The Betrayal of Europe

The following poem by Michael Copeland from 2016 is relevant to the story of Luna, the little Swedish girl who was raped and turned into a quadriplegic by a culture-enriching “youth”.

The Betrayal of Europe

by Michael Copeland

By the cultural Marxist Quisling traitor elites
Our countries are flooded with migrants instructed to hate us —
More than a million militant muslim males,
Who are told they’re the best of peoples raised up for mankind.

They’re turning our streets at night into danger zones.
By rape after brutal rape they stake their claim,
Displacing our nations’ laws with rules of their own,
As repeatedly told in their menacing hostile mosques.

“A woman without a scarf is asking for rape”,
“Their women are yours to take. Why don’t you enslave them?”
“The kuffar are filthy, …the offspring of apes and pigs”,
“You all have to hate them, …and punish their unbelief”.

Yet all this time our leaders are in denial,
Again and again they repeat what they did before.
People who try to object are roundly blackened,
Their motives smeared, their views belittled and scorned.

The inadequate mainstream media shares the blame,
Routinely omitting to cover the problem news.
Between them they lay the way for conflict to follow,
Blithely ignoring the warnings, to everyone’s doom.

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    The Betrayal of Europe

    “The following poem by Michael Copeland from 2016 is relevant to the story of Luna, the little Swedish girl who was raped and turned into a quadriplegic by a culture-enriching “youth”.


    Apart from the fact that this perpetrator belonged to the immense
    group of imported cultural enrichers, all relevance is missing.

    This perpetrator was and is a psychopath,
    underdeveloped and maldeveloped,
    incapable of thought, completely unfamiliar
    with the most rudimentary moral reasoning.

    He would have been locked up in an adequate
    institution at home in Ethiopia as probable incorrigible.

    Why were he and his relatives imported
    by the treasonous social-democratic
    power trash? Probably to expand the voter


    Demographics to the death – trapped by violent crime
    Julia Caesar Crime, Domestic Policy, Integration, Islam, Journalism, Multiculturalism, Migration 8 September, 2022 18 minutes

    There are no easy ways to stop the gang-related serious violent crime that is rampant in Sweden and is one of the biggest issues in the election.

    People are shot to death in cold-blooded executions almost daily. Adequate and necessary measures to reduce gang violence require very far-reaching political decisions that no incumbent politician so far shows any sign of even considering. In general, they do not even seem to have grasped the seriousness of the problem.

    Whatever short-term measures politicians take, we are trapped in our country with a sharp increase in violent crime. The cause is the exchange of people that has been going on for decades and which has accelerated at breakneck speed in the last 20 years.

    Because of the extreme immigration policy, violent crime has become a perpeetum mobile, a self-propelled perpetual motion machine. Much of the damage is irreparable (Per Gudmundson in Bulletin).

    Men aged 15-44 are the most crime-ridden group of all. Those who are most over-represented in crime are born in Sweden of two foreign-born parents. They are therefore Swedish citizens and cannot be deported under current legislation.

    This year, as well as before the 2018 elections, the Alternative for Sweden party is running a tour of squares in many cities across Sweden. The party’s core issue is repatriation, i.e. deportations of immigrants in four categories decided by the authorities:

    1. those who have committed crimes,

    2. those living on benefits,

    3. those who do not learn Swedish and

    4. those whom party leader Gustav Kasselstrand describes as “maladjusted”, who show no signs of wanting to become part of Sweden. The party wants to set up a State Migration Board to carry out deportations.

    The return of undesirable immigrants to their countries of origin is the core issue of the Swedish Alternative. Picture: party leader Gustav Kasselstrand.
    NOTE! A recent interview with Gustav Kasselstrand can be found here, in Rasmus Dahlstedt’s Antipodden.

    Immigration is undoubtedly necessary to at least begin to solve the enormous problems of gang-related violent crime that plague Sweden and the Swedish people. But it is a process that will take time. Changing the Citizenship Act, which is a constitutional law, to expel second-generation immigrants who were born in Sweden and have Swedish citizenship requires two identical parliamentary resolutions with a parliamentary election in between.

    Even if Sweden’s borders were to be closed tomorrow and a return migration were to get underway, there are still a number of problems to be solved. The biggest obstacle is that seven of the eight parliamentary parties still show no sign of even considering the necessary policy decisions to stop the deadly gang violence.

    The eighth party, the Sweden Democrats, wants return to be voluntary. This is unrealistic. Why would immigrants voluntarily want to go home from a benefit-starved existence in Sweden – the country flowing with milk and honey, multiple child benefits and elderly support? According to a recent survey by Novus, published in Bulletin, only two percent of foreign-born people in Sweden plan to return to their country of birth in the future. Sixteen percent answer “maybe”. Seventy-six percent intend to stay. Among those who came to Sweden from a non-European country, 81% intend to stay.

    This chart on Monkey’s Statistics blog shows what would happen if Sweden had closed its borders on 1 January this year and kept them closed for eight years. As can be seen, the number of foreign-born men aged 15-44 is levelling off a bit. But second-generation immigrants with two foreign-born parents are increasing. And it is this group that is most over-represented in crime. The shaded bars are based on a statistical calculation of a likely trend.

  2. Re: “Yet all this time our leaders are in denial, Again and again they repeat what they did before. People who try to object are roundly blackened, Their motives smeared, their views belittled and scorned.”

    Mr. Copeland, the leaders of which you speak are not in denial. That mental/emotional state leaves open the possibility that they will change their ways if only they would open their eyes. That’s not going to happen, at least not enough to turn the tide.

    If evidence, an appeal to reason, factual data, crime statistics etc. have not made a difference after so many years of chaos, bloodshed and harm inflicted by the Muslims – the chances of doing so in the future are slight indeed.

    The ugly truth is that most of these so-called “leaders” know perfectly well what is going on in their respective nations and homelands, but yet they persist along the same course of action/inaction anyway. The great majority of them are either criminally incompetent or are traitors to their neighbors and countrymen. At this late date, no other conclusion is possible.

    A political leader has many responsibilities, but the foremost is to ensure the safety and security of his constituents and countrymen. At the national level, that means protecting the borders of the country and maintaining strict and thorough control over immigration and who enters/leaves the country. By force, if necessary.

    Force should always be a measure of last resort, but if other means do not work, then this option should be on the table. As recently as sixty years ago, that statement was utterly uncontroversial, but alas we live in different times now.

    A country whose people cannot or will not protect its borders does not really have a nation to call their own at all. Where the globalist project is concerned, perhaps that is entirely the point: If nations and peoples cannot call their own homelands their own, then there are significantly fewer barriers to the establishment of regional and then global government.

    That such treason and betrayal are now taking place on a continent-wide basis across Europe does not change in the least the fact that it is happening, or the consequences of it to the places and peoples so affected.

    • “The leaders know perfectly well….”
      Point taken with thanks. It was less evident to me in 2016.
      The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is being applied without mercy.

    • With the influx of the 3rd world into our western countries further Balkanizes to the inevitable point of massive bloodshed and we go completely tribal, as history has demonstrated time immortal. These same politicians pushing for more invasion of the 3rd world are going to find their lives increasingly in peril for their treachery and treason.

  3. They say that he was placed in an orphanage, but there he was beaten by other children.

    I also read that there is absolutely no place for girls from marginalized families in the shelters in Sweden. And now they have to endure abuse on the streets.

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