Kurdish Cracks in the Ummah

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #137 — Kurdish Cracks in the Ummah

Tennessee’s newest power-seeking identity group, the TN Kurdish Community Council held a rally in Nashville demanding that Tennessee help them get their own country. As if we really want another country based on sharia law. Among the more interesting signs at the rally, was this one:

What do the Kurds have against the Turks, Persians or Arabs? And what difference does it make when Tennessee’s Kurdish activists will just call you an Islamophobe, xenophobe, bigot or racist if you try to differentiate by their ethnic identities?

Besides, the Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and Persian Muslims tell us that their ummah is for all Muslims because they all follow the same doctrine, they all follow Islamic law and they all model their lives after their prophet Muhammad. Even the Hamas charter agrees that: “Its ultimate goal is Islam, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution. Its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life.”

So what difference does it make whether it’s a Kurdish Muslim or a Arab Muslim who follows Mohammed’s example of marrying a child? Or the Quran’s command to a husband to beat his wife when she disobeys him?

One of the more vocal Jew-hating Kurdish activists in Nashville is Drost Kokoye. She says “I fight inner demons everytime I see a kafiya.” The “kafiya” (also spelled keffiyeh), is traditionally associated with Arabs and Turks who wear it as a scarf around their shoulders or head. The black and white patterned kafiya is typically associated with Jew hater Yassar Arafat and the red and white kafiya was adopted by Hamas. Much like the hijab, the kafiya has become a political symbol.

Drost’s negative feelings about the kafiya though doesn’t stop her from helping to organize and promote pro-Hamas rallies.

Drost was just one of the original Kurdish board members that started the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC). She continues to serve on the AMAC board. Daoud Abudiab, president of the mosque in Columbia, was also one of the original AMAC board members and served as its co-chair. He is now Board President of the TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition).

Daoud Abudiab is Arab Palestinian. Does he share Drost’s feelings about the kafiya? What about Hamas?

How does it make Daoud feel that Nashville’s Kurds want everyone to know that they are not Arabs? Is the Arab-Kurdish polarization in Iraq, seeping into Nashville? Kurdish animus towards Turks is legend, so there should be no reasonable expectation that the Kurdish Community Council is going to collaborate with Tennessee’s Turkish American organization.

Can Tennessee’s Muslims realistically separate from their cultural, ethnic and political and allegiances? How will Tennessee’s other Muslim nationalities feel if the Kurds begin to dominate Tennessee’s Muslim politics?

Sunnis, Shias and Kurds can’t live peacefully together in Iraq; why should it be any different over here?

5 thoughts on “Kurdish Cracks in the Ummah

  1. I don’t understand what is wrong with the sentence in the picture.

    We Finns also had such a sentence 100 years ago, before getting independence: “We are not Swedes, and we do not want to become Russians, let’s be Finns!” A person who speaks this sentence does NOT tell he/she hates Swedes or Russians.

    I really wish the Kurds will get an own state one day. Preferably a secular state, of course.

    Drost Kokoye might be critical against Hamas, who knows. Wouldn’t this be a good thing? And who tells Daoud Abudiab isn’t pro-Fatah and thus probably anti-Hamas?

    And in general, wouldn’t it be better if Muslims would concentrate more on their national ethnicities (in the nationalistic spirit you B.B. also might have) instead of being all united Muslims against Christians or Jews?

    • Read more closely what TNC4PJ is saying: they object to bringing the Kurds-vs.-Arabs ethnic conflict into the United States. Why should the USA be the battlefield for the ancient enmities of Mesopotamia?

      Islam is bad enough, but when you add the intra-Islamic ethnic wars, the result is especially toxic and lethal.

  2. If they follow Islamic Law and model their lives after their prophet Muhammad, then no matter the country of origin they are all the same. Their tenticles of this despotic, political, ideology creeps like a cancer througout the world-a war that that the West may not be able to win-Once again they are knocking on the Gates of Vienna.

  3. As and Iranian ex-pat I kind of understand why Kurds might not like Arabs, Persians, and Turks very much. You see, after WWI when the “eeeeevil colonialist” European powers divided the defeated Ottoman empire every single ethnicity and religious minority in the Middle East and North Africa rushed to kiss their ring and beg them for a piece of the pie. Kurds were one of these ethnic groups that went to kiss the ring of the European powers, but ended up empty-handed after all the spoils were divided. They ended up scattered on three different countries and in everyone of those countries they have been extremely oppressed and mistreated. So they have been very cranky and unhappy ever since! In Iran for example I know that they are not allowed to teach their own language at their local schools even though their language is very different from Persian (although from the same roots) and they have no autonomy. Not to mention being Sunni Muslims they are very much persecuted in Shiite Iran. Many of their activists have been executed by Iranian government and many are languishing in prisons under horrible conditions and routine torture. I also must say that at least in Iran the Kurds are not that religious and most of their activists have always been leftists and even outright Marxists! In Iraq also they were very persecuted and Saddam even throw chemical bomb on one of their towns called Halabja. Turks are no better in their treatment of Kurds either!

    Now having said that Kurds like all other Muslims suffer from typical Muslim delusions and prejudices and mental problems. Historically they have been a willing participant in most of the harassments and persecutions that their Ottoman masters inflicted on non-Muslims in their territory. For example the Kurds had a very direct hand in the Armenian genocide. As the Ottoman authorities marched their Armenian victims from their historical homeland into the desert in Iraq and Syria in every place the Kurdish villagers would fall upon them and attack them and rape their women and kidnap their children and rob them off of what little stuff was left to them. Their actions had a direct effect on raising the mortalities and the brutality of that horrific genocide.

    But yet again in the end I want to put a good word about them. Islam has spoiled many good qualities in the indigenous people of the Middle East and I must say underneath their Islamic veneer there is something valiant and noble about the Kurds. They are rather self-reliant and straightforward and honest (quite unlike the Arabs)Their language is very beautiful too. It is a very very old version of Persian. They are also very brave. Very good warriors. Let us not forget that Saladin was a Kurd! Without Islam’s corrupting influence I am sure they would have made a great nation. But alas…..

  4. After Saadam Hussein killed several thousand Kurds with poison gas back in the ’70’s, some of them said that given all that they had endured from the muslims, that maybe they should become Christians. After the Kurdish region became a no-fly zone, Evangelical Christian missionaries were allowed in and Kurdish churches from these denominations have been allowed to exist (The Leadership’s position has been “At least you’re not jihadists.”). In addition, the Kurds in Iraq have been selling oil to Israel, etc. True, many of the leaders have tended to be Marxist, or at least Moscow educated (as were Saadam Hussein and Abu Abbas, for that matter), but it is not exactly a sure thing that they would turn into sharia exporting jihadists, if they were able to get their independence. They have also been involved in trying to rescue their fellow Kurds, who happen to belong to the Yazidi sect (Zoastrians).

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