -she may be accused of acting immodestly or otherwise violating sharia, and punished for it. Stoning to death is traditional.

    Any woman who is dressed in western clothing, or who does not cover herself according to sharia law and custom, whether Muslim or infidel, has committed a serious violation of the sharia, and must be punished. Hence the many “honor killings” seen in the West when immigrant Muslim women adopt western ways and enrage the men in their families.

    Although Lara Logan, the cable news reporter, was infamously raped there some years in the squire in Cairo, Egypt as a whole tends to be less-crazy than some other places in the Sunni Arab Islamic world. The Egyptian Army has fought to contain the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, and the Egyptians have been changed somewhat in their conception of justice and in other ways by their long colonization by Britain. And the nation does not have the oil wealth of its Arab neighbors, so has to court tourism and other sources of international exchange. This motives Egyptian political leaders to keep at least something of a lid on things.

    I realize that it is weak tea to say that Egypt is safer than the other Sunni Arab and sub-Saharan nations, but compared to someplace like the Sudan, it is.

    And I haven’t even gotten into the specifics of the various jihadists and others who conduct slave-taking raids for jihad-style fun and profit, i.e., Boko Haram and the like. When those guys are nearby, it adds a whole different layer of danger for infidel women.

    It makes my blood run cold in horror to discuss these things,but they are real and cannot be ignored if one is considering traveling to that part of the world. And here’s the really bad news: These days, in certain cities and countries, you don’t have to travel to the Middle East or North Africa to enjoy some “cultural enrichment,” because it is found right there in your neighborhood. Certain parts of Paris or Stockholm, Sweden, or for that matter, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, to name a few.

    And the powers-that-be wonder why first-time purchases of firearms – in particular handguns – are reaching new heights amongst women??

    Believe me, I understand… I’m a man, and there are places in the Islamic world to which I’d hesitate to travel. Especially unarmed and without armed friends.

    • whereas in Morocco’ s big cities, you could an can see gorgeous young woman dressed to kill walking around unmolested. Probabilities are high that those two victims
      sort of “chose” their executioners, them sneaking into gaining the confidence of the girls by telling them whatever they wanted to hear! Tacquia!Didn’t we know?

    • As you have itemized the saracen laws to a T, our political overseers mantra us rubes, all this (meaning what you have posted being islamic beliefs) has nothing to do with islam. donkeykkkrats.

  8. Re: “The victims were stabbed multiple times, and one of them was decapitated on video. The jihadists who committed the murders can be seen pledging allegiance to The culprits can then be seen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. ”

    Typo alert: Sorry about that…. it should read:

    “The victims were stabbed multiple times, and one of them was decapitated on video. The jihadists who committed the murders can be seen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. “

    • These little monsters in the making should be dealt with extreme prejudice before they really make a mess of things. Yes, I am a huge fan of preventive strikes.

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