Germany Invites India to Come to the EU

Germany has been reaching out to people in India with posters proclaiming that there is room for them in the EU. There no chance that they can actually have their asylum applications approved, but there is an unstated subtext to the report below: it doesn’t matter, because once they gain entry to the EU, only a tiny percentage of them will ever be deported. The EU is packed to the gills with failed asylum seekers who continue to live there, drawing social benefits and working in the black economy.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress:

“We have space”: Posters lure Indians into the EU — but no chance of asylum

They have little chance of a positive decision — but between January and October of this year alone 15,000 Indians applied for asylum in Austria! Explosive: while the Interior Ministry is trying to convince people not to try at all, our German neighbours are using posters to lure people into the EU.

Billboards with the words “We have space” can be found at a crossroads in Mumbai. The campaign of the German federal state of Baden-Würtemberg aims to attract skilled workers. As a government spokesman told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, the campaign could also be seen in the Indian cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and London.

Most don’t stand a chance

There are many well-trained specialists in India and the United Kingdom, so the focus has been on these regions. The international campaign has been running since the end of November, and the posters could be seen in Mumbai until December 19, reports “T-Online”. It goes without saying that this gives many Indians hope of coming to Europe. And the campaign “works”, as you can see from the numbers. But the posters don’t say that most of them have no chance of staying legally in Austria or anywhere else in Europe.

Afterword from the translator:

They already have so many specialists, from doctors to engineers and scientists from Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine and countless other countries. You just have to teach them to read and write and speak — barely — a few words of German and you readily have enough professionals and left-green voters to last a “lifetime”.

Life in Germany will then become even more a hellish paradise with all these different cultural and ideological factions competing for supremacy!

4 thoughts on “Germany Invites India to Come to the EU

  1. Imho, Indians are rational and smart people and are less prone to consanguin inbreeding, unless they are followers if the last prophet. They are not known to be overrepresented in crime statistics, most unlikely. And they are in their majority strictly opposed to muslim conquest. Might be a good ally.

    • Indeed so, herb. Many (east) Indians whose ancestors were encouraged by the British to settle in Uganda, and who were subsequently expelled by Idi Amin, came to the UK and became productive, and non-disruptive, citizens.

      The Conservative government under David Cameron, to their shame, chickened out on legislating against discrimination under the Hindu caste system within that community, but it’s not an issue which affects the majority of Brits.

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