Windows Shattered in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

Someone attacked the final resting place of Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig, breaking the stained-glass windows in the church. Nothing in this article indicates that there was any cultural enrichment involved in the commission of the crime.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this piece from DLF (German public radio):

Leipzig destroyed: 25 panes of St. Thomas Church and St. Thomas House

January 1, 2020

In Leipzig’s St. Thomas Church and in the neighbouring St. Thomas House, 25 panes were destroyed on New Year’s Eve.

Among them were windows with historic stained glass. Nobody was injured; the police are investigating damage to property. The motives for the crime are still unclear, as is the amount of damage. According to the priest Britta Taddiken, stones thrown through the church windows from the outside broke through two glass fronts, one behind the other. According to Taddiken, the damaged stained glass windows above the west portal date from the 19th century, the Art Nouveau windows of the Thomashaus from the beginning of the 20th century.

The composer Johann Sebastian Bach is buried in the famous Thomaskirche. The church is also home to the world-famous St. Thomas Boys’ Choir.

15 thoughts on “Windows Shattered in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

    • Are there updates as to who did this to St. Thomas Church, and why? We were there, two days before, hence this truly has been very sad. We have been looking for information, however, have not found anything … thank you, in advance.

  1. Now that Germany is in recession, one can thank the infinite wisdom of the globalist elites for importing so many african savages and islamic reprobates. These ignorant hordes of unwashed humanity are the only thing preventing Germany and the EU from falling into a full-blown depression.

    Just think of all the jobs created by some ignorant illiterate savage, who could never in a million years of random grunts and gesticulations create such a work of art as a 19th century stained glass panel, but with plenty of practice flinging feces or stoning allegedly unfaithful women, easily destroys such a masterpiece with a couple of rocks. Now he has created many new jobs among skilled artisans repairing the structure he so easily destroyed. Such acts, carried out across the face and breadth of Europe, destroying cultural masterpieces, is providing jobs and gainful employment for thousands of artisans. And the taxes from those workers may then be used to import even more rock-wielding agents of economic resurrection.

    • The stoning of the windows may yet turn out to be cultural enrichment but you have no evidence at present, do you.

      The church in question is in Leipzig. On New Year’s Eve there was a bottle-and-stone clash between police and the Antifa in the gentrified suburb of Connewitz.

      The police reaction to an injury of a policeman has led, as you would expect, to the homo-globalist part of the German media attacking the police, especially as the police in Saxony, in which Leipzig is located, is allegedly “right-wing”.

      It may be that the stoner/s of the church are culture enrichers i.e. ethnic Turks in Antifa. Or not: here is enough hostility to Christianity among Antifa otherwise. Currently I suspect an Antifa stoning and not specifically a Muslim one.

      Ironic, given that the EKD, main Protestant church in Germany, has just chartered a boat for people smuggling and its senior man, Bedford-Strohm, took off his crucifix out of deference to Islam when he visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a couple of years back.

      The photo at the URL shows police clearing a street crossing in Connewitz on 31.12

      • I was careful to say that there is no indication of cultural enrichment, because I’m well aware that it might have been leftists who did it, given what happened in Leipzig on Silvesternacht. Perhaps you are assuming that I am more ignorant than I actually am.

        • Baron, My reply containing the words “do you” was lodged by me under the comment by The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, with frequent reference to savages and reprobates AKA culture enrichers, although it is admittedly true that the phrase “cultural enrichment” is not used; I am quite aware that you, Baron, unlike him/her/it, are not allocating blame at this juncture.

        • I read reconquista comments and are pro Muslim
          Always sneak up though, always careful to fly under the radar.He , like a good lawyer tries to instill doubt and by that to push some agenda.

          • “Pro Muslim”? Then he (?) has been very sneaky in choosing a nom de keyboard; I hope you do know what the “Reconquista” was?

      • Regardless of whether the destroyer of cultural heritage turns out to be some Antifa anus, a cultural enricher or their locally born whelp, or just your average militant atheist, my point still stands.

        These savages do not belong in western societies.

        If it turns out it wasn’t a savage this time, it will not have been because of lack of desire to destroy symbols of christianity or european achievements, but because they were beaten to the punch by homegrown trash.

      • “Bedford-Strohm, took off his crucifix out of deference to Islam when he visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a couple of years back.”

        Yes, but lets not forget that he was accompanied by his Catholic colleague Archbishop Marx who took off his crucifix, too. I wonder why these people choose to wear it at all.

  2. Speaking as a Christian myself, when I see a pastorette named Britta, I think there’s part of the problem rather than the solution.

    BTW, I love Bach.

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