ISIS in Sweden

ISIS is popping up everywhere these days, from Garwood, New Jersey to Malmö — or Gothenburg, or Rinkeby, or Tensta, or whatever culturally enriched town the “Swedish” Sheikh Ahmed calls home.

We’ve reported several times in the past on Rashid Hmami, a former Muslim from Morocco who converted to Christianity and now hosts an Arabic-language call-in program on television. Brother Rashid is unrestrained in his criticism of Islam, and has earned his share of death threats as a result.

An ISIS supporter in Sweden named Sheikh Ahmed recently called in to Brother Rashid’s program. News of his call spread to Sweden, and a subtitled version that appeared in the media caused public alarm. The following video was subtitled in Swedish, and the English subtitles have been translated from the Swedish. However, large chunks of the original Arabic were never subtitled in Swedish, so much of the exchange between Brother Rashid and Sheikh Ahmed is left out.

Many thanks to Kepiblanc for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article about Sheikh Ahmed from The Local:

The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has received a number of worried calls since a video clip from an Arabic talk-show programme started making the rounds online.

On a recent episode of the popular Arabic talk-show programme Su’al Jari (Bold Questions), a man called in from Sweden and proceeded to threaten the country with extreme violence…

“Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe,” the man said.

Swedish Security Police (Säpo) spokeswoman Sirpa Franzén said that the reactions from Swedes had been strong.

“Many people are upset since the video and other information is being spread online in connection to the situation in Syria,” she told newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The caller, identified in the show as Sheikh Ahmed, said he was a member of the jihadist group IS (Islamic State, previously ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and began making references to the Koran, saying that god had given Muslims instructions to kill non-believers.

The talk show is hosted by Rashid Hmami, a Moroccan who converted from Islam to Christianity when he was 19. Hmami proceeded to grill the caller about verses of the Koran and his methods of enforcing his religion.


Franzén at Säpo said that the agency takes all threats seriously, adding that the agency is already working on investigating the matter.

Linus Gustafsson at the Swedish National Defence College said the probable investigation would determine whether the caller is indeed a threat.

“And it will determine whether he actually has the capability to turn this threat into a reality,” he told The Local.

Gustafsson added that there were 80 confirmed Swedes fighting in Syria and that this particular threat should be taken seriously.

Most of the radical Islamists in Sweden, he said, were second-generation immigrants, but that doesn’t mean the problem stems from immigration, rather the glaring lack of prevention programmes and exit strategies.

“Sweden is lacking effective measures to prevent individuals from becoming radicalized, and becoming a threat when they arrive in Sweden,” Gustafsson explained.

The researcher stressed that reforms are needed to prevent not just Islamist extremism, but extremism in general.


In July, Sweden appointed its first-ever official coordinator against violent extremism, former Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin. Gustafsson said that the appointment was both a welcome initiative and a critical step in the right direction.

Sahlin’s new tasks will include improving cooperation between agencies, cities, and organizations on a all levels of society to prevent and address violent extremism.

“We are far behind compared with other European states when it comes to prevention,” Gustafsson told The Local.

“While the problem is being discussed in some municipalities and in the cabinet offices, we haven’t seen any measures on the local levels yet, and that’s what really counts. It doesn’t matter if you have a good strategy if you don’t implement it.”

Video transcript (A=Announcer, M=Muslim caller):

0:00   A:   We are calling Sheikh Ahmed from Sweden. Welcome to the show.
0:08   M:   Salaam Alaykum!
0:09   A:   Salaam Alaykum!
0:12   M:   I just had a look into the Quranic chapter you were talking about. Allah is right and we are not ashamed of our religion. And we will fight on until the last day of our lives. We will fight wherever we find you. Even in Sweden. Until you say: “there is no God but God”.
0:35   A:   You say that you will fight everyone until they become Muslims?
0:42   M:   Until the last day of our lives we will fight against Sweden and all of Europe.
0:47   A:   And you live in Sweden?
0:50   M:   I am in Sweden.
0:52   A:   At the infidels? You get their social benefits?
0:58   M:   No, we get our allowances from God only.
1:02   A:   You exploit and take money from the state.
1:09   M:   No, it’s not their money. They come from God.
1:20   A:   In order to enjoy the money in you own country instead. Why are you living among the infidels?
1:30   M:   We are here and it’s our plight to spread our religion.
1:34   A:   But you know very well that it’s haram to live in an infidel country like that.
1:41   M:   The Islamic country is God’s country which encompasses the entire world.
1:47   A:   I’m asking you if “Mohammed came in order to kill”. You verify that?
1:55   M:   That is 100% correct.
1:56   A:   And to quote the Shahada while killing people is correct too?
2:04   M:   Yes, we will kill them. We are not ashamed of it.
2:07   A:   How do you define mercy for people according to Islam?
2:13   M:   Mercy is when the infidels pay Jizya.
2:21   A:   How did “He” show mercy to these people while killing them?
2:35   M:   “He” was only defending himself.
2:43   A:   You say that “He” showed immense mercy to people.
3:00   M:   The Prophet followed God’s order, so when God said unto him “Kill”, he did so.
3:13   A:   You mean that the Prophet killed those people out of mercy?
3:21   M:   Yes, he killed those people in order to spare the others.
3:36   A:   So, what ISIS is doing today is pure mercy?
3:51   M:   The purpose of ISIS is to exterminate them.
3:56   A:   By driving the Christians out of Iraq?
4:01   M:   The Christians refused to pay Jizya.
4:07   A:   One should pay Jizya when being young (according to the Quran).
4:10   M:   Isn’t it mercy when they all were allowed to leave without being killed?
4:18   A:   It’s actually their home.
4:37   A:   Would you like Sweden to give you three choices:
4:45   A:   …either you become a Christian, you pay Jizya or you leave the country.
4:52   M:   We pay tax in Sweden.
4:56   A:   Tax and Jizya are two different things.
5:02   A:   You pay tax like everyone else. But Muslims do not pay Jizya.
5:09   M:   No, Jizya is like Zakat (tax for “charity”).
5:14   A:   No, Jizya must be paid only when young, unlike Zakat.
5:26   M:   When living in an Islamic country you have to follow the rules.
5:38   A:   Rules that harm people are not rules, but injustice.
5:47   A:   Would you accept that someone takes your wife, claiming it’s the law?
5:54   A:   That — for example — someone takes your money from Sweden, that’s no real law. It’s just not right.
6:07   M:   Isn’t it mercy when they smear the Prophet and then leave?
6:13   M:   …without somebody killing them. Isn’t that mercy?
6:19   A:   Mercy is to give people freedom and let them live regardless of what they believe.
6:30   A:   But if you threaten them to leave their house and money, that’s injustice.
6:38   A:   And that is just clearly wrong. I thank you for the conversation.
6:44   A:   This is the real Islam.

