Jihad in the Time of Corona

There has been another terror bust in Spain. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from El Mundo:

Terrorism — Anti-Jihadist Operation

Police strike against jihadism in Ciudad Real after detaining two persons who were finalizing a cell for a strike

National Police carry out several searches after checking the intensity of the radicalization of the arrestees on Internet

National Police are carrying out an anti-jihadist operation this Wednesday in Ciudad Real, specifically in Bolaños de Calatrava — being the second such operation carried out in recent days after the Civil Guard detained a presumed jihadist in Barcelona [background here] who intended to perpetrate terrorist acts.

There have been at least two arrests in the operation by the General Commissariat of Information, according to sources in the fight against terrorism, who advise that one of the arrested men was trying to create a jihadist cell with which to carry out attacks. The agents, who are in full action, are carrying out several searches in the area.

The information that precipitated the capture was detected through networks habitually used on the Internet by radicals. The case is in the planning phase and is being coordinated by the National Court.

The agents decided to act after checking the intensity of the radicalization of the now-arrested men. At least one of them was bypassing the rules of confinement decreed by the state as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, which increased the tension of the counter-jihad specialists.

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