A Call to Return the West to Christianity

Brother Rashid is a former Muslim, now a Christian Evangelist in Morocco dedicated to converting Arab Muslims to Christianity. In the clip below from his call-in program on television, he talks to another fervent Christian who is a convert from Islam. His caller believes that it is of the utmost importance for them to attempt to convert Americans and Europeans to Christianity, since the USA and Europe are rapidly becoming Islamic.

These are brave men. There are innumerable Islamic zealots out there who would love to kill them for their apostasy, and they know it.

Many thanks to Russkiy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


39:25   I will begin taking calls with… Abu Amran from Jordan
39:30   Good evening Brother Rashid… Good evening to you, too, please continue
39:35   The peace of Jesus to you brother … and to you also the peace of Jesus
39:40   As is stated in Matthew: I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword; this is the truths about my family
39:45   There are about six of us in the family; three of us are Christians and three are not Christians,
39:50   and this is in our small family, and the same applies
39:55   for our greater family.
40:00   To be honest, I have become completely convinced that
40:05   we have to undertake a joint effort to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and reimplant
40:10   his message in Europe and America amongst non-believers… Amen
40:15   The blessed efforts of the Channel al Hayat are primarily focussed on the Middle East and the Muslims of the Middle East
40:20   But it is absolutely necessary that greater effort is given to America, France, Germany,
40:25   all of Europe. Europe and America are going to turn to
40:30   Islam completely in the near future and you are well aware of that .
40:35   I don’t agree with you on that… God let it be not so…
40:40   These are my feelings, I see that… no, look,
40:45   I don’t agree with your view that America and Europe are going to turn into Islamic countries
40:50   but I do agree with you that we must undertake this additional effort.
40:55   We have to undertake the same effort, we have to push Christians by all available ways and means to watch your programs,
41:00   we have to translate your programs to the English language, to bring to their attention the true message
41:05   of the Lord Jesus Christ, because they are completely ignorant of this issue.
41:10   Just imagine for a second if Europe and America become Muslim — what will happen to all of us?
41:15   You know that Lord Jesus changed twelve of his students
41:20   and used them to deliver his message to the entire world, and not with a sword, mind you,
41:25   and all of them sacrificed themselves in the service of delivering message of our Lord.
41:30   This resembles the situation of Christians from Muslim backgrounds. We are supposed to play the same role.
41:35   I too believe this… God doesn’t change, God’s path doesn’t change.
41:40   As you know in the Middle Eastern countries many Christians leave Jesus,
41:50   but at the same time Muslims are turning to Christianity.
41:55   Here in Jordan there are a large number of Muslims who turned to Christianity.
42:00   In Egypt the same thing, in Sudan the same thing. There is not a single Arab Islamic Country left which is outside of our Lord Jesus’ light.
42:05   That’s right, your view is clear.
42:10   But at the same time Europe and America are turning from Christianity to Islam.
42:15   But I would like to reassure you, brother Abu Amran, I am currently doing research, which will become a documentary shown
42:20   on the al Hayat channel and associated websites. It deals with issues of Islam especially in Europe and America.
42:25   I carried out numerous interviews in preparation for the film.
42:30   We are greatly influenced by Islamic propagandists who try to portray that
42:35   in Europe and America there are many who convert to Islam. But in reality,
42:40   what happens is very far from this “mass conversions to Islam”
42:45   they try to portray. Conversions indeed take place,
42:50   but there are things they conceal. That is, roughly 75%
42:55   of those who convert to Islam leave it in the first year.
43:00   This is documented; this information exists.
43:05   What I want to say is that the West is naïve
43:10   They don’t know Islam for what it is,
43:15   and it is necessary to explain to them what Islam really is.
43:20   This responsibility lies on your and my shoulders. On the shoulders of all former Muslims who became Christians, on the shoulders of every Christian
43:25   genuine in his faith. It is necessary that we not remain silent. It is necessary that we first of all reveal the truth to the Christians rather than to Muslims
43:30   I agree with you, and I thank you for raising this… The problem, Brother Rashid, is that when we
43:35   see what happens in Syria, in other Arab countries. How the Muslim Brotherhood
43:40   and Salafis are coming up, killing their opponents.
43:45   What is this? This is barbarity. Imagine if these people start to rule us — What will happen?
43:50   Imagine if Iran comes out victorious over the Arab Ummah — what will they do?
43:55   They will take our women as sex slaves and distribute them amongst themselves in Tehran.
44:00   I on one hand feel sorry over what’s going on, on the other hand I say
44:05   that what is happening will enlighten the world to the awfulness of Islam in its reality.
44:10   I mean this is what we will see. What I see now on web pages, on YouTube,
44:15   on satellite channels broadcasting it in full view of the world. We used to go to great effort to illustrate
44:20   what is found in their books but now we don’t need to go to any effort because the Salafis
44:25   In Egypt do us a great service which even the al Hayat channel can’t undertake.
44:30   Yes, this is the truth, but you have to build on that and move forward.
44:35   I would like in conclusion to thank you personally and the whole team of the blessed al Hayat channel, I would like to offer my utmost
44:40   appreciation of the great work you do. I thank you, thank you very much for this call.