Hat tips: For the Local article, Fjordman; for the Free Beacon article, LS.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

12 thoughts on “ISIS in Sweden

  1. Despite this, the left is so entrenched in their own conditioning that they would never question their own concepts of tolerance or equality.

    “Sweden is lacking effective measures to prevent individuals from becoming radicalized”

    It’s called immigration control.

  2. A threat is a threat. It does not matter “whether he actually has the capability to turn this threat into a reality”. This sheikh should be identified, punished according to Swedish law, and deported.

  3. Sweden’s “first-ever official coordinator against violent extremism” will find, on inspection of the Koran, that it does indeed command muslims to kill non-muslims, and that this command is ongoing until Islam is the only source of law.
    “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” (9:5)
    “Fight the unbelievers and kill them until Islam is supreme” (8:39)
    The Sheikh is only following what the book says.

  4. The twisted and faulty logic espoused by the caller is both chilling and laughable. The foolish West better rethink their ‘culturally enriched’ immigration program as they are signing the death warrant of their own freedom and liberty in the process.

    Leaders of the West, please stop lying to your citizens by the ad nauseam refrain,’Islam is a religion of peace’ because it is anything but. Political correctness belongs to the garbage bin, as Brigitte Gabriel says, and let’s call a spade a spade.

  5. This person is sick, sick, sick. He says he will keep fighting for as long as he lives. The solution in his case is easy then.

    Please don’t tell me that people like him are a minority and do not reflect true islam. This is true islam.

  6. There really is no communicating with these people. Dialogue is meaningless – it’s like the man said (Wittgenstein?) if a lion could speak you still wouldn’t understand him…

  7. More than the brutally honest and disgusting remarks of this Muslims psycho the clueless reaction of the Swedish authorities shock and horrify me! They are utterly unprepared for the barbarity that is coming their way! They don’t even have concept or common point of reference which could make them even remotely understand what they are dealing with! I pity them! Their goody-good, over-civilised, idealistic worldview will soon come crashing down all around them! I guess even until the moment when their lovely cultural-enrichers slowly saw through their throat with a dull knife while trying to cut off their head they will still not understand!!!

    • It reminds me of a scene from a William Pierce novel (Turner Diaries?) where the victims meekly knelt down and waited for their throats to be cut.

  8. “Most of the radical Islamists in Sweden, he said, were second-generation immigrants, but that doesn’t mean the problem stems from immigration, rather the glaring lack of prevention programmes and exit strategies.”

    Yes… I heard that before, during the Blitz in London. A house blew up, killing all the inhabitants. But this was not because of the bombs, but because the roof of the house wasn’t sturdy enough.

  9. I’d prefer the USofA avoid the anguish Europe has inflicted upon itself. I want the Religion of Pirates expelled, now, before their density passes a full percentage point.

  10. The handwriting is on the wall but in Sweden and other countries the masses reject it. These ‘Asian immigrants’ ( I’m trying to be polite) fail to assimilate, get jobs, learn the language of the host country, curse and insult the country and it’s citizens, are involved in high rates of violent crime, and are a permanent financial burden on the state. Yet no real public outcry, oh yes a little whisper from the PC MSM, and those who raise the alarm are smeared and called ‘racists’. Until to governments take on the problem the situation will never improve.

    • It costs too much for an ethnic Swede to say publicly what he thinks. The smearing and social limbo is extreme for anyone who violates the fantasy of Sweden’s reputation for niceness. Same with Norway.

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