The Kiddie-Fiddlers of the Hindu Kush

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Federal government flew child molesters to Germany!

  • Over 200 people without papers traveled to us
  • Interior Minister Seehofer warns of criminals and “heavy calibers”
  • They can no longer be deported

These were dramatic scenes that took place at Kabul airport. Without any verification, people stormed into the Bundeswehr transport machines to escape from Afghanistan to Germany.

“Anyone who was young, male, strong and willing to use violence had the best chance of getting through,” is how one participant describes the situation.

The result: In the planes that flew to Germany via Tashkent, there were for the most part NO local staff who had worked for Germany and the Bundeswehr — as promised by Chancellor Angela Merkel. But above all those who were strong enough to get to the aircraft — including the most serious criminals and people who had been deported from Germany.

BILD has figures and files that show how little the evacuation from Kabul has to do with the promises made by the federal government.

So far, around 5,000 people from Afghanistan have landed at German airports. Just 168 of them are local employees, and 469 are German citizens. At the same time, 257 people were able to enter Germany without any identity papers. Plain text: The federal government evacuated MORE people, whose identity is completely unclear, as local staff!

In government circles it is assumed that there is at least a low three-digit number of offenders among those flown out.

Including, for example…

  • Sardar Mohammed M., who was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison for the sexual abuse of children in Germany.

    Incredible: He had sexually abused his daughter for years. The first assault occurred when the daughter was nine years old. In February 2019 he was deported to Afghanistan. Now he is back in Germany and in custody. He still has to serve 177 days before he will be released. Although, according to the authorities, there is a “risk of repetition”.

  • Khwahja Rashed S., sentenced to two years and six months in prison for dangerous assault with weapons.

    He’s also back in jail in Germany. He was only deported in February. Now you can no longer bring him back to Afghanistan — deportation moratorium. He will be released in 86 days.

  • Omed F., convicted of sexual assault and rape.

    Also deported in February. He was actually banned from entering the country until February 2024, but the federal government brought him back. Now the rapist is walking around Germany as a free man.

  • Khwaja Obaidullah A., convicted in Germany of drug trafficking, assault, trespassing.

    Deported in February 2021, entry ban until 2024. He too is now walking around Germany as a free man because he made it to one of the evacuation flights without being checked.

Seehofer: “some heavy caliber”

At least 20 security-relevant people made it on board the evacuation flights to Germany.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU, 72) sharply criticized the fact that there was no sufficient review. “Some heavy caliber people” came to Germany.

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  1. This banana republic country is finished, just wait to SPD. And Greens working together, it’s another disaster.. feel sorry for generations to come ..

  2. What’s the fuzz here? All the 4 cases quoted above were just fearless fighters for the prophets teachings, most of all No.1, who imitated his role model to the letter, girl not 8 and not 10 years old. Just spot on Aischa. The others just took what we were due to them anyway, the prey.

    • It is coming, for the idiot Germans are hell bent on letting communists rule in order for a militaristic Hitler, Franco, Pinochet to take power and really sort things out. It is coming.

  3. There are plenty of great forests in Germany where it would seem these 3rd world savages could be able to disappear without a trace?

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