The New Normal: A Warning

It is commonly said that you can get used to anything. That little aphorism is being put to a stress test in Europe and the rest of West as we move into the third decade of the 21st century. In his latest essay, Michael Copeland discusses this sad state of affairs.

The New Normal: A Warning

by Michael Copeland

“I’ve found my mittens! I’ve found my mittens!”, cried Charlie Brown, “Now where’s the pie? You always get pie if you find something lost.”

This little incident, from a well-loved cartoon character, expresses how the infant learns, by experience without comprehension; by osmosis, as it were. A pattern is experienced, is perceived as cause and effect, and is thereafter relied on. It is a built-in response. In the small child’s world things are automatically normalised. The infant is programmed to accept patterns. Small children in German extermination camps played among the corpses. They knew nothing else: that was their normal. It is only later in life that the mind begins to question things.

Normalising is what we all do without thinking about it. It is not only a childhood support mechanism, it is an adult’s process of coping. As road traffic becomes ever heavier we do not sit trembling and incapable at the wheel just because conditions are no longer as they were before: we adapt. Our subconscious minds continually make the adjustment for us: the new outlook is programmed in, and the old one erased. This happens by autopilot, which takes the load off our conscious minds. When looking at old films it suddenly becomes apparent quite how much has changed, and how we have taken it in our stride as we have gone along.

In recent decades we in the West have had a great many cultural changes inflicted upon us by our Dear Leaders. We have been obliged to adapt. Some changes, though, have been too great: these have powered what the media call ‘White Flight’, in some cases better described as ‘Drive-out’, that has emptied many neighbourhoods of their historically indigenous inhabitants. Conditions have been changed so markedly, and so beyond our control, that we have been obliged either to accept them as accomplished, albeit without our consent, and begin to have mental problems, or to leave for life elsewhere. For the younger generation, who have not known the extent of the difference, acceptance is easier, and probably more subconscious.

First there is one niqab. That is a surprise. Next there are more: then there are many. After that they are not a surprise any more: they are the new normal. It has become unsafe for pensioners and women on their own to venture out in the evening, so they stay in: the new normal. Now we hear of schoolgirl genital mutilations, and next in ever growing numbers. Though the legislature has made it a crime, there have been hardly any prosecutions: it is the pattern. Now we hear of polygamous marriages, and official blind eyes or legal excuses used to justify lack of action against them: that is how it is now. Next we hear of child brides juggling a housewife’s duties with school: same again. It is against the law but little is done about it. The danger in all this is the silent shrinkage of expectations, the self-suppression of moral objections. Here is yet another child sex gang and the trafficking of under-age sex slaves. It is not news any more. Here is yet another ‘honor’ killing. Oh yes, they do that, don’t they. Another hand grenade? That is how it is: that is why we don’t go out any more.

In Belgium firefighters attending New Year’s Eve celebrations were accompanied by police. The public sector union representative, Eric Labourdette, protested:

We are going to have to escort firefighters. Is that normal? Not at all!

We are in Belgium, not in a state of war!

Actually, according to the rules of Islam, Belgium is in a state of war. This is basic Islamic teaching. The West is Dar al Harb, the Realm of War. War against non-Muslims, kafirs, is Islamic normal. Get used to it, Europe.

“Islam has always been a religion of war and conflict,” said the late Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Caliph of the Islamic State, and PhD in Islamic Studies.

Bit by bit, ‘gradualism’, a Muslim Brotherhood strategy, like Drive-out, is eroding Western culture. We are induced to normalise things that are not at all normal.

It is more serious than that, though. The process is undermining and destroying the law. The state has failed and failed to uphold the law. In a far more surreal way this continuing state failure is an alarming new normal. We are left with a dispirited population, drained into apathetic defeatism and barely able to muster their inner moral outrage because they have been so persistently betrayed. It is no recipe for social satisfaction, let alone cohesion.

As the historian Lars Hedegaard said, governments are no longer able to control the problems they themselves have created. In a bitter confirmation of this he has since had to move to a secret location under police protection. A bogus delivery man, presumed to be a Muslim, shot him on his own doorstep but narrowly missed. That is Hedegaard’s dire new normal.

Daniel Greenfield explains perceptively,

The establishment has no plan except to continue doing its thing while pretending that nothing is wrong.

Ever adjusting, in polite silence, to yet another erosion of our standards is folly and reprehensible. All these successive New Normals come at our disadvantage and are destroying our culture and identity.

Time to stand our ground. Time to speak out.