13 thoughts on “A Call to Return the West to Christianity

  1. America and Europe are doing squat to help and protect Christians in Muslim majority territories (even within their own nation states).

    • I have a humble and maybe retorical question: “Is there any example anywhere in the world where a Muslim majority has treated the minorities decently?”

  2. I translated this video for a special purpose. I personally believe that counter jihad movement needs to unite and operate together. This video illustrates that there is a great effort undertaken by the Arab Christian and Christian convert communities in the west in combating Islam. If the European Nationalist movements can unite with these groups the charge of xenophobia and fascism will be difficult to apply.

    The most fertile communities to recruit people to our cause are Coptic churches everywhere. The Iraqi Christians are also a fertile ground although they were kind of angry with America for overthrowing the regime that protected them to some extent.

    Syrian and Palestinian Christians I expect to be anti-Israel for understood reasons. Syrian Christians overwhelmingly support the Assad regime which at least rhetorically anti-Israel.

    Lebanese Christians are a mixed bag. Some actually aligned with Hezbollah, some with Sunnis and some are actually pro-Israel.

    But as I said, Copts are the best recruitment area. I go to a Coptic church sometimes, but as a non-believer I feel wrong to pretend to be a Christian to gain access to them.

    I strongly encourage Christians of the Counter Jihad movement to find the nearest Coptic Church and give them a visit. They will be only too happy to speak English or whatever local language with you. The church I went to had bilingual services there.

    • Agreed. Unification of Christendom from it’s fractured state would be very positive.

      I found it interesting in the video that Mr. Rashid immediately understood that this caller was being mislead by Muslim media and institutions on the conversion rate of non-Muslim Europeans and Americans to Islam. Whereas my mind didnt go there.

  3. Which is why my wife contributes to Alkarma TV, which broadcasts the Christian message, in Arabic, worldwide via satellite and the Internet.

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  5. These guys Reshid and Abu Amran are reasons why I do not believe it is absolutely necessary to engage in all-out inter-civilizational war. I gather that both are ex-Muslims. I am one Westerner (even with non-Western family ties) who does not believe that the Gospel is discredited, and I maintain that Jesus Christ is still risen, body and soul, from the dead, while Muhammad rests in a grave in Medina awaiting the judgment that must come to us all.

    I am just primitive and superstitious enough to believe that Islam’s current “strength” is God’s answer to a Western world that loves sitting in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 1) after centuries of divine blessing. A Christian spiritual awakening would be a very large game-changer.

  6. We should not approach Christianity in a utilitarian way, as a means of ‘demoralising the Muslim enemy’. If we want our preaching of Christianity to be convincing to Muslims, we must practive what we preach – that is, we must ourselves believe the teaching of Jesus Christ and follow His spiritual and moral commandments. Otherwise, no Muslim would take us seriously. And we should not forget that Christianity is the foundation of the whole Western civilisation. If you remove the foundation, the building will inevitably collapse.

  7. We should not approach Christianity in a utilitarian way, as a means of ‘demoralising the Muslim enemy’. If we want our preaching of Christianity to be convincing to Muslims, we must practise what we preach – that is, we must ourselves believe the teaching of Jesus Christ and follow His spiritual and moral commandments. Otherwise, no Muslim would take us seriously. And we should not forget that Christianity is the foundation of the whole Western civilisation. If you remove the foundation, the building will inevitably collapse – jihad or no jihad.

  8. Christianity is not the answer. It took the christian church 400 years to evolve to the threat of islam. And now the leaders of all religious groups in the west are prostrating themselves before islam, and denouncing anyone who speaks the truth about islam. If the christian leaders can’t see that islam is the antithesis of christianity, there is no hope for them.

    As for nationalists making friends with religious arab christians. EDL has reached out to every one – “moderate” muslims, humanists, pakistani christians, jews, christian political parties, ex-muslims – and it has been a waste of time. The people who are drawn to religion are mostly just craving social acceptance and a set of rules by which to live. They are the last people to put their heads above the parapets. For every church-going christian involved with EDL I can count at least 20 atheists (and that’s the reverse of the proportion and order you’d find in the Census).

    It won’t be the christians who will save the west. Militant atheism is the answer. With the emphasis on militant.

  9. “It took the christian church 400 years to evolve to the threat of islam.”

    However once it evolved, were the Christians not in a position to repel the Muslim threat – and even begin the long advances in technology which by the start of the previous century were enough to threaten the total annihilation of Islam as a world power? Men as diverse and crucial to the West’s prevailing over Islam as Christopher Columbus and King Jan Sobieski were very committed believers in God. It was none other than a monk, Marco D’Aviano, who alerted the Austrian emperor to the impending attack against Vienna in 1683, and strived to forge an alliance to defend it Perhaps the beliefs of these men contributed for them to have the strength of character and belief in their destiny? For our adversaries in the Islamic world, belief in a God and in an afterlife is certainly a crucial factor both during Jihad and day-to-day living. And it seems they’ve achieved quite a strong position against other civilisations for the coming decades…

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