Islam is Incompatible With Democracy

The following essay by Michael Copeland was originally published at LibertyGB, and has been updated by the author since then.

Islam is Incompatible With Democracy

by Michael Copeland

Sharia law, the European Court ruled,

“is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy”.

What is Sharia law? It is the body of rules which together define Islam. Fouad Belkacem, “Abu Imran” of Sharia4Belgium, helpfully explains:

“Sharia is Islam, to be clear: there is no difference between Islam and Sharia.”

Pause for a moment to take in the weighty import of these two statements. It is a serious one: Islam is incompatible with democracy. “Incompatible”, as we know, means “does not go together, will not mix, is at variance with”, and so on, as fox is to henhouse. The well-informed observant Muslim Anjem Choudary makes it clear:

“Democracy, liberalism, freedom, and so on need to be destroyed. … So be part of the project … of calling for the Sharia.”

What have Western leaders been doing giving room to a system that will not mix with Western freedoms, is at variance with domestic law and seeks to destroy it? It is a dire failure by them to uphold the constitution — our rules for how we are governed.

We in the West have grown accustomed to relying on the fundamental principles of democracy. Many of us who have never really thought it through erroneously assume that these are cast in concrete, and there is no need to be concerned about them or for them. This assumption is dangerously wrong. Democracy’s fundamental principles are not made of rock. Fought over, gathered together, discussed and agreed, they are written on paper in laws, and are expressed by being upheld. A wise lady wrote, “Love does not sit there like a stone. It has to be made anew, like bread.” Likewise, fundamental principles do not sit there like stones: they have to be upheld and defended.

Now a strange malaise has afflicted Western administrations. Curious to observe, some laws are not being upheld. In the UK the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression were not upheld in Walthamstow in 2012 when the English Defence League’s demonstration, all properly arranged with the authorities beforehand, was left unprotected by the police who were present. The demonstrators’ rights were overridden. Further, and far more culpably, no action was taken against violent law-breakers — Muslims and Antifa — who threw missiles and prevented any speeches from being made.

Democracy died on September 1st”,

Paul Weston perceptively and prophetically declared to the demonstrators. Watching it die were those paid to keep it in good order. They have failed. These are failures of government. Paul Weston afterwards delivered the epitaph:

“Our democratic right to hold a peaceful outdoor meeting was trampled on by Britain’s ruling totalitarian class. Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech died in Walthamstow on September 1st 2012. This was the date that Britain officially became a Police State”.

Laws are not optional, nor are they self-sustaining. When not upheld, they are eroded, like railway lines along the coast. This is how fundamental principles become compromised and lost. Rights are being thrown under the bus by the very law enforcement officers — on the ground and higher up — whose duty it is to defend and uphold them, and who draw salaries for doing so.

Without any legislation, without any democratic mandate, without the consent of the people, space is being given to law which is not part of our Western constitutions, a foreign law incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy. Every citizen has the duty to uphold the law — domestic law, not foreign law. There can be no category of people that is exempt from obeying it. The presence of a tax-exempt class in France was the cause of the French Revolution. Equality before the law is one of the fundamental principles of democracy. Politicians, salaried by us taxpayers, owe a duty to uphold our law and not to inflict on us a system that is incompatible. Our politicians have failed. This is dereliction of duty.

Here are some observations by others:

“Islam is a mortal threat to Christianity, to Judaism, to Humanity. Islam is incompatible with democracy and freedom.” — Geert Wilders, Dutch politician

“Any knowledgeable Muslim who takes his religion seriously will be inherently hostile to human rights, democracy, and enlightened societies.” — Handbook for Infidels

“Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam.” Fouad Belkacem, Shariah4Belgium

“Democracy is hypocrisy, sharia will dominate France” — placard

“Muslims reject democracy and secularism!” — placard

“The jihad will lead to smashing Western civilization and replacing it with Islam which will dominate the world.” — Muhammad Mahdi Akef, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood 2004-10

The message is clear.

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12 thoughts on “Islam is Incompatible With Democracy

    • Imagine Western Europe becoming this. Western oriental gentlemen. When is Kristallnacht – or worse. These characters even without their violent pornographers Corona think of the current majority with nothing but contempt. I though we knew that? Very bizarre.

  1. IF “Islam is a mortal threat to Christianity, to Judaism, to Humanity. Islam is incompatible with democracy and freedom.”

    AND “Any knowledgeable Muslim who takes his religion seriously will be inherently hostile to human rights, democracy, and enlightened societies.”