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21 thoughts on “The New Normal: A Warning

  1. At the risk of being moderated, or worse, your concluding sentences lay at the root of the new norm that has beset us. When you say “stand our ground,” whose ground are you referring to? Is the ground that we are to own and stand upon in defiant defense against the incoming tide the ground of secular thought that sought to replace the Gospel but left only a vacuum in its wake, or is it the ground of the good news of the Gospel and its Truth that is eternal and unchanging though the tides of history and human affairs ebb and flow around it? If it is time to “speak out” as you exhort, what is to be said? Is it to be the Truth that Yah spoke from Mt. Sinai and that Christ spoke in the Temple when He as the Paschal Lamb was being examined by the Pharisees, or is it to be the same old politically correct secular doctrine of mutual respect that has replaced the Gospel and has been spoken from weakness and craven fear of the Truth and its demands of us.
    Where were we and our prayers for those in leadership all these years? Where were those who were to be the watchmen on the walls? AWOL? Did we think in our secular hubris that the Gospel was merely a fable for the aged or weak-minded and that the dawning age of Aquarius would put to rest all of those medieval fairy tales about heaven, hell, judgment, Satan, and Jesus Christ?
    After more than 30 years of extensive research I can tell you under oath that the secular existentialism that has been foisted upon us is just so much…..fill in the blank for yourself. There is only heaven and hell. There is only Yah, Yah Shua and the Holy Spirit on one side and Satan who disobeyed and rebelled on the other. The Testaments, both of the Law and of Grace, which were authored by Yah, provide the instructions and the model for how we are to live. The Qur’an was authored by Satan, and Mahomet’s initial encounters with ‘allah’ prove that. Jesus said that Satan only comes to kill, steal, and destroy, which is what the ‘faithful’ are commanded to do according to the Qur’an to anyone who does not bow the knee to allah AKA Satan. In fact, what is commanded in the Qur’an is by definition a Hate Crime, but try and get those secular sell-outs to prosecute.
    Thus, I will stand the ground that Christ has given me and I will speak out His Truth, with His help and by His Spirit. Yes, this IS war, but the battlefield is not the physical reality that we see but the realm of the spirit where the strongholds of deception and wickedness are raised up in defiance of the Truth that is to come and will reign forever.

    • Acuara, with all due respect to your faith, we are where we are. The “West”, broadly speaking, has been through the secularising influence of the Enlightenment (following on from the Reformation); without it, we would probably not have enjoyed the benefits of advances in technology and science (remember Galileo?), and the emancipation of women and slaves, if they occurred at all, would likely have been delayed. These are all good things!

      This does mean that we have to formulate our own moral codes, without benefit of the “Colossal Dad”, as W H Auden called him (or Him, if you prefer), and not everyone will get it right. Many of the teachings we have inherited from the Judeo-Christian tradition are sound, if applied with compassion and understanding, but I could quote you examples from my own family history of unnecessary suffering caused by people who called themselves “Christians”. Be careful what you wish for.

      • Nobody is denying the abuse of people by the abuse of Christ’s name. And I don’t know when compassion was not among the Christian virtues.

        But since the conflict of science and religion is invoked, maybe people like Acuara and I remember Kepler, the devout Lutheran who saw divine order in the Copernican solar system, even with its elliptical orbits, or Copernicus himself, who somehow never got in trouble the way Galileo did, and died a Roman Catholic priest and honored as such. We also understand that God created a cosmos rather than a chaos, and as such understandable.

        From my own upbringing, I consider the “science” to which those who love secularization appeal. As a boy, I was assured that the great sauropod dinosaurs “had to” spent their lives supported by the waters of primeval swamps, for even physics demnaded it. But then, I grew up, and along came Dr. Bakker presenting warm-blooded, active, land-dwelling, herd-dwelling suaropods. In high school, I was assured that science (pronounced in a hushed tone and with a sort of genuflect) had proven that there could be nothing smaller than an electron; then I went to college and learned about quarks. In both high school and college, I was assured that there’s only male, female, and a very few oddities such as chimeras, XXY, XXX, and XYY; now the devotees of science tell me that cutting and a change of wardrobe turns a man into a woman rather than a eunuch in drag.

        And then there’s being assured we were going into a new ice age, that we’d run out of oxygen by 1984, and that the 1970’s and ’80’s would see half the world die of famine–only to get revisions for global warming, than undefined climate change.

        And, strange to say, I ran into a lot of professional scientists who actually had a great deal of humility and understood that each answer raises a dozen more questions–after I had been raised to believe “science has spoken; the matter is settled”.

        No, I believe that our post-enlightenment secularism needs a vigorous protest against it.

  2. I’m German, currently living in Iceland and I definitely think some problems need an injection of pure old-fashioned xenophobia, at this point we must lose the fear of being called racist and even the fear of actually being racist, the time for elegant solutions expired, we need a “massive repatriation of non european people to their countries of origin … It must be made possible, and must take place and commence very soon, because it is both necessary and vital … Let me state things clearly: whether willingly or by force, they shall indeed leave. I do not believe in “assimilation” since the persistent race-based IQ and psychopathic personality differences inevitably keep most minorities and particularly africans and middle easterns (who are the bulk of immigrants in the Europe) trapped at the lower end of the socioeconomic and cultural ladder. Arguments that these people will assimilate fail to explain why entrenched violence and social dysfunction has been the norm in their home nations for generations. We europeans must come to terms with the realization that saving our land, children and culture , includes the possibility and even the act of violence against those who wish us dead. Our current european “sheeplism” is no match for islamic “wolfism.”

    • Very well written, and I applaud your clear and direct plan to restore

      However, I don’t think that will be possible. I fear most western EU nations will be overthrown in the coming years. Many EU nations tossed the reigns of power to emotionally unstable young women of the far left. Many of these women are in charge of police and military units.

      The muslim men know this, and there is really nothing that several EU nations can do to save themselves when these men act.

      • Thank you. It is so obvious. There has to be a massive appetite for putting things right again building up in western European men. PC may become become WC.

    • Are you actually doing something or just talking safely from far away.
      This is already an old story.mare haste

    • Yes. Observe what is going on and be the watcher. PC is occupation and resettlement. There has to be a tripping and tipping point. A very furious violent one that only subsides when the rage has played to once more manageable levels. I imagine.

    • If you want to get rid of this pestilence in our lands, always become the Wolf, otherwise you are nothing but prey.

    • In the study of the human genome, some unsurprising truths were revealed. Among them is a rule that can be summed-up as “the darker the skin, the smoother the brain.” That is, as we track human evolution and expansion from the northern latitudes back through the middle east and into Africa, we find that the skin gets darker and the minds get simpler. It is what it is.

      White people are already a minority in the whole human race. Other fair-skinned people like the Japanese and Koreans don’t put up with primitive parasites in their societies, and neither should we. It is time to stop the globalist insanity that is destroying our homelands.

  3. I wonder whether a Western Europe live-streamed “Beslan” (or two) will try to be forced on us by our masters as just being “part and parcel”?. They did get away with the Bataclan “mentally ill, lone wolves etc etc” I suppose. The horrors of that have been fairly successfully suppressed.

    There will be a trigger-point. Hard to know what that will be but it will happen (our elite tremble with the fact of this in their smoke-filled rooms).

    Then they will all have over-played their blood-thirsty hand and with astonishment and horror realise that we also have an overwhelming preponderance of the power. Only the will is lacking at the moment.

  4. The trouble is not skin color ,the trouble is the ideology of Islam. Be it the Eastern European who is Moslem ,or the African ,or the Asian ,Islam is united in its hate to kill or enslave the non-Moslems. There is no assimilation with Islam ,they are fighting the governments and the native non-Moslems in Russia ,England ,France ,Germany , the Philippines, the America , China ,India ,all the African countries , you name it. What does Japan lack that all those other countries have Moslem! Got Moslem , got Jihad , the appeasing of Moslems and the Sharia laws only encourages their take over of the civilized world.

  5. The Muslim and his iSlam will never dominate. Because they are such an abomination their domination or complete resistance and eventual sick and tired of them wipe out will become necessary. I imagine.

  6. I had concluded some time ago that reversing what the Euro-elites invited in and literally presided over could never be reversed, even if the treasonous elites wanted to do it. A small crack in the dark fabric of doom presented itself to me recently. Against overwhelming odds Britain actually achieved the unachievable, they’re exiting the EU. Something no nation has succeeded in doing. Something else no nation has done is using a buffet of different tactics to END the Muslim presence in any European country. It’s the same story again: surrender to the left and allow national ruin to unfold; you have no option.

    Or is that what they want us to believe. What if a government put in place a deliberate strategy to encourage Muslims to emigrate, after utterly shutting the door to future Muslim immigration for, say, 50 years. Such forms of encouragement could include:
    1) Accelerated processing, plus cash inducements to migrate OUT.
    2) Modifying the legal system so Muslim alleged lawbreakers are tried swiftly, and if convicted, receiving the severest sentence possible, + immediate deportation upon completion of a sentence.
    3) Revoking all community outreach laws that accommodate various Muslim dietary, marriage, public prayer practices, and many more.
    4) Restoring the death penalty and using it.
    5) Encouraging social practices that Muslims find offensive, and punishing those who complain about it.
    6) Putting in place laws and workplace practices that Muslims will complain loudly over and then hit them hard for “impairing social cohesion.” Penalties could include ruinous fines that blatantly target Muslims.

    I can now see Britain possibly doing this. People are as sick to death of Islam attacking our traditions 24/7 as they are of whining leftists betraying those traditions, and we’re equally ready to see some reckoning along this line happen as they are to see Brexit get done. People want to see a reversal of Islamization. We are starting to think it just might be possible. And we definitely think it should at least be attempted. Maybe we’ll come to think: just get it done.

    It all seems possible now.

    • I really hate to break this to you my friend, but you will not get out of this now without a massive amount of bloodshed, there is never any reversal if islam without getting Medieval on them. So arm up, war is now upon your doorstep.

  7. Violence has become normalised by the media, in movies, video games and general TV just like the soft porn they show disguised as “art house movies”. I remember as a child TV hours were limited and TV never showed anything violent. Now the population is served up real and realistic violence so the “Beslan” might not have the response expected. People have become inured to the sight of blood and gore, the only time they will respond is if it is actually their blood!

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