    THEN nothing short of the proscription of Islam under the criminal law and the imposition of any penalty – not excluding the death penalty – for propagating it will suffice.

  2. There is a strong link between Turkish gov and Muslim Brotherhood.
    Nevertheless Erdogan’s Turkey is the favorite of EU(especially U.K and Germany) and USA.
    In my country the politicians (all of them)are chickens supported by the West.
    If a politician appears and is a Patriot,he will be probably assassinated as this has happened three times from 1830-2008.
    If Greece fails to push away from Europe the Turks then all the above you wrote will be the new way of your life.
    We experienced this back in the year 1453,where many Greeks died of
    despair,beheading,raping,sold as slaves or they fled to the West to safety.
    Turkey’s dream is the Ottoman empire again and no stopping outside Vienna.
    Since 480 BC we keep the Asiatic barbarians out of Europe,now
    my country is very weak,so embrace yourselves for what is coming.

  3. You must like Daniel 7 because it eradicates abortion and islam altogether. You obviously dont care for islam and I have seen you unload on US governors who support monstrous acts in the womb.

    In this chapter, God judges the world dressed in lamb’s wool. This is an act that affirms the biblical view that Jesus is the Lamb of God. The koran attacked this idea when it said He did not die on the cross so this act overthrows the koran. God created psalm 88 to practice uprooting 3 kings, which is needed to fulfill Daniel’s word. This was achieved when God went into the 3 most powerful democracies and mixed a judgment against abortion with His unmatched talent for knowing when people get killed when murdered Christians and biblical figures were used in a petition to God. This action could not be worse for the murderous jihad. God mixed an overthrow of the koran together with an overthrow of killing in the womb because abortion is an attack on psalm 139 and the koran adulterated the bible and many have died because biblical commands were broken within democracy and the koran. This momentous act is what overcomes the gospel of the saints in Daniel 7.25 and changes the set times and laws. Also, when it says in verse 25 of this chapter that the little horn speaks against God it does not mean he is evil because this can be achieved by saying God is getting very close to breaking scripture or by saying God created the biblical slave in psalm 88. God is getting close to breaking scripture because it says in Jeremiah 30 that the most deadly period for the Jews is near the end of the murder of Jews and this evil took place 75 years ago.

    Jesus said the prophets get things restored and ready after the bible is assaulted. Daniel 7 is one place in the bible that was made to fulfill His word. This chapter in the bible is very good support for your beliefs.

  4. Islam is Incompatible With Democracy – I think this is the wrong approach in defending the West.

    What if the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Asia and Africa arriving in the West each year were all Christians who believed in democracy and liberty? Since they would no longer be a threat to our democracy should we celebrate their annual arrival with open arms?

    There’s more to a nation than it’s laws, it’s government and it’s civic values. There’s the people themselves, their way of life, their habits and history together. England is what it is only because of the unique character of the Englishmen who created that nation over the centuries.

    New democracy loving arrivals from China, Pakistan and Syria may, or may not, do a great job of preserving England’s civic institutions but they certainly won’t preserve the heart of English culture and the natural way of life of the English people. The newly populated England may be democratic and full of wonderful liberties, but eventually it won’t be English anymore.

    I vote No on preserving the institutions and values of England while slowly waving goodbye to the actual English people.

    • 3rd worlders arriving to our western shores do not believe in our cultures and our ideals. To think otherwise is a fools errand and wishful thinking. To let 3rd worlders invade our shores Balkanizes us and then bloodshed always follows, in the end whether it’s muslims or 3rd worlders, this ends in massive bloodshed, it’s either them or us. No country on earth has ever survived diversity shoved up its backside. As for western cultures? Our cultures and our ancient DNA will decide what happens next, my bet is sooner or later, there will be those amongst us who actually has a spine and says no more and does whatever is necessary for our species to survive and thrive and the weak amongst us will perish, as nature intended. Our good times created weak men, bad times will create hard, rough, ruthless men who will have no qualms about doing the most horrific things that will be necessary. So you are either sheep or Wolves, for this is the land of Wolves now and the sheep will get slaughtered.

  5. Islam is compatible with neither humanity or divinity. A brainwashed mass of lazy dehumanised slave traders and raiders. Traitorous governments are creating patriots and patriotism. Yes I know.

  6. The “ISLAM WILL DOMINATE” placard-holder is Usman “I ain’t no terrorist” Khan, the Fishmongers’ Hall killer.

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